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NEW Planner Tote Bag | Erin Condren

It’s really hot outside and I just got done taking Doyle on a walk. I have the fan on here in the office, but it’s not helping so anyway. I was waiting for a little while to film this, but I’m like you know what I’m just going to be tomato face today and that’s alright. So today we are going to talk about the new erin condren totes.

I have mine on the floor here I packed it full of stuff, so you guys can see a little bit more. I did post on Instagram the other day so yeah this is. This. Is the Instagram post that I posted on there so yeah? Let’s look at the bag, I’m going to take everything out I’ll talk about the bag, a little bit, what the prices are launch day, all that good stuff. So it’s down here! It’s really heavy right! Now! Cuz, I wanted to show you guys how much stuff it fits.

I have the grey one and this hold on. Let me back up. I just want to run I’m roll over the dog. This is what it looks like and it has little handles if you want to use the handles. I am not really a fan of the handles, but I like the versatility of that and then this is all the stuff that’s in there. So I want to take everything out one by one and just to show you what actually fits in here. I love this canvas bag.

It gets so nice. I’ve been like literally wearing this every single day since I got it in PR and I’ve had so. Many compliments on it. It’s been super helpful. I love a crossbody bag. You guys didn’t really see, but there’s this really nice sturdy gold hardware. I am using right now this strap because it was just Memorial Day like the other day, and this has the Navy. There will be a Navy as well, but all of the samples that I’ve seen on Instagram have been of this gray canvas.

So it doesn’t really bother me that this doesn’t like these don’t match, but it might bother you I don’t know, but let’s look at what’s in the bag and what I can fit in here. So people were asking about. Like a laptop, I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro, which I believe is the biggest one, and it definitely fits clearly you sought kind of sticking out, but it does fit, which is nice and then hold on. I just want to like a couple things around and then try to mmm hold on.

Let’s, let’s see if we can push you guys down just a little bit. Let’s see, let’s see what we can do here boo, maybe yes, maybe, and then we have the teacher lesson planner, which is the bigger planner which is in here, so that definitely fits without sticking out the long way. And then I also have one of the new erin condren binders, which actually has every single page in it as well. If that makes a difference to y’all, and then I put in one of these little journals – which I love, because you know love me something bendy and then it’s like kind of empty on the inside now and we’ve got some pockets which Oh hold on.

Let me let me turn it around. This is like difficult. So do you guys alright? So there is it’s hard to see, but there is a like water bottle pocket. You can kind of see it like that, so it has like a little like bungy down here. So you can take your water bottle on the go, which is nice and kind of tuck it in the corner. Let’s see, can you see it a little bit better yeah, so you can kind of see it like on the corner there, and then I have my wallet, which literally fits so perfect right in here, and I just have a Michael Kors wallet and I actually put Can’t see it very well, but this is that dressy drusy, I don’t know how to say it a little plainer charm from Erin Condren that I got in my launch day order.

There’s also like a little key fob thing that you can just very easily take your keys on and off. Unfortunately, my car is not very new, so I have to use this to like start my car. I know a lot of people nowadays have vehicles that just start if their keys are even cloaks. So that’s nice, but there are two slip: pockets right here. This is the larger one that my wallet fits in really really well um, also where’s, my phone phones.

Oh my phone’s right here – oh my gosh I have the iPhone X, are so it’s a little bit wider and that fits perfectly right there. It’s maybe a little tight. Well, actually, no, if it’s actually really great in there, so it fits in both anywho and then we’ve got this slip pocket here, not slip pocket. This zippered pocket, which I have a bunch of my Erin Condren tote bags in because I always need a tote bag, and then there are two pockets right down in here.

I did want to put something in there. This is Alec’s planner a 12 month life planner. So it fits perfectly in there and you know you don’t have to really struggle with it and just to let you guys know it goes down all the way to the bottom. Oh, I should show you. The bottom is um. You know that faux leather, so I like that. I think it’s faux leather. I don’t know if it’s real leather, guys, um, alright and then the next one.

I wanted to show you guys a file folder, but I don’t have folders. I only have hanging folders. So I put it in here and it fits just fine. So if you have like important documents or anything like that, you could always slip them in here and again this one. It goes down all the way. So that’s what’s in the bag it’s empty now, but you can see I like that it comes with the gray lining, so it’s a little bit easier to see because it’s a little bit brighter um but yeah.

So I have been rockin just throwing this in here. My phone and keys and then anything else that I need so like, Oh, throw my reusable bags in there, I’m not somebody that actually brings my binders and my planners like along with me. I may sometimes like grab one of these. This is just one of those bigger notebooks and sometimes I’ll just pop one of those in here as well. Dr. Easy-peasy, and also this has been really great because I’m trying not to use as many plastic bags and I’ve just been able to like put the things in my bag.

Like you clearly I paid for them first, but you know it’s all good, but yeah. This is the bag, it is so I don’t know I just really really like it, and one thing I really like about it is like it’s kind of smooshy. I love the gold hardware and I like that, it’s not you know in the planner world, as we all know, things can sometimes be like very precious and what I mean by that is like you know, you can’t scratch it.

