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How To Select The Best Facebook Ad Objective For Your Campaigns In 2019

Now, for those of you who have no idea who I am, my name – is Vince Reed, I’m the founder of setup, my ads com, I’m the author of the book internet traffic and leads make sure you get your copy on Amazon and I am a proud to Comma Club owner since 2008, I’ve been helping business owners, get more traffic, more leads and more sales for their business, and I have to tell you you know: things are changing extremely fast, and one of the things that I wanted to do in this article was really Break down the different ad objectives, because again, there’s so many different options today and a lot of people are choosing the wrong objective, which is getting them poor results.

So I wanted to dive into it and we’re going to dive into the strategies the benefits of each objective and trust me if you’re running Facebook Ads okay, you definitely want to read this article to the very end, just go ahead and dive into it. So what are Facebook ad objectives? So when you go in to run your ad campaigns, you’re provided with several different options, so you can see on the top. It says: awareness, consideration and conversion.

So if you’re running awareness ads, you can do brand awareness and reach ads, which are there to let people know and be more aware of your brand okay. These aren’t definitely the ones you want to choose. If you’re looking to drive ROI, then you’ve got consideration ads, which are traffic engagement, app installs, article views, lead generation and messages. Okay, these are different forms of ads that you can run and you’ve got conversion ads, as you can see to the right, conversions, catalog sales and store visits, and all of these things provide different types of you know things for your end user and the end user Is the person that’s on the platform your ad shows up in front of them and then obviously you’re using that ad to get them to do a specific, a specific objective and that’s what these are designed to do now? The big question about Facebook ads in terms of objectives, it’s like what should I use, which one should I pick when should I use it and what’s the actual strategy that I should have when I’m actually running these ads and that’s what I’m going to be talking About in this article now before I dive deep into each and every one of them, it’s important for you to understand that phase and the way that it operates.

It leverages an algorithm and the algorithm is much smarter than us. Okay, it’s very difficult to understand what it’s doing at all times, but what we can do is see some of the trends that are happening and try to leverage and use the algorithm. You know our benefit now. What I will tell you is that, because there’s so much data, okay, when it comes to the users on Facebook, the algorithm is able to pick up different trends.

It literally knows everything about each and every one of us. I mean think about it. When you’re, you know searching for different things when you’re reading specific types of articles – it’s documenting, all of that, so it has data on billions of people and that’s why the algorithm is extremely smart and it’s constantly running different queries and it’s constantly doing different things to Allow people like myself for advertisers to be able to put our content and information in front of the people who are going to take a specific action, and that’s why it gives us a variety of different options.

Now what you want to do is you want to use Facebook, add objectives to put your product or service in front of your ideal customer now. One of the things that used to frustrate me in the beginning was, if I was doing a article view ad, for example, and someone would have view my article I’d, ask myself well: why didn’t they just click on the link? How come I’m winning all these views, but no one’s clicking and then, if I do a traffic ad, then all of a sudden I’m getting all these clicks.

People aren’t viewing, and then I do a conversion ad. It’s totally different. I don’t understand how it’s being put in front of a person and the actions that are happening or different shouldn’t. They just see the ad and click on the link. I would think that, but then I started to think about it differently, and this actual slide should help. You understand how it works. So, for example, if you look over to the guide to the left, okay, it says above him the studious student.

Okay, now you have to kind of figure out what you are, so the studious student could be a person that just wants to learn. It’s the person that wants to you know register for a you, know, webinar and learn a specific. You know action or opt into a page and see what’s happening and they’re just there to learn and get information. So this is the person that’s more likely to actually convert and become a lead right.

The studious student then you’ve got the guy who’s. The life of the party – this is the person who you know it’s constantly. You know hitting the like button, constantly leaving comments constantly. You know you know engaging with each and every post. Okay, now remember: we talked about Facebook being an algorithm. It knows what’s happening at all times, then you’ve got the silent observer, so, for example, this is the individual who will read a article from beginning to end.

