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5 Insurance Marketing Tips Working Right Now!

Okay, so how do I know insurance marketing tips that you? I know you want to know? Well, all we do is insurance marketing, so I’m Melana McCarter, the president and founder co-founder of secure agent marketing. All we do is insurance marketing, lead development. Everything we’re one of the you know largest in the country that specialize only in insurance.

So what I want to do is break down five important tips. The reason I picked these five is because, no matter how large or small, how new or old most people that I talk to are missing one of these five tips. Typically, you know you would be surprised. Even large companies don’t have some of these things in order. So the first thing that I want to go through is make sure that you pay attention and build your brand okay.

What do I mean by that? Well, people work with brands and people like you have got to make sure that your identity is passed through your materials, your you know. If you have a presentation, folder your business card, your website, your social media profiles, you have to have that brand developed. There really needs to be a strong brand presence. You need to think through that. What do you want people to feel whenever they, you know, go to your website? What do you want them to think when they go to your website? Do you want to present yourself as buttoned up professional, you know executive or do you want to be casual? You know fun and you know friendly or do you want to be educational or you got to think through that and all those things come through and your brand right so there’s nothing more important when it comes to brand development, then your logo, okay, logos, are not That hard to create you can have your friend do it.

You can do it on your with, with yourself in Photoshop, there’s plenty of free tools that you can use to throw up a logo. You can even go to Fiverr and have somebody throw up a logo for 5. 10. 15. 20 bucks. The main thing that you want to do is make sure that you’ve defined that logo and you put that logo on your business card. Your shirt, your website, everything it needs to be consistent. I can’t tell you how many insurance professionals I see, with 14 different logos between every interaction that I have with them.

They got their logo and there’s email signatures different than the one that’s on their website. That’s different from one of their t-shirt: okay, don’t be sloppy your brand, it really presents you are, and in the insurance business, it’s all about being a professional and driving confidence and then other individual that you’re talking to to potentially work with and having inconsistencies on a Subconscious level it does mess with your buying process.

It’s it’s like having a messy storefront if you were to walk into a storefront another thing that is super important when you’re talking about building your brand is developing. What’s called like a brand board now, a lot of you maybe haven’t heard of a brand board or know what that is what a brand board is in the marketing industry. Creating a brand board is basically one document that is essentially everything that has to do with your brand’s.

So if you have a web developer or a person doing a postcard for you or a person, doing a letterhead for you or a person doing some type of customer appreciation, postcard or email or website or whatever you have one place, that all of your brand key Components are, and so that that designer or marketing professional can then make sure that they’re, not using you, know different logos or different fonts or different colors, you know being off just a little bit, you know is actually a mistake.

So what a brand board is? Is it has your logo and your different variations of your logo? What’s your logo, look like on a white background? What’s it look like on a back background? What does it look like transparent, so you can put on a t-shirt. You got to think through all those things, so the next thing that a brand board has is your font. What is the actual font of your website of your letterhead of everything, a designer needs to know those things also, what’s the color scheme, what are the actual colors that I was to go, look and represent on you know if I was to put one color the Same color on your postcard that you’re just mailing versus your website versus your t-shirts or whatever, that is what’s the actual color number, but that individual needs to know to look it up whenever they’re doing their designing right.

You also going to have textures and images. I’r going to show you an example of our brand board, we’re going through sort of a rebranding process. That’s the curation marketing I’ll show you our branding board right now. If you look it, we have all those L all right so step. Number two: is you want to make sure that you want to implement that brand into your website? Well, if you’ve created a excellent brand board, then it’s really easy to you know if that brand board as a designer, it’s really easy to look at that brand board and then build a website that matches that brand board very easily, because it’s got your logo.

It’s got your color scheme, it’s got your shape. It’s got your images. It’s really easy for a marketing professional to actually build your website. That also is cheaper for you. It shaves off hours of revisions that you’re going to go through because well I don’t necessarily like that, but I didn’t really know why. I don’t like that. I just don’t like it. Well, all that’s solved if you have a brand consistency set and if your web developer comes back with a idea, that’s completely different than your brand.

You could be like no, no, no look. Look at my brand board like what are you talking about? Why would I like purple my color scheme? Is that purple see see here’s my brand right? That’s super important. So your website is what I would say. Like your digital, you know a handshake. So what happens in the insurance? A lot of insurance is done over the phone. A lot of insurance is done. You know there you’re letting people in your home you’re talking you’re, giving your credit card number you’re, giving your you know.

Bank account information, sometimes over the phone to people that are coming to your home. It is super super important that your website is put together. Crisp clean, you know, communicates who you are etc right, it’s really very, very important and moving into 2020, because we, you know the industry is moving towards a digital path where you know we’re not as likely likely to put this way. The trend in insurance marketing is being done more and more over the phone.

So therefore, I’m not having the opportunity to show up in my nice car with my nice suit or whatever you need to have a nice website. That explains who you are that people can trust you right so now, whenever you are talking about your actual website, make sure that you have your main pages built out and you’re really. You know communicating extremely clearly on what you do and who your target audience is cetera.

Okay, so what I mean by that is you want to make sure that all of your pages across your top of your website are broken out so like for an example, you want to have an about us, you know section, you won’t have a page for each Of your main services that you offer so, if you offer, for instance, final expense, insurance, Medicare and Medicare supplement, you want three different. Particular you know pages in your website that talks about those particular verticals and educates to that particular audience, because the person that’s interested in med sup is not the same person, that’s interesting, final expense and the person.

