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GOCOIN Payment Processor – Interview with Dionna Bailey Business Development Manager – LaBitconf

I am a labid coffee’nudugui, I’m going to be speaking with Deanna. She is the business development manager for a gold coin. Danna tell us a little bit. What is the gold coin platform well go. Queen is a payment processor that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies. As you know, it’s kind of difficult, sometimes to really build a business on crypto with the volatility and the liquidity issues.

So we help merchants by eliminating those and accepting that on behalf of us, and so we help them accept the Bitcoin, but we pay them out in in cash. I’m actually a big user of cheap Ericom, which I even future on my documentary oven as well, and the cryptocurrencies, which I mention you guys. You know that the website is powered by gold coin, the payment system. My experience is started with chip air comm.

All I had to do was look for a flight in put my information, and the website would generate a QR code with the total amount of that would be extract from my wallet. After that, all you have to do is scan the QR code type in your wallet password and in just a matter of seconds, go coin which powers the website payment system will confirm your transaction. A few minutes later, you will receive an email with all your flight information.

I guess now it’s time to go to Venezuela so which other coins are is available for any other business who wants to add the platform we have Bitcoin Bitcoin cash, aetherium euros, Doge and litecoin very nice, and if any business wants to add this type of payment System into their platform, how hard it is, how can they reach out? Is there any fees that they have to pay for integration? How does this work? Well, so, what’s great is go.

Coin. Is super easy to use you jump online at WWE, then, once you submit your documentation for kyc and your banking, we give you an API plug-in that you put into your cart and then you know within a couple days, you could be up and operational and good To go in this in which location any country in the world do. Is there any specific restriction how’s that well, there is some like in the US. You can’t do in New York, but we can do anything in South America.

We can facilitate most countries. It’s the payout in the currencies that become the issue so predominantly we use USD GP, GP, GP, P. British British Brown. That thing nothing see. I don’t know these Fiat right. I just want to stick exactly right paper stuff who cares about paper? Who cares outdated? It’s old, but so the best thing would be is jump on register for an account and our compliance. People will tell you if there’s any issues with it at all, it is zero dollars.

It costs nothing to implement, go coin. You it’s completely free! You only pay one percent on the transactions that you actually perform very nice and then what’s the official website, it is wwe.Com. Thank you very much. Everybody once again right here from labid call for a new Dawei I’ll, see you later ciao

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