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Write Real Estate Blogs | What do Do with your Real Estate Website Series 2018

What should I be doing with my real estate agent website? Our focus on this series is on, I guess, essentially, content marketing and what what we should be doing with the pages and and blog section of our website, to build more of a search engine presence. You know ranking higher on the search engines as well as through our social media, blogs. There’s so many ways.

We can actually publish and distribute our content, but it is important still in this age, to have a real estate website that people are finding through many different blogs and they’re, also finding valuable once they get there now. It is true that primarily buyers are looking at properties, but before these buyers even become buyers, they’re looking to answer their questions and solve their problems – and this is where real estate blogs come into play.

It’s important to have an article library of advice of real estate, advice and there’s all kinds of ways that you can create your blog. You can do it out of article and transcribe your article. So if you’re, not a writer – and you want to be blogging – you can actually record yourself on article. So so, as I go through through today’s article and I’m going to talk about blogging and where to get ideas for blogging, if you aren’t a writer, I want you just to shift that thinking into what.

If I put this on article, whatever she’s saying how to find all these topics, what needs to be in the blog, what if I did that on article and then simply had my article transcribed written word and then optimized it for the search engines and put it Out there, that is something you can absolutely do. You do not have to be a writer. You can also just record yourself on a recorder and send that out to get a transcript to get written word.

So, if you prefer speaking over typing, you still can blog. You just have to be smart about how you do it. Okay, I’ll just tell you really quick it and I’ll probably bring this up a couple times over the series. If you make a article you up loaded into your YouTube blog or you can upload it directly. There’s a website that I use called rev.Com re v, calm and for a dollar a minute or for a discounted hour they will transcribe your verbal word into written word for you, so I use them all the time.

So, for example, one of my series, if you I’ll go over here and I’ll, show you my my personal blog, really quick, my personal professional blog Laurie, Balan comm. I purposely went after a serie. I did this exact strategy on this website where I start with article and then we turned the article into a transcript and we optimized the transcript for the search engines and for the user experience adding in links pictures table of contents article that kind of thing so For example, here I’ll show you one that I just completed myself, so I know this one has everything it needs to have here.

Some of the other ones are still being updated, so we started with the article. This was a article of somebody, a presenter that came in and did a presentation, and then I ordered a transcript, so this particular one was about an hour long. So I paid you know that fifty sixty dollars for the transcript and then I went in and just took the transcript and put it into the written form. And then I just went in and added links and colors and notes and boxes and things that’ll break up.

That chunky heavy text when somebody is sitting here reading it, so you could do it that way as well. If you don’t like to the type you can even hire out your optimization services as well, if you don’t want to do that, so don’t let it limit! You, when you think of blogging as being something you have to write, think of blogging as something you have to create that informs solves a problem. Answers a question.

Okay, there are blogs out there that do other things like entertain, but in our particular case in real estate, we’re going to be talking about how we solve problems and answer questions. Okay. So now your next question might be well gosh. Where do I get ideas? I have no idea even how to start blogging. Okay best way to start blogging is start with the questions that your customers ask you when they ask you things like okay, we’re making an offer.

So now what happens? That’s a blog we’re making an offer on house and, and there there’s going to be multiple offers. What can we expect or how can we compete against multiple offers in a limited inventory market? What happens to my earnest money deposit? My offers been accepted now? What what happens during the home inspection should we be at the home inspection? What is escrow or how did the attorneys work it? What do I need to know about the HOA HOA fees, what are SIDS and lids, or whatever your your city? Taxes are called there that you know charge the neighborhood for Street assessments and improvements and whatnot there’s so many questions.

If you will just listen to the questions that your customers ask, that is the best way to start a blog and those actually do really well in the search engines as well. So that is one start one starting point: just creating a whole library of the buyer process. Closing costs what to know when you’re, when you’re getting approved for a loan. How to improve your credit score. I mean anything to do with that and then same with the selling process, what to no one’s telling your home? What do you need to know about home inspections? What how the appraisal can affect your sale sell? Our bad neighbor is affecting your home sale.

