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The Unusual Advice That Changed Vishen Lakhiani’s Life

I was so small in terms of my impact in the world that I was basically teaching small classes of 30 to 40 people meditation over a weekend for absolute crap money. Now, how did I go from there to two years later, creating something like AFS? Well, it had to do with an encounter with a guy by the name of Bob Proctor and how he absolutely kicked my ass to a point where I was so pissed off at him, but it led to a disorientation in my mind that spawned an incredible growth.

Now I wanted to share the story with you. I was talking about this on stage recently and people absolutely loved it and they thought it was absolutely hilarious, so check this out and see if this sparks an idea with within you, 2003. I moved to Silicon Valley and the my whole goal was to make it big in the dot-com industry and I realized how tough it was. Actually, I moved. I moved there in 2001 the dot-com bubble burst that year I was completely broke.

I was sleeping on a couch was the only thing I could rent and I was sending out my resume to every company that would potentially hire someone now. The only job I got was a dialing for dollars job. I had to pick up the phone and sell technology to lawyers it’s like day in and day out, but the economy in San Fran was so bad that there was no base salary. Basically, you only got paid if you close the sale.

Now, if you’re a 25 year old, Malaysian kid with unusual accent and a name like vishen, lucky ani calling up lawyers in Texas interrupting them in the middle of the day and trying to sell them technology, you hear more off kid, then than you would ever expect In in any career, so one day after the nine lawyer told me to off, I basically went home depressed and I decided to Google for help. So I googled, why does life suck so bad? Why are lawyers such dicks and and and I’m kidding – I love? I love lawyers, please don’t sue me and and what I found and what I discovered was a meditation class happening now.

That class was actually from a very early meditation program. It was called the Silva method. Some of you might remember. It was big in the 70s and 80s and class was happening in LA so I flew to LA to attend the class, and I was the only student who showed up. It was really interesting, so it was the two day class. The instructor just work with me in one day and thought me all of these different tools for for building up intuition for creative visualization for connecting with people’s true true energy, and then I started applying that to my kwaltz and something very interesting happened.

So now I want. I want to ask you to just open your mind to what I’m about to say next, okay, so back, then we would go to the San Francisco Public Library check out the yellow pages, and then I would have a territory. My territory was San Antonio and then Portland Oregon, and I had to call all the lawyers in San Antonio from A to Z, and you had to go one by one by one and scratch off the names on the yellow pages, hoping that someone will take your Call right someone who was very bored and lonely that day and and I decided to try a different technique, so I used what I learned to go into.

What is the the meditative level of mine? Sometimes they call it the alpha level of mine and I would tap into my intuition and then I would just run my finger down the yellow pages and I would get an impulse it would feel like. I was guessing on who to call and what happened was really interesting. My sales doubled instantly in one week I doubled my closing rate and then one month later, I started applying additional tools this time using connection rituals and seeing me at the lawyer in my mind’s eye, before picking up the phone blessing them connecting to them.

The way you guys just connected to each other and asking that if this isn’t the best interest of everyone concerned, then let it happen right. Just setting that intention. Once again, my sales doubled a month later it doubled again before I knew it in four months. I was promoted three times shipped to New York and made director of sales of the company. I was 20 and I was 26 now I was all of a sudden running a team of men and woman much older than me, because I was able to do so much more because of what I had learned with how to use my mind now, after 18 Months in that company I decided to quit, because I wanted to do more, so I quit and I became a meditation instructor and very soon.

I realized that if you have a fancy job as director of marketing in a dot-com and you quit and become a meditation instructor, firstly, you should really check with your wife first, because because I was married at that point and secondly, it’s it’s one of the fastest Ways to go completely broke and soon and soon I had only seven thousand dollars in my bank account and and my wife. She was European she’s here in the audience, but she told me not to make a stand and so and so because we were living in America, she didn’t have a green card.