They may not actually subscribe drop or opt-in, whether they’re and they’re reading they’re not hitting the like button. They’re not engaging now because it’s billions of users all doing different queries and different actions at all times. Facebook’s algorithm knows that so when you’re doing specific types of objectives – okay, it’s putting your ad in front of more people who have displayed that type of action.

So, for example, the studious student is a person that actually you know, converts that opps in the opt-in pages and the websites into webinars and when you’re reading conversion ads. It’s looking for those types of individuals and it’s gathering data and it’s putting your ads in front of more people like the studious student. If you’re looking for more engagement, likes comments and shares, okay, you’ve got those people and you know who they are.

Who are the life of the party they’re, constantly engaging and interacting when you run those types of ads? It’s finding all of those people remember there’s billions of users on Facebook and it’s putting your ads in front of them and then you’ve got the silent observer. So you’re, like man, all these people read my articles but they’re not actually engaging, and I don’t understand why they’re not doing anything.

Well, it’s putting it in front of the people that are known to read, but just sit there and silently, observe and learn all right. So, that’s why you see different types of actions with different types of things, when you’re running ad campaigns. Now it’s up to you to step back and say which one of these categories are best for my particular product or service, or which one can I use to set up a specific action further down the line all right.

So, let’s go ahead and dive into the benefits and strategies of each and every one of these ad objectives. So number one we’re going to start with traffic, I’m not going to go through each and every one of them just some of the basic ones that are more likely to be used by people like you who are running ads. So traffic is designed to get people from one point to another and more specifically, off of Facebook.

Alright, so you can see if you hover over the little icon there over over by traffic, it says, send more people to a destination on or off Facebook, such as a website app or messenger convert conversation all right. So what it’s doing is its tracking and it’s looking for people who are more likely to click okay. Now that doesn’t always mean that’s a good thing, because sometimes you have people that just click everything that doesn’t mean.

That’s your ideal client. It could be good for certain situations, but it’s important to understand what it’s doing so, when you’re running a traffic edit, simply putting your ad in front of more people who have been known to click on something more frequently: okay, that’s the bucket of people who get Ads going to be put in front of immediately now, traffic objective breakdowns are very simple. So let’s do this real quick? What is it a traffic ad directs traffic to a destination? What’s the benefit of traffic ads? It provides you with a metric that you can track and measure you can’t.

You can’t grow what you can’t measure. So traffic is great, especially if you can keep your cost per click down and your you know have a good message on your ad and people are clicking and they’re actually opening it up and actually viewing what it is that you have to offer and what’s the Strategy behind actual traffic ads well, you know, I believe, that the most powerful pixel when it comes to retargeting is the website pixel, all right.

So you know when you’re getting people to your website. Okay, this gives you a great way to actually retarget those individuals. You know when they leave, so what I do when I’m setting up traffic objective campaigns. I make sure that I use the landing view option so there’s a little button at the bottom, when you’re selecting traffic that you can select landing view which allows you to only be basically billed or I should say more, not necessarily build what it does is.

It allows Facebook to put your ad in front of people and it only it’s looking for people who actually allows the page to fully load. So that’s what the landing view option does. So when you do that make sure you have a pixel on that page, then you can continue to retarget and remark it to those individuals once they’re off of your website. So again, that’s a good strategy to use when leveraging traffic.

Now, when it comes to engagement, the idea of engagement is to get people to interact with your post. This is when you’re looking for more likes comments and shares now will tell you, okay, this is the one that I think gets most people in trouble. Alright, because most people are running ads out of ego and they think that it’s all about engagement, likes comments and shares and they think that that’s where the money is at.

But you can’t cash and likes can’t cash in comments and you can’t cash in shares. But it’s great for social proof and it’s great for awareness, so you hover over engagement. You can see it says here, get more post, engagement, page, likes event, responses and offer claims right. This is going to allow you to. You know obviously get more people engaging and interacting and you’re putting your ad in front of the people who are the life of the party all right, so let’s dive into the engagement objective breakdown.

So what is it? It basically induces likes comments and shares. Ok, the benefits of angei is to create awareness from the connections of the people interacting. So, for example, one of the cool things about engagement is the fact that, when someone actually clicks on likes or comments on your posts, okay, a lot of times the people that are connected to that person is now aware that you even exist as an advertiser.