What you know market conditions that could affect the the sale of your home when you’re selling your home? What what should you do when you have multiple offers? What happened to the buyers earnest money? When do I get the buyers earnest money? You know all those questions are real deal questions you could cover in the whole process. Okay, now let me show you here on the screen. Another way to get some information all right.

There is a website here called answer the public comm and on answer the public. You can go into this search bar and type type in any kind, any kind of keyword or subject. So, let’s just put buying a home and then I’m going to click, get questions now. What am to the public does? Is it scours a web and it takes lots of different QA type sites and it puts them into a digest for you here in a visual and in a data form.

So you first you get this crazy-looking wheel. But if you click on data, now you have what questions why questions will questions will buying a home affect my SSI? Will buying a home affect my Medicaid? Oh there’s one I haven’t done will buying a home affect my financial aid. Why buying a home is a good investment? Why buying a home is a bad investment? How does buying a home affect taxes? What to expect when buying a home? What tax benefits are my home? Theirs, which questions where can can and eviction effects buying a home? Can I deduct buying a home? Can I refinance right after buying a home guys? You don’t have to think.

I mean look at all these blog ideas. It goes on and on and on and on. Then you could dive specifically into one of those if you type in sell a house that you have the same type of thing: how to sell a house during a divorce? How to sell a house, your upside down in how to sell a house and buy one? How does how to sell a house with nine cats? I mean it’s absolutely incredible. Now, there’s another site, if you need more called Korra and Korra is another one that has questions, I’m paying cash for a house.

Do I need a Realtor and you can actually go up here and just type in selling a house, and you can look at that topic selling your home and you can scroll all the way down and look at any questions. Can you sell your house to your child for a dollar? I love that. I love that question and and some of these, why do we do this one? We want to answer real deal. Questions too. We want to create topics that would interesting to everybody.

You know sometimes you’re interesting interesting only to a seller or buyer and sometimes they’re interesting interesting to the public in general, which make for great social media shares and amplification and eyeballs on your website, even if those people aren’t looking to buy or sell right away. We also write real estate blogs because we want to continue to prove to Google that we are that your website is the authority on the topic of real estate and that you, the author, are an expert in the topic of real estate, and these things help your Website rank higher for the topic of real estate.

One of the reasons why Zillow and realtor.Com and Trulia, and all those ranked in the top three in most areas for most real estate related keywords is because Google views them as the authority. Well, the better you can position yourself as the authority in your market, the more likely you are to rank for particular niches and topics, and and and things like that now, if I go over here and look at my analytics, let’s just take a look at my Cliquey analytics so cliquey is um.

You know it’s something it would be on, though, along the same lines of google analytics, where you can view how many people viewed certain pages where your visitors are coming from, how many actions are taking once their their bounce rates, and these types of things now click Heed us airily, replace google analytics put it to me. It’s got a it’s easier to digest some of the information out of quicker glance.

Okay, now, if we just take a small sample size of pages on my Las Vegas real estate website, these are I sorted these by the most visited pages? No excuse me. Let’s see how many pages my website has indexed okay, so not including general idx pages. There’s 4,000 pages so 4,000 pages that are not well, they actually might excuse me they might yeah they. Although they’re not idx pages, they come through my idx blog.

These have all been built out. Okay, so look just say: there’s 4,000 indexed pages that have been custom-built out on the website. Okay, if you pull an ITX you’re going to see you know 20,000 30,000, let’s just say out of those 4,000 sites that are indexed okay, so that we’re looking at a sample size of out of all of those. Where are people visiting okay, so number one is a blog post that I created called how to create luck in your house, and it’s got information about that st.

Joseph prayer statue that you bury – and I can tell you right now that my st. Joseph statue blog Has been my number one visited blog in every format I’ve created since it started, it doesn’t necessarily generate the type of leads that you would think it might. You would think it would. It would generate more listing leads because these these would be potential sellers, but a lot of them are already listed, but it is, it is a I do get listing leads from it and I do get a lot of traffic from it and it again is positioning.

