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Youtube Seo Optimization – Youtube Search Engine Optimization

Sometimes it doesn’t we not rained it easily. Sometimes it will take some work before you. Actually, I’m not sure how other ideas have successes in it. So then, as it doesn’t movie, but I try to see how it’s like I try to copy the text is along the aisle. I okay, sorry about that. I just yeah white body scrub yeah, I mean these are the keywords with people.

Okay, I have this study. If you did my vice article doing quite well for one of them, soft upper body is ranked number nine, so you can see it ranked number. Nine is a DIY not because the order of the key ways not there. So it’s do a wreck or soft chiffon body. So if we go the incognito three go soft upper body, so it’ll be right for it. Oh scrub, and we see our leaders yeah. Oh yeah, right here, actually we’re happy higher than one two.

Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven: eight oh yeah, around nine, so rent about ten. We are for views because my eye body, the reason why all these, because I believe I got sixty one thousand subscriber so I just have Easter use no instead, but if you just before just a few seconds, I had seven views for this article. So I completed the entire process of search engine optimization, there’s a second part which he talked about, shall talk about shell on some social media Google+ to rank it even higher to get more views and more traction on this.

So I, in this tutorial and shown from leader, Oh on pip, is gone on page of the magic receptor is what issued to be functioning outside of YouTube is just doing the optimization. You know there is no necessary, but you have more views that if you have 10,000 views for your article, I will show the articles we as a coyote or friend you’ll, be impressed. So there will be this so-called reputation of the Brenner to the VM.

So you know that so so called tell a horse you’re crazy man. They will be more few. Ten toes of I, when a CEO is a reliable book with us, medical health agency Debbie, and I think the essence levy would have the essence or subject she created her own formula. She can so you did father, put a link in the description and a fluid. A article on YouTube and share your friends I’m going to share a few the strategy.

Her strategy will be doing this because article if people see you doing a article, I share inside a sort of my reputation here. Improve a reputation of people. Dishes, profession is very funny. I don’t know why, when you do be new, your professional just to be the trend these days right. I think it’s because there are too many people 3sv clients for coffee powder. If I get it tyonne better, so you do have a article than it.

Okay, I was okay in my free time, so it doesn’t. You were pushed and then your friend can share in her facebook. You can access income. You gather you can actually even get silver for that, because it’s a pop sherry I mean now. It’s like. If you’ve got a lot of friends, you know what have you got many once I do. We share your article and then you get reputation, yeah and you’re. Just sharing cheap, so it’s easier to share with others, and you can, when you get favors right in the chat groups right, you can also do in your article or do it yourself.

You can share how you do the father or share some tea set cheeks. With this article. I need to invited to an event. You are event you don’t do actually even promote even front of your shop. You have an online shop. Maybe suggestion is, you can have an event offering event to attract people, a poof poof, even within my book. If you have some reputation, you can use the reputation and your car, it’s like it’s a just get Busan and the people be like more viewing school.

Invite you, for this also help you, you know many views it a lot. I mean it’s a shame for fiscal circles and I’ll, say friend, improve its is on your own family, shared shared ease or insensitive figure out how someone got somebody losing how some more people know me. You can also share yourself talking, but this is actually she also share useful tip, so useful tips also works. So I thank you for reading.

I hope this has been useful to you. Thank you. Thank you for my


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YouTube Seo | How To Rank s For A New Channel

Seo hang tight. So I’m back on my computer and I came right away to my YouTube page because I wanted to show you what I do for SEO and I use a couple programs – and there are two things up here – that this is what’s called keywords everywhere and it’s a You know if you click on it this it’s on.

I have it’s a page service, it’s ten dollars and but I get I have ninety-eight thousand four hundred. Ninety eight credits left on my keywords. So it’s just it’s an unbelievable service and really helps you check things out and I’m going to show you some things that that will really help you in your business. But this is what keyword everywhere it does if I start typing how to make money. My oh I’m not in the wrong spot.

I mean the wrong spot. If I go to Google and I go how to make money online – and I just really do a article like this and it’s not out yet. But what happens? Do you see this right down here? It says how to make money online. Well, guess what there are ninety thousand five hundred searches per month and the competition is huge. So if you’re new, you really don’t want to do that. So what I did was, I made a article called the easiest way.

In fact, I’m just going to click on. So what happens to the search now the volume is like 30 per month and my competition is way. Well, it’s really high, but that’s what I searched out and if you look over here, what keywords everywhere? Does it talks about how to make money online for beginners how to make money for free? It gives you different ideas that you can click on to either use for your headline or, and I’m searching for my headline and what I did will see what this does oops.

First of all, I went in 2020 and I did a bar and residual reason jewel or passive income see what happens and if I search for that, it takes a while is now it says: zero per month and zero competition, but I’ll show you cells for what I search for this because there’s actually more ways to do this. I was very pumped to make this money and here’s one article just the same thing but she’s only talking about passive, but what I do brand-new is I go out and follow people and I try to find out what they’re doing what’s successful, because I want to Get in that search area for them, so the other tool is called now, I’m going to go back to this before keywords when I put this in, if I click on this right here, Google also gives me a bunch of ideas.

