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It’s your journal, and this is one that I’ve had for years and it’s called school technology org and I’ve been blogging for a long time and what’s cool about this is first of all you know you can see all these things, that I’ve been writing and maybe A little bit of writing over the summer, so I made some blog posts about it, but over here on the side – and I know mine – looks a little bit different than yours.

What, over here on the side, I can go and check about all these things. I did in the past. I can go way back to 2010 and read about things that I was doing when I was teaching technology and that’s really interesting. So imagine when you’re in twelfth grade and you’re getting ready to graduate. You can go back and check on things that you did in third grade. Go! Oh yeah! I remember when I did that project or like hey, I’m going to go back to December 2011, but you know it’s really cool like.

I was working on a technology Bill of Rights for students and that’s back in 2011 before we had iPads. So look he they just had these netbooks and stuff. So it’s just some stuff. I was writing about that. But that’s what we really want for you is that you can go back and you can check on your learning. You can see how much you’ve grown and when you go off to university and stuff, sometimes there’ll be pieces in here.

You need to show to prove that you gained some skills. So it’s like oh yeah. I know how to do coding, because I did some coding when I was in seventh grade or whatever and you’re going to have examples of that to be able to show people. So let’s go check out. Something else go see what I was doing in 2013 here. So February 2013 ooh: that’s when my iPad ban went to Denver and we did a performance at Denver.

So I’ve got a article in there and there’s my iPad ban getting some doing some rehearsals and looks like I’m working with atomic learning on things. So yeah look at all these things, so it’s really great to to have a journal of all the great things that you’ve been doing in school. That’s why we really want you to blog

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