My positioning me as a as an expert author and my website as an authority player authoritative website in the world of real estate. Okay, so that’s a blog post and then we have an ITX page and we have my home page and now. Number four is also a blog post, and this is my real estate market report, which we’re going to cover on a separate article more in depth, but it still is a blog post. Okay, then we have an ITX page.

Next one is another blog post. When is spring break in Las Vegas, that’s a hyperlocal piece and I’m going to cover that another article. Today we’re going to focus just on the real estate articles. Okay, then we have an ITX page, meaning a page. I built it’s designed just for them to look at homes under 200,000 and then we have a blog post. The buyer missed a closing date now what another blog post things to do for East or another blog posts? Those are idx pages, Summerlin mall, another blog post.

Okay, so you’re getting the idea here, closing cost was selling at home, another blog post. Now that one brings in some – and so the the proof is here, that blog post article style writing whether you start with the article you start with a written word, is still very powerful on the search engines when done with a lot of purpose when, when done With a focus on the customer and with the goal of diving so in depth into this topic that the the buyer or seller will have no other questions once the blog is completed, what does not work anymore? Are these canned boxed how to stage your home? How did you know how to the best colors to paint your house this out and the other that are 500 words that that are a brief overview? Now, I’m not saying those are still bad to have if having an article library that you can reference and send your consumers to or share on social media that are short with some bullet points or click description.

Those are fine. If you understand that your goal, the goal is to build just a short article library or the goal, is just to have a quick reference page. The goal is just to share something short digestible item on social that I can then drive them in to IDX. Fine fine and find good, good and good. Those are all acceptable. Ok now, if they’re not special and unique, they might not get any click throughs on social, but I’m not opposed to having those article libraries.

But if your goal is, I want to stand out. I want to provide unique value. I want to rank on the search engines you’re going to have to do much much better than that. Ok, so let’s take an example: let’s take this home selling process when you’re selling a house in Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at that particular blog post alright. So this is my brew website and I talk about it all the time, but for those of you that might be tuning in, for the first time, bruce tans for balan real estate websites.

My marketing company Balan brands builds wordpress powered ITX driven real estate agent web and I’m on one of those right now, so I have the option of making this a wide theme or I have an option of using the right hand column on a mobile device. Let me shrink this down, for you see I’m going to grab this little sidebar and I’m going to drag this down. Let me just close my background here, okay, so if we look here at this this little box and I’m string that down as far as I can, this is kind of what it would look like on a mobile device.

Now this on a smartphone, it depends on the actual device, how much room, how much you can see in your window, but this is kind of the idea: okay, so here’s their blog post and let’s take here. Let’s take a look at the components. Okay, first thing we have is an intro you’ll notice in my intro, I’ve also optimized, with a link for them anytime. There is something related to another topic on my website, I’ll, highlight it and include a link there, that’s called internal, linking where I’m linking to my own pages on my website.

That’s really good for showing the search engines. What your website’s about and kind of gives them a little bit more context as to what keywords go to what pages on your page and what your deeming as important through those highlights as well, and then sometimes I will link off to another website that, maybe is A source that I’m citing or maybe it has more information about something like city taxes or schools or or something specific that people can dive into national real estate trends or national mortgage information.

It’s also a positive signal to Google to reference off-site websites as well. Okay and then I’m going to I’ve got a call to action and I suggest putting your calls to action towards the top, not just at the bottom. Well, in some cases, it’s good to put them throughout. For example, that’s really a call to action right there, and this is a call to action here, I’m offering this seller what’s your homework, what’s your house worth I’m including this button? Obviously, because if they want to go right to that home, you and that’s really what they were looking for.

They’ve got an option to go there. This goes to my instant home valuation page and on our brew websites. We actually help you integrate a tool that does that as well. Okay and then I’ve got a table of contents, which I think is absolutely imperative, and I’ve got a article on how to create these table of contents manually. If you have my website the brew you just drag it in, but if you’re using another WordPress site, there are plugins that you can add to create this table of contents.