She couldn’t get a job. So so you know we had to do something. So I started figuring out how I could use my degree in a computer engineering to help my meditation business. I built a website. I started selling CDs, I started building, you know autoresponders and and fancy and no fancy web pages and all of a sudden I was selling out my classes. Then other instructors came and said: can you help me then other organizations came and said: can you help us sell our CDs, and so I thought? Okay, that’s the potential for a business here, so I need to register a name.

So I decided I got ta. Be fancy about this. It has to look professional, it has to look serious, so I got online and I found two domain names. One was called mind valley, mine, because the program I was selling was the Silva mind-controlled method right. But then I thought that sounds so. Cheesy I found another domain name. I really liked it was called reign Bridge consulting.Com. Fortunately, like 24 hours later, I decided Greenwich consulting sounds really depressing, which is why you’re not officially here attending the rain bridge, consulting reunion but the mind valley reunion.

So so that’s that, so that’s how that happened. Now I want to show you this picture. I won’t show you this picture, because this is me in 2003. You can see I’ve just quit my job. I can barely afford pants and in the furniture I’m sitting on. This was furniture we salvaged from the street in New York, New York, very friendly city. If you need furniture, just walk out to the street people put out there, there is every year.

Ikea comes up with a new line and then the previous line is left out on the street, so this is the IKEA 2002 collection. I’m serious! You can look that up. This is called the lac la CK table, even even the naming of it. Black signifies the lack of abundance. You need to to sit on it and I’m serious. It’s actually called the lac. La CK go Sweden. So so that was me 2003 and then I started teaching meditation.

I started teaching meditation and this was the apartment that that the first MindValley website went off this. If you live in New York, you might recognize this. This is the playwright’s tavern it’s on 8th Avenue and in 46th Street, and we I had this apartment above the playwright’s tavern. This is in Time Square not Disney Times Square like today. I’m talking about strippers and crack Times Square of 2003 before Disney took over 2 years.

Before I moved into that apartment. That was my window. It was behind that window that the first mine valley website was being built two years before I moved into it. It was a thigh, massage parlor. Now, if you live in New York, you know what time massage parlor is his code word for. So yes, yes, the school for Humanity did start in a former whorehouse. I love the fact that you guys are excited about that.

That’s that’s incredible! Okay, so so what happens is for the next five years I’m teaching meditation. Now I’ve had to move back to Malaysia right because in America it’s kind of hard to be an immigrant, it’s very hard to get a visa so had to move back to Malaysia. So now we were building up mine value in Malaysia, but we still stayed an American company, even though I couldn’t get a visa, and I moved to Malaysia because I registered the company in America – America’s been making me pay taxes for the last 15 years.

So so now we’re in Malaysia and every three months, I’m flying to New York and flying to London to teach meditation classes for small groups of people. Sometimes they’ll only be 15 people in a room, but I would fly 24 hours to teach that group of 15 people and I was proud of that – I loved it. I love seeing my students life change. There wasn’t much money. Imagine flying all the way from Malaysia to New York teaching a class for a week and flying back and at the end of it, you’ve made a grand total of $ 3,000 right.

It’s not much, but you know it gave me a chance to travel in 3000. Could bucks could go far in Malaysia now one day this was after the secret had become really big and Bob Proctor, who was on the secret, had become a superstar. Someone introduced me to Bob Proctor and told him that I was really good at building websites, so Bob Proctor contracted me to build his website. So I got to know Bob Proctor.

He became an inspiration and what happened was in 2008 and I remember I’d now been teaching meditation for five years, not much money. I was further and death than I would be if I’d never started mine belly and just stuck to a regular job. How many two guys know that struggle right as a teacher as a healer as a coach, so 2008, I’m in London and Bob is finishing a big seminar in it’s lunchtime and he’s having lunch, and he knows him then he’s like hey vision come over, let’s say And just say hi during my lunch break, so I show up and Bob Proctor asks me by the way you guys don’t know who Bob Proctor is right, famous author, so he says so what brings you here? So I’m really proud of myself.

