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Facebook Ads: Dynamic Creative Ads Tutorial

What’s going on guys and welcome back to a new article. So, like I said in the introduction today were going to be looking at dynamic, creative ads. So for those of you that do not know what I’m a creative ads are.

Basically, what it allows you to do is split test different variations of a specific ad campaign. So, for example, we can split test five different images: five different headlines: five different variations of the copy all within the one campaign, so gone are the days that we’ve got like 50 different variations within the ads are like ten different ad sets, etc, because you can Now do it all with dynamic creative ads for those of you that have been setting off facebook ads for a while, you guys might still remember who tweet software called other special which basically allowed you it’s like a third party software that allows you to.

You know. Basically make all those variations quite quickly. Obviously, Facebook frowns upon third party software did not really like here, so what they did was they created their own variation of it and integrated it within the business manager. So you can now do everything without using third-party software. Everything within the facebook business campaign, so without further ado, I’m going to set up a mock up campaign and show you guys how it works, so this entire campaign will be for educational purposes only.

We won’t want to actually set up an ad today. Okay, so obviously it’s great for Shopify, it’s great, for if you got ecommerce, an e-commerce store, dropship and store or if you’re, just actually setting up ads for your clients. You can obviously use this to. You know split test, a lot of variations, so let’s say, for example, we have a gym as a client or actually no, let’s say: we’ve got a personal trainer.

Okay, we’ve got a personal trainer, who’s our clients and he wants leads or show you actually know we. Let’s, let’s, let’s do it different? Let’s say we are a agency that wants to find personal trainers, okay, so we’re setting up ads for ourselves. So we are targeting personal trainers and we want to help them set up lead generation ads. Something that’ll be a good good. Little challenge for today, so obviously for that we will need to set up the ad in the business manager if you haven’t, got a business manager just yet just go to business da facebook.

Com. If you haven’t got the business manager, a blue screen will pop up and you can create it. All you need to do is fill out your details as other counts to it then you know add they pay your methods either a credit cards or PayPal, and then from there your basic at the same screen as what I have got now, then you can click On the green creep on here or if you haven’t set up any ads at all, you can also click on create an ad here.

This is a demo live account. Hence why there’s no ads available so, as you can see, we need to start with our objective. More often not I start off with traffic to get basically list you it’s what it says it does. You know it’s. It gets traffic onto the website and you do this, obviously, that the base weather invasion ads are better than traffic ads. Like I said, it’s still up for debates, I use just go for traffic starts over traffic and then optimize it for landing page views.

So let’s say we are focused on the UK: personal trainers, yeah, that’s it actually UK PT and then we can. We can say something like maybe Li Li Chen okay, we can do campaign budget, optimization where you, basically let Facebook the size which ad set gets the most budget. So, let’s say, for example, we are focused on personal trainers. You know female personal trainers, male personal trainers, young personal trainers or personal trainer.

We have all different variation of ad sets. We can then say non campaign budget, optimization, also known as CBO, and then Facebook will basically allocates 80 % of the budget to that winning audience. So if we switch this on, as you can see, we’ll have to set up a daily budget of hundred and then, if we do that, and we have five ad sets, then 80 % of that budget will go to one ad set. Okay, for today, we will switch this off and then settle the other counts, because it’s a new ad account, and so this, if you this, is something that you need to do once and then from there.

You don’t have to do it again at set name. Uk 18 plus PT, then I’m a creative, see this where we switch it on. Okay, so, as you can see, provides individual assets such as images and headlines and automatically generates optimized creative combinations for your audience. So we’ll switch that on how to create ads using that I’m creative you can upload individual assets such as images and headlines and automatically generates combinations from settings such as sends messenger are not yet available for ads.

Using that I’m a creative those settings will be disabled. Okay, so it only the simple variation of the ads. You know that the normal ads with the one headline, the one image and the one no copy. Basically, we can now create variations of those so continue, and then here’s where we create our audience. So we don’t have a question of audience yet we’ll click on remove the Netherlands and add the United Kingdom.

There we go okay and then in between the age of eighteen. Sixty five, that’s fine! Maybe personal trainers are not 65, maybe a bit younger. Maybe do. Let’s do 50 all genders, that’s fine as well. We’ve also got you know both male and female pairs on trainers and then edit. So what we can now do is try and find some personal trainers, so personal trainer and they’re not interest. We actually want the like.

The actual job, if it exists, browse demographics where job title trainer she will come. Look: okay, my entire business. Just refresh! There’s no idea! Why, let’s go back see, we can still get it back. No okay! Then we’re going to have to start to get my apology that guy’s no idea what happened says about accounts, yes Alex. I got my apologies for that at some reason it refreshed UK, 18 plus PT, then from a location, United Kingdom, and then we are back to where we we’re 18 to 50 all genders and then detailed target them and see.