So it’s the same thing, but these are are much better keywords. So when I go to buddy it’s right here, what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on this. This is paid I and I don’t it’s not very expensive, but what shows up is. Is this I have a pro license and it has keyword Explorer and that’s what I’m going to go down right now. Is I’m going to go down to keyword Explorer now, I’m going to type in that the I’m going to come back to this one? I want to copy it, you know, put that title in and I’m going to go, explore and look what it does.

All the sudden is searching. It says it’s fair, meaning, 20 out of 100 and I really try to get to good to more. My my goal is to get good now. If I go to unweighted weight is only on my blog good, as is unweighted, but then what it does is down here. It says I’m going to raise that up, so I can see it better. Two hundred thirty four thousand results, and it tells me that when people see my blogs kind of new yet so I get twenty five searches on my views of my article most.

What this term gets three hundred fifty-four. So let me go to a article of mine and I’m going to just edit it I’m just going to go to my article page so to buddy. It is a great service for you, but I’m going to go to my blog and I’m just going to put it up. I talked to Rory to YouTube survivors. Here’s one that I had baby boomers build online business. I will just kick on that. Click! Kick on that we’re going to click on that! We’re not going to do this, I’m just going to go there.

It takes a little while, but when it goes to YouTube, I’m just going to show you something what happens cuz. This is what it does. No, it put all this in. I have a description. What I do SEO. I baby boomers build online business and I put it back in the description, because what what YouTube wants is the first two lines people see in your description and they want those keywords in there. I’m also going to add to this – and I didn’t do it before, but I’m going to go back and I’m going to just click right above this tie line and put three hashtags, I’m going to go baby boomers and then I’m going to go online business and Then I always put myself from there because there’s a lot of mark Nelson’s, but I’m starting to move up seeing the key to this is what happens, and I I want to show you something if I can, if it shows it here here, are all my tags.

Okay, so I put in I fill it: you can have 500 characters, but baby boomers build online business. That’s the number one search term in that thing and I have one for 9. I have 1 for 11. So if I go to this on now, I’m going to go to us, try to click the sound down right away, but I’m going to show you what happens here. The sound is off and it starts showing see. I have another one showing up, but here’s what to buddy does it starts telling me it says: 2 of 20 suggested articles are from this creator.

The articles tags appear 10 times this article has and I’m going to click on. It has 4 search results for its tags. I upload it to Facebook. I actually put it on reddit, but I didn’t get any votes. I put it on Twitter. My blog has 23 points. 23. Point 2 K. You know over a thousand, but here’s my keywords again. Ok and now what happens he in this down the right, because I’m starting to put more and more articles up, I’m starting to be show now, I’m not Gary Vee.

I don’t have that following yet I’m not Tony Robbins, but here’s another one. I mean it’s. What this is where you want to get searched from, so I do one other thing. One of the things really important is we talked about your headline in your description and the next one, I’m going to go back to my blog articles, the next one. Oh, I want to save that cancel. I did that thing so, okay, now I’m going to go back to blog articles and I’m just going to show you some things, but I want to show you.

These are all my articles and let me go, but I want you to take a look at my thumbnails now I don’t know the best thumbnails in the world, but what you want is you want to stand out? You know when you’re on that search engine. You want those things to pop, so I use a tool called canva and it’s free. It’s canv a.Com, I’m not going to do much on this, but I just made a recent one. But what I’ll do is when I get on here, it’s going to show all my designs, but when I create a design there, it is a YouTube thumbnail and I’m not going to go through the idea of the article and I hope to make thumbnails and I’ll Put that in there, but here all my designs, I make a lot of things.

There’s one I hate, God made a little. This is for a freebie. This is for my podcast, but these are all my youtube things and that shows up and shows up well. So I hope that helps again. What I would like to do is I’m going to go back to my blog real fast, I’m going to hit this. I gave you a great freebie down below and you saw it in each other. It’s called how to create a six-figure income online without leaving your home, cold-calling or doing paid ads, and it’s just all you got to do is click that link below right down there below there and what I love you to do is hit subscribe.

Give me a like make a comment hit subscribe then hit that little bell that goes ding ding ding ding ding. So you all take care peace out. We will talk again later.


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SEO – How To Rank Youtube s

When I first started on YouTube, I had no idea how to get my article showing higher in search or getting them recommended.

This, of course, resulted in low views very few subscribers and it also felt really frustrating the good news is, though, by the end of this article you’re going to have a lot more success, ranking your articles, getting more views and turning them into subscribers. I’m going to break this down into a few easy steps, for you show you how to rank your articles on YouTube fast before I do that, though, please hit subscribe and the notification bar to join our growing community here on YouTube, let’s start with audience retention.

This is so important to youtube SEO and, what’s important to you, tube needs to be important to you audience retention is getting people to read most of your YouTube articles. This tells YouTube that whatever it is, you’re doing you’re doing it right, because if people want to read a lot of your content, then this tells YouTube that they’re spending longer on the YouTube platform, and that’s really exactly what YouTube wants to get this audience retention, though.