Well, what that table of contents does is it reduces bounce rates? It encourages clicks and actions on the page, especially on mobile, because the consumer doesn’t want to read all that stuff and they don’t want to look how far they’d have to slide down to figure out what they might be looking for, whereas a table of contents, it’s Going to help them quickly go to where they want to go. So if they want to learn about how much your appraisal fees, they click that button and it shoots them right down to just that answer and then they can go right back up to the top and read the table of contents.

This is creating a quality user experience, especially on a mobile device, which we know now. Over 50 % of Google searches are already proven to be mobile devices, depending on your market you’re, probably seeing more than 50 % of your web traffic is also coming from mobile. At this point, so it’s important that we are designing for mobile okay. Now the blog I break down into portions you’ve got to break it up into I’m going to cover this topic and answer this question and this topic in this question in as small as pieces.

As makes sense, okay, so this particular topic is closing costs when you sell a home in Las Vegas, so the first paragraph is on how much your Commission’s all right. Now I just realized in my own teachings. This is an old blog. I need to go in and put some spaces in between wherever I like to put spaces now anywhere, where there’s two sentences together or more because on the eyeballs, this is too much chunky text, especially on a on a mobile device.

We need spaces in there because the spaces help the eyes flow down. The page makes it easier to read so anytime, there’s two sentences together now, which is my best practice. We implemented some time last year. Every time there’s two sentences, we put a space and then two spent sentences. We put a space, but I’m covering the answer, how much our Commission’s in one paragraph and then there’s a divider, then there’s a break okay.

This is an h2 tag, so when you’re, creating a blog and I’ve got other lesson plans and articles on how to optimize your blog these h2s headings, these are called headings so there’s heading 1, heading 2, heading 3, heading 4, heading 5, heading 6, look at it Kind of like an outline heading 1 is the most important thing. Well, that’s already the title of your page. That’s a heading 1! Now, all of your subparagraph, all your paragraphs are broken into these little subsections.

Those are heading twos and then, if you even want to go down even smaller, like let’s just say under this, how much of Commission’s I’m going to divide down and separate that into buyer and seller commissions? For some reason, one would be heading three and the other one would be heading three buyer Commission’s heading three seller Commission’s heading three as a sub. Those are kind of like sub headings of that.

How much are Commission’s, which is heading two. So if you kind of picture in your head like an outline what’s most important and then and then then you know what to put those in well, it’s it’s a common practice to use these heading tags, one they’re, larger, they’re, bolder they stand out, stand out. So they’re easy on the eyes and they look like a separator. They they visually make you understand this is this: is the topic section we’re on right now and they also indicate to the search engines as well that this is what this topic is about, and all of these h2 tags and h3 tags tell Google a little bit More, this is what the entire topic is about: they’re kind of a supplementary to to your keywords and whatnot they’re telling Google hey.

This is what the topic is about. Although I got ta tell you Google’s pretty smart at smart now and doesn’t need our guidance like it once did, so we don’t keyword stuff anymore and we’re really covering a topic more than we are optimizing for a particular keyword. So it’s smart, but these still, these still our best practices. Okay, so you see those I covered the internal linking and then oftentimes you’ll see my little related articles at the bottom of a paragraph and in this particular case it might be a benefit for me to go back in and put more of those in there.

So they could be a related article, it could be a call to action, it could be a phone number click to call. It could be a little forum now that they’re going to fill out it could be. I could have a little button right here now. Oh, this is actually really smart. I don’t. I love. I love when I teach, because I give myself ideas, I’m inspired by teaching, because I haven’t looked at this blog post in a long time and it ranks number ranks on number one in my market.

So I never think about going in and changing it, but I should I should still go in there and change it to today’s best practices. I should have a list of appraisers in Las Vegas, potentially put big a list of home, inspect praisers home appraisers in Las Vegas and make a list of them, and then here I can have a little button that says view the list of Las Vegas appraisers. It could open in a new tab, so they won’t lose their position here and then that appraiser list would point back to my page.

