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youtube seo 2020 – youtube seo tutorial 2020 – rank higher on youtube and increase youtube views

Optimization, do you know the biggest problem small youtubers face is to rank their articles and get views and subscribers, even if you are creating great content, but you will not get views until your articles got ranked. Are you one of those? If, yes, then, don’t worry, because today I will show you how to rank any article, not only on YouTube, but also on Google in just 10 minutes.

We will do this with the help of a tool that will automatically generate highly optimized article title description and tags for you with just a few clicks. The link of the tool is given in the description now. Let us see how to do this. Hey guys blood here and let’s rank a article using the MV. Let’s see I’m trying to rank a article for a article marketing company from Bronx. Well, we type in article marketing Bronx and we hit research keyword.

Now we just wait a bit and that’s it just take a look here on how many great keywords we got. These are some really awesome results, but in this case I will try to rank for the first one. All we have to do now is go to the article details, module select from competitors. Now we paste in the keyword and we hit start, that’s it. So it’s that simple and now we will get a perfectly optimized title description and tags that will serve the rank on the first page.

Okay. So I’m going to take this article details, I’m going to go to YouTube and upload the article with these article details and rank on Google and YouTube okay, so about 10 minutes passed and let’s go to google.Com and type in article marketing agency in Bronx. Now we hit search and let’s see what we got, alright, let’s scroll to the bottom and as you can see 10 minutes ago, the article uploaded is ranked on the first page of Google.

The first result, so we managed to rank that fast. All with the article detail generated using article marketing blaster now, let’s check the YouTube rankings. We go on youtube.Com paste in article marketing kgs in Bronx and Bank. As you can see, the first result so out of 1500 results, we managed to rank on the first page of YouTube on the first position. So I really hope you see power in using article marketing blaster.

In less than two minutes, I managed to rank on the first position both on Google and on YouTube for the keyword that I was targeting. This is really an incredible result. Thanks a lot for reading this article


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How To Rank No.1 On youtube | Learn Youtube SEO Step by Step Tutorial [SEO]

Martin training in this article, I’m explaining about YouTube optimization, so we learn till now how to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter Linkedin. At the same time, we can get traffic from YouTube too. So yes, I made a blog. The intention of making this blog is student need backup classes most of the time some people might not understand in the class, or else they can’t remember it.

For their reason, I made a article so slowly my views are getting more. Even it it’s reaching the global audience so then I started making more articles in this. So what is the benefit I got with this YouTube see almost all the topics I’m chilling over here. So if anybody searched Oh DMT here, you can come back to my blog right. So recently we discussed the Borland in sales navigator that also abroad here.

So when I’m uploading the article so I’ll be uploading a title in description right, you can see the option. I gave a link to my website, so someone click they’re. Coming to my website, 7 % of my traffic is coming from a YouTube blog. That is very good monthly. Five people are enrolling for our online courses only because of the YouTube blog, so obviously it is exceeded. If I go for Google Ads, we are investing more than ten thousand rupees on Google ads, but here I’m investing my time.

That’s it and I’m getting a very good traffic because of this traffic is increasing. Obviously, you will perform well so from the past six months, I’m not investing any month on Google Ads our social media, marketing free of cost organically, either from direct web site SEO, or else because of the YouTube SEO. My traffic is increasing so that much of powerful YouTube, optimization and one more thing is global audience, apart from students, enrollment and reading clients.

As of now, how couple of claims from US and UK these people by seeing my articles only they come back to me now, I’m giving services to them so one company, I’m running their Google ads, two companies SEO and one more company completely still mapping am taking Care of so you one can earn money with the YouTube blog by ads, so how to earn money through ads that a separate topic again I’ll, be explaining in the next article, but as of now how to get traffic to the website.

And what are the optimization techniques, so someone searching on YouTube: how to make your article on top next right-hand side installations? How to make appear? There are some options anyway, that we got ta learn. Okay, so first of all, you should have a YouTube blog how to create YouTube blog. So as of now, I log in with my gmail account by default. Your gmail account is your YouTube blog, but if you want to create a separate account, a separate blog also, you can create a separate blog.

So this is my blog by default with that only it’s created if you want – and you see how multiple blogs also. So this German people asked the question how many blogs I can create, so it’s not about how many you create how much you’re working on the particular blog is very important, so no need of create multiple blog stay with one blog and perform well. If you have a team, then go for another blog to create it.

So as of now, I’m sticking to this blog only odl de challenge. So once you have a blog start uploading the article here there is an option called upload article click on this and upload. Your file, now you might be having a article already whether you captured from a fool or it’s a screen. Recording and number things are there. As of now, what I’m using yes, many people are asking me questions how you are recording the articles, so when it comes to, as of known, I’m training this on Zoom Zoom Zoom automatic, have a recording option anyway.

Apart from that, there are scheme screen. Recording softwares, are there like one is loom. Loom is very good. One and second is nch article capture, because the two software’s free of cost are, you can record your screen and if you want to can show your face also both are possible and article will be downloaded. You can upload right one thing again telling whenever you uploading the article don’t take another article YouTube algorithm works in such a way that, if is a copy content immediately, they will block you anyway.

Okay, once you upload the article as of no, I don’t have any article, that’s not showing I’m showing the previous one. It will ask you a title and description, so do a proper keyword, research we discussed in SEO hope your keyword, research, do a proper keyword, research and whatever the keyword have a more search volume use the title in the description, so title should be hundred car. The clearly mentioned utilize, the 100 characters and description.

