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How to Approach Women

Thank you, everyone that remained a subscriber of my youtube blog. I am sorry about my disappearing acts. I have been travelling like crazy and, if you’re not a subscriber, please hit that subscribe button. I look greatly appreciated anyway, let’s get into this article okay. So if you cannot tell by the title this article is going to be for the gentleman just basically give y’all pointers on how to approach your female, and I feel like I am highly qualified for this topic, because number one y’all asked me to make this article And number two, I know what I like and what I don’t like when a guy approaches me also.

I want over these pointers with some of my girlfriends as well. They said the same thing: they you don’t think through a few things that they agree with. So I feel like this is a good tip, a good few tips for you guys to fill them. Follow the tongue. Twisters, please bear with me: okay tip number one. I think it is very, very important for you to practice. If you have any female friends that you can practice with, are female co-workers and even practice in front of the mirror that may help – and this is more so so you can get more aware of your body how you’re coming across how you carry yourself your posture, Your confident do you feel good.

I don’t know why I say: did you feel that, but anyway, yes, it’s just for you to feel more aware of yourself. Okay number two make sure that your parents and your grooming is on point okay. I am a firm believer that every time you leave the house, you should look good think about it. You never know what you’re going to come across your future wife. Also looking good and knowing that you look good, boosts your confidence so much.

I promise you so just take that extra 10 minutes on your wardrobe are on your face, and I’m telling you putting in that little bit of effort will help you a lot tip number three being aware of the environment. Is this the right place and the right time to approach your female? I believe that the best place to approach a female is when it’s a calm, social setting where people are expected to conversate.

So, for example, you know a bar, a lounge and a friend’s wedding. You get the point now. I know it’s very common when you’re running errands and you see a beautiful lady now in this case, maybe you’re at the supermarket or the pharmacy or something assert her body language. If she’s in a supermarket is she hurrying up down the aisles and she’s on the phone and she looks frustrated, you don’t want to approach a female like that cuz, it’s not going to turn out good.

I can promise you that now, if she is taking her time and she’s smiling and she looks open and friendly and inviting then you’re good to approach her okay tip number four. This is a personal tip from wah that I had to put in here, because it is still way too common, amongst grown men, but this reminds me of back when I was in high school or elementary school. Gentlemen. Please do not send your friend over to the girl to do the dirty work for you do not.

If you’re, not man enough to approach a female yourself, then you’re not ready to conversate with a female you’re, not ready to date, you’re not ready to be in a relationship. None of that. I hope that didn’t come off harsh, but honestly, that’s the most annoying thing that I make it dude. This is really popular. You know in the club or at the bar or something just don’t do it don’t do it? Okay, stop being lazy, stop being a little boy, man up and you go and talk to the female on your own number.

Five make sure that you have confidence. You have great posture. That’s basically, all I can say about that. One number, six um. To be quite honest, it is okay, if you’re a little bit awkward. There are some females that do find that adorable, when a guy is a little bit shy, it’s even better if you admitted that you’re shy are nervous when you’re talking to the girl. I’r sorry female, but yes just remember you don’t always have to be the macho masculine men.

When you’re approaching a female me on uh the end. I love a man with confidence, but that’s just my personal preference. Every girl’s, not like me, okay. Next, I believe we’re on number seven. I touched on this a little bit but read her body language. When you approach her is her undivided attention on. You is some good sexy eye contact going and you know like she’s she’s, obviously showing interest or is she looking around a room? Is she cold all is there like is? Does there seem like there’s no connection there or anything? Is she looking at her phone like xserve, her body language body? Language is a big major key when it comes to approaching anyone.

Okay, look at her body language. It will tell you a lot if she is interested or not. Eight. I believe we’re what number eight give her compliments um SS females. We put a lot of effort into looking good, so it’s never wrong with a compliment. Now, don’t give too many compliments. I I can’t stand. I appreciate compliments, but I can’t stand it when a guy over do over does overdo compliments. Oh, we do do to lunch.

You know like if a guy saying wow you’re pretty and I’m like. Oh thank you. No! No! No. I mean you’re really pretty like you’re. The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen a world like it is too much just just keep it simple. Next number: nine um answer: she has a man be polite. You should see if there’s a wedding ring on her left pink on my left hand, see there’s a ring and just know some girls will let it be known.

I had the mean, if that’s the case, I did the conversation and that’s that’s all I can tell you just leave the conversation. Okay tip number 10. This is not a requirement, but if you can make a girl laugh, oh my gosh, you, you will have went from like a five to an eleven okay. I don’t know not one girl on this planet earth that does not like a guy that can make her laugh. All I know is in my book, if you can make me laugh, which is not hard to do.

