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Twosun Knives Unboxing

So let’s go ahead and get into it. I actually have two knives in here: it’s just a regular standard, flat rate priority box here and open it got my current. I wouldn’t say favorite, but I like a lot the micro tech, utx, 7000 and open this up here and see what we got inside I’ll, get some more tape on the side here and so inside of that box.

We have these two boxes um, if you’re into knives you’ve – probably heard of this brand, especially recently it’s called to son. They are Chinese brand and their knives are actually start with that I had to adjust the camera angle there um their knives are fairly popular, though I saw these two for a very good price as a bundle combo, so I picked them up, so I’m not sure Which one is which um we do have the two at TS 80 and I believe the TS one something we’ll cover that in a minute.

Let’s go and take a look at this top one first and see what we’ve got in here. Oh, so it’s a box in a box, okay and just show you, the outside packaging, Tucson Tucson, nothing special and a little almost paper, esque box here, okay, so this is the one that actually bought. The bundle for this is the I love to look at the exact number, but it’s called the stingray, I’m initial impressions, it’s very thick, it’s not as heavy as I would have thought it to be.

Um centering is really really good um. This is a front flipper. As you can tell very stylish looking knife as well, I really like the clip a lot, so I’m curious to see how that functions. The one thing I will say if you’ll notice there’s not much ramp there, so I’m a bit worried about how that’s going to function in the pocket. It’s going to see if I need this open a bit of a Miss flip, so really cool.

Almost a tanto style compound grind up there on the blade, very big blade compared to the handle. I really really like that look. It feels really really good in the hand on some slides right in here, and this out almost acts like a finger choil to a degree. I really like this actually and one thing these knives are really known for is their low price point too high value. So let me see if it kind of drops shut a little bit a little bit of coaxing, let’s see if in Spidey Flicka here tight, not really, let me try to do it off camera.

I would so yeah. I can get it there. I’m! Let me try to front flip it again, so yeah I can get it I’ll, probably disassemble this and riilu brocaded here with some kpl in just a moment. I really like the feel this carbon fiber. It’s really really nice as well. If you can kind of see that there we’re the really nice carbon fiber – and this is pretty good overall – I paid, after all of a sudden done like $ 50 for this on.

It is d2 steel, titanium liners carbon, fiber overlay, titanium, clip and stainless steel hardware. So not that bad and the action off-camera I can drop it. I can drop it shut. If I try so we’ll keep that one in mind, that is the hug one open it back up here. If you guess you don’t want to look at that, is the tucson stingray i’ll have the exact model number in the article, i’m also putting down the description? If I remember, if I don’t remember, leave me a comment so next up we have TS 80.

This is codenamed a Jaeger. I really like the guy. Who does this design you can find them on instagram. I believe it’s under vin test design be int, esse um, this knife, I actually for some reason. I thought it would be. I thought it would be thinner or thicker than the stingray here, but they look like they’re about the same. The stingray, maybe a little bit with thicker honestly, lay that back down for y’all, so the Jaeger here same thing: d2, carbon, fiber and titanium.

This one does weigh a bit more. I really your stylings of this. I don’t like the how high the clip is going to set like that much of your of the knife’s going to be sticking out, but the clip is very, very stylish. It goes with it very, very well and let’s check the action on this. Oh that’s really good holy crap, that’s it so I picked these up in as a bundle, and I was honestly intending on selling this one, but I make you both.

These are just really really good. An initial impressions, of course, so take that. Take that for what you will, but right out, the box. These are looking good. This is a lot more of a tanto style, grind, um in hand. This one actually feels better it does. I do feel a little bit of a hollow down here. Um, I have somewhat large hands, but this this is really real nice. I do wish there were some jimping.

I’m right here like there is on the Stingray, because if you sit them side-by-side, I would consider this one to probably be the more hard used knife just looking at them straight on, but this one’s more comfortable, ergonomic Lee and there’s no jumping on this one. So, let’s check the action here: oh the action is much much smoother on this one. Let’s see if it’s going to be very difficult to get in camera, I’m working on getting some new lenses guys to apologize, but that is smooth see if we can spot a flick it it’s very difficult to do under camera kind of.

I will work on the action here in just a bit. I don’t think I’m going to do a disassembly. I’m try to keep my articles a little bit shorter, but my initial impressions of both of these knives fantastic there will be reviews in the coming weeks. These are may featured in my knife collection, article which may air before this – I don’t know not there yet, but I really really impressed these I’m going to go in and play with these expensive fidget toys and I’ll see all you guys later.

Thanks bye,

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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