It’s all about appraisers appraisals and that would add more link equity to that blog post. So that’s of a benefit to me anytime. I’m creating a blog. I should be in spider, inspired to create another blog. If I’m not I’m not doing it right, even at this level, where I’m blogging every day all day, I still every time. I look at me right now. I’m I’m inspired by just looking at my blog post of what else I could be doing to make this better to make dad more value to the consumer, to add more signals to Google, my brains just wired.

That way. So so will yours be at a certain point if you’re the one creating your own content, if you’re, not the one, creating your own content, you’ve got somebody else. You’re directing this to they should be inspired to go, create more blog clothes say with a article. I do a lot with article on YouTube. Every time I make a article, I’m open my Apple reminders and I’m adding three more articles.

I want to make, because I realize I’m something about another topic that I haven’t covered or or or a topic that I could drill down farther into because there’s always you know you’re addressing a niche or topic, but there’s always little niches inside the niche. There’s always ways to drill down on that topic inside of that master topic. Okay, so always have a list running of what you’re going to do next, what you’re going to do next or what you’re going to order next.

Okay, a lot of this content, I don’t even write. I have ghost writers for most of my real estate articles anymore. I don’t write because I don’t work in the field. My real estate team here in Las Vegas. I do all the lead generation and they work with the clients. I used to work with clients, but that was seven years ago. I don’t think I’ve worked at the client in seven years. So for me, it’s a little bit more challenging because I’m not out there in the field every day, so I rely on other experts to create real estate articles and then I go in there and clean them up and optimize them and and make them look good.

My marketing company, I opened Vallon brands calm. We now have a writing staff and we write and sell articles to real estate agents as well. So if you don’t want to be writing this stuff and you want to get on a strategic, purposeful, consistent content plan, but you don’t want to be the one to create one that creates it call our marketing company and talk to us about this. Okay, alright and that’s Balon brands, calm, so caring down again, I need to put some spaces in there you’re getting the idea of how I break down all of these topics and then at the bottom.

Here is my other call to action. You’ll notice, it does not look like the call to action on the top they’re different on top there’s a short button on the bottom. I’ve got a little box here that has a call to action and then there’s the menu. However, your theme shows your menu mine pushes that side column down to the bottom of the of a section. Now I will tell you when it comes to blogging that when it comes to any page on your website, most people will not scroll past the middle of the page to get to where they’re going to, and this is why this table of contents is so important.

I’ll tell you another thing that this table of contents does it also create something called sitelinks? Let’s see if this one will do it hold on closing so here on this one we actually, I don’t think I see the site links. I do have a featured snippet, which I cover in another lesson plan the featured snippet is when Google believes that you have the solution to the searchers intent a lot of times.

That’s an answer to a question up here we have the closing cost selling Las Vegas and they believe that my answer there is a correct answer, but another thing that that sitelinks can do. Let’s see, if I can it’s not guaranteed all I can give you sometimes our best practices, and sometimes they turn they create those results, and sometimes they don’t. It depends on how the algorithms going to work with that particular query and then the answer.

So here’s an example. This is my website here and you see on the bottom, how it has eight nine one, forty one and eight nine one, four seven, but nobody else has that at the bottom, these are site links and these site links have give us additional opportunity. Now for people to click and what they actually are is they are part of the table of contents right here, you’ll notice, I’m going to go to the Vegas page, see this table of contents, that’s actually where they’re formatting those clicks from, and so sometimes it’s from The table of contents – and sometimes it’s just from creating these header tags, these h2 tags and then having content inside of a block where it looks more like a list or a segregated structure, sometimes they’ll pull it out of that they can detect a recipe.

Numbered sequence bullet points, so there’s lots of lots of ways to earn in these extra site links and things like that and go back to my blog, so many tabs alright. So that’s another reason why we do these tables of contents and why we do these heading tags and separate things into individual paragraphs, okay and so the best way to get started with when you’re starting a topic is, let’s just say we go over to Cora and We’re looking at all right, I like this one.