Yes, Linda description. We can write up to 5,000 characters. You can write many people in the description they just use social media links only you are limiting your SEO. If you do that. Well, try to write a lengthy article. Now you might be having question who will read the lane? They are DL, we’re not writing for the audience waiting for the alligator comes like crawlers, so for them you write. There are some people who will be reading the descriptions.

Also, they might not read the lengthy description and it will not appear also, but if you observe the first, three lines will be observed. These people can see this. If they click on show more, then they see the remaining things also, but first three lines are important. Whatever you want to convey, a message immediately convey a message now in the first three lines, what I want to convey is if they want to access.

My articles requests for eLearning, or else they can offer my online training or else in there from Hyderabad. They can join my classroom training. Well, so I’m immediately conveying message when I started my youtube blog. I was not explaining this thing, so the in roles were very less. Whenever I started asking these things, joinings are being increased, it should always take acknowledgement. Then only people and whatever I observed, is when are people reading my article, I’m asking them 90 % of the articles.

I never ask them to subscribe, my blog, but when I I started asking them to subscribe, the blogs automatically subscribes or have been increased. We people are busy reading, the article is are going somewhere else, so, if you ask them, definitely they will subscribe is ask them to like share and subscribe to the blog, so that will go catchy. Okay, so give a proper title and description, and here keywords also can use previously.

There was a separate option called keywords. Now there is no separate options here tax, so I’m using like Lincoln Navigator, yes relevant to your article, only give the tags not more than that. One these will all will help you to come on top, so I’m showing you one article how to create Twitter ads. So as of now it’s coming on a third most of the time again, it depends on the place the rank will change in US UK.

I’m coming second, some time and first also I’m coming that’s why I got 11,000 views for this, so this is called YouTube SEO how it is performing if you want to become on top what you have to do it first proper title, description and relevant keywords. This thing one thing and what all the other factors, so everybody do the same thing anyway. By observing the computers they can give a proper title description tags.

What else you can do it so you’re? A tube ranking also depends on how many people reading the article retention time retention time means how long they reading the article. So this article is about 16 minutes. If more people are reading for one minute and the quitting means they didn’t like the article most of the people are going for more than 10 minutes means they like the article, and it takes 50 % of the people.

Reading 15 minutes means it’s a great article anyway, based on the YouTube algorithm set in such a way that this is a good article, so automatically your rankings will improve. Next thing is how many people are liking, how many people disliking? Obviously, a ratio is good here anyway, 95 % people liking. So this is also good sign. Next, these comments – people are calming commenting on this. Article means they are engaging.

They are very much interested so based on all these factors, you have a very good chance of becoming at the top. First is title description tags how much time they reading, whether they like liking or disliking, and so even some people share it also, and what are the comments in making based on all these things, you know YouTube SEO is or form. If you want to know Yuri Vasu is working or not, there are some tools also, so I I downloaded one tool called yesterday.

Only I downloaded Felicia’s few buddy. This is the software I’m using as of now. This is free of first, maybe, after that they will be asking the money. So whenever you install this as a browser extension, it will come like this and they showing the summary of this blog. This article total views 12000 told comments, 52 likes and dislikes SEO performance. One of 20 suggested articles are from this creator.

This article stacks up there five times in the title and description, this UV search results. That means where this is appearing. You don’t have to go to youtube and search where it is upgrading. If you click on this, it will tell you what are your rankings also see when I come down this? The tags are used. Someone typing Twitter is coming in a sixth position: Hotel campaign, fifth, twenty twenty nineteen like this side, showing the SEO also next, how many Facebook lights? What are the points this way? Try to do it upwards up, puts on reddit, so it is important that it should have an account on reddit, so I don’t have I’ll be creating soon anyway, and every time I will be sharing out of this.

If people are uploading on the reddit also, that is one plus point for you. First, first of all, you should share it on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. These three things I did on Facebook and Twitter, but up ready to haven’t done so one find anyway. So next time I will try to do it anyway. Now mentions on Twitter six people of mentioned. Let me click on this, so that I’ll see who have mentioned my articles so lead base USA and eagle these two people.

I, like a YouTube article about Twitter ads and this guy directly shaded, so other people, like the article, that’s Marissa Maugeri. I never ask them anyway, so if many people are sharing like this, that is good for you now. These are the points thumbnails yes, thumbnails are very important, based on thumbnails, only people choose whether to click on or not, because someone searched you coming on a third position.

Let me show that also so, even though I’m coming on a third position, if they feel that the thumbnail is good, they like you to click on that, and I think that mine is coming on the top my thumb dollies. That is a possibility. They will not click on my article so trying to create a good thumbnail. I the end of this class, I’m going to show you about the thumbnails. Also, so best practice is saying.

Thumbnail should be good. It should be shade on Twitter comment window. So if any one comment is there try to win it? I already pinned the comment how to win the comment. So, first of all, why am commenting? There is a possibility. People might be missing my description here. So the same thing I’m pushing over here and click on that and there is an option. Actually, if I am the blog owner, I can show you so this is the comment: have an option to unpin are open so that it always be on the top? That is called pinning next then info cards added info cards and end screen.

So recently, I’m making some articles in such a way that see this article. This is about Twitter all right. Let me go for the performance Neverland dinner, so you can see this info cards after some time. She’ll give you a message: if you click on that, maybe call to action will come so if you click on that it will go to my website. So this option will be there on when you uploading a YouTube article.

