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My Response to GaryVee on Passive Income

Shrek actually made quite a while ago, basically just about passive income and his something at least some of his thoughts on it he’s talking about it quite a bit, but I think he’s a pretty smart guy. If all his content, I like his blog a lot and I’m just going to discuss what he thought about passive income and I’ll, probably link the article that, in the description, this article is a little bit old actually.

But I still think it is very really very. Very relevant and passive income is definitely something that’s talked about in the finance slash like entrepreneurial space that I’m in right now. So I thought I would comment on it as well, and I also bring in a little bit of what can call passive income as well. So basically, what Gary thinks about this and you could check out his article as well before reading this, but basically what Gary thinks about this is that passive income is sort of like people.

Think it’s sorta like a get-rich-quick thing. He doesn’t really buy it too much. He source says that there’s only two really main and like actual forms of passive income and those would be investing in real estate now, obviously, unless you’re new to my blog, you know I talked about investing in a stock market and that’s like totally right up my Alley – and I probably plan on to get into some sort of real straight in the future, but I do agree with that.

I mean investing and real estate are really the purest forms of passive income. I think investing a lot more than real estate day I’ll talk about that. A little bit investing you literally just put money away into a company, and then you hope your money grows over time and you don’t have like actively do anything with it. Investing is a little bit different than trading investing you’re going for the long term trading you’re trying to just like you know, buy on the dips, sell on the high things like that.

But investing is about as pure as it can get, especially when you get into dividend investing because you know, regardless of if your portfolio actually goes up or down, you’re still bring in that dividend, income just simply from owning the stock, so dividend or just investing in General, whether it’s in a stock market or anything, you know, bonds, whatever is literally the purest form of passive income there can be, but there are a lot of other different streams of passive income, one including real estate, which I think is a little bit more pure Than some of the other streams real-estate, though on one hand, I know some people that do real estate, that you know own houses they rent out and things like that.

That’s main, I guess, when people think of passive income in terms of real estate, that’s what people think of. Is you basically buying an apartment or like a duplex or something like that and then renting it out, and why I don’t think there’s actually is passive, as some people might make. It think you know might think it is, unless you’re literally like just sending all the work off to someone else like you have a manager taking care of all your apartments or whatever it might be, that you’re renting out.

Then I guess. Yes, it’s more towards a passive side, but in a lot of scenarios, if you’re trying to get into real estate and if you’re trying to create an income source off of it, it’s not going to be very passive you’re, going to put putting into a lot of Work into whatever you’re doing whether it’s responding to tenants, you know chasing the boundary payments, I mean there’s the list goes on and on of things that you could be doing, you know doing repairs.

You know fixing the dishwasher that broke whatever it might be. You’re. Definitely not going to be very passive, you’re going to be working relatively actively with that, but the only reason some people call it passive is because you put in an investing in at one point in time. It’s let’s say to buy a house, then you run out that house and you’re getting that money back without actually working. You know probably nine to five.

Unless you were to have like, I don’t know dozens and dozens of property, then you just be getting into the straight-up business, wouldn’t be much of a passive income source, but investing in the real estate. I do agree with Gary. He says those are probably the purest and really only true forms of passive income, but what he was also talking about and what I agree with as well, is when a lot of people hear passive income or when a lot of people try to sell their courses Online about passive income or whatever it might be, I think a lot of people think of it as the lazy way out they think of it, as you could like put a whole lot of money aside at one point or do a little bit work at one Point in time, and then just have money, magically reappear and I don’t think passive income actually works like that, and at least all my streams don’t and I don’t think, there’s a whole lot of people out there.

That can say they can just put them certain amount of money down to put a very small amount of work down, and you know exponentially get increase their passive income streams. It just doesn’t work like that, but I do think passive income is pretty important to not only building up your own income, but just for anyone. I mean there’s literally so many different things now actually with online that you could do somewhat passively and bringing extra income whether it’s even a few hundred bucks a month.

I’m sure everyone would enjoy that, but anyways what I do for passive income there’s a whole lot of things. I do my main passive income source right now. Well, I guess you could technically say my main passive income sources investing, but I don’t consider investing a passive income stream for me just simply because I don’t take any of that money out when I get like my dividend returns. Just my overall returns when I sell stocks or anything like that, I keep it all into my portfolio.

So that’s why I don’t consider that passive income, but it is truly passive income. I just don’t take it in as income itself, but my biggest form of passive income besides, that is from YouTube and why I kind of consider it passive and not past. At the same time, one I’m pretty much making articles every single day. So I guess it isn’t passive, but I do consider it passive because, even if, like I stopped making YouTube articles for let’s say a month or two, I would still be getting a pretty decent amount of income.

