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So you want to blog?

They want to create a website, they want to start sharing their experiences, utilizing a variety of social media platforms. Some members have been interested in Instagram, others are interested in creating a Facebook fan page.

At the end of the day, these tribe members are interested in sharing where knowledge with the public, but they are it, worried about this thing, called HIPAA they’re worried that they they’ve seen other nurses who have been fired, lost their jobs unemployed because they shared something inappropriately Online and they lost their job, their livelihood they had, they were fired from whatever nursing job that they had at that time and they’re worried they’re they’re little shell-shocked and they’re they’re they’re gun shy on.

They want to share their experiences, but they also kind of need to keep the drug. So what do they do? What are they? What do you suggest? I’ve been doing this a long time, I’m not a long time. I’m one of the old G old school nurse bloggers, nurse influencers nurse influencers who have I’ve, been sharing my online experiences for since before to be five six. So almost 50, almost as long as I’ve been a nurse just about 15 years at varying levels.

Can I say that I’ve been sharing things non-stop for the 15 years straight, probably not right. You know peaks and valleys peaks and valleys, but for the most part I have had an online presence for that long. It has been inner woven in my real life in some way shape or form many times. My online life was a job. I was employed as a full-time blogger for a pretty popular website for a long time, and then I you know, have my own personal website and nowadays, I’m just all about being social.

I utilize Instagram quite a bit. I still have a Facebook fan page and I still have a website and blog, but you know my real life and my professional job keeps me from doing things on the regular. So I’m kind of a kind of a swing hitter. You know a streak player I’ll go for days, not posting a thing and then I’ll post it just the bazillion things. It’s just who I am, and I’ve been doing this long enough that I kind of know what to say and not what and what not to say or try to at the very least and my perfect, no heck.

No, I still swear. I have quite the potty mouth. I got to tell you that with my certain platforms, you can’t use profanity and it takes a lot for me to to have some level of control, because what you see online is what I am in personally. What you see is what you get. It is what it is. If I could offer a couple piece of advice. The first thing I don’t know how many we’re going to get through so number one.

You need to time delay everything that you’re interested in sharing period. A lot of us will finish our shift or go into our shift kind of emotional, about a certain experience and we’ll take pen to paper or start typing on keyboard or we’ll click record and we’ll start talking about all the things that we want to share. And then you have this desire to put it out there immediately. You need to have a time delay so that there is no correlation between what you are sharing and what can be linked to a specific patient or patient.

Experience only takes a little bit of sleuth work, a little bit of digging to figure out where who? What, when? Why, if you post something right around the time that it’s happening, you don’t have to use names, you don’t have to use places. All you got to do is give a couple pieces of information that will direct a complete stranger to your facility and to the specific patient, and I’m telling you just to trust me on this one.

It only takes a couple pieces of identifying information, especially if you work in a small town so time delay everything if you’re interested in the topic experience type it up Accord it do whatever you want and then put it on the shelf for a month, or at Least a couple weeks, two weeks minimum and then there’s no science behind this the longer you can wait the better, because then there’s no way to directly correlate what you’re talking about to a specific patient or patient experience.

So time delay – and the second thing that I think about – and this is not not an original idea – I stole this idea from Kevin MD Kevin faux, who is runs. Kevin MD website, who is one of the pioneers of healthcare providers on the internet, he’s been doing this just as long as I have he’s just a tad bit and works tad bit more successful and he’s written a book. He wrote a book almost a decade ago. Close to a decade ago, that talked about how physicians can utilize the Internet for all the positive things it brings and ways to prevent them from having negative effects on your career and one of the things that I found to be absolutely key to the success of Anybody who’s in healthcare who wants to share anything online is that whatever you’re interested in sharing whatever you’re interested in communicating with your online community, does it pass the elevator test when the elevator test is literally literally? What it sounds like quite honestly, is that if you were in a hospital, you were in the facility that you work in the inpatient.

Outpatient hospital clinic doesn’t matter if you’re in the elevator of that facility and you were traveling to a different floor and you had a colleague and the elevator was filled with strangers. Visitors, other health care providers, delivery, people just complete strangers people, you didn’t know, and you have one or two colleagues that co-workers that you’re working with and somebody starts to talk about patient you just took care of.

Would you talk about whatever it is you’re interested in? Would you talk about it in the elevator, or would you wait until you’re in a a more secure area to share that information, because you’re going to have ears around you, people are going to hear what you’re saying so. Do you share it in the elevator or do you wait same the internet is the elevator? Are you going to share it on the elevator, or do you wait because if you’re not going to share it on the elevator, don’t share it on the Internet? It’s serious seriously: it is that simple, say it out loud envision yourself talking about whatever it is you’re interested in talking about that topic in the elevator full of people in a health care facility.

Would you talk about that in the elevator? If the answer is no don’t post it on the Internet period, those two concepts have saved me. A lot of heartache and have-have say have literally kept me in business. Able keeps me able to share the things that I’m sharing. You obviously could still find me anywhere easily. It’s called the Internet, it’s not that hard, but I’m not violating any laws, I’m not violating federal law, I’m not violating internal policies and procedures, because I follow those two very simple concepts and if I were interest, if you were interested in sharing out of your knowledge Online, I suggest you do the same David Sean.


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