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Your Social Media Brand Pages (get them looking super smart)

We need to give consideration to the branding elements of those properties and make sure the visual elements within our control are looking at their very best. So what I’d like to do now is run you through the major social media platforms and step through the elements of control within each so start with facebook.

Facebook, two major components on your business page you’ll, see the cover shot. That’s the big hero shot at the top of the page and at the bottom left of that cover shot is the brand or the logo. Now the cover shot can be changed as many times as you want and to keep it visually interesting for people you might want to change it. You have to change daily or weekly, but you know if you’ve got some big announcement & event coming up, we’ve won an award, or maybe you just want to celebrate a national holiday or or change the the cover shot depending on what time of year it is Seasons and so forth, but so yeah, don’t think you just have to upload it once and it needs to sit like that forever.

The next platform is Twitter, three major elements that you can have some control over there. Firstly, as the wallpaper: that’s the big background image on your page, so we’ve got the activity feed in the middle, but the wallpaper typically spreads on to the left and the right now, on the left hand side, sometimes you can put supporting information about who’s going to Be tweeting opening hours or even URLs to other social media properties.

We always put it on the left hand, side, because Twitter will always move an image across to the left, and sometimes you put it on the right. It’ll get hidden under the activity wall. The next element of Twitter is the cover shot at the top of your activity. Wall. Okay, so you’ve got some control over that and within the cover shot is the brand or the logo or if it’s a personal account, you’ll your avatar or face youtube.

They’ve changed their platform recently they used to have a wallpaper and they still do, but it doesn’t render over the entire background of the page, it’s more like a cover shot these days, but they ask uploaded very high res image so that it renders well on television Sized screens, that’s one to look out for me sure, where they’re going with that the the next one is your linkedin company page now up until recently, there wasn’t a lot.

You could do with that, but now very similar to facebook. They’ve got a cover, shot that you can put in there. You’ve still got your logo, but the cover shot actually is at the head of your company page. So you can make that look quite smart and obviously now with company pages you can start publishing through those those pages. And lastly, one that might not be on your radar, but probably should is Google+ quite easy to get a google plus brand page up and running.

And the reason that that is important is that Google is starting to serve brand assets, around searches for particular companies or brands. You might have seen the Google+ local listings starting to show up if someone were to run a keyword search on your name, but the brand pages the Google+ brand pages are starting to be served to, and so it’s a chance to really sort of. I guess claim the real estate on page one results and Google, of course, is a force to be reckoned with.

Obviously they dominate search, so some considerations there things do degrade over time. Go back, look through fresh eyes, say to yourself. Is this something I could improve upon and be looking your very best online

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