What can we do personal trainer? Okay? So there’s no actual personal trainer like job title, one of you just a fitness, coach, health and fitness coach, Joe that few of them thousand people okay. So what else can we do? Suggestions, wellness, coach, personal coach says the fire personal trainer? Let’s see what else personal trainer and a fitness guess there’s not the staff. All these Fitness specialist Fitness Instructor, fitness consultants finished.

I wrecked their come on way to like the bake audiences life coach. Now I know Finnish professional strength-training speaker coach, men’s fitness. She wanted. What I want to do is prevent that we get like people that are just very, very passionate about Fitness, say if I personal trainer three point: six mil life skills, coach C, we could potentially do personal trainer, but we’ll probably get people that are looking for a Personal trainer, or rather than actual personal trainers, and then actually you expect this to be this difficult.

I just thought I’ll just do something different than the regular. You know like the fitness type campaigns. Okay, we’ll add this one and then we’ll call it a day. Three point: six million, like I said I don’t usually recommend stacking this many interests in one go, but for now it’s okay, let’s see which actually got us the biggest audience: okay, life coach on personal, coach, okay, so mine, your placements always do mine.

Your placement guide. Don’t let facebook taking money, I always start off at mobile mobile traffic is often cheaper. Let’s see if that. Okay, that’s severely limits the audience. Six switch off messenger three point: six: is it Instagram that yeah okay? So we need to keep on Instagram, unfortunately, switch all this off and switch up stories still three-point-six just leave the news feeds there. We go okay, optimization fold, a delivery for landing page views.

Daily budgets wins here as fine any more options. No, that’s! Okay! So continue like I said, we’ve switched on the dynamic creative and now we can start screen ads so identity. Obviously, we all need like an actual page for this, so I think you should choose the prompt and a page for this. There we go and then the Instagram account is connected as well, and then we need to start finding images. Let me just get off a couple of images for you guys and what we’ll do is we’ll edit them in canva, real, quick shouldn’t, say too long, because obviously this whole article is for educational purposes.

Let’s see what happens if we type in personal trainer images Pressley one with a client or a happy local personal trainer, I should save some of these images. Okay, there we go that should be enough: okay, open canva and then click on Instagram post upload. Those images now upload, upload, desktop baby, go select, Oh boom boom and I’ll show you guys a little secret in terms of the creatives as well, which is called a pattern, interrupt or scroll stop there if you will and basically what this does is it improves the Click-Through rate on the ads and in same will also lower your CPC because of the amounts of clicks that you again so basically want to do.

Is you want to basically prevent people from basically from scrolling on without Sachi, taking any notice to our ads? So you want people to stop scrolling, stop in their tracks, start what to do and stop Lee just like you know, going through Facebook and actually pay attention to the ads that we are creating and the three ways to do that. The first way is by adding a circle in a place where you won’t usually look so just go to shapes there.

We go, give it a hideous, yellow, color, the higher the contrast with the rest of the image, the better. So the first thing you see when you look at this image is obviously the guy’s face for those who are interested fitness or maybe look at a spacer look at his pen and paper button that we don’t really do much. Okay. So if we add a circle to, for example, this here, which is a random part of the image, people, will stop scroll and try and figure out why this circle is here and the order in which you look at the ads is create a fist copy seconds Headline fit so you’ll stop stop scrolling figure, trying to figure out what trying to see here you can’t see, so they look at that basically of the copy to see you know if that gives a indication of what it’s all about, and you realize that it’s not About that circle, does you know it’s actually got a call to action to find out more about? You know, you know in a morning with personal trainer, okay, so that is one way of going about it.

Another way, if you do not want to have a host family circle, is, you can add, a border which again is high, in contrast with the rest of the image, so this image, as has a lot of blue, so what we can do is we can have Firemen red or we can have that yellow border again. Okay. Now, if you don’t think this looks nice, you can make option, make it a little bit smaller but, like I said guys, this will really really increase the click-through rate on your ads.

Okay, so I’ll just add onto this one as well, and this one I said, circle the border or thirdly, what you can also do, which is very popular in the affiliate marketing industry, is an arrow and again green, red or yellow does really matter. Don’t use all three scroll Stoppers in one image, so it’s either the border either the circle or the arrow and not all three at once and then what we can do is, let’s say: okay, so the fisherman localized this females face.

Why? Because she’s looking directly at the camera, so that’s the first thing you are drawn to. Secondly, you’ll probably check out this fellow’s face and them like that is basically you know then, from there there’s not really much interested in the image. Apart from the fact that she’s, basically, you know waking house, so what we can do is because point this arrow at the rope at the back here, just to get, try and figure out what get people to try and figure out.

