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How To Get A Stronger Grip and Hand Strength

Yo Elliot alright. Well, today, we’ve got a couple questions about grip strength. There are text questions, namely wondering how to eliminate the grip weakness as a limiting factor in pulling exercises. Like death, now before I get started with how they improve your grip strength, two quick, very interesting things, one.

I recently read a Gallup study that was published in the New York Times and I’ll link it up. If I can find it where they describe people who have stronger grips or hand strength as healthier and living longer, and they associated all types of reasons why stronger hands leads to longevity and good health? So if you got old people that you care about, tell them sorry dead, lifting or doing dead hangs, maybe they’ll live longer.

The other cool thing is that, by increasing your grip strength, you’re triggering something – that’s called irritation, essentially, where, when you grip your hand tight, you can’t your nervous system can’t help, but to start activating all the muscles that are associated with closing our hand tight. You know this is one of our most superficial functions that happens way outside the centre of my body.

When I say superficial I mean out here, this is proximal distal superficial internal, probably not the right word, probably more like central, but anyway so by having stronger hands. You’ll, ultimately be able to do you’ll be stronger in your chest and your shoulders and your back if you’ve ever readed, some of the bench press deadlifts articles by Dave, Tate, I think there’s some of them on his youtube blog.

He talks about improving your benchpress by squeezing the bar tighter, that’s irritation and its finest. So by increasing your grip strength, you’re not only going to be able to hold things with your hands better per se, but you’ll also be able to have produced better function. In your back in your chest and your shoulders, everything as it makes its way to the center of your body. So you long story short.

You want to have a pretty strong grip for multiple reasons. Besides heavy frickin deadlifts now couples tips for you for increasing your deadlift strength and just answer one of the specific questions in your your questions that you guys asked, I would say if somebody wanted to know if they should use straps straps are cool they’re good, but Don’t become reliant on them, I’ve used them before in order to build up my deadlift strength, but I sure only use it if it’s, you know, as it has a tool or an accessory to regular deadlifting, which is with without straps now.

The very first exercise that I would add to your regimen in order to improve your grip strength would be to do dead holds so. Basically, we get a barbell you’d load it up with weight that you could probably do about 10 to 12 repetitions on for, like a deadlift or event of a row, hold it with supinated grip. That means your hands up. Supinated. You remember that by saying like you can hold a bowl of soup in your hands: pronated supinated, supinated grip, grab the bar drop, your shoulders back and just hold the bar reading a clock and basically beat your time from week to week.

Reason why I ask you to do them supinated because might as well kill two birds with one stone when you supinate in that hold. You also build up the strength of your upper back, which is going to be critical for your deadlift strength, then being a strong son of a bitch as well supinated dead, hold every week. Try to beat your time. You can hold per minute, then hold it for two minutes now the way you another thing that I would do, and I’d probably get on this as soon as possible – is to do that with two with a 2-inch bar soul or with bat grips and bat grips.

Are basically these little tubular type things that you can add to your bar so that you have a fatter bar to hold on to that’s really going to force you to work a lot harder? I give you penny and go to back grips calm to find these things. Yours put them on your bar. You hold on as long as you can, with the data that 2-inch hold. That’s going to be really helpful for you then, and add that at the end of your workout, don’t do that and then go.

Try to deadlift then also add a couple accessories strength, grip, strength, exercises to your program, including wrist rollers. I’ve got the Iron Mountain wrist. Roller here I like that uh dumbbell hex holds, but I don’t have a dumbbell here, but essentially Hey so you’ll hex holes. Look like this. You hold the dumbbell like that. Bang you guys and see that and you do it for time. Bang! It’s really to build! Your finger strength, the other thing is grab plates I’ll, be right back.

You take ten pound plates like this and just hold on to it. Bang. As long as you can, those are too cool exercises, don’t take special equipment and then finally, another really cool one is just dead, hangs, grab a chin-up bar and hang as long as you can like you do with the woman with the deadlift holds. You tie yourself. This week beat it next week. That’s it add those to your program, keep increasing your grip strength.

Men you’re, the keepers of the house. You’ve got to have strong hands to be a strong man thanks. Your article questions, oh, send me more article questions. Thanks for your questions, I’m Elliott Hulse talk to you next time: yo Elliott, member


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