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How To Start Social Media Marketing (SMMA) As A Beginner In 2020 – STEP BY STEP

I often referred to myself as like the guinea pig, so I test things out see what wakes myself and then, basically I passed it on to you guys or to those that are in my coaching program. So, as you can see here on this virtual whiteboard fun fact that has actually got a real whiteboard, any more used to have one in the office, but don’t actually have one at home. So that’s why we’re using this virtual whiteboard for now, but as you can see, we’ve got four pillars if you will – and these are basically the four pillars of social media marketing.

So what I like to do, when I have a business model or a funnel or a flow or anything that I want to map out, I always try and break it down into its simplest form. I try and keep it as simple as possible. You know I see all these gurus trying to make this sound, extremely complex. It just to confuse you and to source to try and impress you with their knowledge and skills, but to be fair. Social media marketing is extremely simple.

It’s just a service based business model where you offer your services to clients in exchange for a monthly retainer. So, as you can see, these are the four pillars of social media marketing and the first pillar is obviously outreach, so you need to be reaching out to businesses to see if they actually need your help. Let me just quickly erase that and go for a black font where they change that here we go, so I think it’s black now, no, it’s still great okay, fair enough, the others.

They were great for nothing so for outreach, so the first pillar of social media marketing is reaching out outreach. You need to be reaching out to a bunch of businesses. You know again we’ll get into the niche pic and etc in in a later stage of this article, but the first pillar. The first thing you need to do before anything else is to reach out to businesses and see a lot of people getting stuck with this.

Where they build the website, they are unsure about what to do, because they don’t know how to get results for clients, etc and obviously guys I just just focus on the outreach first and all the rest will fall into place and i’ve done the exact same. You know i’ve made this exact mistake myself when I first started out in 2016, I got into what I like to call the website mentality. Where okay, you know, I decided.

Okay, I want to start social media marketing. So the first thing I did was I googled how to build a website, because I thought, okay, if I am an agency, I need this. This no fancy looking website, but I did not know how to build a website and I didn’t have the money at the time to you get someone else to build the website, because I actually spends all my money on online courses. So I spent the first month, you know basically trying to figure out how to build a website with WordPress, I readed all the articles on YouTube, etc.

Finally, built a website after like a month of trying to figure it all out, and then I saw this YouTube article of a guy that had a lead magnet. I had no idea what a lead magnet was at the time, so again went back into discovery. Mode starts looking into lead magnets, then I, I listened, wrote out an entire book on like the 10 steps that businesses go wrong or make same mistakes that businesses make with social media marketing.

So once I he book, then I tried to figure out how to actually sell it as a lead magnet and before I knew I was like three four months down the line and not a single business was reached out soup. Not a signal single message was since to potential clients, so if you are starting out, the first thing you need to do is outreach. Okay, again, like I said we will get into how to do that, how to pick an easy touch in a late stage of the article, but you want to start with the four pillars here.

So the first pillar is outreach. The second pillar is sales okay. So you reach out to a business and in the second pillar, is you need to sell that business on your service, the great or the easy way to do? This is, unless you ask them, okay: where are you now? Where do you want to be, and if you think that the service that you are offering can take them from A to B, then you offer your service. Then we’ve got project management, which is, let’s see what it says.

You know you are managing the project, so each individual clients is or can be seen as an individual project, and you need to manage that. So you need to make sure that the clients is happy that he is getting reports every now and again or updates. Every now and again that, basically all of the demands calls on quotes of the clients, rbms KPIs are being hit, and so on and so forth and in the last pillar is project development, and that is actually you getting the results for the clients so actually Brewin.

The Facebook Ads, if that is what you’re offering actually building the website, is that if that’s what you’re offering actually posted on the social again, if that is what you are offering okay, so this is SR MA in its simplest form: outreach sales project, management’s project developments; Okay, now I have said that this will be you you know before while explaining this, but that does not necessarily mean that you need to be doing every single one of these pillars.

So, for example, with outreach you can have appointment status. Let me just see if I can actually change this column out. No still gray still can’t figure out how to change it. I’ve got something to do with something here. I better go. That’s black so I’ll quickly erase this on the eraser there we go okay, so I said you can get appointments setters to set appointments for you. You can find data miners that will find email addresses for you.