That can be a good and a bad thing. The good thing is now people more people know who you are. The bad thing is there’s more people who know you who you are that aren’t actually interested in what it is that you have to offer. So you have to be very creative and how you actually use this specific, this specific objective, so the strategy behind this is you can use this method to create social proof before switching on the objective.

So, for example, you know if you look at social media and we understand how human behavior is okay, there is something natural about looking at an ad and seeing how many views it has seeing how many comments it has and then making your decision based off of That so, if we recognize that as advertisers a good strategy to use when techwin leveraging engagement is to run an ad, it initially set it up for engagement.

So it gets interaction, likes comments and shares. Then we take that exact same ad and then we can convert it to a different objective and now, when people see that ad as more engagement, which could obviously help boost conversions? Alright, so if you guys are getting valuate and hit the like button and comment – and let me know, I hope, you’re getting value, but let’s keep it moving article view ads.

This gets people to read your content. So if you hover over a little icon next to article view, get more people to view your article content and what’s one of the cool things about article view ads is you could actually set it to allow Facebook to target individuals to get what’s called true views Which are people that read at least 15 seconds of your article, and you know what it will do is it’ll go out there and it will start to find people who are engaging and reading more of your articles.

Now you know. Obviously, the cost of this is extremely cost effective, which I’ll dive into as we get into article view, breakdowns and objectives. So what does the article of you finding people more likely to read very, very simple and easy to understand, but here’s the benefit time read is a powerful metric and its cost effective. So when you’re doing article view ads on social media, you can get your articles in front of people from 1 to 6 cents per 10-second view.

Ok, so think about it. If someone’s reading you – and it only cost you 1 to 6 cents for 10 seconds and Beyond, okay, that’s it that’s a powerful metric and I’ve seen people get. You know literally 1 to 2 dollars, for you know for people to read a 10 30 minute article. So think about it, this way. Okay, would you pay two to one to two dollars to get a person to read 30 minutes or 10 minutes or 30 minutes of a specific article? Can that’s extremely powerful and if you back up a little bit, you think about it in terms of real life perspective, if you go and read TV and you look at a commercial – that’s 30 seconds, you know how much those companies pay for a 30-second spot.

Well, I have ads where I’m spending one or two dollars to get a person to view my content from 10 to 30 minutes. What do you think happens to that individual when they consume that much of my content? Okay, that’s why article views are amazing but you’re going to get that person. Who is you know the person that’s just kind of sitting back and reading right, that person that not isn’t necessarily doing give anything but the actual silent, individual who’s just reading and observing and getting information and they make their decision alright.

So again, you can see how all of these ads actually work together. So the strategy here is to use this method for targeting. So, for example, I love article views for exact list audiences. Let me give you a quick story, so what’s an exact list audience so, for example, I used to run a product I used to sell a product online. It was a real estate product to help real estate agents get more listings, and one of the things that we would do is we would target a variety of different interest groups, but one of the things you can do on social media is actually target people based On their job title, so what it’s saying is I want to run ads to people who specifically say that they are let’s say, for example, real estate agents.

Alright. So when I made my article ad and when I actually ran this actual specific campaign, I tested several different ad objectives and it was interesting that for the first time I actually saw article views, you know, get actual lower cost per leads. Then, let’s say a conversion ad or any other type of objective and the reason why was I realized that, when you’re doing exact list audiences article views make sense? Why? Because if I know that everybody that I’m marketing is actually a real estate agent and I’m getting in that ad in front of them for one to six cents per view, okay, then I’m putting it in front of more people who I know how or what I’m Looking for and I can actually get a lower cost per lead, this doesn’t work all the time, but if you have exact list audiences, it’s work so, for example, if you’re marketing to your existing leads, if you’re marketing to your specific fans – because it’s only one is Six cents per view.