There is an option, see end screen and info cards. So what kind of info cards you can add so add a card? You can add a article or playlist. You can promote your blog. You can do a poll, or else you can give a link, can give a link like I’m, giving a link to my website link URL, then, okay, he rolled a website a cell next to the approved website. Only can do it anyway, when you creating a blog. You can claim it then car title yes now you can also mention when it should come.

I want to come at this time. Fourth minute, that’s it! It is done. This is called a card for Twitter. At the time I haven’t added now for every article, I’m adding next is in the screen when you reading my articles when you try to read this ad sales navigator. Yes, at the end of the article, it will give you some sedation anyway, I will be suggesting to read my playlist or else read another article, so that customers spend more time on the blog yeah.

Initially, I’m asking the guy to click here and go that for me, so these are all YouTube: optimization techniques, so ender screen and info cards like the on Facebook combined hardened. This is also one segment you know, so when people are commenting, if they use heart symbol, people are using imaging, but if any people are using heart symbol, that is also one kind of a suo point anyway. Captions added, I don’t know what is this caption anyway? Let me research what it is, so these are all the points guys.

So, whenever you’re doing yes, any ideas guys so have a good title description, use, proper tags and use proper thumbnail at the same time, use info cards and end screen. At the same time, you only share it on Facebook, Twitter and reddit, and apart from that, make article properly so that if customers spend more time on it, that is good for you and if the light that’s more like, if the commenting then automatically your article will Be coming on the top, so even as of now many people will be coming on the top.

If you qualify all these things, there is a possibility can overcome them. You will be coming on the top, so this is how YouTube search comes. Second thing how my articles will be appearing on the suggestion. This is the suggestion we use first of all, try to understand how what kind of articles will be coming on the suggested articles. It depends on the people who reading the each so now I’m spending time on this article right hand side.

This is my suggested articles previously, what kind of articles I’ve readed? What kind of articles I light and to which blog I subscribed. Based on that, my suggested articles will be coming okay, so I’ve already subscribed to free blog thanks the reason their articles are coming, maybe based on my interest. Also, it is showing that’s why it’s always important that other people should subscribe to your blog, and you should always try to increase the subscribers ratio.

Then automatically your articles will be appearing on the right side. If, if any of you, if you already subscribe to my blog when you’re reading my articles, definitely my articles, any one of article might be the suggested article. It depends on the user interest, whether they suggested or not, subscribed or not, or whether they’re liking the articles or not. Based on that, first articles will come next YouTube home page see.

This is YouTube home page how to make your article on the YouTube home page again. This is not in your hand anyway, depends on the YouTube algorithm, see I’m reading this guy article, so this guy is very talented. Actually, at 14 years of age is predicting the future. You know the astrology he already predicted about the coronavirus, so I’m telling rate that the parents, the way they taught all the skins anyway.

So these days, I’m reading this guy article – that’s why most of his articles are coming on the home page, so it depends on the user. Second thing is articles which have more views that is also possibility of coming over here. So initially few articles YouTube automatically. Do it, anyway, YouTube works in such a way that you consistently making the articles youtube want to apprise you in such a way that sometimes directly on the home home pre-lit will try to show you so that that guy will get more views.

Okay, second thing is what kind of articles to subscribe that they also come. It doesn’t mean that all of his articles will come on home for it. One or two articles will come over here for the articles, which are reviewed by more people. Also, there is a possibility, it will come here, so that is about the home newsfeed and one more thing is you already subscribe to the blog and that guy is going live? Is this guy’s bringing in now so 90 %? You have a chance that you’ll be coming on.

The homie straight next is trending how to make our article on the trending. So most of the trending articles. Other current topics, mostly the trailers teasers movie stuff – will come. But apart from that, what is the current trending? As of now, Khurrana pandemic is a trending one. If you make a article on that, you have a very good chance, but see most of the telugu blogs they’re making lot of money because of the trending topics, some people not even maintaining ethics anyway, they give a nice captions over here and the money money that Second thing, anyway, but if you make a article on the current two topic and use a proper title description in the caption, there is a possibility.

He will become an attorney. If you are in the trending means, obviously see you 18 hours ago. He made the article around seven likes: twenty thousand views, we six use 1 million views, but mine is about online distal margin training. I can make a article on the coronavirus right, so what I get I can make a article on Facebook, Google machine that Google have released some algorithm, definitely immediately.

I have to make the article then load the world. There is a possibility. So definitely what are the niche you selected? There is a possibility, some training of the Chile come you make a article on that one. There is a possibility. You turning one day you come an attending, you will get lot of use. This is another one. So we learn about how to make your YouTube on top and one second guys so how to make your Ichiban top, how to be in your suggested articles and how we come on our home newsfeed, and what is this trending will don’t? Ok, now, let’s go for the my youtube blog and once you’ve done everything how to analyze your YouTube and with that how to improve your performance.

Yes, so once I log in these are the analytics anyway, so how the articles are performing I’m showing. So when comes to LinkedIn sales navigator, this is the view son. These are the comments. Next comments are very important whenever you go to comments, try to reply back to them, so I say some rule about YouTube spokes on three C’s like and telling you like. If you keep on regularly uploading articles, then people connect it to your article and they start conversation now see they started the conversation, so she said something and she asked him to make a article which I spoke in the 1933 minute I liquid to that.