That’s interested in final expense is not the same person. That’s interested in term life, so you want to make sure that you don’t just have one page on your website that talks all about insurance services we offer and then as bullet points or whatever each major service that you have you want to have it have its Own page, all right, you also want to have a testimonials page and then, most importantly, you want to have a blog feed write that blog feeds we’re going to circle back more to later, but that blog feed is super important, because that’s how you create content, you Educate your customers, you actually get a lot of organic website traffic by blogging.

We’re going to get into that here in a little bit step. Number three: okay is going to be set up. Your social media profiles consistent with your brand board and your website. They all the main social media profiles. You know in LinkedIn, Instagram Facebook. They all have an opportunity to design your logo. There’s a header image. You can make that design. Look exactly like your website! You want your website to match your brand and your social media profiles to match your web.

Your website, your social media profiles, are seen as the personality of your digital presence. Your website is like the information. The social media is your personality: okay, whenever you’re doing insurance, business and the insurance industry, we are people, it’s relationships, it’s referrals. Okay, if I believe, or not, like your social media presence, actually matters in insurance. If you you’re in the fear in the insurance industry, you know that there’s a lot of influencers.

In fact, you know Cody Asche is my business partner, built his entire. You know empire on social media, digital marketing, etc. It’s because you took that very serious. When you look at his youtube, header looks exactly like his facebook header looks exactly like his website and it’s all and consistent. That’s not an accident okay, so you know you want to make sure also you’re leveraging those social platforms.

There’s tools that can allow you to schedule posts out. It is important if you’re a producer to have. You know three to four to five potential website posts per week, we’re going to get into how to actually do that here in a little bit. But it’s easy. If you just schedule it, so, if you create some content, just think for 10 minutes on what’s coming up this week, what’s the holiday whatever it is and then schedule out those posts so that you can, then you know not have to do it every day.

Just handle it on Monday morning you got all your post scheduled Poti was scheduled for the month for all that matters right. So that’s a tool that you can actually leverage to not make. It seem overbearing to manage a social media profile. You can schedule. Those point number four for insurance marketing tips. Working right now is you’re going to create some lead development activities. Okay. Now? What do I mean by lead development activities? Well, in the insurance business, you have to actually get people to talk to to be able to make money.

Your lead development is a direct correlation. How much money that you make? Okay, well, digital marketing and social media is extremely powerful to generate leads. You can do it through paid methods on social media. You can do it through organic methods, on social media and content. I’r going to touch on both the first thing you can do is build out. You know marketing campaigns with social media.

We obviously do this for a lot of our customers, so just as an example, if you’re selling, you know statewide, Medicare or statewide, you know final expense. We can be generating leads for five six, seven, eight, nine bucks, apiece per lead of people that are talking to you – can even get down to as small as a zip code to drive those campaigns. Now, if this is all intimidating to you, then you can work with a professional to make sure they’re not blowing through budget, because one thing that will happen is if you’re not super comfortable, is you will waste a lot of money? If you don’t know what you’re doing to try and learn, so we would love to help you with that.

Another thing you can do is organic activity. That constraint leads so that be making social posts. You know that would be creating content on your blog, we’re going to get into that next and just overall creating content and educating users creating articles, doing blogs, just creating sort of content that is built to educate and is built to get the individual to engage with Your content and educate tip number five is produce consistent content.

Now, a good content strategy is really not that hard. You just have to think about it. Okay, so here’s a content strategy that I would recommend this is going to help you with your organic lead, generating activities he’s going to help you with your referrals, it’s going to help you with just becoming an expert in the industry as well. So all you have to do is come up with four blog topics per month.

Okay, that’s not that many release one a week. It needs to be about 400 to 600 words all right once you create that blog topic go and write the actual blog posts. You know for 600 words and then create a vlog, whether it’s on your cell phone or a camera or whatever, and create a YouTube article. That’s talking about the same topic and embed that YouTube article in your blog. Okay, then take that blog content and blog content.

Chop it into five smaller pieces. Maybe it’s just points or highlights of the actual content, whatever it is, and then post those five smaller pieces on your social media platforms throughout the week right then email, the actual blog content to your actual user database as well driving them to more content. To read from your site so that way: you’re covering your social, your blogging, your email, marketing and everything that has to do with content marketing.

It’s not that hard to come up with four blog contents per month and write. You know 1800 words or whatever produce some articles only if do this once a month. You can knock that out in one day and you’d be surprised how many organic referrals you get organic website traffic. You get if it’s all structured the right way and I would just highly highly recommend creating a content strategy, because people work with the people that educate them now.

What I want you to do is make sure that you understand that if you have any problems with implementing any of this, we would love to help you so create your marketing is built to help any of the five. But I will also tell you you also don’t have to pay a professional for any of those five as well. Those are all things that you can do for free. So, if you’re on a budget, do it yourself and get a professional later if you have one to invest in your business, if you feel weak on one of those, five then reach out to us and love to do a consultation with you.

I’r talking about that actual particular project that you’re talking about and help you create your brand board or help create your website or help it create your lead, generating activity. I hope you create your blog content or article content, whatever we do. All of that. As a part of our services, so if you guys found value of these five insurance marketing tips working right now, and we will talk to you, hey guys.

If you enjoyed that article, which I know you did go check out, two of other articles, ones, demystifying search, engine, optimization and the other ones managing online reviews, I hope to see you guys over there.


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