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Painfully Obvious Reason Nobody Cares About You on Social Media lol #askjadeshow

Welcome to my blog to day we are going to call it guys up. This is episode 2 season 2 on today’s menu. Before we call you up, we actually are cooking up a matcha green tea, latte, I’m so sorry, if everything’s a beverage it’s just hard to I’m, not really that good at cooking. Yet Kanna I got a recipe on Pinterest, so that’s all we’re going to be following along yall already know how it goes, I’m going to call the first caller and answer questions and a sip.

Some tea welcome to cooking with J. While we talk about some serious topics – hi you’re on the ask Jay, oh all, right Sergio what’s up, how can I help you, I’ve been trying to drill my teeth on my second page, yeah, okay, what’s going on, why is it stuck? I get a lot of traction. Do you think your audience likes your content today give a shit my first page, I think they do yeah. What’s the problem, it’s not going to count.

That’s holding you back, it’s not public, it’s private! So that’s I’m guessing! That could be one of the problems like tonight. You know have exposure yeah, that’s probably it! Why don’t you just make it public probably well. This is what I say Sergio. It sounds like to me how the fuck are people supposed to love. Your second account content. If they can’t see it, I know the idea about the you post content only for the right amount of people and it’s more secretive.

But for your case I don’t think you have a distribution problem. I just think you forgot to turn your settings to public yeah. That’s right Sergio fan club. Anyone who wants to start one for surgery – I don’t I don’t know if you guys can see it’s just it’s just getting clumpy hi you’re on the ask Jay, oh hi, Marilyn from Wisconsin. What’s up, how can I help you much harder and ever have like work 10 times it’s hard to get noticed because of it? Do I totally see that fresh nation down on myself, even if I work really hard on something shocking notice, on like Instagram out shadow face right? I know it’s tough.

I mean here’s my thing it’s like when you are posting art right, cuz, you’re, an artist you create things that you love and you see, however, an audience or essentially like someone scrolling might not give a shape. Art is very personal, and I don’t know I have here. The quote this is this might be actually cool, because I know you you create so there’s a quote: that’s like the birth of the audience as a death of the author, typically people who are successful online.

They basically make content and a love, but they also kind of find cause of that people also give a shit and they find that in between. I don’t think you have to pick one one or the other. Have you ever thought about your social media? Your Commission’s, as a giant funnel where your awareness to get more commissions you have to build your social, is basically a funnel and have you thought of it that way or you don’t see it that way: cool okay! First step we got it, you know as an artist, it’s frustrating to know like okay.

Shit like this is my craft, but I also have to build the business side, which is boring, but it seems like to me just think about as a funnel. Your awareness is to get more commissions and then the bottom of your fun. So once you kind of see it like that fan, art is an amazing idea. I love it Marilyn what I would do even better and step further and the next steps after that is to just draw people that have your audience and what you can do is segment their fans into your page.

So if the relic question marilyn is, do you like matcha? Oh you do. Oh, my gosh love email, no talking to Marilyn is super refreshing because I was in her place about a year ago, like I always thought I did a site between YouTube or Instagram and my business and making money and we’re school and here’s a damn shirt. Okay, it’s not you have to think about it as a giant funnel, because how the fuck is your business going to run? If you don’t have awareness and customers, my parents, I love them so much.

I’ve been always told when I was young. I had to pick like I couldn’t do everything I want to know. I used to do YouTube articles with makeup, but it just made me happy and I was so frustrated because people would tell me, like I had to pick one. You know make money or you know, do your crafts, but I think more than ever you can combine it. So I actually have a whole article about content marketing and how to build a funnel I’ll link it below.

If you guys want to read it so now, I’m going to add a little bit of coconut butter. I don’t know the science behind it, but I have my nutritionist autumn who recommended me to put this in smoothies and I loved it so shut up to you autumn. We have a article coming out together, so I’m super excited alright guys. Now I’m going to plug it up and, as always once I blend make sure you this article like and we’re going to start blending with the blender soft.

Thank you guys. You guys you guys. This might not be a sale. This time read this. You guys the key is just slope or at the top, and you get all the fucking phone look at the foam, we’re going to do our first impressions and, of course, the very end of it I’ll. Let you know my read last week wasn’t so good. It was like a 5 out of 10 stars, so let’s see matcha green tea latte with coconut button. Come to ask Jade my real question, for you is: do you Lisa I’ve seen? Actually your food account? It’s very you’ve been growing really well on Instagram 20.

Thousands, nice, ok, so what we know, what tell me your goal by YouTube? I think you’re thriving on YouTube. What’s what’s your goal for maybe something you would say you want to reach by the end of this year. You’re doing great, though your YouTube views. This is what I have to say: you’re right about the YouTube being unpredictable. So here’s the thing for any small blog, it’s ok, failing or having low views, because you seriously only need to be right once so, don’t be afraid about failure or, like you’re, doing a great job with posting twice a week.

