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How to Have a Sales Conversation | Michelle Weinstein

My name is John going from says pop online says magazine and pipeliner CRM, and today I am joined by Michele Weinstein the pitch queen, who is in San Diego, just like myself, how you doing Michele yeah. I am great thank you thanks for having me absolutely and first of all, let me just ask you: where did you get the name, the pitch green from the pitch Queen? Well, one of my friend’s name is Shawn also lives in San Diego online entrepreneur is talking to him about, like what am I going to name myself.

I didn’t want to use my name I’ll, probably get married one day really soon and then my last name is going to change. So if I use Michele Weinstein and I’m not a fan of some, you know people with my last name. So I went with the pitch Queen because it was just available on every social media platform and the website when we were doing our brainstorming session and when I noticed that I said okay, let me buy everything and get every single social media handle right now and That’s really how the pitch Queen came about, but I love pitching products/services pitching investors for fundraising, like that was always my thing, so it has nothing to do with baseball or softball right.

It only has something to do with pitching, for you know anything sales related. You know a lot of people, think of it as a pitch, so that’s how the pitch queen came about excellent, and so what we want to talk about today is Michelle, helps people to and teaches them how to sell and have high value conversation and sell high Value services without feeling sleazy, pushy, yeah or desperate right, okay, so, let’s actually a really big one, because the less you you know I like to call it actually, let’s talk about the desperate one, because no one’s put it that way to me mm-hm, but when you’re Less desperate as it comes to raising money or you know, selling a higher value service, the the other client or the investor can sense that and when you don’t and I’m not saying like not care, hey, there’s that there’s a situation with.

I was working with one of my student Christine and she was at the other end of the spectrum like I could care less. The clients work with me or not take it or leave it, and when we come from that place, we’re actually doing our clients a disservice, because if they don’t work with you and you’re the expert. Yes, then, there’s where the problem lies because they’re going to get serviced somewhere. Yes, that investor is going to put their money somewhere.

So if you truly are the best and you’re the best person for that client to engage with or enroll within your program services or whatever, when you have the take-it-or-leave-it mentality, that’s actually hurting your client in front of you, because if they sense that and they go Somewhere else, but you are the best one to help them, then they’re not going to get serviced at the level they could have if you would have just taken a slight percentage off the naked or leave it mentality.

However, when you’re done for it right, so if you think about being desperate and if you think about it, yeah and if you think about it right, we’re in July so for a lot of people around calendar years here, especially salespeople. And this may be the time when they are starting to feel a little desperate, because they’re quoted that seemed it seemed achievable at the beginning of the year and now seems really daunting.

So how do you? How do you control that sense of desperation? Well, and that’s the thing it it’s when you come from a place that, especially if you’re on a monthly quota right and you’re getting towards the end of the month, if you can work on your mindset to come from a place where it’s just the first of The month or it’s the second of the month, your sales will naturally start to increase and the reason why is that the client sense, the desperation that you need that next sale, that you have a quota to meet and when the clients feel that they’re? Just another number or they’re another quota, and they get that sense of desperation.

That’s where you actually lose more opportunities than win so one of the best ways. Then you can just try this right now if it’s get towards the end of the month, think about it as it’s just the first of the month or it’s the second month and when you detach from the desperation in that you actually don’t really need that client. That clients not going to make or break your quota, you want that client to help and serve them, and that’s actually the reason why you want them not for your benefit, so the desperation typically stems because it has something to do with you when really as sales Process has nothing to do with you yeah.

So when you can separate the two that’s when your sales are going to increase, so if it’s July, you know 25th and there’s 31 days than July on the 25th, pretend it’s July 1st on the 26th returned its July 2nd and really come from that place. In that you’re coming you’re coming from a clean slate to that client meeting you’re going to do everything you would do on the 1st with that client. Not what you used to do on the 25th with that client and read to see what happens on your chance of your clients, engaging with you and you actually getting those sales yeah, because it’s a tough thing, sometimes for salespeople, because it’s like, if I say to, If I really need to get this deal done by the end of the month and I’m giving you all sorts of incentives and you’re just not biting, because guess what you don’t care about, whether you get it done by the end of the month.

