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From Pushy To Magnetic—The Secret To Getting More Sales

Com and today’s guest is going to help us with the thing that we all want help with making more sales. But we’re talking about guests I’d be remiss. If I didn’t properly introduce my co-host, the brain, the professor, you know you love them Scott Todd. It’s got Todd nets, land of moto, calm, you’re, not automating, your Craigslist and your Facebook, posting posting domination, com4, slash the langauge and, of course, learn more at investor ninjas, calm, scott Todd.

How are you I’m great? How are you you know what my pulse is still normal? My respiration is fine and I can track it now and I’m really going to try to convince you to get the Apple read, because I know my heart rate and you don’t well. I know that my heart rate is still pumping because I’m still here so what’s a number mark, what’s a number seriously like? Is this something that you’re not obsessing over, like oh, my gosh? What is it now making more sales? I know he’s going to help us make more sales.

John, let me say from John: let me say that I calm you don’t know John. He is known as the pitch whisper Shh he’s a sales keynote speaker and shares the lessons learned from his award-winning sales career. At Condon asked in his keynote better selling through storytelling, he shows companies sales teams how to become irresistible, so they are magnetic to their ideal clients. After John speaks, the sales team becomes revenue rockstars who know how to form an emotional connection and a compelling sales story with clients.

His TEDx talk, be the lifeguard of your own life has over 1 million views. His best-selling book is better selling through storytelling and he’s also the host of the successful pitch podcast, which is a big deal in over 60 countries, cause a big deal he’s been Lilly. King and John, wouldn’t say: welcome thanks mark thanks Scott great to be with you. Both John, let’s rewind the tape and let’s go to kondeh Nast mm-hmm.

What’s going on over there, why what would happen where you became like the pitch whisperer? Well, I was there for about 15 years and my job was to take the brands, which you probably know, some of them – GQ wired and if Eric digests and explained to brands like Lexus cars, why they should run their ads on those brands, print websites and then Eventually, some article platforms – and that really was the genesis of learning – how to tell good stories, because each brand had a different story and, of course, each model.

The car had a different target audience to reach. So it was that variety of pitches and stories that trying to find that fit like a puzzle, and that really is where I crafted my selling and storytelling skills. And then, in the last five years, I’ve been giving keynote talks specifically to audiences that have to win bake-offs shootouts beauty contests interviews, whatever we want to call it. You know when it gets down to that was final, two or three.

An ad agency has to do this to win new clients. I had to do it during media day when a big account like Lexus would bring in all the reps to pitch, and I know that whoever tells the best story in those one-hour bake-offs shootouts, whatever you want to call them, is the one that’s going to get The yes, and not the one that tells a bunch of boring information very interesting and with this model of storytelling work with any size company.

Where is it basically fortune? 500 companies? No, it works with anybody. I mean, if you, whoever, tells the best story to get hired if you’re in the real estate business. I just gave a keynote talk to the red Finny company. You know that uses technology and a different way of compensating their agents to get people to do it and real estate agents have to do this all the time to get a listing. You know.

Typically, the seller of a home will say: okay, I’m going to see three agents. Everybody come in. Do your dog and pony show me what you’re going to do to sell my house? How much you think it’s worth what you know and that’s your that’s! The same exact situation mark so again, if that real estate agent who’s pitching someone to give them the listing can tell a better story. If someone else, they helped you at a house or condo very similar to theirs what they did that separates them from the competitors.

Where there’s social, media or cool party, not just another open house, then people say. Ah I see myself in that story and I want to go on that journey with you and therefore storytelling allows people to not have to push the old way of selling. Is you know, hire me hire me bye, bye, bye, give me the listing whatever it is, and the new way is storytelling. So, instead of pushing you’re pulling people in because stories are magnetic and then you become magnetic and you can let go of this persona of being a pushy sales person, I love.

Ah you, like I’m big lanai stories. Stories are meaningful, but mark doesn’t tells the story, and I go in and tell a story because we we both listen to you, listen to you, we’re going to go in and we’re going to pitch our story. Yes, how do I beat mark like? What’s the secret sauce, like I mean we can all go in and tell stories, but there’s got to be something different to the story. That’s going to close the deal because I mean like they might just like mark story better than mine.

