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Dr. Vivek Lall, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Lockheed Martin Part 1

Keeping in my engine is part of supply chain and increasingly localize heedlessness by the indian air force is poised to become a multispectral air force that force multipliers and space-based assets. Indian companies will need to develop abilities and capacities to meet demands. So what does it take to build an aircraft and arms industry, given the current threat environments and looking into the future talking specifically of the aerospace ecosystem? Factors like the supply and quality of Engineers, the supply and the depth of the supply chain and the potential to reach critical mass is important.

Infrastructure and government support are critical inputs for the success. India has most elements of equal system in place here of Technology over the next decades. India undoubtedly has the potential to become a significant part of the industry. Today, the technological capabilities to undertake complex manufacturing required further central, india and mineral growth in the sector. As a large number of private plans now have entered into the sector, in addition to the public sector, obviously have great advanced capabilities and continue to grow.

The SMEs has continue a certain little high capital costs, low bottoms and long dissipation, feeders or projects. However, they too have come to value changing. I could not agree more. The technology and technology that’s applicable to these platforms and onyx are going to be our success and the pockets of excellence actually with the SME. So the best way to develop the aerospace industry in the private sector would be access to technology from abroad, in collaboration with Indian industry continues to require relaxation of tax regimes.

Industry friendly important expert regimes support by way of funds for R & D and raising the cap on foreign direct investment, come accept that, as mentioned in the earlier sessions, I think the policies of this government have been excellent and policy framework has been in place for The three key elements that can end the growth of the system through the TPP, any predictability timetable, or order so and continuty in plans for procurement.

We cannot expect with an industry based on well order. Therefore, there is a need to create a long-term partnership with based on trust on the part of aliens, globalization and liberal edition have accorded means to the average manufacturing and service capabilities across various countries, creating a web of interdependence and partnerships across the global aerospace industry landscape. The trend in the aerospace industries towards building partnerships, globally infrastructure and network capabilities with India emerging as a center for engineering and design services for many of the OEMs major global aerospace companies are looking at the Indian market for outsourcing air spaces.

The way forward for engineers abyss firms is to develop strong competitiveness by offering good quality brothers. I don’t want my speech to sound like a sales pitch and therefore I’m just trying to give you some idea of some of the fundamental elements that are necessary. I think from a technology absorption perspective, regardless of who I am or regardless of the industry public around

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