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7 steps to build your fanbase like Chance the Rapper [Music Marketing]

The rapper and I should say a fanatical fan base because chance forever has probably the realest fan base. There is, and I mean fan base, not just I like their music so gets most plays. I’m talking about really mobilizing people ease. Has the realest fan base you’ll, see what I’m talking about in hip hop right now in terms of a young artist, especially for me independent? So, let’s start as a group, my dad is like you know he was a campaign.

Many people in office put show people to the people right, um and my dad at a certain point. Kind of campaign managed me in and showed me out of, like you know, print flyers and and move on foot and work organically with the people. Do I do you, like my base, use a political activist kind of yeah, I’m for the people right, so this is what to think about. How can you campaign like chance, because he learned from his dad and his dad was a campaign manager? So what do campaign managers campaign like this is what we’re going to go over in this article, but I’m I’m an artist of sorts and uh from Chicago for the people.

So in this clip Chan said he’s four other people in the last clip he fades for the people and he put his fist up and that’s number one when it comes to campaign management. Know who you are. It sounds kind of weird sounds kind of corny but know who you are because you have to have a clear understanding of who you are to know how you want to communicate with the people. Everyone who doesn’t know who don’t know chance, the rapper – you don’t sell your music.

No, it’s free, yeah! Um! Do you know you know you can how do you? How do you make money? Ah yeah, I’m on tour right now, I’m a touring artist as music grows. There there’s always new ways of releasing it. You know, there’s visual albums and you know old concerts and big Broadway musicals. It rule number two know your audience. So what does that really mean right? First, you have to know who you are, then you have to know who your audience, because you have to know how to communicate in Iraq.

With that audience chance doesn’t sell records his audience the young audience. People want to hear that shit these days. They don’t want to hear anybody crying about how oh I don’t make enough money or people should start paying, because if they don’t want to hear that that’s dead, so not only does he resonate even stronger with this audience by not actually selling his music, but he Also even goes on to speak of these creative ways that he could make money anyway, and that kind of stuff just makes you like him even more right, because the way, if he thought of was give more content, Broadway shows and touring actually giving more to the Audience to his fans, as opposed to just trying to figure out some kind of sneaky business ways, and I want to go back and really how he redone the audience reacts once again when he says he doesn’t sell music, everyone who doesn’t know who don’t know chance.

The rapper, you don’t, sell your music, no, it’s free, yeah! Um! Do you know you know you can’t see that speaking to his audience and knowing how to get them and move them. But let’s move on from there. We can go into that later. Have a story to tell this huge part of any campaign management: this is how you move people. You can think civil rights, how people have this entire moving this back story of slavery.

Things like that to move people on well, look how chance with tenday, had a complete story around and I’m going to let intelligent explain the current of attending 10 day was, I recorded. While I was on a 10-day suspension from high school. What you do why I get suspended, we I have yeah. I have marijuana I’ll know what the rules are for everybody, everything I have. We not really a lot of wheat, but like on on school property.

I guess like a half. A zip was, if not like, like a like a maybe maybe a quarter, maybe a quarter. I don’t smoke, I was, but they were trying to say I had intenta. So what I did I had it in one bag. It was for me it doesn’t matter user. I wasn’t really trying to say nothing. I don’t know what was incriminating. What was not, I was chilling so when you hear chance tell this story, this makes people relate to them, particularly in that age range.

This was his very first drop. You have a story as a whole concept, but it’s not even all this. It’s not so abstract. It’s 10 days, ok, 10 days of suspension. A lot of people can relate to suspensions. I was suspended twice. Then you have this concept of. We people could relate to the weed, there’s so many ways and things people could relate to a story, and people will always pull what they can relate to most out of that story, because it resonates with them and it gives them a visual of who.

The person is, people are always trying to figure out who is this artist they’re, trying to figure out ways to get closer when you even look at acid rap acid rap had a story in itself just the whole idea of acid rap. It creates a story of who you think chance is what you expect from the music and now, even if you didn’t have any kind of name from the music now you’re thinking. Okay, what made him think that he must have been on acid right and even coloring book the last project that had a story in himself.

It was a lot less straight-4 in the first two projects, but when you have such a strong fan base and following at that point, people are going to be listening for some kind of concept and creating themselves and what you could probably get out of. That is just the fact that he’s in a better place in life and that’s kind of the constant theme throughout that whole project he’s a better place. Thank God.

He you know is having having a child and whoops girl all that kind of stuff. But it’s constantly constantly implementing stories to give your crowd or ticking people something to resonate and move with, because when people can relate to you, they feel closer to you when they feel closer to you. They will do more for you and as an artist. That’s how you have power and we’ll get to that later on, so look at this chance is just making a tweet Chicago Bulls.