Is that what it is is just or or what’s the recipe to get me and my story over marks, I mean Scott, no offense, you lack warmth, maybe, but I do tell I think I tell better stories mark you do, but it’s like look. Do you want to go to the horror film and hear that story? I love the way you see what the expert says. Well, there’s a lot. We first of all Scott. My mission is to help as many people start telling stories.

So you know when, in these situations, where it’s between you and and to other people or to other firms, 90 % of people are not telling stories. So just the fact that you’re telling stories sets you apart now it is definitely my goal on this interview to give your listeners the secrets to telling a good story, and then we can get into the nuance of what’s going to make the story better and ironically, What Mark was teasing you about is a big factor, so there’s three unspoken questions that everybody has when they hear you pitch anything the first one is.

Do I trust you? It’s a gut thing. In fact, the handshake came about to show you didn’t, have a weapon in your hand and then it moves to the heart. Do I like you and that’s what Mark was teasing you about the empat, the more empathy you show, the more likeable you are and then it moves to the head where people are listening to you tell that story and there’s thinking to themselves. Do I will this work for me? That’s that’s work for those other people, but can I see you doing the same thing for me now, here’s the secret Scott and Mark you are not the hero of your story.

The client is, I want you to think of yourselves as Yoda and Star Wars or the Sherpa helping people climb up Mount Everest and when you tell a story with that context, then people are going to see themselves in the story and want to have you as Their Sherpa or Yoda, and so we can get into what makes a good story, and I can give an example, but I just wanted to let that land first to make sure that answered your question yeah.

We totally understand that. So, let’s, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of breaking down on the elements of what makes a powerful compelling story where the listener or the client or whomever you’re trying to persuade throw of that story. Yes, I think it’s important first to say that there’s three things you have to do when you’re telling a story to sell you have to sell yourself. First, then you sell the company, even if it’s just a one-person company and then you sell the product or service.

Most people forget the first two and jump right into the features and information of the product or service. So selling yourself is telling your story of origin. So when I was working with an architecture firm when they were up against some other architects and they would get to the team slide, I said all right. What are you going to stay here and they’re like? Oh, my name’s Bob I’ve been here 10 years.

This is what I do. I go. Okay, that’s not memorable. There’s no story there and I started asking them questions and it turns turn from that to you know when I was 11 years old, I played with Legos and that’s what inspired me to become an architect. Now I have a son, that’s 11! I still play with Legos with him. I bring that same passion. I’ve always had to this project. Okay, great. What do you do sue well before working here? I was in the Israeli army and I bring that same discipline and focus.

I learned there to make sure that if you pick us we’re going to make this sure this comes on time and under budget from the discipline and focus I learned in the Israeli army. So, there’s how I turn team stories into memorable hooks that people go. Oh I get who they are. I want to work with those people. I I love it war, John, so turning a case study into a story usually again back to the architect example.

They would show, before and after pictures of here’s what it looked like before we came in and redesigned the airport or the law firm and here’s what it looks like after so those pictures are great, but other people have pictures of before and after so where’s the Story so a story has four elements: the exposition who, what where, when paint the picture, the problem you’re solving the solution and the secret sauce the resolution.

So Scott, if Mark, doesn’t, do the resolution and you do you’re going to beat him so exposition with Gensler. I said alright you’re the top architecture firm. Let’s hear this story, they said alright. Two years ago we helped JetBlue at JFK renovate this whole terminal. The challenge was, we had to rip up all the floors in the middle of the night and get it done so that the retail stores could open on time.

We knew of all potential things that could go wrong because we’ve been doing this a long time. So we had all our vendors on call sure enough. Two in the morning a fuse blew, but we had somebody there in 20 minutes fixed it and at 8:59 in the morning the last tile went down and all the stores opened at 9:00 a.M. On time. Not one penny was lost and a year later, their sales are out 15 %, because the renovation has caused people to spend more time shopping position.