Okay, this is a great way to actually leverage and run ads to individuals who are in that exact list audience. You know exactly what they are when the other objectives is you’re reaching out to a massive group of individuals, and they may not all be interested in what is that you have to offer? Okay, if you didn’t get what I was saying when definitely rewind and read this part again, because article views are interesting, metric that you can use and can be powerful for using it the right way, all right so lead generation you can generate leads without the customer.

Actually leaving Facebook, so if you’ve ever seen an ad and you click on it, it actually provides the Pope, the forum pops up right on Facebook, and you can. You can put your information in that’s a lead generation ad. So, as you can see, when you hover over the icon, it says drive for more sales leads such as email addresses from people interested in your brand or business all right. So the cool part is the person never access the leave Facebook to actually become a lead.

Here’s the lead generation objective breakdowns. So what is it it’s? An opt-in form built into Facebook, so the person never has to leave the benefits of this they’re great for industries that lack trust or for companies who lack pages that convert so, for example, if you’re running ads and for whatever reason, you’re using pages or you’re sending People to your website and for whatever reason it’s just not converting you can’t get it to convert people, aren’t opting in you’re not generating any leads.

I highly advise customers and clients of mine and students to switch to lead generation, because you don’t need an app opt-in. Page and you don’t need a website to run this type of campaign, because the form pops up right on Facebook and you can then direct them right to your sales page or your offer. So this is great for that scenario. So the strategy behind this is to use this method for industries that Facebook frowns upon all right.

So I’ll, give you a quick story. So, for example, you’ve got all these types of industries. You’ve got. Obviously alcohol and you’ve got the business opportunities. You’ve got the cryptocurrency type of opportunities. Okay, what you can do is be extremely creative, with lead generation campaigns, and you could say, for example, run an ad that says a new way of investing in 2019 right, you didn’t mention cryptocurrency, you didn’t mention business opportunities.

You didn’t say anything but you’re, not sending them to a page where someone that’s reviewing all of the ads, looks at it and they go. Oh that’s one of the things that we don’t like we’re, not accepting that ad or we’re flagging your account. So if you’re using lead generation, you can keep them on the site why Facebook wants and likes it when you keep people on the site, you can also now you know, be very creative and kind of use.

This method for industries their Facebook, sometimes frowns upon now. I don’t advise you running those types of a heads that they frowned upon, but there are a lot of industry that don’t like that Facebook doesn’t like – and this is a great way for you to get around it – just have to be very creative and how you Actually deliver your message, so if you got value from that, especially for all of you guys are out there, you know make it making it happen in the industries that Facebook likes to beat up, go ahead, hit the like button and comment and again be sure to Subscribe as well, if you’re reading this on YouTube, so let’s dive into messenger okay, you want to use this to communicate with customers directly alright.

So, as you can see here, when you hover over the icon, it says get people to send messages to your business or messenger or whatsapp, so they now recently integrate it with whatsapp. So you can actually run ads and when they click on the ad, you could deliver the content, the website, the information directly to messenger or to whatsapp – and you know this is definitely powerful. There’s there are some things that you need to know about this, and you know it’s becoming one of those things that you know people are really starting to turn to because of some of things, I’m going to talk about right now, so let’s get into the objectives And break down, so what is it? It’s? A quick and easy way to connect with potential customers through facebook, Messenger or whatsapp.

The benefit is, you know, people are calling it the email killer, because, when used with apps like Manny chat, okay, the open rates can be consistently over 80 and 90 %. So what’s manage ham and chat is a third party app that connects with Facebook and allows you to use some of the automation features that you use with typical email. So, for example, people that are using Infusionsoft click, funnels, get response, Aweber and all these different software’s to send out emails.

Many chat is basically that for messenger. So, as you get people to get into your messenger list, you can send broadcast automated emails, but the messages actually go through messenger. Now you don’t want to eat, send it like an email. It’s not the same thing you want to do it more as an informative way to connect with your customers. You don’t want to do it as often as you do email, but people are calling it the email killer, because it’s a way to directly get in front of people in the open rates or what email used to be when it first.