Maybe I spoke about big strategies. I haven’t made a article be making a article now I have to comment her that sure so they started a conversation, so I’m participating the conversation, I’m replying back to them again. The comment I’ll reply back in such a way. They will connect to my blog at me, then, on the long run, there is a possibility of a conversion conversion like maybe they purchase my learning or less.

They may join my online course, or else they refer someone else to my blog anyway. So conversation Connect and conversion. So every comment you after the playback: ok, next initially, when you come back, you go to the dashboard to show you the performance bind. These are my subscribers by a 3-1 and yes these days. It’s not performing well because of the coronavirus. People are not spending more time on the education, because not going to they’re not going to offices just spending a lot of time on Netflix and Amazon tribe, that’s second reading, but before that they used to participate.

Well. Last 28 days analytics the same last 28 days. I got 181 subscribers and views 10,000 read time how much time they spent on my blog 921 hours, so nearly thousand odds, and what is the revenue? I got it anyway. So you guys my revenue as of now is very less anyway, but there are some youtuber who is earning around 40 to 50 lakhs of fish, but they subscribers are more it. So don’t start your YouTube blog for the sake of earning money.

So start your YouTube. Blog for the knowledge and increase the followers anyway. So what am I decorate down the line? 2 to 3 years, you’ll earn more money. There is a possibility if your content is good within one hour, we’ll become famous anyway. So when it comes to blog, like me, educational, it will be very slower, but it will be consistent once it will reach the some point. The income will be very consistent, so this is the initial stage.

It is stuff anyway, once I crossed some 10,000 subscribers, the revenue will be very good anyway again how much money will be getting how to increase the revenue. That is a I’ll make a big, separate article on that right, and you mentioned that you are having twelve thousand eight hundred thirty one subscriber. So do you get the email ids? Also, those subscribers that you can utilize that, while doing email, marketing or any other kind of power.

Yes, no, no, you don’t get any email. Ids of them. You will come to know who have subscribed to you, but good thing about you do is YouTube. Will do email marketing for you whenever you you make a article people ask you to subscribe and click on the bell icon right. If they click on the bell icon means. So there will be a bell icon right. So when you click on the bell icon, you are agreeing that I am ready to take.

Is a notification so YouTube automatically send them notification at the same time they will send a mail or so that Subash Mangalam have made a article. Something on that. So YouTube automatically do email marketing for you. But if you have 5000 subscribers for the 5000 people, it might not send but 50 to 60 percent of people. It will send a notification, but you don’t get any email address of them right now how to see yeah.

So I have seen so many trailers that are launching that in few minutes in just one letter to which they get thousands of likes and views, so there is any paid beta as we can get and immediate. He was on TV, do see why they getting thousands of his because he their subscribers also if they have already 10 million a subscriber simulated they’ll, be getting a notification so genuinely also they’ll be hitting the likes and comments you don’t have to doubt about it, but Some people they hire some external agencies who will like and comment also that is possible anyway.

So you is not that much of smart to find out them, but as a beginner, you can’t recruit them even right, so you don’t have to go the techniques. Once your revenue is good still, it’s not a good thing anyway. Let the real people like and comment instead of you freaking all this thing. Yes, some people are doing in such a way that they hire some agencies. Who will do likes and comments by seeing the car comments, you will understand whether it is genuine or fake, but the people who have more than million subscribers automatically within one minute deliberating abuse.

Now, once you upload a article how to see the’no lytx, so I made a article about how to get thousand subscribers and photos and read hours. I’m clicking on this, the particular article and there is an option of analytics. So he understood that 187 views happen and people have spent 18 hours 18 hours on this and estimated revenue as point to do, and subscribers show especially with this article, I haven’t, got any subscriber, so you will come to know whether you got subscribers or not.

Also audience retention time. This is very important anyway. So initially 80 people some people 84. Some people started anyway, but slowly come down. 9 % of the people were there till last time. Okay next is well damn activity. Last 48 hours, the people readed and fail. It is appeared on YouTube features, blog pages YouTube search, 20 % of the people, external direct are unknown. This is the traffic sources and you got any comments you can check it over here see this symbol.

If you get. This is also one kind of SEO factor now. Let me take the best article so how it performs I’m going to show you the scroll down to analytics yeah. The complete analytics is around and in the last 28 days, blog got 10,000 views and read time how many subscribers and what is the revenue subscribers ratio? Also, you can see this 6th April 11. Subscribers 52 subscribers, when comes to revenue 1.

2 $ 7 1.8 dollars every day. This is the revenue, and here are top articles which are working. This is the article server thing so as of now, this article is working well for 92 views in the past 28 hours. Let me check this article I am seeing analytics if you see total 6.9 k views for this article and 22 24. Subscribers came for this. That’s good, actually, with one article again, 24. Subscribers means more articles more subscribers in next.

Let me show one more article which got huge subscribers. Yes, so there is a article called Google AdWords tutorial step by step and this article I got more subscribers. Let me go back that Lambo into that article. This is the article this gave me more subscribers till now: Google Ads tutorial for beginners last time. Yes, so twenty five thousand views I got it and what time only for this article people have spent 2.

5 k hours and how many subscribers I got is 569 subscribers. I bought it so if you want to earn money with the YouTube blog, the rule you to POTUS minimum, we should have a thousand subscribers and they should have spent four thousand hours in one year. So with one article only I got 569 subscribers and 2.5 k. So almost same like this, if one per article making, I will be qualified for this most of the blogs like who are talking about trending topics movies.

