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Youtube Seo Optimization – Youtube Search Engine Optimization

Sometimes it doesn’t we not rained it easily. Sometimes it will take some work before you. Actually, I’m not sure how other ideas have successes in it. So then, as it doesn’t movie, but I try to see how it’s like I try to copy the text is along the aisle. I okay, sorry about that. I just yeah white body scrub yeah, I mean these are the keywords with people.

Okay, I have this study. If you did my vice article doing quite well for one of them, soft upper body is ranked number nine, so you can see it ranked number. Nine is a DIY not because the order of the key ways not there. So it’s do a wreck or soft chiffon body. So if we go the incognito three go soft upper body, so it’ll be right for it. Oh scrub, and we see our leaders yeah. Oh yeah, right here, actually we’re happy higher than one two.

Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven: eight oh yeah, around nine, so rent about ten. We are for views because my eye body, the reason why all these, because I believe I got sixty one thousand subscriber so I just have Easter use no instead, but if you just before just a few seconds, I had seven views for this article. So I completed the entire process of search engine optimization, there’s a second part which he talked about, shall talk about shell on some social media Google+ to rank it even higher to get more views and more traction on this.

So I, in this tutorial and shown from leader, Oh on pip, is gone on page of the magic receptor is what issued to be functioning outside of YouTube is just doing the optimization. You know there is no necessary, but you have more views that if you have 10,000 views for your article, I will show the articles we as a coyote or friend you’ll, be impressed. So there will be this so-called reputation of the Brenner to the VM.

So you know that so so called tell a horse you’re crazy man. They will be more few. Ten toes of I, when a CEO is a reliable book with us, medical health agency Debbie, and I think the essence levy would have the essence or subject she created her own formula. She can so you did father, put a link in the description and a fluid. A article on YouTube and share your friends I’m going to share a few the strategy.

Her strategy will be doing this because article if people see you doing a article, I share inside a sort of my reputation here. Improve a reputation of people. Dishes, profession is very funny. I don’t know why, when you do be new, your professional just to be the trend these days right. I think it’s because there are too many people 3sv clients for coffee powder. If I get it tyonne better, so you do have a article than it.

Okay, I was okay in my free time, so it doesn’t. You were pushed and then your friend can share in her facebook. You can access income. You gather you can actually even get silver for that, because it’s a pop sherry I mean now. It’s like. If you’ve got a lot of friends, you know what have you got many once I do. We share your article and then you get reputation, yeah and you’re. Just sharing cheap, so it’s easier to share with others, and you can, when you get favors right in the chat groups right, you can also do in your article or do it yourself.

You can share how you do the father or share some tea set cheeks. With this article. I need to invited to an event. You are event you don’t do actually even promote even front of your shop. You have an online shop. Maybe suggestion is, you can have an event offering event to attract people, a poof poof, even within my book. If you have some reputation, you can use the reputation and your car, it’s like it’s a just get Busan and the people be like more viewing school.

Invite you, for this also help you, you know many views it a lot. I mean it’s a shame for fiscal circles and I’ll, say friend, improve its is on your own family, shared shared ease or insensitive figure out how someone got somebody losing how some more people know me. You can also share yourself talking, but this is actually she also share useful tip, so useful tips also works. So I thank you for reading.

I hope this has been useful to you. Thank you. Thank you for my


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Youtube SEO Tips: Get your rank to GOOGLE and YOUTUBE in Less than 8 Hrs !!

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know that article is a very powerful tool for your business, but the problem is that most people don’t see results because their articles never get seen and refresh hey how’s it going hey. What’s up yeah, it’s going good. I just got done uploading this article and I already have 20 views.

No, you didn’t. I was just upstairs and i’ve readed your article 20 times what you mean. I’ve been working on this article and no one’s even reading it. Well. Did you even optimize it? No! No, why not I mean I didn’t know trust me. I’ve been in that situation before and it’s not fun so to help you out. I want to show you my 9 step formula to get your articles ranked on the first page of google and youtube.

So, let’s start off with step number one, which is finding the perfect keyword for your article, one of the biggest mistakes that most people make. Is they just create articles on any topic that pops into their head? What you should be doing is creating articles based on what people are actually searching for. What are you looking for bathing suit? What type of hating suit swim briefs so, instead of just randomly guessing what people are looking for, you can actually find the specific keywords that people are looking for, and you can do this with the google keyword tool, but just make sure the exact option is chosen When you’re, looking for your keywords after you find your keyword, we move on the step number two, which is adding your keyword in your article script.

Not every bathing suit is treated equally at nail. Swimming briefs. Calm. We want to show you the widest variety of male swing, brief possible, so come on visit us at male swimming briefs, calm and come get your swim off. I mean come on. Look at me. Did I really just put that in the article? Well, I guess it’s a good thing. I did because that article is a perfect example of using your keyword in the article we ended up using our keyword swimming briefs three times in that short 30.