You’ve got to follow a few key steps. The first 15 seconds of your article is the most important I could say this a hundred times, and it still won’t be enough. My advice is to post-it note it somewhere that you always look or save it. As a reminder, so that you never forget this, when creating your article, I want you to see the difference that it makes for yourself, though, this is when I didn’t take this advice seriously, and this is when I did in the first 15 seconds.

You need to tell your audience what they will get from the article. A huge amount of tests and data have proved time and time again. If you don’t grab your audience’s attention in the first 15 seconds, then they’re gone. You want to quickly follow it off with a slightly longer intro, and this is going to tell your audience how the article will benefit them and what problem they have that you’re going to fix this means showing people that you know how to do it and you Provide proof of this in the article.

So, if I’m talking about how to rank YouTube articles, I need to show you an example of me doing this. So you’ve hooked people’s attention in the first 15 seconds, providing them with how you will benefit them from the article and how you’ll fix a problem that they currently have. Finally, you’ve provided them with the proof that you are the right person to show them what to do through credibility.

These simple steps will give you a huge increase in audience retention, and it’s easy to do so. You know how to get your audience reading your articles of a longer. Well, how do you get them to start reading them and ranking better right at the start? There’s a tool for YouTube that I highly recommend using. It’s helped me a lot in the last six months, rank my articles higher and get more views and subscribers this tool is called vid IQ.

It’s designed to improve your article SEO and a whole host of other amazing features. Vid IQ is a brilliant tool for ranking your YouTube articles. It gives you some really important information which you need when you’re actually searching for the right keywords to use in your article. So, let’s just take a quick look at this example: I’ve used a really general and generic term here, which is camera now.

You would expect this to have a high search, but if you didn’t know such things, then you can come over to the right-hand side. This is article Huw here which is built into my youtube search now, which is really hardly having it. On the right hand, side I can see the maximum views are 7.1 million. That’s huge. My average views are 1.2 9 million for this search term. Here I can also see that there’s some really not very well known, guy called Peter McKinnon, which has got three articles and he’s the top blog in the camera search term here, but in all seriousness, what this is brilliant at doing is telling you.

If this keyword is going to be any good for you to use, so if I just scroll down, I can see this overall score section here. I can see that the volume for camera is 80, which is really high, but the competition is also high, which tells me that, yes, there might be a lot of people searching it, but I probably would find it difficult to actually rank the article because there’s so Many people already have made articles around this, but let me give you a really good and successful example of how you could use it to find something good.

I use the search term Canon EOS RP. I have two US RPS and I have lots of experience with this camera so straight away. I wanted to make a article around these keywords. Now I can see that the maximum views is four hundred and ninety five thousand it’s considerably lower, but it’s still a very good reach. Now I scroll down. The first thing I wanted to see was the overall score and good news. For me, the volume is 61, which is still very high.

The competition this is the best bit is low, which means not many creators on YouTube have made articles around Canon EOS RP, so I thought, okay. This is really good. I’m going to use these keywords and create a article around it now. You can also take this a step further. You can start looking at the top related keywords to this, so you can make articles with these keywords. If they’re more successful or you can start seeing that a of people want to know about a review for the canon, eos RP, and this would be the right way to put the keywords for that.

Because he’s got 62 and that’s a good rank and a good score, but this made me start thinking about how to create the keywords. I knew that my main keywords were going to be Canon, EOS RP and that’s going to have a low competition and high search. So if you just take a quick look, I’ve managed to rank this article in the last month at number two for this really good search term. So straight away, you can see how good vid IQ is at providing you with some really good information on keyword search.

Now this program also takes it a hell of a lot further. You get so much analytics and data on your YouTube platform, which provides you with some really valuable information. The best thing about this tool is, though, it’s free. Yes, you do have paid accounts as well, but the free account for a lot of people will give you enough information and data, and you do have the overall score, and this C word this keyword search, which is on the free account.

So that’s the good news there now, if you’re wondering where to get this, what I’ll do is I’ll stick a link in the article, so you can click on that after you’ve readed this article and then you can sign up for a free account or a paid Account whatever is right for you, the last step I will show you on how to rank YouTube. Articles is read time, YouTube values read time as one of its most important ranking factors.

So if someone spends longer reading your article than your main competitors article, then this is good for you. There is a really cool way to do this, though you see you can find the competitors article, which is ranking high for the search term, that you want to use, and if you go ahead and make a article that’s a little bit longer than their article, then You have a better chance of getting more read time as long as your content in your YouTube article follows the steps you carried out in audience.

Retention having this added read time Towers YouTube that people using their platform prefer your article and read it for longer. This is a great way to get your article ranking higher than theirs. These steps, in the article have provided success for thousands of youtubers, giving their more views higher, ranked articles and, of course, more subscribers. The way to guarantee success for yourself, though, is to make sure you take action and start doing what you’ve learned today.

Now, if you have any more tips that you’ve personally found that help you rank YouTube articles, then please share them with the community. You can do this by leaving a comment in the comment section of the article if you enjoyed this article, and you would like to read more articles like this, please subscribe to the blog and hit the notification valve and whatever you do, for the rest of your Day make sure it’s a good one and I’ll see you in the next article