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BDGC Disc Review #17: Viking Discs – Barbarian (Giveaway ended 1/28)

We have a bunch of Viking discs. All the way from Finland huge shout out to Viking discs for sending us these discs to review. If you haven’t seen our first Viking discs review, make sure you check it out. We did a giveaway on five different discs.

One was the room which we do have, but it’s in a different plastic, so we’re excited to throw it in a different plastic. This particular review is for the barbarian. It is a stable fairway driver. In addition to these being review, articles they’re also giveaway articles. We are going to give away all four of these discs, so if you’re interested in winning a Viking disk make sure you stay tuned to the end of the review to find out how thanks for reading, and as always, please click like subscribe comment share this article With your friends and help promote disc golf in your area thanks, I thought mine was like.

Oh, this is a viking barbarian who is a 75202 stable fire way driver. It is at 173 to 175, and I love this thing I didn’t. I don’t think I ever threw it back in, but I flicked with it a couple times. It holds any line you put on it. It feels really good, just like the rest of it took a lot of beating abuse, and you know you don’t see nothing on this thing, so Viking guys so even while they got it going up with some good discs, great reviews today, barbarian barbarian.

It’s really really good. This really feels dependable, pretty much the same you’re, getting the same, throw out of every time. You can get some pretty good distance on it for a fairway driver. I would definitely better, no doubt definitely baby. I love this plastic. I love the way all the Viking discs feel, but this one definitely will go my bag. It’s my barbarian from Viking disks. It’s a great, stable driver.

It’s 173, very consistent plastic is awesome. Barbarian um, it’s good disc! I, like it’s very stable boy, it’s very stable. For me, I mean it’s 7-7 speed. It reminds me of an escape from dynamic. That’s the same to me, but great plastic, like we’ve, talked about in other discs, this disc, because maybe one little issue, but it’s a great disc. I love the way it feels even when wet so anyway. Here’s my review of the barbarian from Viking discs.

This is the storm plastic, it’s kind of like a champion style plastic. As you can see it’s transparent there. You can see through it very durable plastic, just like all the other plastics a little bit domi, but not too much it’s a good fairway. It’s got a lot of glad. I was able to get this thing out far some of my distance drivers – and I was really surprised by that. So a lot of glide on it it’s over stable.

I would compare it to maybe something like a VP crave or axiom crave or MVP vote. Just a good oversample fairway driver very versatile, disc, so great disc, from backings get yourself one. Okay, everybody! That’s it for the review. Once again, I want to give a huge thank you to Viking discs for sending us these discs. We can’t thank you enough for sending these to us. Sorry. It took us so long to get to these reviews, but the weather and our schedules have kept us from doing it.

So huge. Thank you to you for sending us all four of these discs. If you want to enter to win this barbarian, make sure you comment down below and number 1 through 100 and we’ll use random.Org to select the winner, make sure you, like the article and subscribe to us in the Viking disks youtube blog. If you don’t have a youtube, do the same thing on facebook, where we share the post with this article? What you want to do is comment 1 through 100, in the comment section where we share this article, make sure you like the Viking disk, Facebook page and the beauty GC facing page and make sure you like the post.

As always, I want to ask that you, please click like subscribe comment share this article with your friends and help promote disc golf in your area, thanks for reading whatsoever. Make sure it’s not as over hey thanks for telling me. Why are you three Thanks barbarian? I wasn’t recording music, oh it’s my father, yeah barbarian. You feel like a barbarian earlier you through it like a barbarian nice like look at that good, nothing on it.

I’ve got the barbarian barbarian. I tell the guys throw this fair way further than I throw my MVP together. I’ll switch my entire bag to Viking disks. Oh my god, vanilla he’s my barbarian from Viking disks barbarian just it’s stable for me. I, like it it’s stable for me. That’s very unstable, unstable there’s, a booty there’s booty anyway, it’s very stable. I, like the biscuit, reminds me even an escape, but that I made disks but great disk from Vikings.

Get yourself one wait. I got to do that again. I said Vikings.

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