We painted the picture, told him where it was the problem. We turn it into a story. There’s a little bit of drama in conflict there and then the solution was it got Donna at 8:59. You see the suspense and in then the axe was the resolution a year later, revenues up 15 %. So if you just tell yeah, you know, if you don’t tell what life is like after you fix the problem or if you just got up there and said we’re somebody who uses critical thinking to anticipate problems.

That’s not really as memorable as a story where you show it instead of tell it okay, so John, can we get really really down to details like our niche? Yes, please, buying and selling raw undeveloped land. Yes, so the hero for us is going to be our buyer. That wants this asset. Yep essentially lasts forever. There’s no restrictions! You can do whatever you want on it. Yeah and potentially can go up in value.

Mm-Hmm, generational well you’re going to build your net worth so there’s all these benefits to it yep. But how can I not Scott? You can drop off now. How compelling create a story yeah where I’m leading that person you know as the hero of that story down the path of land ownership, with the resolution being you’ve got this generational asset. That is only limited by your imagination, or it could be.

You know something else that I’m just not even thinking about. Yes, let me ask you a couple questions, so we can hone in a little details what made you get interested in raw undeveloped land. For me, it was. I wanted to quit my dead-end job as an investment banker, and this was a way out: okay, so to build wealth yeah all right got it so this again, this is rough, obviously, but it’s probably a little more the right direction than what you might be doing Now so this would be something you could say in an pitch, possibly right, a cocktail party.

It’s like hey. What do you do? I don’t you’re a land geek. What does that even mean? Or you have this? I’ve listened to you in Scott, but I really don’t get what you do and you said you know picture this. Five years ago I was sitting at my desk as an investment banker and I’d gone to school. To do this and I was completely burnt out the hours. The stress I just couldn’t take it anymore and I kept thinking.

There’s got to be something better than this, where I could have some freedom, and I remembered the movie Gone with the Wind when Scarlett O’Hara’s dad said to her Lance got it they’re, not making any more of it get land, and I also obviously always used that Quote with a slight southern accent, and so I thought to myself wow if I became a person that could help other people who wanted to invest in something that has such huge potential, I mean think of it.

It’s undeveloped, its raw. You can paint your own picture and buyers say you know, I don’t really think the malls are the future. I want to do something else. This is the place to do it, and so I found people who are just like you who have money to invest and want to build it, and I know exactly where they want to go with it and they want to build their net worth today, because is That you know they said it’s not they’re, not making any more of it, and the thing that I love most about helping people increase their net worth while creating something great.

Is that they’re building a legacy for this generation and wants to follow? Because, let’s face it, the money you buy in a car there’s no legacy there. Would it be great if long after you’re gone, that your future generations are grateful to you for buying this raw undeveloped land and turning it into something? That’s made an impact on the world, that’s how I tell that story. I love it now. Would that be just as powerful a copy as it would face-to-face? Yes, yeah the emails websites, all that your story of origin, you know, use most websites have an about page and telling that story is really where you put that Scott Todd.

What do you think? I think it’s pretty good now I I have a question John. All right like when, when I get up there – and I tell the story like that about me, like nobody cared like people, really don’t care about me or, and they keep up their own dang problems right like like you time I like play with Legos when I Was 11 if I heard that I’d like so white you played with Legos when you’re 11? What’s that going to do for me today, I know you kind of Hanser it with us soon.

Well, I bring the same enthusiasm whatever but like to me that doesn’t like what marks story they’re, it’s a great little fluff piece but like man like I’m missing it right, like he’s, got to go back and show the resolution I think you can see. I could connect immediately as someone who has a son that loves Legos as a kid. It creates an immediate bond new thing out there, Scott called the clerk. Yes come on man.

I think. Let me let me let me reflect back what I heard you say, which is what’s known as active listening, which is a great way to build rapport as well, which is something that a lot of people are not skilled at doing, and you have not accepted the Premise that you have to sell yourself first before you sell your company or your product, because you are someone who has a mindset of let’s just get to it.

However, I promise you you buy emotionally and then back it up with logic. If you go buy a sports car or Lamborghini Ferrari whatever it is, they don’t say this gets this many miles to gallon they’re, going to say Scott. Imagine how sexy you’re going to look in this, how fun it’s going to be to drive this car they tap into the emotions, that’s what storytelling does and if you’re trying to become memorable and people hire.