What’s going on or what we can do is add it to this guy’s hand, just to get people to try and figure out what is going on. Okay, so I’ll remove that for now, because we’ve already got the ball there, but that has basically just my few little quick tips on increasing that click 4/8 on your facebook ad campaigns. So I was quickly safeties and then we can move on or move back to actual campaign ad media and image uploads actually might need to unzip these files.

First companies out here now: okay, we’ll need to show on fire there. There you go we’re back upload downloads on title design, open waiting for them to load. So now we’ve got four variations of the image. As you can see, we can select all four at once so continue. So we’ve now got our four images, so we’ve got four variations. Okay, so now we can add our text. Okay, so what we cannot do is add different hooks to get people in with a hook.

I mean a different angle to which you’re trying to target this audience. So the first one is obviously what should we say. We can say something like. Are you always questions always good? So, are you a personal trainer trying to figure out how to get how to get was a personal training clients how you say it? I was actually let’s just how to get more clients and then what we do is we add a pleasure which is this get more clients and then we’ll add a pain as well.

So without without what can we say what are like pains for personal trainers? I think spending time behind the computer is one. I think a lot of personal trainers like to just be a house, and you know like actively you know in the gym and stuff. So that is one angle we can do so get more clients without spending. All your time, behind a laptop that is one and then we can say, click click below to schedule.

A free consultation call so like that. Okay and then why is our dynamic creative not switched on? Let me quickly go back eyes: dynamic, creative was not switched on continued. Apologies for that back here, so single image and there you go so we can add more images. Then you select all these again continue and then I should see we can add another option now with our primary text. So what we can do is we can copy.

This add another option, paste the text, and then we get a mention that we can’t use unique primary text for each field. Does that make sense to be fair? Why would you split test the same variation so now, we’ve got one Hawk, which is the laptop and then what we can do with this one is without spending all your hard and cash on non-performing guts. Okay, so, like the perspective of like they try to settle the ads themselves and it’s not working okay non-performing ads and in the last option, are you a personal trainer or we can say, are you a coach? Maybe are you a actually? No, let let’s stick to personal trainers.

Are you a personal trainer trying to figure out how to get more clients without without paying your gym, hi referral commissions? Maybe I’m not sure that’s the right way to say it. Well, basically, uh you know em what a lot of personal trainers do. Is they advertise in the gym where they, you know, basically give out the personal training sessions and then the the gym itself will get commissioned for every member that they refer on to that personal trainer? So I think that might be a good angle as well.

So I’ve got three different types of hooks right: we’ve got the money hook, we’ve got to fill, you’ve got to money, hooks, we’ve got that and got a time or crews got the ads so that the the pressure and the the irritation or trying set of campaigns Yourself, after knowledge does more than knowledge hook, maybe, and then we’ve got the money hook for the commissions and we’ve also got the time hook, because you don’t wan na spend time behind a laptop okay.

So now we’ve got three headlines and four different images, which means that we’ve already got twelve variations, that Facebook can now choose from okay, and one thing that you have notice is that we’ve got all these placements set up. So that is something that we do need to consistently chair, because Facebook, it’s like very, very, like crafty, with stuff like this. As soon as you refresh something they’ll just automatically adds all the placements back, which is something that we do want to prevent there.

You go boom boom and then back to text and links. Okay, so now I’ve only just got the mobile newsfeed on a desktop newsfeed, Facebook and Instagram. Okay, I obviously Instagram it’s only mobile newsfeed anyway. Okay, few more variations, please select a link for your ad okay. We just pick the first link personal trainer stuff, an ill. That’s fine, so copy link address, save the website URL a few more variations, see what it look like.

So we’ve got image and text and they’re besties. You can now see what they look like icon. For example, the mobile newsfeed okay, so there we go so that is image free with text variation number one, like I said guys now, we’ve got twelve variations and Facebook will now decide which combination on which variation is the best performance and then from there in the Business manager, you can switch off the lesser performing ads and continue with the best performer one.

So we can now split test a lot of different things. Without you know, setting or by fifty different ad sets and fifty different ads, because Facebook will now do everything all in the one campaign. Okay, so I hope you got some outlets, hope you enjoyed this article. I hope you enjoyed like my little tips and tricks in terms of the pattern, interrupt, etc and the hooks for the primary text – and one thing I do want to mention in terms of all these variations, this only works or basically Facebook say that it works best.

If each variation gets at least 500 impressions, so just take that into consideration when you’re setting up the ads. But you do need adequate budgets if you’re going to do a test like a hundred different variations. Okay, so hope you enjoyed this hope you got some out of it if you want to know how to basically know use Facebook ads to store your own social media business, where you settle these ads for your own clients, I have a coaching program where I teach You everything that you need to know on how to start and scale your own social media business.

It will be linked in the description box down below thanks again for reading I’ll, see you guys in the next article

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