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Top Google Made Tools Helping SEO Efforts

So you know a lot of a marketer is a lot of a business owners. Always try to want to find the best tools. What can help me paid one expensive, one, cheap ones free once all that stuff. So what I want to say is the tools are great, but there are so many tools available now that a don’t cost money that you should use them and you have plenty of fun – would work with it.

So I’m going to go one by one. All of these tabs have been open with all of these google-owned tools and that can help you with SEO and i’ll explain, kind of a tip or two about each one. So the first one, obviously we’re going to start with google com. So any time you want to do research, you want to find it your complete, your competitors are doing and you want to search specifics, use google, so very simple, not not something! You know a secret or anything.

Everybody knows this, but what you can actually do – and you really need to get good at this – is to know how to search so, let’s say i’m selling soccer jerseys. Okay. So if I’m doing research one, obviously I can search for all of my competitors, see what they’re doing to I can use things like a you know, site colon or I can use all these different search operators to refine it look for it. I can use things like the refining by blog.

Maybe I want to find all of the blogs that that a deal with a softer right, so I can then reach out to them. I can create content for them. I can use. I can always subscribe to search within the discussions or news or stuff like that, so google com number one most powerful tool for any kind of an marketing research that you want to do pretty obvious now. The second thing, which is the second tab, is basically to use a part of what’s in google com, which is the three auto-suggest, so a what happens when you know, when you type in something it’ll, try to give you so say.

If I type in salford soccer space, it will try to give me what are the next most popular searches that people actually type in, so that can give you content ideas, more ideas of what’s going on and really give me a lot of insights so use the Autosuggest, it’s very very helpful. Ok, so we did that so google com auto-suggest and we talked about ok, so the next one is AdWords. So right now I didn’t sign in, but I just wanted to give you a tip about Adwords.

So if you’re doing SEO you’re doing organic marketing, AdWords is actually, in many cases a very good, complementary tool. Uh, because it’s right now a Google Analytics doesn’t provide all of the keyword data for for organic results. You know they have that not provided getting to right. Now about eighty percent or so and soon getting to a hundred, you don’t really have much information. So before you do a SEO efforts which you obviously know takes a lot of time takes months years and on you want to try too many cases pay some money.

Get actual keyword, data know what converts better, don’t don’t spend two years trying to rank for a keyword and the conversion rate is not good. Is so spend some money and gather some data for a lot of data. Okay, so that’s that’s. Adwords equate fit okay, so AdWords we get now. The next thing a part of AdWords is the actual keyword tool right. So um we used to be the adword keywords tool. Now it’s the keyword planner.

Obviously you can cap into this tool and give gain information about who searched it. Sorry, what are people searching for? What are the numbers, and then you can search by landing pages, maybe you’re clear competitors and just get gather additional information, which is keyword, tools, very helpful, of course, forever SEO efforts. Okay, next thing is a Google Alerts. Google Alerts very simply put you, can set queries to check every now and then, let’s say every day, you can take right in your competitors website and see what engines are talking about them.

You can have a alerts for specific types, may be only a blog posts about something that you’re looking for so using this alert system. To actually give you insight and help you check automatically this information very, very useful. I love doing it for competitors to see what they’re up to I love doing it for our brand name and a lot more other hands. Okay, so great. So the next thing is obviously Google Analytics, so I’m not going to go into it, but Google Analytics has tons and tons of information.

What are your users doing? What are they not like about the efforts? What are the key words? What are the top landing pages on and on and on and on so very helpful for a lot of stuff? Ok, the next thing is using Google’s blogger blogspot have a blog, yet content link for yourself get more users, write more content, very, very obvious. Ok, the next one is the Google PageSpeed or Google developers in general.

So it gives you a lot of insight, but I like to use pagespeed because actually i’m very obsessed with half with that’s the page load a loading time and I just love working on that and making our clients website as fast as possible. There’s been many many researches research that has showed that the having slower speeds on your website actually in make your visitors lead. So you just want to have a nice design store.

We want to have a nice quick store, so evaluate it analyze your store figure out. What the problems are, make it faster and faster and faster. Also, you can use things like a Google’s it and mod PageSpeed, which I helped your server run faster. If, in that, you know some of our clients who use it, but some of the time it’s a little over memory usage on our servers, but it’s a good idea. There’s a lot of tools.

There’s a lot of caching a lot of all these tools that you can actually read about in the Google developers. Next thing, obviously, is Google Calendar setting up just updates setting up a regular content calendar? You know once a week you write for a blog. It twice a week you research about this three times a week. You do this and that very, very useful. Ok, next one Google Drive a great for collaboration with Excel the word: hey all that stuff between teams.

You know, so you have everything online. You don’t always have to have what one of the same computer is great for creating public documents that you can actually gain leverage from them for SEO. Just perfect for organizations perfect for link if we reach out organization having all of your contacts in one place: lovely very, very nice, app yeah. The next one, which I actually forgot to put, which is very helpful, which we do is actually a gmail or google apps right.

So we basically have you know everything in one place: a Google Apps it your your gmail, easily searchable. You can use templates for your emails if you have reach out to maybe, and they you just have everything in one place. I really like Google Apps to recommend it strongly. Okay, next thing is google plus so again a you know, google plus tied into search algorithm a now. You have personalized search, so it’s great for your friend sister to +1 things to search to connect in the communities on and on and on, and this is just a picture.

I took it in one of the moles a few days back and I just thought there was no assistance. So again you know Google Plus very recommended great tool. Next one is google translate especially perfect, especially good, for you know, learning about opportunities from other languages. Maybe you’re looking to translate your website and you want to figure out more opportunities, maybe reach out and just expand.

So using google translate in a global. You know more global internet and more global world is very important. Next one obviously Webmaster Tools, a lot of insight and you can figure out about your ear. Crawl errors may be things you have to redirect real ones from 404 pages, a lot of stuff, some Webmaster Tools, you know tons of stuff. You can actually improve them. Do next, one is the head platform which we’re using right now is creating articles creating content SEO SEO marketing getting out there is about a big part is about creating content, sharing your information, helping solve problems, creating articles like what I’m doing right now and later on.

Also interacting with your community, so the way I do it and I would love to do it and to continue is now for this article. For example, if you have any questions about any of the google tools and how they can help with your SEO, our marketing efforts I’ll be happy to help, and I want to help you guys in the comments. So ask me any questions and i’ll be happy that they give you detailed answers about any questions you have and just more information, and I want to interact with you guys.

I want to create more content and I love your questions and it is done, and the last thing which I like to do is actually google web history. So if you go, then your settings, you can, you can go into web history if it’s enabled and if not, you should enable it and the reason I like it is I like to create content right. So what I like to do is anytime. I search for some kind of problem with in my industry or my business or my client business.

I search for so let’s say, for example, we’re set it and selling again soccer jerseys. So now, if I’m a business owner, one of my workers is actually searching for something in order to solve a problem. I want to actually go back to that history. Remember what problems I have and then obviously remember what the answer was and I want to share it. I want to share it with my my potential customers, with my customers, with my workers and and using this kind of a what you search for this theory of, if I search for it, probably because the internet is so big or so many people online.

Probably there’s many more people searching for it. So if you can go back to what you searched for figure, it out right content create articles, create images, infographics, animated, gifs, blah blah blah all that stuff. You can actually use that that history in order to kind of create content I that stuff, that’s basically it so again, if you have any questions about this, about any tools to help in either within google or otherwise that help with SEO help with marketing I’ll really Be happy to help with you guys be happy to assist.

Thank you very much for listening to this article and we’ll be creating some more soon. Thank you.


By Jimmy Dagger

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