Because for you, you maybe implement, you may have decided that yeah you’re going to buy this product or service, but you’re not going to implement it immediately. So you can buy it next month, month after to matter to you right and just because you’re offering them incentive that doesn’t get people to buy. What gets people to buy is understanding. What would what would move them to implementing it right now, because I only want to work with people who want to implement right now who have a problem.

They want solve right now, because people buy yes based on people, but people buy on the emotional side. So if you can’t connect the dots to their challenges to their emotions, an incentive isn’t going to move somebody that that’s actually not the thing that moves the needle it’s working on the other stuff to understand. Who is ready to make a change right now and focusing your effort and energy on those people versus the numbers or, as you said earlier, is bringing value to them by actually being able to demonstrate to them why a sense of urgency is good for them.

Why solving their problem earlier would be good for them right right, so one of the things that you could look at is: what’s it costing them by not doing it now. So, if someone told me that well, I want to think about. I want to this actually happened to me the other days, but yesterday, okay, so they said well. I just wanted to get information on your program and I said well, that’s great. I I really can appreciate you wanting to get more information on our you know program and how I work with accountants and all that other great stuff, but he had so much going on in his personal life.

I think there were some illnesses and other things that I’m not I’m not a window shopping place like I want to help people now, so you know I walked him through a nice process and and really being supportive of what he was going through with his parents And his family and all this other stuff – and I said you know – one thing you might want to consider is every time you put yourself second in line right, you’re, putting your family first, but you probably still have time that you could make it change, because every Month, you don’t make it change, it’s basically costing this guy about ten thousand dollars so by all means, but I will be here in the next three months I’ll be here in six months.

So when you realized that the 30 or 60 thousand dollars that it’s costing you by waiting, I understand the family stuff, but that stuff’s always going to be a part of life. We’re human beings mm-hmm. Those challenges are never going to go away, but we have control over certain things in our lives. So I said you know what, when you’re ready, then I’ll go through everything on how we can help you yeah you’re, not going to be a hundred percent present.

So I don’t want to waste my time if they’re not going to be coming for the plate and being a hundred percent present with what they want to do so a great way, depending on what you sell your product or service or whatever is what does it Cost that person to stay in the same place each month or each day right and and bringing that to life, because once he marinates on that, maybe in the next 30 days he might reach out.

But I didn’t make it about my quota sure he didn’t make it about my sales or that I have bills to pay her. I have anything I was coming from a place of serving him and helping him see the reality, because I can see the reality loud and clear you. He had like masters a few different designations and he’s only making very little money, but he could be making probably double if he did it on his own, but to take that leap of faith, basically, as the salesperson you’re helping people get past their fears.

Yeah. That’s really what we do right, ya, know and absolutely, and you know helping people realize that there’s never the perfect moment to execute something, because there’s only your best. Your best moment result is often just now is just to take the leap. So a close relation of desperate, obviously is pushing right. So how do you help people? Because sometimes the people don’t mean to be pushy they’re just you know they just get caught up and it says people get caught up with it or they they.

You know, they’re. It’s it’s tough right. Sometimes it’s a sighs! Well, you know it’s tough, to to wait for the process or to go execute the process. Sometimes. Is that there’s that temptation to take shortcuts, which immediately translates into pushiness right and when we take shortcuts or we come from a place of desperation? It comes off as pushy to the client. So one of the ways to not be so pushy is not make this whole process about yourself.

So once you can make it not about your quota once you can make it not about what day of the month it is what month of the year, it is depending on how you’re going to get your bonus. That’s where you’re going to come from a place of not being pushy, I was told actually yesterday, you know woman wanted a refund of her deposit and she said Michelle when you got my deposit, I was you were pushy. I said you know what I can completely appreciate that and what I found is that, typically, when people make decision, that’s where your decision-making process as the client can come across feeling pushy because, like you were saying earlier, there’s no better time than the present, and so When you can help someone get past, their fear break through their fear, help make a decision.