This is very less for them anyway, but educational trainings. This is good. Actually so when you want to start YouTube blog these, this very helpful for you, so you don’t have to worry that other weather. I will be getting thousand subscribers of not forget about it. Keep on making the articles. There is a possibility, one article might be giving more subscriber for you and more read hours also so after checking the analytics why analytics are very important after finding the analytics.

What I observe is bacon done SEO. People are spending more time on the Google lights and social media, so now I’ll make a decision right. If I make 10 articles, I want to make 6 to 7 meters on Google ads and social media remaining is su Andhra many things, because people searching more of that one. That’s why once you make the article analytics are very important, so these are all options you can check for right conclusion: YouTube is a powerful platform to bring traffic these days.

People don’t have a time to read your blog, very less people, but if the article is there and if the article is very interesting, they’ll try to spoil and if they read the article there is a possibility that remember the brand one day they will convert for You ok, that’s it guys any questions on this till now about YouTube, optimization, so no pushing yes, yes! So alright and I’ve been thinking to run a YouTube blog right, but I have conclusion of the ideal, like I’m inspired by the other YouTube blog called Horace traders, and I want to make it in Telugu like for they do movies.

So is there any show? If I take that Johannes Troy, Glaus or HCC, it’s not a problem, you can take any so b6. Telugu is a blog anyway. People up, we fight they’ll, go also. They have a copyright on the v6, not on this. So it’s not a problem anyway, but anyway to be in a safe side. If you believe in your content, why don’t you go with a new name? You don’t have to yeah, but the content is similar to them, like the take-up pickup of it a movie and they troll that movie and yeah that everything the most of the people doing anyway.

You also do the same thing, but when it comes to title you can go with a different title anyway. Maybe there is a possibility, you will get more success than him. Okay! Thank you very much. If you have one second, one, second right guys. Thank you very much. If you have any question put in a comment section, thank you.


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YouTube Seo | How To Rank s For A New Channel

Seo hang tight. So I’m back on my computer and I came right away to my YouTube page because I wanted to show you what I do for SEO and I use a couple programs – and there are two things up here – that this is what’s called keywords everywhere and it’s a You know if you click on it this it’s on.

I have it’s a page service, it’s ten dollars and but I get I have ninety-eight thousand four hundred. Ninety eight credits left on my keywords. So it’s just it’s an unbelievable service and really helps you check things out and I’m going to show you some things that that will really help you in your business. But this is what keyword everywhere it does if I start typing how to make money. My oh I’m not in the wrong spot.

I mean the wrong spot. If I go to Google and I go how to make money online – and I just really do a article like this and it’s not out yet. But what happens? Do you see this right down here? It says how to make money online. Well, guess what there are ninety thousand five hundred searches per month and the competition is huge. So if you’re new, you really don’t want to do that. So what I did was, I made a article called the easiest way.

In fact, I’m just going to click on. So what happens to the search now the volume is like 30 per month and my competition is way. Well, it’s really high, but that’s what I searched out and if you look over here, what keywords everywhere? Does it talks about how to make money online for beginners how to make money for free? It gives you different ideas that you can click on to either use for your headline or, and I’m searching for my headline and what I did will see what this does oops.

First of all, I went in 2020 and I did a bar and residual reason jewel or passive income see what happens and if I search for that, it takes a while is now it says: zero per month and zero competition, but I’ll show you cells for what I search for this because there’s actually more ways to do this. I was very pumped to make this money and here’s one article just the same thing but she’s only talking about passive, but what I do brand-new is I go out and follow people and I try to find out what they’re doing what’s successful, because I want to Get in that search area for them, so the other tool is called now, I’m going to go back to this before keywords when I put this in, if I click on this right here, Google also gives me a bunch of ideas.

So it’s the same thing, but these are are much better keywords. So when I go to buddy it’s right here, what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on this. This is paid I and I don’t it’s not very expensive, but what shows up is. Is this I have a pro license and it has keyword Explorer and that’s what I’m going to go down right now. Is I’m going to go down to keyword Explorer now, I’m going to type in that the I’m going to come back to this one? I want to copy it, you know, put that title in and I’m going to go, explore and look what it does.

All the sudden is searching. It says it’s fair, meaning, 20 out of 100 and I really try to get to good to more. My my goal is to get good now. If I go to unweighted weight is only on my blog good, as is unweighted, but then what it does is down here. It says I’m going to raise that up, so I can see it better. Two hundred thirty four thousand results, and it tells me that when people see my blogs kind of new yet so I get twenty five searches on my views of my article most.

What this term gets three hundred fifty-four. So let me go to a article of mine and I’m going to just edit it I’m just going to go to my article page so to buddy. It is a great service for you, but I’m going to go to my blog and I’m just going to put it up. I talked to Rory to YouTube survivors. Here’s one that I had baby boomers build online business. I will just kick on that. Click! Kick on that we’re going to click on that! We’re not going to do this, I’m just going to go there.

