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Music promotion – Soundcloud Pro Account – watch before

I started this one last week. The pro count and for only one reason to do to check is it worth or not? Do I have good results or not? Okay, I uploaded 505 tracks in how the Equality very good quality – and I can show you – I have all my tracks here. I pay actually 10 euros every mouth for the wall year about hundred euro 90 % of the feedback that I get is spam.

A lot of spam spam spam spam like this, but I am sure you know the problem, so people like Bruges and many many other people, some DJ’s producers or members of SoundCloud brought me. I asked them about the problem and they meant. Yes, that’s true, but that’s problem from SoundCloud. Okay, is it worth or not? For me, I paid for one year and I will see it’s depend if you want to support your tracks.

Yes, it’s a very good thing, because you have a lot of possibilities and for me very interesting, the opportunity to to check who is a listener. Who are my fans and you can really do things that you couldn’t do with the normal account. But actually I don’t use always opportunities and all these possibilities actually from the pro account for me important. I can reach here with all my tracks, more people and they promote my sound for free, so you can try it.

I think the price is not bad. You can try it or don’t, try it and use actually the free account you can upload about six hours, tracks, audio tracks and ok. The paint of you needs in my last tube. I show it you for music works promotion side, also a good thing, because it’s free, but also you can start promotions and pay for this. Okay back to the SoundCloud, as I told you many many spam, but otherwise you – and that makes me also happy you get from response from people that, like your sound and these people is not a spam, but I never never will thought that SoundCloud have so a Big problem with spam: it’s amazing it’s amazing and the same problem I see also in in YouTube before upload tube.

So I get three anytime. I get spam mails and whatever, okay guys, that’s all maybe you’ll like it. Try it. If you don’t pay the ten Europe or the hundred euro in the year, so try not and just work with a normal account. You know it better. Let me in like me, but please think about you – will get enormous enormous many many spam I’ve wrote SoundCloud, but they told me I have to to write all this spam or to send them to send them anytime.

So I actually think I have better things to do then to select all the spam and send them okay, but I don’t think that I would continue this profound. But okay, I have a lot of mounts to promote my tracks, my sound and, let’s see what it will bring. So thanks for reading listening, see you soon with new tubes about my new beats the site. I just try to to sell beats, but I will explain in my next year see ya.


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