They might come months later and think that that was pushy, but ultimately it was actually just them having a decision of a yes. I want to do this or a no and it’s not being pushy, it’s actually just their reaction to them, making their own decision that someone just guided them and said you know what I I can completely appreciate that sometimes that might come off pushy right and acknowledging That you think one of the biggest things salespeople miss all the time is that you don’t acknowledge how someone feels and that way that they feel is real.

It might not be the truth, but that’s just the way it comes across. So how can you, as the salesperson just be really calm and understanding and understand how they might feel and that you know what hey I don’t want to their eyes that I don’t want to work with anyone who thinks that I’m pushy, so you know what. Actually, I don’t think we’re going to be a good fit to work together. So that’s no problem and then people right, that’s the opposite of being desperate and then they’re like oh whoa.

Wait what what did you just say: yeah, no you’re! I was really pushy. I apologize, I completely understand a lot. Some clients feel that way when they’re making a decision and that’s totally okay. I honor and respect that, and I wish you nothing but the best, but I like amazing the results you’re going to get what I like about that. But I like about that. Michelle, though, is is in some ways you’re taking the person back to the dis to the decision and why they made the decision because you’re correct it’s very easy later on to go III.

I didn’t really want to do that and they push me into it. The reality is, you did want to do that, but maybe you just need to be taken back to what drove that decision in the first place right. What was their challenge? What was their problem? What did they want to create in their life? Why did that investor want to put money into that company versus this company? It one time passes they’re. All they have to do is blame oast people blame other people, sure right how many people take responsibility for their own actions.

Well, your clients are probably not going to do that so taking them through the process of either a acknowledging where they were and that they made a decision and great. You don’t want to work with people who think you’re pushing anyway and would keep it moving or take them back to where they were when they made. That decision, like you said, remind them of their problems, start asking those questions that tie it to.

Why did they make that decision at that time and let them realize? Oh, I made that decision. You weren’t really pushy right, yeah yeah, it’s great because you can say: hey, listen, maybe we’re not a good fit to work together, but just out of interest. How are you going to solve the issue that you wanted to solve in the first place, like yeah, I’m or just come from a place that curiosity, I’m really curious like? How are you going to solve that problem that you know make it specific whatever they told you, but I’m just really curious.

I would love to know because I think I have a few other people that might want to take that path too and the other one who said you had a bit about their feeling. You know without selling without feeling sleazy – and I guess this is an interesting one, because this comes down to sometimes the percent. The self perception that salespeople right right, because they’ve, because they’ve been bombarded in many ways with negative cultural stereotypes of what salespeople are and they’re.

So and sometimes they’re so desperate to avoid it that they almost manifest it right right yeah I mean the whole salesy part. Is your sales beliefs right it’s or, if you’re like in a rut right, like maybe I’m being too pushy, maybe I’m being too salesy, but I don’t have all the time in the world to go into it today, but I do if you go fell without fleas. Calm, you can get my five step to helping you.

I’ve got an email each day that will help your mind set on this. So again, it’s like it’s cell. Without please calm, it’s not without sleeves. I love it. Well, listen! Yeah! We are bumping at the end of our time, so this is perfect. If you want to tell everybody a little bit more about yourself how they can find out more about you be great yeah. I have a lot of resources on my website that will support you.

The pitch Queen calm, I also have a mind set course, if you’re interested in learning more about that. So it’s how to think and act like an eight-figure entrepreneur from all the people that I’ve interviewed and how they got past. You know their sales blocks or mindset blocks because to grow a business over eight figures. It takes a certain level, so you can get that over at eight figure, tips, calm and I’m on Instagram or Facebook.

The pitch Queen and I would love to connect with each of you how I can support yeah listen. This has been great great takeaways today, Michelle it’s really interesting conversation. You know maybe you’ll come back and talk again. Maybe we’ll go into your five steps. A little deeper and another occasion yeah, I would love to thank you so much for having me and I’ll see you over at eight figure, tips, calm or sell without fleas calm.

I love that one set without sleeves. That’s memorable and people aren’t going to forget that. Well, this michelle time totally free that one that one’s free, perfect well, thanks again, my name is John golden says pop online says magazine, pipeliner CRM. I see all further expert interview really soon. Thank you. Thank you.

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