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Best Social Media Marketing Tools To Create Engaging Content

I own a social media marketing agency and I also have my own personal brands on Instagram and YouTube where I, basically, you know, document the journey of building up that agency to seven figures, and I also show you guys. You know how to start your own social media marketing agency, breakout at 9:00 to 5:00 and basically live a laptop lifestyle, live a life of freedom and live life on your own terms – and I just got this question from Sam and he was basically struggling with creating Engaging content mainly for his ad, so not necessarily content, for you know Facebook and social media etc, but mainly for the ads.

So what he basically asked me know what kind of tools could he use to increase the engagements and the click-through rate? Etcetera is ads in the previous article. I already showed you guys a few examples of interrupts, which basically means you get people to stop from mindlessly scrolling on the phones or on Instagram or Facebook, and get them to actually look at your ad properly and by using the pan interrupt features.

You can basically get people to stop in their tracks and you know increase the click-through rates because people click on your ads, try and figure out. You know what is actually going on. So if you have a chapter that article make sure you do, I highly recommend you read it and in this article I’m basically going to rant about tools, and you know just give you a few little tips and tricks on how to basically increase that engagement rates.

On your ads, so first things first in terms of how to create the ads. You know a lot of people think that they need Photoshop Lightroom and they need to have mad editing, skills stuff like that guys lately, for I I can you know I always work with Photoshop. I do also always way with Lightroom, but 99 % of the time unless I’m crane and is from story article ads, I just use, come back, let’s be for everything.

Why? Because it’s so so easy to use everything I can do in Photoshop. I can make sure to in camera as well. It’s it’s just great to work with so camera comm free websites. For those of you that I’ve already got a lot of experience with camera just bear with me. I will get into like fair the tools later on, and so basically you can create design. You’ve got all kind of examples here. Animated social media is a new feature.

I have actually not clicked on that. Just yet so you’ll see what happens and what. Basically, these are all like in the right format, so the example is going to YouTube thumbnail. It’s 1280 by 720 nowadays is actually 19 80 bytes 10 1920 by 1080. But you know I shouldn’t say here: they’ve all got the right dimensions and formats, so I click on a design. You’ve got all kinds of templates here on the left that you can choose from and also you know, you’ve got elements and stuff like that, but you can create yourself and then you can also upload your own images here.

So we click on elements. You’ve got a back set all the shapes. Where are the templates? There we go templates. So what is actually the rav go? Show ya the animations, I should say living a koala for life. This all changes up, so yeah canva is definitely a great tool to use. You can create really nice-looking advertisements with it, and so in terms of this images, for example, I should see the text is quite big and and one thing that a lot of people go wrong with when Crane ad.

So let me just quickly go onto one that isn’t a kind of animation. So how does it go back? Oh here we go back to home. Internets is a little bit slow today, guys. Apologies for that, and so let’s say we’re creating a Facebook post or a Facebook ads for that matter. To do to do the internet, slow, okay, I’m not going to spend too much time! Y’All, let’s go to the yard so on, because the text is big and okay.

So, let’s just say, hypothetically speaking guys my design click on download he votes or the choice. In what format you want it lets you do jpg, it’s nice and small, preparing your design. That’s fine, so basically we can now do is okay, it saves us title design. What we can all do is go to text overlay tool, which is a Facebook tool and make a BCC how much of the text I centers of the image and contains text.

If it’s more than twenty percent, so more than 20 percent of the image or the text is covered more than 20 percent of the image, then Facebook will limit the amount of reach that the text or the the image gets. Why just cause Facebook? This from wanting to spam so face will just once basically the the creative of the ads to be as much image as possible. So this is the text overlay tool. You click on upload, go to downloads and mobile record on title design.

There is okay and then just oh, I already click on upload. I should see image and text is low. Your ads reach might be slightly lower. You may reach fewer people because there’s too much text in the image Facebook Affairs add images with little or no text. Consider changing your image before placing your order, so I can see here so the text image. Okay, is your as well for normally what we just had is text image was low and obviously you know edit text.

If your ad is just completely text on the image, it will say image, text height and then Facebook might even just disapprove your ads. Okay, precise, there’s a little quick tool to use when creating the ads and then in terms of actually how to find images. In terms of the ads, another great way to find images is through Google, and no, not the Google images actually find the specific ads for your.

You know whatever it is you’re doing ads, for so say, for example, you have a cinema as a client. Let’s say you know it’s a cinema in London, so you can type in symbol on them. I have no idea what the cinemas are. Call them on the rich mix, no Odeon, I think that’s, I think, that’s indeed, okay, anyway, so, okay, so let’s just do audio. Might be easier, audio launch, I should say: Google comes up with all the different audience in London and I base what you can do is you can find images in Google of you know the different cinemas in lumen and you can use those for your ads.

So let’s say we click on Odeon Leicester Square. I can see here at the bottom. We’ve got images that people have taken and uploaded to Google and of the Odeon in Leicester Square. We can use these images for it’s not only few little things that you need to take into consideration with ads its ads with people always outperform as without people in you know, in terms of images like this. Obviously, you know if you’ve got graphics, it’s a little different, but images with people perform better.