Um, you get a plus in my book in every other female on this planet earth that you want alright, so yeah. If you’re funny, I’m telling you right now that helps you a lot. Okay number eleven give the girl the option to give you her number. I know me personally, I’m traditional, I want a guy to take my number. Are it’s not rocket science? We can exchange numbers. You know tip number 12, keep the conversation short and sweet um.

This is not the moment to predate and it’s basically like the conversations that you will have at a first date, you’re having them right now at the introduction. So don’t do that. Just have a very short conversation introduction compliment notice, our body language, see if she’s interesting Union. If she’s cheap seems like that exchange comment, contact information go your separate ways. There is no reason to linger or stick around and don’t stalk her.

Neither don’t do that. I believe we are at tip number 13. I forgot to mention this and whatever anyway, let it be known why you are approaching her. What your attention is, so I’m guessing your attention. It’s a taker out on a date or I get to know her more. So please be clear on that when you are having this exchange with her next. This is a really really big one, and I need for you to listen. When I tell you it is tip number 14 read her personal space.

Please please, please read her personal space, so do not be this close all in her grill, where you can smell what she just had for lunch. Do not do that. I have had numerous times where guys have invaded my personal space, and it makes me feel so. Uncomfortable and so trapped do not do that tip number 15. This kind of goes hand in hand with tip number 14 read touching card. Don’t don’t place your hands on her anywhere.

Some females are very fragile on where you will you touch her, so it’s just best not to touch her. A handshake is good, but don’t don’t come up behind her and touch her waist or touch her shoulders of some girls are traumatized. So please be very careful with that as well. Well, you are approaching a girl make sure that she sees you full-on next tip number 16, I’m going to lose going to sound a little bit cliche, but just be yourself just relax the whole fun part about going out and meeting people and socializing supposed to be Fun, you know, don’t don’t stress about it or anything and going into tip number 17 getting used to being rejected.

Okay, if a girl rejects you do not call her every name under the Sun. You know it could be a number of reasons why you got rejected from her. Maybe she just got kicked out from her apartment or I don’t know she heard some bad news. I heard jaw but, like I said it could be numerous reasons on why you got rejected from her. It’s not always you, but then again it couldn’t be you the fact that she’s not attracted to you or attracted to you in a romantic way.

You know. So don’t let it get to you or anything like that, but yeah. It’s that’s the risk that you run when you’re approaching a female, and that’s why I think it is so important for you to pay attention to body language and to see if there is a mutual interest. But in the case that you get rejected. Just politely. Excuse yourself and that’s all you know there are so many fish in the sea. Don’t let it bring you down all right now, I’m going to do a little scenario on what I think it is a proper way to approach a female.

Take it into consideration. All my ticks so, let’s say we’re at a bar and we see this beautiful girl, I’m the guy, I’m a guy. We see this beautiful girl across the bar. She looks like our tight okay she’s. Looking at us, we got some eye contact going. She looks open and friendly. She keeps smiling at us every time we look at her. I look at people say it with us anyway. She looks like she wants us to come over.

She want me to come over here. Okay, take a deep breath, walk going over there, we introduce ourselves hi. My name is Larry. What’s your name, my name is Mia me and nice to meet you. She said nice to meet you um how’s your day going Mia. She sounds a little good um. She’ll probably ask for us back how’s your day, going, I’m good good, um so Mia, I want to say, you’re a very beautiful girl and I just kind of help myself, but is it okay? If we exchange contact information, I would really love to take you out on a date.

Now she can either say yeah. I would love to. It. Doesn’t take a listen another thing, a girl that want to decide if she wants to go out on a date with you or not? Okay, so yeah, she could say yeah sure I would love to um here’s. My phone number are give me your phone number or less exchange phone numbers. That’s what we want. We want her to say. Yes, of course, now let’s change phone numbers or whatever the case may be.

We go on our merry little way now they change also kinkle. Another way where she says no, I’m not interested, but thank you or she was like. No. I have a boyfriend or a husband there we go now. She says that just say: okay, no problem and your you date. Man move along okay, so you see in both and distance. You see in both situations how this can be handled, and you don’t have to approach a girl like how I did like definitely have some fun with it.

Be. You know be that sexy need that. You know you are and just have fun with it, make it natural. No more! I’r telling you the more you practice, the more you practice will approaching girls practice in front of the mirror practice with your female friends. When it comes to approach to girls, you will get better and you will get over that those butterflies in your stomach. You know, I know it’s nerve-wracking to approach your female, especially after you thought I got rejected.

No one likes to be rejected, but I’m sorry I need to bring you down my planet. It is very common all right anyway. I hope this article will help you if you can so kindly. Please give this article a thumbs up and please say that subscribe button and also make sure you follow me on my social media accounts. Okay, I will see you in my next article bye,


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