What is the most difficult part of selling your home without an agent and by the way you can click on the question and answer it. You can also click on the question to read other people’s answers and get ideas now this person actually took the opportunity to answer in the format of a blog, and this is exactly a great answer – I’m going to change my mind on that. It’s not a it’s! Not necessarily a a great answer for that particular question: it looks like they kind of pulled it from another blog and it looks like maybe yeah it’s not, but it’s really not bad at all.

So this is, this would be the concept so so the question is: what is the most difficult part of selling your home without an agent one setting the right price, and then he answers it. One of the most critical aspects of selling a home setting replace the Dada Dada okay. Now this each paragraph, let’s just say: if you’re really really covering the topic in-depth, you could break each one of these portions down these.

These segments down into a larger block, a larger topic so, for example, setting the right price. Now we’re specifically answering this guy’s question of, what’s the most difficult part setting the price, but if you really wanted to dive into a setting how to set your sales price – and I and you put that on article or you put it on blog and you’re. Looking at you’re describing charts and how to price ahead of the market and why you don’t want to follow the price down and and how a hole in this price correctly is going to get more views and might encourage multiple offers.

You’re, not answering that. In 200 words, you might be covering that topic with a thousand or 2,000 words if you’re diving in depth. Okay. So, while this is an OK paragraph, it wouldn’t be an OK blog post on its own, so there’s got to be times when you might just write a paragraph, but then you make yourself a note and go. Oh. That sounds like a good topic right there. How to set the price when selling your house – and you got this great in-depth topic.

Well, you might choose to put the whole in-depth topic as that paragraph, and now this is a thousand words okay, it could be it right now. Let’s just say it’s to two hundred: it could be a thousand words all right now. Look at this next section marketing, so they did exactly what I teach that marketing is a heading. It stands on its own. It indicates there’s a new portion of this blog and, if you like, if you, if you are going to write this content, but there’s no way you’re going to sit and write thousands of words in one sitting, you could just write one Peete paragraph on Monday right.

The next paragraph on Tuesday right, the next paragraph on Wednesday by the weekend, you’ve got your blog written and then you’re, adding images articles often you know, following my optimization steps to optimize it for the user and for the search engines. Okay, now look what he says about marketing. Even if your home was an attractive location without proper marketing, you probably won’t find any interested buyers.

The best marketing strategy is listing in the Multiple Listing Service, which only real estate agents have access to how much that is. Not answering the question in-depth, but he didn’t have to he’s answering their question as a whole. But if you’re saying how to market a home to sell you’re going to dive into all kinds of marketing from open houses to whether or not magazines and newspapers still work to digital marketing to syndication to you know, maybe how pay-per-click marketing and all of the things That you believe a real estate agent should be doing to market a house proper photos, articlegraphy drones, capture of the neighborhood, viewing showing feedback, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah all the things that go along with marketing.

That’s a blog post in itself. Isn’t it how to market a home to sell and if you even want to get more niche, focused how to market a home to sell in ten days how to market a home to sell during a divorce how to market a home to sell with pets? You know you can really dive into all these little specifics and make those little specifics, part of that long, blog or or part of party each one individually on its own okay.

But let’s just say again: I’m going to go and dive in and do this one at a thousand words and I’m going to go in and do this one at a thousand words. Now I’m not counting the word saying I have to a thousand words, I’m using an example that, if I were to dive in depth to these, I could easily create. A thousand words doesn’t mean you have to K, depends on where you are and what your competition is and what you’re doing, but I’m always thinking to myself.

How can I better answer the question? What was the guy’s question? His question was, what’s the most difficult part of selling your home without agent, so do you have to answer more than that in the marketing portion? Not necessarily, but do I want to add a link in there for him to click over to an article? That’s more in-depth, absolutely absolutely so I’ll make myself a note and say: create a blog post on marketing your home to sell or how about this niche one.

How to market your house when your a for sale by owner – and you tell them every possible way they can market their house to per sale by owner, but then you have of course, porch links to other pages on your website. You have called action to get their home value. You’ve got an offer that helped them sell if they, if they have any challenges down the road whatever it is. So that’s another blog idea: okay, managing emotion.