You know I probably a lot less than making right now, but I still would be getting a pretty decent amount of income from like articles in the past that I made you know they’re still getting in some views. I will note that I would be making like. I just said a lot less, because most of my views are coming from the articles I post every single day now for articles I post in the past, but then again.

At the same time, if I look to my blog analytics – and I look through what articles are getting the most views as well as what articles are bringing in the most revenue, there are some articles there’s it seems to be almost random. You know I’m trying to figure out which article to get the best views and get the most likes and stuff like that. But I will admit that there are some articles, like even some articles from like a year ago, that will randomly search up and get me like 10 20 bucks here and there every now and then it seems like like if I post it I’ll.

Actually, I know a pervy example somewhat recently, with the whole Kaepernick thing with Nike. I posted a article like well over a year ago about Nike. It was just simply about their earnings apart. They had gone up a lot from it. It was a salad apart and I post a article about it and there are people commenting on it and reading it. Now I got like a few hundred extra views a couple weeks ago, because people were probably searching up Nike stock or like if I was Nike stock, doing Nike stock earnings report.

Things like that, and this article was still in the search history. I do pretty good SEO on my article, so people are still looking it up and no, they did pioneer realizes from a year ago, because people were talking about colin kaepernick on it, and I was like nobody guys talking about this articles from a year ago, but Then I was like yeah these people, but I don’t realize that because so high up in the search rankings – but anyway, is that’s an example of me posting a article a long time ago and making more money.

So that’s why I do consider YouTube somewhat passive income, and I also consider some of my other streams off of YouTube passive income. I consider like my affiliate links, are pretty passive. I do no work with that. Essentially, I just put them in the description and, if you guys, click them and, however, the ham is on it, buy something I get a small percentage of that actually consider my referral links pretty passive, because once again, that’s just me putting a link in the description.

If you go there and sign up with whether it be I’m on Finance or Robin Hood, I’d get a Robin Hood. I get a stock release say used to I maxed out of the referral program, but I went finance. I get 10 bucks and you get 10 bucks. You sign up, so that’s very, very passive and then that’s really all I have right now, but I’m sure in the future. I could, you know, have some sort of promotions or have some sort of.

I don’t know something else I plan on selling or whatever you know, we’ll see what the future holds, but so those in some of those ways are a little bit more passive than me actually creating articles every day. But one thing to note is well, I mean the time it takes me to make a article and maybe takes me, you know 10 20 minutes to upload it or to record it. I mean, and then maybe teach me like. I don’t know like a half hour to an hour, to plan the article to get everything set up to get all that stuff.

You know pre-production and post-production projects another hour to do the thumbnail, the tags, the description, the that’s just the upload time. In general I mean so yeah. It takes me a couple hours every single day, but it’s probably making me more money every single day than I would be working. Let’s say like a minimum-wage job at McDonald’s or something like that. So that is also nice as well, and I will say I’m only doing this for two hours versus if I was working another job that I didn’t like, which I enjoy doing this for eight hours.

You know that would obviously suck as well. So there are some ways to think about passive income and a positive light like I do with my youtube blog at least I think it’s pretty positive, but there are a lot of people out there and there’s a lot of people selling courses how they’re about passive Income that are complete BS and they have these kind of false beliefs about passive income. You can just sort of do a little bit of work at one point in time and then just make exponentially bigger amounts of money or they think, like a lot of people, relate that Robin Hood app to passive income because they don’t realize just a legitimate brokerage Account it’s not like some like sweat coin app.

I don’t know if you guys ever see that on Instagram I see it all over Instagram I try to do Instagram marketing, like I try to promote my investing Instagram account and literally every single account they’re. Like oh download, sweat coin. You can literally get money when you like, take a walk around the block or some like BS like that, and that’s like an example of like lazy people trying to find like a quick buck.

Real quick, that’s like reminds you so much of how people think about passive income in that regards people just think of it in a different light, and I think, if you think of it more like how I do with my youtube blog, you might be better off And you might actually be able to make a little bit a passive income and doesn’t have to just be through YouTube. It could be through other things, like I don’t know, creating your own blog, creating your own Instagram page.

It gets popular, creating a podcast and there’s a whole different bunch of different things. You could possibly do, but these guys is really if it’s article, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments section what you think about passive income. You know, do you think it’s complete BS, do you like it? Do you perhaps me have some passive income streams? Let me know I always like hear what you guys have to say about it, but some other than that guys.

If you’re new, to my blog, it’s about investing the stock market and really anything has to with Finance so if you’re interesting, that kind of stuff definitely over to my blog and consider subscribing but other than that guys, thanks for reading

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