With that said, images with people they you know from face in the camera, we’re better than people. You know images of just random people with the backs towards the camera and them images with a smile to the patient. Its person is smiling towards the camera. Those images are the best. That’s why I love the influencer images when they eat. No, that’s Italy. In whatever case, like that influence of the camera you know smile and in the cake at the same time, because images like that we’re best, which brings me to my next tip.

Let’s say you are working on some and that is relatively mainstream. You know yeah, let’s go with Starbucks, for example, go onto Instagram find influencers to have nice-looking images with you know with that make or brands you know on the on the image. Why? Because you know, there’s a reason why there are influencers who might have got a big following is because they take. You know, aesthetically, pleasing images as well.

Okay, so you can use those image. You know for your ads and you know if they didn’t want you to use the ads and you should not put on a scum in the first place. Yes, officially, you should ask for permission, but in my case I would rather ask for forgiveness rather than permission. You know just cause speed, trumps everything I’d rather move fast, get it done where apologize later, then you know, wait ages for permission when you’re equal to be making a profit with the ads for your clients.

Okay, so that is a quick little tip, so yeah make sure you have front facing people, people walking happy on images and then also use the pan interrupts from the previous article. So long story short the border to say who I’m the arrow. If you wan na know more about that, make sure to check out that previous article, but you know, add those two not often or not, all at once, but add no sprinkle. The pattern interrupts over your creatives and you know just read your click-through rates go up and then, in terms of in this case the cinema, wife, children cinema is because some has got a theater as a client.

So if there’s a cinema, but that’s my chain of thoughts and but you can also go with like long queues in front of the cinema and then you can also add like the circle around – that can also create a pattern. Interrupt at is relevance because long queue from the cinema means it’s busy, which means you know, social proof, etc. Okay, so those are basically like my tips and tricks in terms of the images.

I don’t really necessarily use tools. The text overlay tool is one bullying that guys, I mainly just use canva and then, in terms of the headlines, I always make sure that I add a pleasure and a pain. So, for example, in terms after the cinema, we can have something like how to read movies without, I don’t know screaming kids. In the background you know, and so like that’s what the pleasure is to read all movies paying about the screaming kids.

In the background, again put a bit more thought into it, that was just you know me off top of my head and then, if you want any type of inspiration for your headlines or just for your eyes and just go to the Facebook ad library – and that Is basically nowadays because the gdpr and mark constantly in the news Mark Zuckerberg Facebook now have to add lively way and see what other people are know, what all there and ads are being borne by other people, so we can type in odeon.

No idea of all you guys actually got ads, and this is usually you looking now. Let’s say: you’re come look, don’t you just love the Internet’s wince like it is a face with a problem. I know, but slow internet just grinds my gears. It’s settle! Okay. So this movement, let’s say spaces, there’s two ways to get to the Facebook ads library. The first way is obvious: go to facebook.Com, slash a slash. Sorry, another way is by going on to Facebook itself and then going through the page.

So this is the page audience cinemas when you can go on to the right hand, side page from Sam’s. Be transparency. Like you see, this page is currently run ads, so you go to the ads library and bitch. That’s the same place. You’ll end up. If you’ve done it through here, so I see what they’re doing there are no ads that match your search criteria. That is correct because we are filtering in the Netherlands and we basically want to see all the countries they are learning.

So we change the URL string from NL to a ll which stands for. Oh, so all the countries, let’s see what comes up okay, frozen, zoo article, remember on Facebook Instagram the audience in that way, we should be like all the other networks that connected the Facebook, not messily on Facebook itself and on the messenger Jumanji it looks like and Might be stories hundreds unsure, but you see a lot of articles and this is a good one.

Why? Because it’s got a pace and no front facing camera off your face: that’s Matt, Damon and but yeah. If you know it’s facing the camera and obviously a person stands out more than just this anyway and then a front facing camera as well. It’s a article so yeah, that’s quite a good ad. That’s a good ad pattern interrupt and sort of, because you know he’s doing some in his jacket and if your ad is like a small little sail around the school or you know on his jacket.

That would have been even better. But your dealer know, as I can use as inspiration – well the top loop over here. Obviously it is in line with their Brandon and but yeah. They look quite good. The bass bass, what you can use to find inspiration for your ads as well as your headlines. Okay terms of the headlines, they could use a lot of ways. This is calling or frozen funds book to see frozen. We given okay, that’s quite cool headline.

Don’t miss us at the conclusion to the Skywalker saga book your ticket now look. We could that could have. No, don’t a bit away. Emojis also work really well with your headlines, but yeah. That’s basically a guys. That is how you know you can create engaging, add some craters for your ads. The tools are combat text overlay to Facebook, ads library and then just use Google to find the images if your client doesn’t provide you with any type of contents.

Okay, so hope you got some how’s this and hope you enjoyed this article. If you did make sure to leave a thumbs up and comment down below what I’d like to see for my blog next subscribe to blog for more and I’ll, see you guys in the next one

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