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WooCommerce Checkout Settings – Tutorial PayPal, Cash on Delivery – eCommerce Payment Options

Whatever is count they want, so they can get that find some. If you want that – or you can enable this thing and in this lectures itself we’ll see both these checkout options and coupon options now here is the checkout process.

If you want to enable the guest checkout make sure it is enabled – and I highly recommend this – which this is very important – and now we have – you – have to really just recheck whether everything is fine, cart, page should be selected to cut checkout page should be checkout Terms and conditions, if you want you, can create a page. You know terms and conditions right right, just type in your terms and conditions which you have, and you can link your page from you if you want not not necessary the not necessary, but if you want you can do that and after you’re done all this changes.

Just click on Save Changes now before proceeding to different checkout options. Now, let’s first see the coupon code, so just click on coupon from here. Ok now we have to add a coupon, because we don’t have any coupon codes right now so right at top. As you can see this in button, it says at coupon just click on that. Now you have to put in the coupon code right up here. For example, suppose you want to offer 25 % off then you can select.

You know 25 of this kind of coupon code you can make and in description you can write the description about this coupon code get 25 % off on the total amount. Okay. Now here we have to do some settings discount type percentage, discount or fixed card discount, what kind of discount it is. So this is percentage discount because we are giving 25 % off now the coupon amount you have to select the coupon amount.

Okay, so we are selecting 25 %, allow free shipping – if you want, you can check this, and you can also set an expiry date. For example, 31st of this month we can set that expiry date, usage restriction, minimum speed, maximums minimum spend maximum spend, but the minimum. How much amount should be there there so that the user can get that 25 percent off so suppose I say minimum you have to purchase for $ 100 only then he is eligible for that 25 percent off and maximum thousand dollars so that a maximum only up To $ 1,000, he can get 25 percent off.

Okay, individual use only check this box if the coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons, and this is highly recommended, because we don’t want a user to use 25 percent coupon and then again we have another coupon code which gives third year 30 percent coupon. Then what happens is he he ultimately will get 55 percent off on the product which may incur some loss for you so make sure this is selected so that he can, you know, just use any one of these.

Coupon codes exclude sale items, yes make sure it is that why? Because you know, sometimes you are offering products on sale, 10 %, 20 %, 30 % – and on top of that, if someone uses a coupon code, then again the same thing happens: 30 percent sales plus 30 percent coupon code. He gets a 60 percent off for the product. Now you can select products. Suppose you want only this coupon code eligible only for some specific product, then you can type in the name of the product and that product will appear over here and you can see that product.

But because we haven’t created any product, then we won’t get any option or you can exclude some products. For example, suppose you are, you know dealing in jewelry or some kind of product some expensive products. Then obviously you will be a super fool to give 25 % off on those kind of products, so you can exclude those products just type in the name of the product that product will appear or you and you have to select that product.

You can select the categories for which you want to offer the this coupon code this discount, and you can exclude some categories also, and you can exclude some emails, also, no restriction or email restriction. Whatever you want usage limit usage limit per coupon, you can set to 1 means our user can use this coupon code only once ok, now it says, use your limit usage 2x items. How many items can this coupon code be used on so suppose you said 2 items then if he purchases 2 items, then he can get that discount limit use limit usage limit per users.

Obviously it should be one that is only one time that coupon code here could be used by a single user. So once you you are done with all the settings, you can just click on publish okay. Now, when we come to the cart page in the demo website here this is the option for coupon code and now, when the user puts in B that coupon code, 25 % of and click on the apply coupon, the rate will decrease or your okay.

So this is also very important. You know it helps you in marketing your product in marketing your website. So this is very important according to me now again coming back to the checkout options, so under WooCommerce select settings and under settings select checkout. Now suppose you want to accept bank account transfer, then you can select this options be ACS. This is obviously not preferable by me.

I don’t recommend this because when will the user, our transfer account amount in your bank account and when will you come to know? But still, if you want this option, you can just click on L and just put in your bank account in account number bank name. Ifs C code in this kind of stuff – I don’t recommend this one, but if you still want this, you can enable this. Then you have check payments again.

This is not recommended cash on delivery. If you want to enable cash on delivery, then you can just enable cash on delivery. Okay, just click on Save Changes. Ok, now the final option: the PayPal option, just click on PayPal; first click on enable PayPal standard. Then you can select the title PayPal. Then there is a description pay via PayPal. You can also change this title and description. Paypal, email make sure this is very, very important.

You know this is your paypal email, the email address on which the PayPal account is activated. So, whenever some user purchases some product and transfers that money, then that money will come to this email address, ok leave these options. These are not important. Receiver, email address make sure the email address is correct. Very very important now is other three options which are very important.

Okay. Now, let me tell you: where will you get all this API username, password and signature for that open PayPal in a new tab log in to your PayPal, account scroll down and at the left side you’ll see seller preferences in under selling tools, just click on seller Preferences, a new page will pop up and you’ll get so many different options, as you can see right up here here, it is an option called API access.

Okay, here it is API access and beside that there is all buttons. So, besides the API access this and update button, just click on that now here there are two options: first, one is to add or edit API permission and the second one is to you know view the API signature. Now what you have to do is click on view, API signature. Now here you have to confirm that you’re, the PayPal account owner. So you have two options: whether you want to receive an email address or an automated phone call on your registered mobile number.

So I am selecting the receive. An email address, select the mobile number. This is the mobile number. Now click on continue! Oh, yes! So once you confirm your account number, you will get three options right of your API, username, password and signature. You can just click on show. You will get your username just copy it from your go back to your dashboard paste it similarly copy and paste your password and signature over here.

Okay, so click on partial password copied place to do your signature copy and pasted over here. Now, click on Save Changes. So with this we have completed the checkout option and in the next lecture we’ll be creating new products. I’ll show you how to create different car products, simple product variable, perhaps sale, product and different other products, so see you guys in the next lecture.


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