You know like in the case of Gensler, they were told it’s between you and two other firms. You all have the skills to design this Airport we’re going to hire the people we like the most because we got to work with you for five years. If you don’t tell a story about who you are how they possibly going to get to trust like and know you, so that’s what’s in it for them to listen to that story and what you’re going to say.

That in fact makes you memorable. So let me ask you the same question: Scott: what in the world made you get into raw undeveloped land and want to work with mark? It was all about me honestly, like it was about, like my job was coming to an end. I had to get out of the rat race and so, like I listened to this guy called the land geek. I followed everything he said and I replaced my income in like a blink of an eye right just by following what he said.

Not thinking for myself. So it’s all pure greed on my part, got it, but you have been on a little bit of a hero’s journey from hating. What you did. We will have the hero’s journey. That is right. I don’t have a yes, so if other people can see themselves going on that same hero’s journey and want the freedom you have, the resolution of your story would be. What is my life like now that I don’t have to worry about paying bills? Yes and it’s much better than Marxist he’s, the marine of life he’s a pilot, so he flies.

He has. He owns a boat he’s in Tampa, so he’s on the water and then on land. He actually is just building not only his own net worth through passive income, but he’s he’s giving back and he’s like the Sherpa helping other people get to where they want to be. Yes, he’s like that Lancey right yeah, so I don’t even know how to picture it, but right, I think this constant yeah. I also picked up some hesitation on your part, Scott, that you don’t care about anybody else’s story, we’re.

So why would anybody care about mine yeah? No, no, it’s not. I could the reason. I’r saying this is look. There’s a guy out there there’s a guy who wrote a book story brand right, like you know, Donald Miller, I’m I don’t know if you’ve read it or not, I know of him. Yes, yes, and you know the one thing that I’m going to say. The one thing that rubbed me in an interesting way was that the premise that I just took with you was was basically his premise to is, like you go to someone’s website and it’s like hey.

This is who I am, and I it’s about it’s about me, and I see this. I see this happen on other land investors, people that we’re trying to help as well. They create a website. Like hey, look at me, I’m you know this is who I am this we’re brothers or whatever and honestly, like someone’s going to your website. That’s a nice little story, piece behind, but they’re going there to solve a problem and you might be able to solve their problem, but to lead with that to me is is not the right step right like it’s appear, let’s help.

First, you identify the problem. Yes, what you talked about didn’t apply your problem. So, let’s let me clarify what Mark’s question was to me. He said is the concept of storytelling, something that can be used in a website and on copy right right. No, that’s fine! So my answer to that was yes in the About section of your website. It is fine. If you go to Donald miller’s website, you will clearly see I went there myself just now, there’s an about page so for guys, but the message of what he does is the middle.

The same thing for my website. Whoever tells the best story gets the sale. I don’t talk about my story of origin, but it’s there for people who want to know it once they know that I can solve their problem right and that may be – and that makes sense so because, before we’re going to, you know, transfer any kind of value To somebody we want that extra assurance about that person’s credentials right, so I go to your website okay here tonight.

Can I trust you do I like you, and will this work for me, those three things that everybody who’s successful answers somewhere either in person or on their website? It’s just a matter of Scott’s priority and I agree with you, Scott. You definitely need to say here’s who I helped and here’s what problem I solve and guess what here’s, what life is like for them after I’ve solved their problems in the case of executive search firms that I gave a keynote talk to Ben Vegas at the Four Seasons, they were saying, you know we can’t what order we present in.

We asked to go last hoping that’ll make us memorable, but you telling us if we tell a better story, not just of who we are, but of other firms, we’ve helped and I’m placed and what their life is like. After hiring us there. That story’s makes us memorable, even if we go first so now, they’re winning more new clients from using storytelling as a sales tool, not a branding tool, a sales tool. That’s my unique niche yeah, you know mark that’s.