You can even run Facebook Ads to generate meetings, etc. You know there are so many ways of doing outreach that does not necessary need to be you manually reaching out these businesses. Okay same goes for sales. You can get a hi to her closer to do. You know the way for you to close the client for you and you can even just get a sales team that does it for you, and this can all be on commission basis.

So, for example, the appointment set that you can say: okay, you will get 10 % of the first month for setting the appointments. If the client actually closes, then the hi ticker closer again, you can say: okay, you get 20 %, Ricky Roe or 40 % off the first month. For example, I’m just just make it up like basically numbers out loud here, but the way my business now is set or path just got a full time employee.

That basically manages most of the front end for me, and I’m extremely grateful for that. But when you’re starting out this is something that you can look into then project management’s, which is basically managing all the clients. You know, speaking to the client, communication, etc. You can just hire a VA to do this, and this does not have to be expensive. You know you’ve got VA s for anywhere from one to three dollars an hour depending on where they are based.

You know how fluent they are and English Chamonix how much experience they’ve got and so on and so forth. So we can get a VA to do. The communication with the clients and in terms of project development – again, it’s also does depend on what sales you are offering. I am offering Facebook ads and basically a full generation etc. Bought me, you know my main core offer is Facebook Ads and I currently do this myself.

So I’m actually the one that’s running the ads in the pub on the back end, but you can also just get a media buyer to do this on your behalf and immediate, buy a good media. Buyer will be a little bit more expensive. Most media bias that I have dealt with nowadays are anywhere between 500 to 800 a month. If your media buyer is more expensive than this, they will need to be able to back that up with good results, but anyway, team 581.

German is you know the normal price for a decent media buyer now quick disclaimer with the media buyer? If, because, obviously there are a lot of people now, they start your claim to be a media buying X, base Facebook, ads experience, etc. When you are speaking to a potential media, buyer always ask to see the business manager always ask to see their portfolio and always give them analysts access to your clients and ask them to give a detailed report on what they would do.

If they. Actually, you know basic got that client off you. So if you know, if you outsource that client to the media buyer, what they will do in that situation, if you think okay, this guy is the real deal, and basically this pillar does not cost you more than 50 %, so that if this can be outsourced For less than 50 percent of the retainer then do it. If not, then I would not go for it because you know you want a healthy profit margin at the end of everything.

You know basically cause it’s your agency and you are actually build, not this agency. Okay, so that is it in terms of the four pillars: Minster weights, as I scroll down further or always think move this up there, we go tapes that have moved off, and then so these are. This is the this is literally social media marketing in its purest form the four pillars of social media marketing. So when you are starting out what I would recommend doing, because again with the mistake that I made was that I created the website, I tried to figure out how to set up a lead, magnet, and I rewrote as an e-book and stuff like that.

What I would do in your situation when starting out or if I had to start from scratch again now? What I would do is. I would create a Facebook profile. Okay, so it not a business profile, not a facebook business page not like that. Just a personal profile and on a personal profile, you’ll have a cover photo that looks professional. I would remove all tanks, show you in focus of parties and friends, etc.

So remove all the tags. Why? Because you want this to look as professional as possible, but you can also do LinkedIn if you’d rather do that. So LinkedIn is the next one board Facebook business profile for me, a facebook profile. Sorry, not a business page like that. What we’re going to do is build out a profile funnel so Facebook profile with a professional-looking image a cover photo. That explains what you do, so you can have a cover photo with text.

That says, I help Realtors get more leads for more buyers and sellers and Sesa for their state agents, or something like that. Okay and then another thing you can actually have is a featured image. Okay, so a featured image is basically what you have. On the left hand, side just on your bio and it’s just a quick image that you can upload and basically explains again what you can do for your clients, okay, so this is what you’ve got on your Facebook profile.

So the number one thing that you can do is the Facebook profile or LinkedIn profile. Okay. The second thing I want you to do is to pick a service yeah. In fact, you can actually pick two services. Okay max so pick two Max services. Why? Because we want to source a niche down what we actually offer them, we don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades. We don’t want to offer SEO Pinterest Instagram blog posts, VA services, social media management, funnel building, etc.

