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Create a Website Online – 5 Reasons to Try Wix Today

This company has become pretty well known over the past few years, and I know that you’ve probably seen a few of their commercials. I’ve actually been using their services ever since they first opened the doors in 2006, but today this company is one of the biggest players in the website building business.

They host 110 million websites globally and they make it really easy for the non-techies of the world to get online quick. So here’s what you should expect from Wix. You know I like flicks, because they offer an easy to use. Drag-And-Drop website builder right out of the box, they literally have like hundreds of free templates for you to use. You never have to worry about learning website code and you never have to worry about finding a separate website host either Wix comes with its own web hosting and you can actually buy your domain right through them.

We have this really cool, Wix app market. That makes it easy to add on extra features to your website like. If you need to accept payments online bookings receive resumes, they make it really easy for you to do business. They also support email, automation, degeneration and scheduling your social media all through their intuitive platform. They definitely have my stamp of approval. Wix is actually great for anything from a personal portfolio, an e-commerce shop or even just a small business website.

It’s super SEO friendly and they even have a little widget that helps you get your site indexed into the Google search right away, so Wix is giving you the power and the support you need to get online to day. If your business needs a new website or maybe you’re just looking to make this switch I’ll drop, the link below where you can sign up and get started if you do need help getting started, just have questions about Wix just go to our website wwlp.

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