The thing is, like you know when you think about what John saying and you think about how you can apply, that one of the things that we don’t do often enough is we talk about the land, but then we don’t talk about like our customer success on That land journey in the resolution of it, like I mean like the guy that you have on your website, you know the I forgot his name, but he gave you the testimonial article right, the guy.

What’s his name again, it doesn’t matter whatever we yeah so essentially, like you have the testimonial article on your website, which is cool. However, that’s not the resolution to it right, like he’s just talking about what a great honest person you are, but there is a great story behind that article that led to this, that you could then take and incorporate like hey, listen, let me tell you how I’ve Helped people on their landmine journey.

We did this and then like take this guy, for example, this guy. He now owns his property, even though, even though he almost lost what he did because of a health issue or an economic downturn or a lost his job. Here’s! What he has to say so, it’s almost like you could take that piece and incorporate your testimonial articles into the to the customer journey to the resolution piece. I think that gets missed a lot of time and John kind of picked up on that.

Yes, if you have a testimonial mark, that’s just talking about how likable you are and how the guy, who trusts you you’ve, got two out of the three, but you don’t have people in their head going well. Will that work? For me, okay, Mark’s, a nice guy and he’s trustworthy – that’s important, but I’m instill in my head going. Do I want to opt in for an email or learn more? What’s the next step, I don’t know that I would work for me and that if your nails can’t talk about that, then and then what life is like after it’s working for me, then I’m really your future pacing people yeah and that’s why I’m going to buy Your book yeah drill down to do all this and, at the same time make sure that Scott never gets a copy and just doesn’t get the whole concept so that my selves quadruple while he remains Wow.

So John. I want to know like what is the thing you’re in your sales expertise like. What’s the one thing people do wrong, the most that you would say. I think the thing that people do wrong the most is they think if I give you enough information, you’re going to say yes, I can. I can inundate you with information, you just don’t have enough information to say yes, when in fact people buy emotionally and backed it up with logic, and you have to tell a story of why they should care and show them someone else.

Who’s been through. The exact same situation and use empathy, you know, Maslow, said if the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer. You tend to go around looking for a lot of nails to hit well, if Scott’s only got the one tool of you know buy from me information. Don’t tell any stories, Bam. Bam. Bam do a bunch of bunch of stuff on the wall. I hope it sticks. You know, good luck, god bless, it doesn’t work anymore.

The new way is tell a story become magnetic and the biggest mistake I see people making is not telling compelling concise and clear stories of how it helps people and why they would want to be on that journey. I love it. Scott Todd I’m still going to be chin in our sales pitch. I got it okay. Now. What do you have? Scott? Oh, I promise I won’t use it. I already told you like you got ta, listen to me mr.

Reso, Martin, okay. So the resolution is the Ford they didn’t have this raw land. They had XY and Z in their lives. After we were able to make this the simplest easiest most trans, if in its transparent real-estate transaction that they’ve ever had, and not only that we didn’t wreck their credit, because we can give a credit check right, we’re old to old school land sellers. Your word is your bond.

They were able to get an asset that he’d never thought they would be able to own and now that they that they own it life is like this. They can go and unplug, they can go out there. All and there’s no cell towers, they can be closer with their family, their friends, their impressing, their banker with their net worth on their balance sheet having this asset and they go to sleep every night, knowing that, god forbid, they don’t wake up the next day.

They have something of a legacy to pass on to their children. John wouldn’t say is that a good resolution, that’s a great resolution. What you’re really selling there is peace of mind before you were anxious and worried, and now after doing this process, which we walk, you through, you know it’s. It might seem overwhelming to try and figure this out by yourself. What if I buy the wrong piece of land, you know, but you have all the step by step, proven processes to buy the right piece and make sure that the solution is seamless without even impacting your credit.

And now you have peace of mind. That’s really what your the resolution and something that’s building and leaving a legacy you’ve tapping into all the mind, psychological reasons why people pull the trigger on something yeah, you know, would be great John. If there’s like a book that gave you a roadmap, how to do this, if only yeah yeah yeah – I mean you, know, people you’re on this journey I’ll be really curious to see.