Okay pick two services: why? Because it will be much much easier for you in the long run, to manage this as a business. So, yes, you might have the time now to basically take on all of these different types of services, but just think imagine if you’ve got like eight nine clients. All quests and all these different types of services you’re going to be all over the place, so just pick two services max.

So for me, if I had to start again, it would be Facebook Ads and a follow building. So I just put let’s see for an old big okay, so funnel building and Facebook ads. Those will be the two services that I would offer you can do social media management website design. It completely depends on what you want to offer on what kind of agency you want to be, but that is basically what I would choose: okay, so Facebook Ads and funnel build.

So now, we’ve got our profile set off. We’ve gotten our two services or one service. You can also just pick one service that is completely fine, so we now have our social presence. We’ve got our service now, it’s time to actually start with the first pillar, which is outreach, so we need to start reaching out to potential businesses. What I would do is, I would look into cold email outreach. Why? Because it’s just effective okay, you can reach out to the owner of any type of business.

You know, there’s the so many difference apps for little plugins. I use Hunter dot IO to basically see like, for example, this website is called AWWA, P, P calm and I should see here. We’ve got hello, I AWA P comm info at and then this is the CMO which is door Rita or door ot. I’r not sure. I pronounced that so, as you can see here, these are emails that I can use to reach out to this software and say: listen either on Facebook ads for you guys, hey so hunter dot, IO, which what you can use are with our agency.

Now the entire outreach path is automated. Slash, outsource. We’ve got this hybrid automation going on for those without in the coaching program. You guys won’t know what I mean, but for those who are just starting out start off with cold email or log into Facebook groups white, because regardless of the niche or industry, there are always Facebook groups of that initial industry. So, for example, if you’re going to reach out to spas, there are groups, Facebook groups of spa owners that are basically sharing ideas.

Okay, if you are reaching out to real realtors again, there’s Real Estate’s Facebook groups out there of Realtors. You know basis sharing ideas and you know helping each other out. So you know it’s it’s it’s true to say you know you are the average of the five people you spend most time with, so everyone that his entrepreneurial, that has their own business will want to. Basically surround themselves with other like-minded people, so people that are in the same industry and business and the same I am always trying to get in contact with successful agency owners.

You know just to pick their brains to share my knowledge and experience, but also get knowledge and experience back from them, so find Facebook groups and find the groups that they are most likely to be in okay, so you’ve got email and you’ve got Facebook groups. Okay and then the third one, which is sort of low-hanging fruits, if you will, is freelancer websites. Why? Because people that pull up job post on freelancer websites are actively looking for people like you to take on these services, so you no longer need to convince these businesses that they need facebook ads.

They need social media management, they need a new website because they already know that, and that is why they put up a job post on these freelancer websites. You know asking for someone to help them. Okay, so the one I like to use is called up.Wake and yes, there are a lot of people that have like quake courses and stuff, like that. I actually just have a free beginner course that basically explains the entire awkward business model, and if you want access to that, all you need to do well, there’s two ways of getting it.

Basically, you can subscribe to my youtube blog and click on the little bell. Icon and I actually run Facebook YouTube ads, YouTube, pre-roll ads literally a euro or two euros a day. It’s not special! I run ads to my subscriber list, so your basic and advertisements explaining how you get access to my course. You might have already seen that the advertisements or you can request access to my free lifestyle design, Facebook group.

It will be linked below it’s the same course, because I’ve gotten that question a lot. It’s the same course. The one in the Facebook group is the same course as the course that you get. If you read the advertisements but like I said it explains the entire awkward business model, how to get onto the platform, how to apply for jobs and how it’s actually get clients through up where okay. So we now understands the four pillars.

We now understand how to build a social presence, so a facebook profile, for example oil linkedin profile. We have now picked a service or two services, and we now have three methods of reaching out to potential business owners or with a freelancer website, no.2 on our potential business to potential clients and then with the freelancer websites. We’ve actually found a client that is actively seeking your help.