You know started years ago. So here’s the strategies use manage have to set up key word triggers. So, for example, you know a person, that’s not even running a lot of ads can use the software like many chat and as they’re going live, let’s say, for example, on Facebook they could simply say something like okay go ahead and comment. You know five tips in the comment area and you could actually set up that post to where, if any time, anyone’s comments.

That specific word that you said based off of a key word trigger. It actually will message them. Your opt-in, page website link and all types of information through messenger, and you could actually turn that into an ad, so you’re running the ad someone’s reading it. They leave a comment and it automatically triggers that message that actual offer to be sent through messenger or through whatsapp. Alright, so that’s how messenger works extremely powerful way to actually get some traffic and engagement all right, conversions! You want to use this.

Allow Facebook to work for you all right. So if you hover over conversion, this is Drive valuable actions on your website app or messenger all right. So I really really live in the conversion zone because when I’m running ads, I always I’m running ads to generate a prop generate revenue to get profit right. So when you look at conversion objectives here are the breakdowns. What is it the Facebook algorithm finds people who are more likely to reach a certain objective? So when you’re running a conversion ad, you can say hey, I want to run ads and I want people to become a lead right.

So you put a pixel on it on the second page, which would be the Thank You page. So when people start to actually opt-in and become a lead that pixel fires and facebook knows it, so if we go back to the earlier part of this entire training, we talked about how smart Facebook is and how smart the algorithm is alright. So once we start running conversion ads and the more conversions we get the more data we actually give Facebook, which means they’re able to put your ad in front of more people like that.

Alright, so I like to call a Facebook algorithm, like my six man or my star player, because the benefit is the Facebook algorithm now works for you and becomes your star player the longer you allow the pixel to fire, the smarter it gets so now, instead of You trying to figure out who your interest groups should be, or you know what type of campaign you can run as you start to get campaigns running with conversion.

You actually now have Facebook on your team and they’re going out there finding the people, who are more likely to take the specific action that you want them to take. Now when it comes to strategy, you want to allow the algorithm to work for you most people. Stop their conversion edge too soon and they adjust ads too fast. You have to allow the algorithm at least to get you know I you know people say you want to get to the first 25 conversions quickly.

Okay, I say you want to let it get to a to literally a hundred to a thousand. You know conversions in terms of making a decision, because once you get to that a hunt that hundred or even a thousand, if you really want to do it right when you get to a thousand conversions, I mean Facebook knows without a doubt who your audience is And they will put in front of your ideal customer again and again and again and you’ll start to see your conversions actually get better down the line.

When you start to allow the algorithm and the pixel to fire and for it to get smarter and smarter and smarter all right, so that are some of the biggest things you need to know when it comes to Facebook ad objectives, let’s go ahead and recap what You learned, we talked about traffic, getting a person from one point to another off of Facebook engagement, getting people to interact with your post. Like comment and share, we talked about article views.

Getting people to read your content. We talked about lead generation generate leads without the customer leaving Facebook. We talked about messenger using this to communicate with customers directly right through the app they call it the face, the other email killer. Conversions use this to allow Facebook to work for you all right. So definitely use these in a variety of the ones that you want. You know some are used to set up another action, that’s where you become the entrepreneur and you figure out your game plan for your business.

I like to live in the conversion zone, but definitely I do test all of them now if you want to master the art of pay-per-click advertising. I definitely click on the link in the description of this article. It’ll, take you to my site, selamat comm, and you can actually register for a free master class, where I will show you how you can get more traffic, more leads and more sales for your business, but, more importantly, how you can dominate how you can actually make All of the platforms work together and as a bonus just for attending the master class, I’m going to send you a mini course.

It’s my 10 commandments guide to social media advertising and this course will really break down the 10 things you need to do when running ads to be profitable and you’ll, get that for free just for attending the live master class. Alright, so hope you got a ton of value. Do me a favor make sure you subscribe hit the like button, because here’s the deal when you hit the like button and you subscribe.

Ok, that’s how I know you’d like content like this. So if you like content like this definitely comment below hit the like button and and subscribe, but more importantly, you know, you know be sure to give me some feedback and that way I can do future articles the better serve you alright, so hope you got a Ton of value and I’ll see you on the next one later.

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