What’s got Todd thinks of this of going from invisible to irresistible, and I talk about that a lot in better selling through storytelling, each rung of the ladder. Where do clients see you like? If I’ve never heard of you guys or the land geek, then you’re invisible to me, but I’ve heard of you, but I don’t think I ever want to own land or couldn’t than anything significant. Then you say something to me like.

Oh, maybe I don’t need a gazillion dollars to bias and land. Then it’s interesting still not ready to do it. Then you really intrigued me with you start describing someone who’s. Just like me. Age-Wise income, wise stressful frustration, wise and I’m intrigued to learn more and then I opt-in for your free, PDF or whatever it is you’re next part of the funnel is, and then I actually buy land and give you a testimonial.

Then I you’re irresistible to me. I become your brand ambassador, so that’s really. The roadmap to success is using that those rungs in the ladder I love it after the podcast down. I do have 40 acres that we can discuss. I’r hearing the theme song gone with the wind in the back of my mind, I love it, so I think your mentorship, this podcast, has been really phenomenal and and thank you for putting up with our shenanigans it’s that again, I love the word shenanigans, let alone The actual shenanigans – yes, it makes it fun um, but I would like to ask you for one more piece of value, a website, a resource, a book and something else actionable with the art of passing.

The listeners can go and improve their businesses improve their lives. Yes, you all right Scott Todd. This is for you and all the other people listening take out your phone text. The word pitch spelled with a P. Keep it clean this number six, six, eight six six and I’m going to send you a free, sneak peak of better selling through storytelling, so text. The word pitch to this number: six, six, eight, six, six and boom you’ll get the sneak peak.

That gives you all the secrets of how to go from invisible to irresistible and become better storytellers instantly. I just did it and I’m getting my my email right now boom. You know, I think I’d beat Scott, so that’s good. It faster stuns way faster guys his slow founds, but yeah. It’s okay, don’t worry about. Okay! I might not be able to share my tip of the week with you I’ll say it for John in John yeah.

For John only – and I you Mark so check out in yo dot me, I in Y o dot M he in U dot me and basically what this is is. Basically, this is a way to help automate tasks that you just don’t like for, and it’s really geared towards, like you know, freelancers, if you will, but essentially to me, I can see like getting my BAC use this stuff to help them become automated, better and working Through so for example, you can teach them how to automate some reminders or how, to you know, get files that they might need and bring them all in together into a nice fancy platform.

So essentially, it’s got automation built into it, some pretty cool stuff that goes along with it, so you know upload and track documents and just everything that kind of a freelancer might need in order to kind of help automate some of their work without having to have Me do it so I’m sharing this stuff with my bas, so maybe you should too if it works for ya, but why not use that beer? How is this different well, this is.

This is like think of like a platform that will help them kind of do your work. Better zapier will help automate other things, but this is like another back-end component, and the thing is that, when you’re automating through zapier, that’s really something that is really to help. You automate more than just your bas, but this is stuff that they need to do and stay on top of it’s like basically helping you helping them to automate their work with a pretty cool platform.

Oh cool, I hate when Scott has a good tip of the week, but that is a good one. Well, my tip of the week is learn more about John Lewis: a and better selling through storytelling. If you go to John, let me stay calm. You can learn a ton more there and just if you break down John’s website, you’ll see how he practices what he preaches, and it’s really interesting how he does that. So, even just as his own case study go to John, let me say calm and I know nobody can spell it so I’ll – have a link to it and and do that so John.

Are we good we’re great thanks mark and Scott was a lot of fun. Thank you good, we’re good mark all right. I want to thank the listeners and just remind you that the only way, the only way we’re going to get the quality of guests, like a John would say, is if you do us three little favors, you got to subscribe and get a rate you’ll review. The podcast send us a screen shot of that review to support at the land.

Geek comm we’re going to send you for free the ninety seven dollar. Passive income launch kit course. So please do that. Also, this podcast is sponsored by flight school. Have Scott Todd, be your Sherpa climb that mountain start earning passive income in real time with somebody working the business with you? That is what flight school is all about. Learn more go to the landing comm forward, slash training and Scott.

We ready to do this. We are ready mark, let freedom freedom ring thanks. Everybody thanks Jenna


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