So now he basically describes that, when you’re selling for sale by owner you’re emotionally connected where, if you use a real estate agent, you’re going to have a biased party, that’s not connected personally to the emotions and the history and whatnot of the house. And so they’re able to remove that that’s a nice paragraph would that one go on any longer. Probably not I don’t know. Maybe if you’re passionate about that segment, you understand more about it.

That could go a little bit longer and then closing the deal all right. Now let me tell you something if I were to write a blog post called, what’s the most difficult part of selling your home without an agent, and I only write the blog post as this, it probably won’t rank on the search engines. It’s just not enough. In most markets to stand against the competition okay, so I personally am going to going to go farther with this.

I’m going to go, I’m going to find more challenges with selling a house for sale by owner how about paperwork? What’s the most difficult part of selling your home without an agent? How about the paperwork holy cow? That’s a big part of what the for sale by a by a for sale by owner! It’s have problem with how about what’s the most typical part of selling your home without an agent, you actually make less money, here’s.

Why and you talk all about commissions and now for sale by owners are trying to save the commission, so they try to cut all their costs and sell, and then they don’t they’re, not me MLS, they don’t have people looking at their properties and they wind up Negotiating for a deal much less than what they could have gotten by putting in the MLS, and it would have been more even after paying the real estate agent, Commission, okay, here’s another one: how about gosh? Now I need to go write this blog.

What is the most difficult part of selling your house by owner showings showings? Who wants to be? You got to deal with all that yourself? There’s no agent in the picture. You got to deal with people just knocking on your door or you know, show it up and what how do you even know nobody walking them through the house? Do you stay, but if you leave now there’s nobody there walking them through, or you know, they’re, probably not coming with their buyers agents, why the buyer’s agents showing you for sale by owner they’re, probably looking at properties in the MLS I could go on and on And on okay, and so I would, if I’m going to create a blog post designed to just share and social.

This might be fine. If I’m going to write a blog post designed to rank on the search engines, I’m going to write to 3,000 words easy and I’m going to add article and I’m going to add images and I’m going to add a table of contents. It’s the same format. Every time, essentially for me that I’m that I’m working on building okay so less about the actual number of words, although you hear me say numbers two thousand, three thousand ten thousand, it’s more about how deep can I cover this topic in a way? That’s not just stuffing words on the page, but is actually helping that customer.

If you can do that in two to three hundred words – and nobody else has then you’re set, you know if you’re writing a restaurant critique about Hell’s Kitchen that just opened, and I want to talk about Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen. It just opened. I might have a chance to write a short critique and rank on the search engines, but over time as more and more blogs develop and more and more people write about that restaurant it’ll be harder and harder to rank.

So I need to do better. What else does that person want to know that’s going to Hell’s Kitchen? They want to know about pricing, they want to access the menu they want to know how they book reservations. They want to know how close the tables are together, how private it is or how you know, they’re how what is parking like? Is there valet parking? Do they have to pay for parking? All of those things are going to come into play.

Do they have a gluten-free menu? Okay, so you have to put your head in the mind of the consumer when you’re writing these real estate articles and really think about how much more can I cover them? Alright. So that is basically the idea images articles wherever possible. In fact, I don’t know why my article is not on that page. I have a article for this, so I’m going to go back and fix that up anytime, that you can article dividers quotes stats, highlights most of this stuff that I’m doing here, like these yellow boxes and things like that.

We’re building into the brew, but for right now, they’re done through short codes ultimate, which is a free plugin that allows you to add, quotes and boxes and highlighted items with different colors. You can add dividers. So if you have a wordpress site, you can do everything here that I’m doing you just might have to do more manually than than what my real estate websites naturally have built in them.

So what you should be doing with your real estate agent website is blogging. Creating real estate, customer-centric, in-depth informational articles see on the next article in the series

Content is King! Bloggers are the best! Add more content to your digital world!


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