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Marketing for Artists 101 – Growing a Following on Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube

Alright guys this is the Jade insider today We’re making some coffee all you need to make bulletproof coffee’kay better than regular coffee gives you energy without being jittery so for everyone, who’s on this, like entrepreneurial journey Or you’re, doing like a lot of long focus work.

This is really yummy and really good. So all you need is some milk. I use half-and-half organic, but you can use plant-based milk And you need some of this. This is the brain. Octane oil says “ rocket fuel for the brain and the body”. But for me It’s just more like ( HELP ), then you need some beans. I use this ( bleep ), but you can also use the actual bulletproof brand yeah. My mom really likes this, but she’s Been drinking this for a while, but I think it tastes like s.

* * t yeah, I’m really picky, so I like through them It’s by Stumptown, Okay, two handfuls of beans, I’m going to grind it up and I forgot, if I told you guys my day, but it’s been pretty great. So I had a phone call and I’ve been really just invested in this like music industry thing, So I thought I’d share it with you guys some value I found and drink some coffee, one of my family’s client, I’m using four ice cubes guys.

If you make this recipe at home, please tag me: I want to see So try one teaspoon at a time too. Much of this can upset your stomach. What ( HELP ) Guys? Don’t let coffee ruin your teeth, so the oil lays on top. If you can see that, oh my god, it’s like everywhere And then your’re going to take the half and a half – and I add it to the Top ( sung ) – Oh there’s a seal. Okay, then you add the milk on top.

I usually add it to the rest of the drink. Noooooooo We’re going to try it. Oh this is so good. Okay, mmm ten out of ten Love, it I’m a chef Yeah. I really do like this uh Brain octane stuff, so my hands are oily, but I think we should talk about artist marketing now, mm-hmm tastes, so good, It’s so good. It looks like this. I wanted to talk about just this common question. I got so. First of all, you guys are super super sweet.

All the comments I get are is so nice and you guys are actually super engaging So like thank you for reading SONG PLAYS ( Shout Out to the comment winner, ) Comment on this post to be featured in the next episoooode ) SONG ENDS. I really appreciate you guys, so if you haven’t already make sure you like this article, because I just made a mess for you guys um and subscribe to this blog for more I post every single day.

So, let’s just get into the first thing. The question I got was like “. I was wondering What do you think about influencer marketing, especially for musicians?”? The artists are in a huge place right now, There’s a huge just like opportunity there, And I really do believe this is like one of my main next focus is like I’m already managing a few Artists marketing strategies. So I guess this is just an industry.

I wan na dive into so good question. I’ve took a few courses, and one of them is from a music management company in Netherlands, and one of the CEOs was like basically create a fan. Funnel Fan funnel is just a cone and there’s four levels to it. So the top of the stage is the awareness. Third stage is the Follower, then you have fans and then you have superfans. So all of this funnel, like thing I’m going to say, works for marketing, but especially for musicians that, when you’re trying to create a fan base, so The superfans are people that buy every single thing.

You put out that buy your Mixtape that buy your concert ticket. That buy your merch most of them They’re, like two percent of your entire following, don’t be unrealistic. It’s going to be hard to convert everyone, but what I’ve learned is. If you keep that mentality – And you spread your content over multiple platforms, You can create a really engaged super fan. Community Um. So if say, SoundCloud, artists, okay, one of the questions It was like “ is using a bigger blog, a good way to get fans?”.

So I think getting like okay, for example, getting SoundCloud repost it or like SoundCloud reposts And, like other blogs, featuring your work is a great way for the awarness level. But there’s no way in heck. Are you going to convert all those to people that listen to your your actual music? Okay, There’s going to be a lot of work that, on your end, to get those people to the end of the funnel? You want to get Super fans, but just be realistic with yourself.

I think, get a on the awareness level, okay, Get it on soundcloud, repost it or get it on YouTube. Whatever Awareness level works for you, but you know maybe communicate with a big like mass distributing company, but that awareness level needs to also be followed up with the Followers so make people subscribe to your YouTube or Instagram K, Get them engaged, and then your fans, Maybe Get them into your new mailing list or your exclusive For my example: I’m developing apps for personal brands, Maybe get them into your circle And then, finally, you know your superfans need to be like people that are like always in the whole 360 realm, and you Have To be creative with it so I’d say: that’s my position on in regards to like COFFEE BREAK, That’s good, so in regards to influencer marketing, Make sure you have a small fan base, but make sure you think about a super fan base.

I think getting reposted is just only the top of the funnel. You still need to do a lot of work. You still might want to place more ads. You want to do more collaborations. You might want to post daily content to get your followers going. It takes time guys There’s no way just by getting reposted You’re growing a fanbase um one of my friends who’s a it’s like killing it with clown cloud Alijah, with like 16 million streams Right so like he puts in a lot of emphasis on posting.

A lot of work and one of them will gain momentum, And you still have to follow up that work with really good content after because you don’t want to be all one-hit, wonder: Okay, what ever happened to Carly J Repsen? You know that song, like call me, Maybe, was a freaking lit song and now she’s, just like not here so thinking about time always distribute your content over. You know long term time instead of short term and that will make sure you’re in the game for a long time.

Instead of having a one-hit-wonder career as a musician COFFEE BREAK # 2, I really need to get ready so um. I hope you enjoyed straight insider coffee edition, And I hope you guys also make this. It’s really really yummy and really good for you hmm Hold up. If you could do me, a huge Favor give this article a like and hit that subscribe button Turn all my posted on vacations. Now That would mean the wooorld to me and I’d really appreciate it.


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