It takes a little while, but when it goes to YouTube, I’m just going to show you something what happens cuz. This is what it does. No, it put all this in. I have a description. What I do SEO. I baby boomers build online business and I put it back in the description, because what what YouTube wants is the first two lines people see in your description and they want those keywords in there. I’m also going to add to this – and I didn’t do it before, but I’m going to go back and I’m going to just click right above this tie line and put three hashtags, I’m going to go baby boomers and then I’m going to go online business and Then I always put myself from there because there’s a lot of mark Nelson’s, but I’m starting to move up seeing the key to this is what happens, and I I want to show you something if I can, if it shows it here here, are all my tags.

Okay, so I put in I fill it: you can have 500 characters, but baby boomers build online business. That’s the number one search term in that thing and I have one for 9. I have 1 for 11. So if I go to this on now, I’m going to go to us, try to click the sound down right away, but I’m going to show you what happens here. The sound is off and it starts showing see. I have another one showing up, but here’s what to buddy does it starts telling me it says: 2 of 20 suggested articles are from this creator.

The articles tags appear 10 times this article has and I’m going to click on. It has 4 search results for its tags. I upload it to Facebook. I actually put it on reddit, but I didn’t get any votes. I put it on Twitter. My blog has 23 points. 23. Point 2 K. You know over a thousand, but here’s my keywords again. Ok and now what happens he in this down the right, because I’m starting to put more and more articles up, I’m starting to be show now, I’m not Gary Vee.

I don’t have that following yet I’m not Tony Robbins, but here’s another one. I mean it’s. What this is where you want to get searched from, so I do one other thing. One of the things really important is we talked about your headline in your description and the next one, I’m going to go back to my blog articles, the next one. Oh, I want to save that cancel. I did that thing so, okay, now I’m going to go back to blog articles and I’m just going to show you some things, but I want to show you.

These are all my articles and let me go, but I want you to take a look at my thumbnails now I don’t know the best thumbnails in the world, but what you want is you want to stand out? You know when you’re on that search engine. You want those things to pop, so I use a tool called canva and it’s free. It’s canv a.Com, I’m not going to do much on this, but I just made a recent one. But what I’ll do is when I get on here, it’s going to show all my designs, but when I create a design there, it is a YouTube thumbnail and I’m not going to go through the idea of the article and I hope to make thumbnails and I’ll Put that in there, but here all my designs, I make a lot of things.

There’s one I hate, God made a little. This is for a freebie. This is for my podcast, but these are all my youtube things and that shows up and shows up well. So I hope that helps again. What I would like to do is I’m going to go back to my blog real fast, I’m going to hit this. I gave you a great freebie down below and you saw it in each other. It’s called how to create a six-figure income online without leaving your home, cold-calling or doing paid ads, and it’s just all you got to do is click that link below right down there below there and what I love you to do is hit subscribe.

Give me a like make a comment hit subscribe then hit that little bell that goes ding ding ding ding ding. So you all take care peace out. We will talk again later.


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youtube seo 2020 👉 local seo 2020 new

Now we are super strong advocates that traditional website rankings on the first page of Google are a bit outdated and you need to try to apply new strategies now.

The best way to rank on the first page of Google is by using YouTube articles. Why is that? Well, it’s pretty simple: Google considers YouTube its youngest brother and it’s always going to favor articles over any other website. Now, in the next minutes, I’m going to show you how you can rank articles on the first page of Google without even creating one single article, but more about that just a bit later.

Now let me just tell you a quick story about myself about 10 years ago, I created a website for my father he’s. Actually a plumber here in Romania and business was booming. He got a lot of calls until, like a few months ago, a few months ago, his website rocked in rankings on the first page of Google and he simply started to get fewer and fewer calls sometimes day by day, with absolutely no calls.

So I decided to record this article as a case study, where I’m going to help him rank articles and live events on the first page of Google and actually bringing more clients and more calls now don’t worry. This is going to work for everything. In this example, I’m using a local plumber right, but it’s going to work for EECOM, affiliate marketing, Clickbank, you name it it’s going to work for absolutely everything all right.

So, let’s start, as I told you, my dad is a plumber, and the first thing that you need to do is go on google and type in the main keyword that you are targeting now. If it’s a plumber, you type in the plumber and the city are trying to rank for if it’s an econ product, you write in the econ product and so on. So I just wrote right here a plumber in Timisoara and I’m also going to search for it and, as you can see, plumber Tina shuara and these are the websites that are ranking right now.

My dad’s website is somewhere right here yep here it is all right. So, as you can see, it’s now no longer amongst the first results, we a lot of ads right here, but it’s pretty at the bottom of the first page. So what you need to do is write the main keyword, press the space and then copy the keywords that Google suggests to you, because these are keywords that people actually search for. So in this case, I’m going to copy plumber, Timisoara Emergencies, plumber, Timisoara, non-stop and plumber Timisoara prices all right now.

As I said, it’s super important to target areas near your city or in the city if you’re living in big cities like New York, for example. So I already wrote the keywords in a notepad file and I recommend for you to do the same. So I wrote a plumber Timisoara non-stop plumber, technician emergencies and the area’s dump revita is an area near Tim Hashanah. So I wrote plumber area name, emergency plumber, professional error name so try to combine the areas, the plumber.

So that’s the job and keywords that are like emergency plumber, non-stop professional experience, so try to make a lot of combinations and you are going to create articles for all these keywords and try to rank them on the first page of Google all right now. You remember that I told you that you won’t even need to create a article. Well, that’s what we are going to do right now we are going to create a new YouTube, live stream, a new live event.