Second article. Now, when you’re implementing the step, you need to be careful not to just list a bunch of keywords but make sure that your script actually flows now. Step number three is to upload your article, but make sure that the keyword is your file name. So, in this case, our article file name is going to be swim. Briefs mp4, and this just allows us to tell Google and YouTube what our article is all about, and now we move on to step number four, which is putting in a proper title and description.

Every title should begin with your main keyword and then you can add in a secondary keyword or more information about your article, the more text you have associated with your article, the better, which is why the description is so important. Every article should be a minimum of 200 words, but I recommend between 200 and 400, the more the better, don’t forget to add all of your keywords: different keyword, variations and secondary keywords in your description, but make sure you don’t just list a bunch of keywords.

You want to make sure they actually flow, but don’t forget to add your landing page or your website URL at the top of your description, so that is easily seen. But you can also add in your article URL at the bottom of the description, and you can also add in a link to your blog and now we move on to step number five, which is adding in your tags. The biggest thing to remember is to not go overboard: tax tax, tax, tax tags tags that was annoying right well, Google and YouTube find it annoying when you add in a ton of tags, because it’s very hard for them to determine exactly what your article is all About all you really need to do is just put in your main keywords and your blog name.

When you put in your blog name, all over articles will be lumped together in the relay articles field, and now we move on the step number six, which is uploading. A transcript of your article and you can upload one under the captions tab of your article. So a transcript is just a word for word description of the audio in your article, and this is a huge indicator to google youtube telling them exactly what your article is.

All about – and I never recommend, skipping a step because it’s very important to getting your article ranked, and it only takes a few minutes, especially if you outsource it now. This is everything you need to do to get your article uploaded correctly. But if you stop here, you may only get a trickle of views and a YouTube. Blog could be a ghost town. But the next few steps we’re going to show you how to get a flood of traffic to your articles and now we’re moving right along the step.

Number seven, which is building your blog and using playlist. So the stronger, your blog is the easier it’s going to be for you to rank articles, and there are five things that you can do to increase the power behind your blog. You can get more real views. You can get more real subscribers. You can get more real comments and likes on your articles. You can build backlinks to your blog and you can stay active.

Think of it. This way, if CNN com wrote an article on article marketing and then I set up a website in two days later, I wrote an article about article marketing who do you think Google is going to rank higher. Of course, they’re going to rank CNN’s article higher they’re, a huge site, they’re consistent they’re, always uploading content. They always have a bunch of comments on their articles, they’re a very powerful website, and this same process goes with YouTube blogs.

The more active and powerful a blog is the higher and easier your articles are going to get ranked, and this is because they see you as a trusted Authority, and the second part to step 7 is using playlist. All you need to do is create playlists using your main keyword and then throw your articles in that playlist YouTube is going to realize that they’re in a playlist, with your main keyword and they’re, going to give a little more weight to that article.

And now we move on the step number 8, which is getting more social indicators. Social indicators are quickly becoming an important ranking factor to your article. Things like Facebook Likes twitter shares. Google, pluses and pins are extremely important for your article and all with all the Google algorithm changes going on. I strongly recommend you focus a lot of your time on social indicators. There’s a few ways you can do this.

You can obviously post it on your profile. So if you have a facebook profile of Pinterest board or Twitter profile, go ahead, upload your articles there and share it with your audience. But when you do that, you should always encourage them to hit the like and share buttons. So you can maximize the amount of social indicators from one post and there’s also one technique that I love to use because it is super effective to get organic social indicators.

And this is my viral article marketing technique and I do have a article explaining the viral article marketing technique and you can get it at the end of this article. So don’t click it now. Don’t don’t click now we’re moving on the step. Number nine, which is getting backlinks and embeds the more website to have linking to your article and embed in your article, the more powerful your article becomes.

But you need to be very careful because building spammy backlinks getting spammy embeds and building too many backlinks too fast. Can have negative effects on your article and I also like to get a wide range of backlinks to my article. So this includes things like social bookmarks, article marketing web two point O’s and wiki’s, and you can even throw in some document sharing sites like slideshare.

Net. So there you have it, those are the nine steps you need to get your articles ranked in Google and YouTube, and I know this is a lot of information for you to take in and for this reason I actually put together some free training for everyone who Stayed to the end of this article to get your free training. All you need to do is click the button right here or the link below in the text. Description so go on guys, get your free training and click that link below.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you did, let me know by leaving a comment hitting the thumbs up button, and this is brandon from soldwitharticle.Com signing out. Don’t lie your little turned on right now. Aren’t you good the greatest wrong with you get a flood of traffic to your articles. I think we got it. Oh hell hard, I thought of which did you slam it down he’s dropped it yeah. Oh you’re, right, yeah, good pop! No! After these messages, we’ll be right back