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How to Build a Fanbase From Scratch | Real Artist With Real Results

Let’s say they want to get something done. They want to grow this. They want to be a huge artist, a musician or whatever, but they don’t do anything they don’t put in the work. They might have done one piece, but you don’t put in the work. So if you want to grow something greater than yourself, you have to be consistent.

What’s up guys, it’s your boy with chingu, which means old friend in Korean. Your boy makes music and art, and I am so happy to be here with you today. We’re going to talk about how to build a fan base from scratch from not a baby, even if you got a couple fans like your mom, your dad, your brother, this is a article. That’s going to really fine-tune your ideas and get you to the next level. So, let’s get right into it, how do you get your first loyal fans of your music, your art, etc? Okay, I get this.

I get asked us a lot, not just musicians, rappers producers, but also painters too graphic designers, people that want to start their own merch line like what do you wear? Do you start you feel me and that’s where I was at almost two years ago. That’s when I first started driving my own music in my own, just trying to grow a brand. I don’t know what to do. A lot of aspiring artists are asking me, you know: how do you do this? How do you do that? What is the most important in terms of growing a brand in terms of sharing your arts of the world? How to get new fans, not just numbers, but like real people? That rock with your stuff, appreciate your art by your by your merch, by by whatever I’m going to be starting an artist coalition very soon, but in the meantime, if you guys want to know, keep up to date with that click, the link.

In my description, it’s the Facebook you got a like and follow click, send message and you’re going to go through a cool little survey made to get you into my private group from there. We can genuinely grow with your artistry with what you want to learn and not just the quick little repost on soundcloud Jam. That’s just faking doesn’t do anything but a genuine way to grow your artistry, your community, your fanbase, all right, so you got no resources.

No connections, no money: what do you do? You got? Ta, use your mind dummy now. I’m playing you have to use time. Time is a valuable asset. Time is more important than money in the long run. Okay, what’s super important step, one is to join a community. Join a community of like-minded people, people that you know are giving you value rockin with what you have, because they got artists in there doing different things like yourself, but guess what not the first.

The first thing you do is not say: hey yo. My name is this: here, my soundcloud link drop a like what Road. Okay do not spam do not spam. What you have to do first, is give value. What you have to do first, is be family in this community, especially in this time of quarantine on our computers on our phones, much more than we were before, because this is like our main source of communication with our friends and family so use this time.

Accordingly, you can either use this time to sulk. You know just drown in your couch or you can use this time to thrive. I don’t know your choice, but here are some reddit communities that I personally recommend our slash. Hip hop hits you’re going to find a lot of hip hop culture, music news in there, but you can also put your own music, but that is recommended after you post about it’s got to be 90 %, other content other cultivating things giving value again.

You have to give things that you learned that you felt like was though, and then you can put in your your piece, your own thing that you make, but it’s all about giving value being genuine in that family that community our /. Listen to this really, though, find a lot of low-key aspiring artists, like you boy, but you know Tyler posted one of his articles there and it blew up. You know and there’s a certain way to do it.

Certain thing that you need to look out for when you are posting, but we’ll make another more in-depth article about that on reddit posting. But those are some communities that I urge you that I encourage you to join right now. Our slash, EDM production same deal, learning how to produce EDM our / trap production. How to produce trap those things that you’ll see Tyler’s tutorials on different things on how to produce trap, produce music or whatever so get into those communities become a family give value before you even think of posting your own thing, but actually learn from these people.

You’ll probably meet a lot of like-minded people and you’ll just make a bunch of new friends. So there’s so many pluses, alright. So follow artists. You love style brand people that you would love to tour with okay, so those people that you have in your minds who you would want to tour with who you absolutely love and admire and respect, follow those people on social media. And now it’s not just about your learning so much from them, you’re learning their style and their values and like what you can implement, but support them in the way that you would want to be supported.

So what does that mean like commenting engaging on their posts? Sharing their music sharing their art and commenting genuine things, not just fire emoji, but like really getting in there and be like yo. I really rock with this. Thank you for this genuine content. Whatever that’s really going to put in perspective as you as the fan and then connecting with your fans as the artists, because they’re doing that with you got to put out what you want and return it baby, alright, so established value, do not spam! No one wants to, would you go to someone you just meet and say you know, hey support my cause.

Fam, you got to do it, you got to do it, you got to do it. That’s not real. It’s not genuine, like club rush. Okay, if you’ve been to college, there’s a bunch of tables a lot of people promoting their clubs, you will be handed seventeen flyers talking about get credits of this talking about you’ll get friends with that, and here’s a water bottle. That’s going to be useless in a couple weeks. You know they try to do all these things to get you in here, but then you see a small little table with, like you know not too many things, just a clipboard and and like a picture of like there are five groups and the member and yeah Five members in the group – and they tell you the facts, to tell you honestly who we are, what we do and what we stand for and they say no, you won’t get any credits.