Now what this is? It’s a placeholder for a future article that will be streamed or on the stream. It doesn’t it’s not important and in our case we will never stream a article. We are simply going to write rain with the live event, so what you need to do is go on youtube.Com, I’m going to go right now and right here. You will need to click on the plus sign right here, and the camera and click on go live after the page loads simply go to stream, that’s currently in beta mode, but probably it won’t be for much longer now, in case you don’t see the plus sign.

Simply type in this URL in your browser, youtube.Com, slash, live-streaming, slash stream and right here you need to write the title, the description and set the scheduled date for the event that you on the first page of Google. It’s that simple. You won’t even need a article, as I said now, what’s very important when writing the title is to include the main keyword at least twice so in this case I am going to write plumber Timisoara non-stop, perfect, I’m going to add a dash and then I’m going To write, are you looking for plumbers in Timisoara non-stop? So, as you can see, it’s not identical to the main keyword, but it’s very similar.

So that’s the pattern that you need to take for all your events and articles. Now, of course, if you want – and you have enough characters, you can add like the phone number of the local business or even a website, although I really recommend to enter the website only in the description of the article now I already wrote my description, so we Don’t waste too much time here it is, and here is what you need to do on the first three lines.

These are the visible lines when somebody clicks your live event, so, on the first two lines make sure you enter the phone number, if it’s a local business, make sure to enter the website, the sales page, the squeeze page wherever you want, the final visitor to click And go on your website or to make the call next enter a phrase that is super related to the main keywords that you are targeting and make sure you include the main keyword in that phrase.

Next, I recommend to enter about 200 characters, maybe 300 characters of sentences related to the product that you are promoting or the local business, and always make sure to include the main keyword at least four times in the description right. It doesn’t need to be identical, but variations of the main keyword need to be included in the description, so I am simply going to copy the description.

I’m going to paste it right here and now you select the scheduled date, I’m going to set later and simply pick a date like one year from now, so I’m going to go with April of 30 right 30 of April now, as I said, we are never Going to swim a article, we’re simply going to rank the live event and get clicks from the live event without any articles. All that you have to do now is click on create stream, and that’s it.

Our stream was just created you hit done, and now all that you have to do is simply repeat this process for absolutely all the keywords that you just gathered right so for all this words simply start creating a unique title. A unique description and publish live events. So that’s what I’m going to do right now, I’m going to pause the article and come back to you and see what rankings that we got all right.

I’m back to check the rankings about one hour passed since I published all the live events and as you can see, I’m in a private tab in Firefox, and I really recommend always when checking rankings to open a private tab or an incognito window in your browser And now, let’s take the keywords that we uploaded events for and see if we rent all right so first one here, it is amazing two minutes ago. So this was the last article that I uploaded two minutes ago and it’s ranking on the first page.

So this is incredible: that’s the first keyword. Let’s take the second one second keyword here. It is so it’s again on the first page ranking in less than like 30 minutes. Let’s take the other keywords and check them all and see how many rankings that we got again the third keyword we got rankings on the first page of Google in a matter of minutes, so this really works and actually I’m blown away by the results, because I Didn’t expect all keywords to rank? Oh, my god.

Just take a look here: plumber, dome revita! So that’s the area, mutiny shuara emergencies, it’s the first result. So right under the three-pack, we have our article ranking over all the other websites, including my father’s website. So here is my father’s website and like the first position for this keyword, it’s this article amazing amazing, amazing. Alright, let’s check the other keywords again: professional plumber in Doom revita first result right, isn’t this incredible? I mean wow.

I can’t believe that absolutely all the keywords are ranking just take a look here. Non-Stop plumber in Doom Babita first result. So this is the event all these events that we were just uploaded so far. We got all them ranking on the first page, amazing. The same thing for another area from Timisoara plumber, emergency G Rock – and here it is the second position ranking right here. Alright, let’s check this one, I think you get idea all right so amazing.

I really psyched about this because all the keywords that we just targeted, we didn’t create any articles. We simply write a good title, like I, like I explained to you, write. A good description include the keyword four times in the description and, as you can see, you can obtain insane results, and this is going to work, as I said, for any niche for any city for any country. This example is from Romania, but you can apply it in Poland in us, in Russia, in India, wherever you want, and you are going to get rankings right, amazing, alright, so I really hope my dad would get a lot new calls from these rankings and actually I’m Going to record another article in a few days and report to you the results that my dad get.

So I’m going to ask him the number, of course that he got in the past days and I’m going to let you know how his business is going right. Now, alright, guys now, if you like this article, if you like the results that we got so far, please give us a like and on the light box that you see right under this article and also make sure to subscribe to the second article. You find a subscribe form right under this article and enter your email right now because, as I said in a few days, you aren’t going to get the result now.

If you really get a lot of likes for this article, I promise you are going to make new case studies in the future. Now, until the next article take care.


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SEO – How To Rank Youtube s

When I first started on YouTube, I had no idea how to get my article showing higher in search or getting them recommended.

This, of course, resulted in low views very few subscribers and it also felt really frustrating the good news is, though, by the end of this article you’re going to have a lot more success, ranking your articles, getting more views and turning them into subscribers. I’m going to break this down into a few easy steps, for you show you how to rank your articles on YouTube fast before I do that, though, please hit subscribe and the notification bar to join our growing community here on YouTube, let’s start with audience retention.