Okay, now before we actually wrap up this article, I want to share with you guys a basically a concept that I see a lot of all that I say guru’s frown upon because they say it’s unnecessarily. It’s not needed, but when you are starting out you list, you have nothing. Okay, and one of the main issues that I see a lot of people have when starting out is that they are hit with a question: okay, send over your portfolio.

Why? Because I’m the same, you know I’ve just told you to do. The same thing is to ask for portfolio material when you are in contact with a freelancer or something that’s going to take over the Facebook Ads. So you know you will get hit with this question. As well, you people will ask you: okay, show your portfolio what previous experience have you got so when starting out, if you have the time, I would highly recommend to offer a free trial.

Okay, now I don’t mean to do freeway from this point onwards and hope that someday someone will say, listen, I will pay you for it. What I want you to do is, for example, in those Facebook groups, you can do on email as well. If you want or freelancer or fuel instructions, if you want as well but go to these Facebook groups and explain that you are a digital marketer, that you have the knowledge and you have the work ethic.

But basically you don’t have the experience. Okay. So what you lack in experience, you basically compromise with knowledge. Okay, so you know exactly what to do. You just haven’t, got the previous experience to back it up, okay and then offer for people, so a max of four people, the opportunity to work with you in exchange. So it also mentioned that the time is less than let’s say four weeks you can say YouTube.

It can be up to you. You know two weeks one month, anything like that. So, for a limited time, you are opening doors for for business owners within the niche to work with you for free, in exchange for a testimonial article ants that you can use the busy day business manager as portfolio material okay. So you will be doing one month’s work for free and you’ll get a article testimonial and you are allowed to use their business manager to show other potential clients.

Now, there’s two reasons why I want you to do this number one, because it’s the easiest way to get a client. Why? Because it’s free okay, so there’s no risk on their path. You can let you do this and get a client’s by the end of this evening, but the main thing that I want you to learn here as well is to have to actually go through the process of onboarding the clients of experience from what it’s like to.

Actually set off the four pillars you know to actually have all of this open room and so have the agency opening its experience, what it’s like to run the ads, etc. Okay, so, yes, you will need to do this yourself. You can’t outsource it because you will be out of pocket, but this will give you the experience that no not of these courses and gurus can basically give you, because you are now tuned in yourself and the the confidence that you’re build up from.

This is priceless. Okay, because every single time you speak to a business owner from that point onwards, and they hit you with a question. You can just say: well, listen the previous clients had this and this I come back to this or I tackle this by doing this and that and then, if they say okay, well, let’s see your portfolio, you can just send them the case. Let me say: listen! This worked on for client say you are client bait.

I can do the same for you. You know sign your name with a dotted line, okay, so that is why I recommend a free trial when starting out – and yes, you know the on, if you let’s say yeah, but people that opt-in for a free trial, they will never become a paying clients, but That is not what we’re trying to achieve here. We are list. We go into part ways in a month’s time and, yes, you know domains also be some of you guys that are doing such a good job for this client that the client list she says, listen, let’s continue with this.

I want to pay you for this, but we’re not going to go into this thinking that that is going to be the outcome. Okay, the outcome is experience, portfolio material, a testimonial. So in four weeks time you will 100 % part ways and while it’s in maintenance in part way because, like I said the always going to be businesses, that will want to continue with you. But this is why I recommend the free trial, ok, experienced portfolio material and the testimony or article that you can show to the next clients.

It’s like a almost a bootcamp, if you will for social media marketing, because from that moment onwards after you finish, therefore, the four that fails clients you can go out and actually get a real clients and then, if they ask for a portfolio, you’ve got it and That way, you know you will get everything overall and sooner rather than later. Ok, so I hope you enjoyed this article hope you got some out of it.

Leave a comment down below for those of you that are starting out and have some additional questions about this or, if you want to actually you know if you want to actually have my help with all of this. I have my own coaching program where I list the safety one as a clients, and it help you build up the agency from the inside out. So I’ll show you how to get your first clients how to get results for that clients how to build out your agency automates it and scale it so that you two can live life on your own change.

What with that said, I’m going to wrap up this article here, like the article got some out of it, comment down below what you’d like to see from this blog next subscribe to the blog for more I’ll, see you all in the next article

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