I feel like people think, like you, have to post consistently and then you’re going to blow up and no it’s really like. You only need like three viral articles and that will take your blog to say it. Like a hundred thousand, I figure on the right track. I’d have a weird idea for you. I don’t know how much that this will work, but have you seen the article called drinking 45 litres of boba challenge? What do you think? I think morality here, just using your very I’m just looking at your blog and you’d pick up a lot of cure.

It’s like San Jose, a walkable foods. It’s your gramma! Both foods like this is very good keyword stuff, and this is what I would call Evergreen related content like peep when people land on it. It’s like almost like there’s no really age to it. You’d only have some challenges, or you know, trends that they last for a month and they’re gone. No one really reades it. What you’re doing is great its long-term evergreen content and it’s actually something where it’s good long-term, but you need that’s short-term little viral type stuff and that shit is a weird-ass stuff.

That’s, like you know it’s the fat. It’s those trends. It’s those boba challenges. It’s those! Ten thousand calorie – it’s like those type of articles so but I always recommend. Actually I learned is from my friends stared each II, she’s also youtuber and she’s like yeah. I always do a article, that’s one for me, one for you, one article, that’s evergreen or like just something I like and one for you, which is going to be a please to the larger market.

So I would maybe because I see you’re picking up so good on SEO, which is actually the first advice they give you so at least so you’re kind of more advanced. So this is where I think you need to look for trends and be the first one to pounce on it. Basically, when you want to look for a next spicy noodle challenge and then be the one of the first people, do you know what that article is for you next, it’s a hundred buck.

What I think is I just like to browse my recommended, because I know you to be recommending to me they’re going to recommend to other people, so I mean there’s really no mathematical formula. My best recommendation for you is to really pry on those recommended articles and see why they’re popping they try to be more experimental instead of food tours will help you at least get that wider audience and that shock value I mean I I don’t want you to Chug, like 45 litres, a bigger but like if that takes, let me know and I’ll share with the domination and we’ll read it if YouTube growth.

Is that meaningful to you you’re going to do it right, even better, not cause? I’m joking, please don’t, please all exact. Please don’t so I recommend just get it focusing 50/50 on evergreen and morality content. Oh my gosh, when I’m an SF we’re going to grab Mothra, okay, all right at least. I hope this is helpful – have a great day. Okay. So I’m super excited about this episode. Not only do we have a Lisa who’s, actually someone that has been following my blog for a long time.

I’ve been seeing your comments at Lisa thanks so much your support. It’s super meaningful to me. I do notice when you guys comment. I literally like remember your names and, like I know who you guys are thanks. So much like, I remember you when I was it like almost like 50,000 subscribers, so thank you ELISA for your support kind of wrapping things up. I actually also a link below my article with Sarah DGA about how to grow on YouTube with evergreen and Raleigh content.

We have a whole series about that, it’ll be in the description box, but just to sum things up, I think it’s super important in the beginning. To do SEO related content and to grow, but if you’re, hitting a market cap or you’re hitting a wall where you’re not going any further. Think about those crazy, innovative ideas, because this is where I have to say, I think so. Many people in the beginning start with SEO and like doing keywords which is, like you know, content that people search for so instead of just doing a vlog, you do a how-to, because people search for certain things right, but there’s a certain point where you just need To think outside the box do the crazy marketing is always changing.

So, if we’re not constantly innovating, then all we’re doing is recycling old content and we’re not really being innovated and 10 Xing we’re just growing by that little 10 % and, like I said before, YouTube is not about just incremental growth. All the time. Sometimes you have to do the viral article to take your blog to the next level and same with Instagram. It’s not like you post, consistently and you’re just going to grow at 10 %.

No sometimes it’s just a white article that it goes 10x and that’s when you get your moment and you don’t have to be right all the time. You literally only be right once so, don’t be afraid of failure. You know, if you’re not being able to take that first step, fail fast, break things, then you’re not truly innovating, because innovation requires that chance of failure. So I know a lot of us are perfectionist.

We’re creators were artists, but we need to be able to innovate and take the leap of faith, even if that means failure. So with that being said, I hope this gives you an opportunity to take action, even if you don’t feel like it. Let me know your thoughts and comment below a question and we’ll do another episode together. If you want to be on the next SJ shoe, all you got ta do is comment below and check the link below for description box to sign up alright guys thanks.

So much for calling I generally okay. So to be honest, I’m going to write this matcha latte a 6 out of 10 stars. The reason why it’s six is, I fucked it up, and basically it’s a little bit too strong for me. So I’m going to add some milk and sip it on my way home and enjoy the rest of my day. Alright, just kidding I’m going to actually go back to work because we have a lot of client calls and meetings to run for a PBJ app.

So I’ll catch you guys in the next one love you guys so much. Thank you for reading today’s episode and tag me on your Instagram story. Posted appeasers on subscribe, alright, see ya.

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