So not only is he staying strong with his local folks, but that’s just a small little interaction. That’s how a lot of people use Twitter and then you look at this tweet between these cute little baby. Look at the babies. It’s Halloween people got their babies, dresses chance the rapper once again it’s how strong is showing how strong his fan base is. People have babies dressed like this dude, and this is young and his career, think about it and then look baby baby baby.

Look at these cute little babies. That is a strong, strong engagement with his audience. He stays engaged with this audience. When you constantly engage with your audience, you become more real to your audience. People love you even more and a lot of people. They don’t necessarily well a lot of artists. I mean they want this whole mysterious thing and that’s the thing you’re going for you know the whole press thing.

That’s a different type of story, that’s a different strategy, but this is for those people who want really strong engaged audiences. That would do damn near anything. For you and that’s what chance has he’s development uh not that many years ago I was, you know, still trying to pass out my mixtape I’m still trying to pass out my mixtapes. Do you guys know how hard it is to make tell everybody know your music like even when people feel like you know, you can’t get much bigger or your musics played everywhere, like when you’re artists, your soul, you know purpose is to like share your music with Everybody, this is a key up from two reasons.

Really I just can’t escape every single time. I have a article, I’m not going to make it a core strategy, because it’s obvious and everybody should do it to the max – get attention. It shows that he understands this. Even as big as he is, he’s still passing out resources, but that’s only a small two of the iceberg to also touch about the fact that he’s galvanizing his resources. He even recognizes himself as a resource and still to this day passes out mixtapes when he gets a chance, but I’m going to show even stronger version of galvanizing resources at the end so check this out.

If you guys don’t know about chance, the rapper buddy in the middle Donnie trumpet and the social experiment, that’s all these guys around them. He constantly works with these guys in various ways, but they even had a social experiment. Project collaboration is a key. It’s a strong key when it comes to campaigning that whole campaign management style, because you want to strengthen the relationship.

It’s all about relationships, if you notice everything that is, I’ve talked about any that he’s done. It’s all about creating strong bonds at scale with a lot of people, it’s hard to create bonds with a lot of people and make them strong. But if you can, then you can move mountains. That’s that Martin Luther King type stuff, and also you got to have a team. I just put that in parentheses down there, so some of these people, these friends, are also is his team in various projects in various ways as well, we’ll have a whole nother article.

I’m about just team in general, if it’s necessary enough people want to hear about that, though also collaboration. I don’t know if you guys even understand how huge of a deal for independent artists, especially hip-hop, to be on Ellen, it’s fucking ridiculous. It doesn’t happen at all press the chance call them friends. Chances might have broke a barrier, so now more people might be in that window.

Now that he’s broken through but Ellen is the hugest. It doesn’t make sense, but look at this collaboration look at some more collaboration. Everybody knows probably already that’s to change a little Wayne. Sorry Skrillex is over here in the background with them on Stephen Colbert, another mind-blowing, the fact that he was on there and then, if you check this out, I think this was on Jimmy Fallon collaboration with Anthony Hamilton, ty dolla sign Rory to the far right.

Obviously, he’s the guy that’s kind of darkened out right there. You don’t see collaborations like these, and all this was one super super interesting collaborations. I’ve seen the fact that he was smart enough to do something like this, because they weren’t on the regular track, at least well, probably on some kind of vocal course, but to actually bring them out. I heard of. But it shows how he constantly built abnormal relationships and makes them very strong mobilize now we’re getting to the sweet stuff.

I just have to put this one on Front Street because when you have a combination of all those things that we’ve talked about so far, all right mobilize is number seven. You really have power when I say you can do more and move mountains to do something like this right chance. The rapper had a parade to vote this election. Obviously Donald Trump won, but he had all these people come out around him. He had a free concert.

They had people walk with him to vote. You see Richard Branson tweeting this. I don’t know if you guys understand how huge that is this dudes, a billionaire friend, even though chances and there’s so much like, I said about that, there’s really show how chance is really creating a movement and you can create a powerful movement too. If you follow these southern strategies, it takes time it takes some.

You know some smarts, but then there are also other strategies like. I said that once again I’ll go over more. If people want to hear different strategies, I just need to get that feedback in those views share this with your friends, if you think they’ll be interested if they’re just trying to campaign or if they want to be rappers and campaign, that way too great following all So I’ll just drop it off.

If you really want to have that following once again, I can’t reiterate enough: you can follow these steps and you can end up possibly looking like this Oh be here from you guys subscribe, dropping something. Next week you

My favorite musician as of right now.


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