No, you won’t get no fancy. What about all, but we do care about. You love to connect to do put your you know, down and you’re, going to feel mad connector you’re going to feel mad loved because this this person, this group, was genuine with you and not spamming, a link and later along the way. Maybe he makes some dope music and then sends you like, and you actually like one of us to it anyways step two.

This is a really important key bro. This is so important, but people don’t care, be consistent, be consistent on your niche. Okay. What I personally do right is, I tried new things. I didn’t know what was going to work, but I tried and I tried and I tried and now I found fine-tuned it to a place where, like I know, this is going to work, and I know this is not going to work, but I’m still going to Try new things, I’m always going to try new things.

That’s what’s up so like be consistent and it sounds so general was also drawn out. But really, let me tell you specifically: alright, I posted I posted every single day on Instagram when I first started out with my first song. I posted a song every week in the very beginning and I’m picking that up again, but I did that in the beginning. So hard and consistently every single day, I’m posting I’m posting in communities, I’m talking to new people.

New fans are being are being grown from my garden of creativity. You know it didn’t start with me having thousands of followers. It started with me having like 50 followers. You I mean pressing just continually growing just trying new things, there’s a lot of people. Let’s say they want to get something done. They want to grow this. They want to be a huge artist, a musician or whatever, but they don’t do anything they don’t put in the work.

They might have done one piece, but you don’t put in the work. So if you want to grow something greater than yourself, you have to be consistent me and Tyler. My bandmate, my artist friend producer. He and I have decided to post a article every single day to YouTube. That’s not something that I’m telling you you should do, but it’s such a incredible feeling accomplishing something that you set out to do something of consistency and it sounds super sick.

When I’m just like yeah, we post a article every day, that’s a flexo. You know I mean but be consistent. That’s what makes that’s what’s going to make your brand stand out. That’s how you’re going to own your niche and that’s how you’re never going to be forgotten by your fans. Whoo number three write down your goals. Speak it into existence manifests what you are saying, and this is no hippity-hop jumbo Slipslop.

This is real value. Man focus on your overarching goal. Okay, write it down. Earl Nightingale type beat I’m going to put that link down in the description because I believe in it. So strongly, but your mind is so powerful. You have to write down your goals. Your overall can go for the long term, but then you know by doing that, you’re going to figure out what you’re going to do through the day. What are you going to accomplish that day, so you can get to that goal? You’re going to be so focused you’re not going to be worried about how you’re going to get there.

You just know that you’re going to get there and so like if your overarching goal is to tour the world nationally in a couple years, then today you may release two pieces of content post on three different social medias. You may connect with 10 new fans you’re going to do things differently, so I urge you to write down your goals journal. I urge you to journal. You know, I encourage you to get you a cute little journal like this one from a Korean grocery store.

It don’t matter, does any Journal, but but just writing, and even if you don’t do it every day, you’re going to have it in your mind that you wrote this goal, this thing of importance that you want to grow your value so much so, even when you’re Feeling down, are you feeling like you’re, not worth anything or you feel you know sad or like not motivated you’re, going to be driven to do what you set up and do? Because you have this goal and you’re visualizing it so important.

Man will dive into that. More, but these are some important tips on how to grow a fan base from zero from scratch and I’ll go more in depth with these articles, if you guys liked, it definitely drop a comment with what you would like to see. More of and I’ll definitely make more articles of that nature, but in-depth tutorials. My personal blueprint Tyler, is producing. We just want to grow as artists, and we want to give you about you because it gives us value so yeah man follow me on my social subscribe, because at the end of the day me and my brother Tyler, we were posting a article every single day On YouTube so turn on all notification, though, and you will be updated with that, you will gain value as an artist you’ll build dedicated fans.

You see a lot of funny content, you’ll you’ll, listen to the dope, unique music, so yeah. This is a valuable blog for you and for us, so thank you so much for growing and learning more about how to grow your artistry and taking it seriously and growing so much that yeah dude. I had no idea, I would be at this place two years ago when I started so it’s just a blessing man, so I hope you have a wonderful day implement these tips to your artistry, your brand, whatever you are doing – and I pray that you are creative And you are refreshed during this quarantine time and you thrive, so yeah man there’s been old chingu.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day see you tomorrow. Peace was that was that a secretary Bruce

My favorite musician as of right now.


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