You can’t stain it like any little thing and it just doesn’t look good. You know, but I like how like non-precious this is that you could, just you know, throw it in your car and you know you could be a little rough with it and I think it would still like be okay, even if you got a little something on It or whatever, so anyway, let me back up – and let me show this to you on and oh the strap goes pretty far down, I’m five, six that I have a really long torso.

So let me stand up and show you guys what it looks like. So if you want to, you can actually like tuck these in if you’d like, there is a little flap here with a magnetic clasp if that’s yo, jam um but yeah. This is what it looks like on me. I can make it longer or shorter, just kind of, depending on your style, but um. You know just depending on where you like it to hit. I like it to hit just a little bit higher than it is right now, because I just extended it a little bit more um.

But again I am five six, but I have a longer torso than I do legs. I have stubby legs in a long torso, but yeah. I really I really like it and it’s it’s very comfortable, it’s very lightweight as well. So the nice thing is when I load up all this stuff yeah, it’s really heavy, but if I don’t have a ton of stuff in here, it’s very, very lightweight. I want to show you guys, some of the other accessories that it comes with, but I need to open up my phone first here are some of the other accessories, and this is one of the other interchangeable straps, and this also has the gold hardware.

This actually has the grey fabric right here and then also there is this one that has the Navy, and I wanted to keep the plastic on this one. So you can see how it comes, it’s really nicely done, and it just kind of peels off. It’s like very satisfying, not as satisfying is when you get the new iPhone, but like kind of close and then this is also wrapped up. These are, but I was too excited to just see them all.

So these are interchangeable, straps, which I love, because I feel like you can get a lot of use out of this, because you can change them for the season or whatever you’re feeling that day. But the bags I’m going to like read off my phone because I don’t know where the information card ones – okay, so there are going to be four different bags, they’re all going to be the same size, so don’t worry they’re all going to be the same size.

They’re going to be constructed the same, but there are going to be two leather bags which are going to be a hundred and twenty dollars, there’s going to be a black leather bag and also a metallic platinum leather bag. If you guys have seen erin condren personal facebook page, which is not Facebook, I’m sorry Instagram page, which is at I am Erin Condren. She has shown this bag in that metallic platinum and it’s really really pretty.

I actually got to see it in person and it looks very, very nice. It has a little sparkle to it, but not like crazy, aggressive Sparkle. If you know what I mean, there’s also the gray canvas which I am showing you right here, there’s also the Navy, which will be fun. Everything is going to be. Probably I’m assuming everything is going to be photographed on the website on launch day. So you guys can see it, but then the gray and the Navy are both $ 60.

They all come with one strap, I’m not sure. If you get to pick which traffic with that detail, I don’t know, but for any of the other planner tote bag straps. It’s $ 12 for the canvas ones and then, if you want any of the leather straps, those are $ 20 apiece. So you can either get the black strap or you can get the metallic platinum. Sorry, I’m reading so uh yeah. They all have the gold hardware.

So they all match with that, and I just love how interchangeable these things are. I’m a fan of the canvas for sure like I feel like I might want a navy one too. I don’t know I don’t know, I don’t know what my vibe is, but I really like this strap. I really like this strap. This strap is probably my least favorite, but you know it’s okay to have a least favorite, but yeah right now, I’m loving this one.

Just for the patriotic holiday that we just had and then July 4th is going to be coming up too. So I’m very excited, but I love this one too. It’s really really nice and oh. I should probably tell you when this is coming out right. That might be helpful. These are going to be live on the Erin Condren site on June 11, and I am just so pumped I’m actually really pumped to see if they are going to offer any more straps or how they’re going to be doing that.

I’m hoping I don’t think this is true, but in my perfect world I would love for them to have like seasonal straps, like this one to me is like very patriotic, but I would love to have like some fall colors and you know some more wintery colors And like seasonal kind of colors, I think that would be really cool. I don’t know Erin if you’re reading think about it, especially in the canvas. I think this is really nice and I love the stripes.

Also, it’d be really cool to do this like enough solid to just a thought, but anyway, that is going to be it for the new erin condren tote bag. I am so in love with this. I hope that you guys liked looking through this with me, so you can get a better idea of how everything works inside of here. I know that there’s other reviews online and blog posts and things if you have any questions about the bag, feel free to post them down in the comments below I’ll answer as many of them as I possibly can, if you’re planning on getting a tote bag or You’ve gotten a tote bag depending on.

When you see this, let me know which one you got and why you got it. Maybe the black bag goes best with most of your outfits, or maybe the navy bag will go best with you know your style, but um yeah. Let me know, let me know which one you got so anyway, that’s going to be it for me today. Thank you. So much for reading, if you liked the article you know the drill give it a thumbs up also feel free to subscribe, and I will be back with more content very soon for you by my bag.

I love you all right, bye, guys! Oh before I go, I feel like I’m going to get a lot of questions about my nail. Polish and sorry. My cuticles are weird-looking right now, but this is from color Street they’re like the little you know, doohickeys, where you just slap her on, but if you’re interested I will put the link of the person I bought mine from but yeah color street and they’re like I. Don’t know like a silver, just like a silver glitter, very exciting, okay, i’ma go down well, folks is time to kick it old-school.


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