This is so important to youtube SEO and, what’s important to you, tube needs to be important to you audience retention is getting people to read most of your YouTube articles. This tells YouTube that whatever it is, you’re doing you’re doing it right, because if people want to read a lot of your content, then this tells YouTube that they’re spending longer on the YouTube platform, and that’s really exactly what YouTube wants to get this audience retention, though.

You’ve got to follow a few key steps. The first 15 seconds of your article is the most important I could say this a hundred times, and it still won’t be enough. My advice is to post-it note it somewhere that you always look or save it. As a reminder, so that you never forget this, when creating your article, I want you to see the difference that it makes for yourself, though, this is when I didn’t take this advice seriously, and this is when I did in the first 15 seconds.

You need to tell your audience what they will get from the article. A huge amount of tests and data have proved time and time again. If you don’t grab your audience’s attention in the first 15 seconds, then they’re gone. You want to quickly follow it off with a slightly longer intro, and this is going to tell your audience how the article will benefit them and what problem they have that you’re going to fix this means showing people that you know how to do it and you Provide proof of this in the article.

So, if I’m talking about how to rank YouTube articles, I need to show you an example of me doing this. So you’ve hooked people’s attention in the first 15 seconds, providing them with how you will benefit them from the article and how you’ll fix a problem that they currently have. Finally, you’ve provided them with the proof that you are the right person to show them what to do through credibility.

These simple steps will give you a huge increase in audience retention, and it’s easy to do so. You know how to get your audience reading your articles of a longer. Well, how do you get them to start reading them and ranking better right at the start? There’s a tool for YouTube that I highly recommend using. It’s helped me a lot in the last six months, rank my articles higher and get more views and subscribers this tool is called vid IQ.

It’s designed to improve your article SEO and a whole host of other amazing features. Vid IQ is a brilliant tool for ranking your YouTube articles. It gives you some really important information which you need when you’re actually searching for the right keywords to use in your article. So, let’s just take a quick look at this example: I’ve used a really general and generic term here, which is camera now.

You would expect this to have a high search, but if you didn’t know such things, then you can come over to the right-hand side. This is article Huw here which is built into my youtube search now, which is really hardly having it. On the right hand, side I can see the maximum views are 7.1 million. That’s huge. My average views are 1.2 9 million for this search term. Here I can also see that there’s some really not very well known, guy called Peter McKinnon, which has got three articles and he’s the top blog in the camera search term here, but in all seriousness, what this is brilliant at doing is telling you.

If this keyword is going to be any good for you to use, so if I just scroll down, I can see this overall score section here. I can see that the volume for camera is 80, which is really high, but the competition is also high, which tells me that, yes, there might be a lot of people searching it, but I probably would find it difficult to actually rank the article because there’s so Many people already have made articles around this, but let me give you a really good and successful example of how you could use it to find something good.

I use the search term Canon EOS RP. I have two US RPS and I have lots of experience with this camera so straight away. I wanted to make a article around these keywords. Now I can see that the maximum views is four hundred and ninety five thousand it’s considerably lower, but it’s still a very good reach. Now I scroll down. The first thing I wanted to see was the overall score and good news. For me, the volume is 61, which is still very high.

The competition this is the best bit is low, which means not many creators on YouTube have made articles around Canon EOS RP, so I thought, okay. This is really good. I’m going to use these keywords and create a article around it now. You can also take this a step further. You can start looking at the top related keywords to this, so you can make articles with these keywords. If they’re more successful or you can start seeing that a of people want to know about a review for the canon, eos RP, and this would be the right way to put the keywords for that.

Because he’s got 62 and that’s a good rank and a good score, but this made me start thinking about how to create the keywords. I knew that my main keywords were going to be Canon, EOS RP and that’s going to have a low competition and high search. So if you just take a quick look, I’ve managed to rank this article in the last month at number two for this really good search term. So straight away, you can see how good vid IQ is at providing you with some really good information on keyword search.

Now this program also takes it a hell of a lot further. You get so much analytics and data on your YouTube platform, which provides you with some really valuable information. The best thing about this tool is, though, it’s free. Yes, you do have paid accounts as well, but the free account for a lot of people will give you enough information and data, and you do have the overall score, and this C word this keyword search, which is on the free account.

So that’s the good news there now, if you’re wondering where to get this, what I’ll do is I’ll stick a link in the article, so you can click on that after you’ve readed this article and then you can sign up for a free account or a paid Account whatever is right for you, the last step I will show you on how to rank YouTube. Articles is read time, YouTube values read time as one of its most important ranking factors.

So if someone spends longer reading your article than your main competitors article, then this is good for you. There is a really cool way to do this, though you see you can find the competitors article, which is ranking high for the search term, that you want to use, and if you go ahead and make a article that’s a little bit longer than their article, then You have a better chance of getting more read time as long as your content in your YouTube article follows the steps you carried out in audience.

Retention having this added read time Towers YouTube that people using their platform prefer your article and read it for longer. This is a great way to get your article ranking higher than theirs. These steps, in the article have provided success for thousands of youtubers, giving their more views higher, ranked articles and, of course, more subscribers. The way to guarantee success for yourself, though, is to make sure you take action and start doing what you’ve learned today.

Now, if you have any more tips that you’ve personally found that help you rank YouTube articles, then please share them with the community. You can do this by leaving a comment in the comment section of the article if you enjoyed this article, and you would like to read more articles like this, please subscribe to the blog and hit the notification valve and whatever you do, for the rest of your Day make sure it’s a good one and I’ll see you in the next article