I’m like well Bob! I teach this class on meditation, I’m going to have 40 students in a room today. I flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia going to be teaching good to be facilitating the Silva method class and Bob Proctor asses me, that’s tastic! How much are you earning from this class and I go well, I can tell you Bob, I’m going to go home with $ 5,000 profit $ 5,000. Now to me, that was a big deal.

$ 5,000 goes really fine. Malaysia, that’s like three months, salary and Bob said: are you kidding me and Bob Proctor’s got this really Stern face, and this really really like intense voice and what’s more like, are you kidding me? Then he does the Bob Proctor scowl and I’m like no seriously Bob that that’s what I’m doing I teach meditation. Now I don’t just build websites. I can teach and Bob says, wait.

You’re telling me that you left your wife. You left your one-year-old baby boy to hop on a flight for 22 hours from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to London. So just so you could touch the lives of 40 people on a weekend and then travel all the way back. I hope you’re going business class. Then he looks at me. He goes you’re travelling coach. Aren’t you when he does that face again and then I’m like yeah I’m travelling kochi by travelpod.

Make no money at all and Bob goes vision, vision, vision and now he touches his face. So I knew something is coming. He says you really think small. I would never do what you’re doing you got a dream, bigger son and he looked at me with complete disappointment and I was pissed off I’m like screw. You mister I’m the big deal guy in the secret, with your fancy suits and your awesome voice and your great smell whatever colonial.

Using I like what I do. I I like what I do, but then, but then I went and I did that class and the next day I woke up depressed, and I realized Bob was right. For five years, I’ve been doing the same thing, touching twenty people, forty people at a time like I was doing like one class every two months right and I realized I had to think bigger. Now I went to my Facebook and I change the quote on my Facebook.

Facebook has a category where you put your favorite quote and that’s what I put down it’s a quote from Bob Procter. The question is: not are you worthy enough to reach your goals? The question is: are your goals worthy enough of you? It’s now been 10 years right. I haven’t touched it. That is still the quote. You will see on vision, look he on his Facebook, but I put it up and I did something else I quit.

That was the last time I thought a meditation class I just quit. I gave it up completely 100 %. I never did it again because Bob Procter was right. I started dreaming, bigger and bigger and bigger, and every time I would hit one of those big dreams. I would do the next thing and that’s how mine Valley became a company obsessed with touching a billion lives, shifting the course of history. It’s why we set a goal to create the best learning technology in the world.

It’s why we started deciding that we were going to be so much bigger than just me, teaching twenty people in a room meditation. We wanted to assemble all the greatest teachers on earth. It’s why we decided to invest in technology and build really cool learning applications like quest it’s why we launched a fest after I quit that many teaching that meditation class it took me two years to do my next seminar, but two years later, that next seminar was A fest which is now one of the hottest tickets in personal growth.

We had 250 people, and this time it was in Costa Rica, and we had incredible speakers come and share the stage with me. That was how Bob practiced kick in the butt shift. At my life, it’s we. We went from working from a rundown house to building what won an award in ink magazine for one of the top ten coolest workplaces in the world, and we assemble the team of now some 250 people from 46 countries who move to Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia to build everything that MindValley develops, it’s actually now 47, because we just hired. We just hired someone from Iraq. All of that because, as a teacher, somebody kicked my butt and made me dream bigger. So so I went from building this up in a former whorehouse in Times Square to an ink magazine, one of the world’s top ten coolest workplaces in the world, and all of that was in it was between 2003 and 2012 right was.

My mat is failing the right now, seven years and I believe that that’s something that all of us should aspire to, because the world needs teachers. The world needs people to spread these enlightened ideas, which I hope, there’s a lesson there for for for anyone here, who’s gone through that same struggle. I’ve experienced if you know what I’m talking about, raise your hand and make some sounds

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