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5 Insurance Marketing Tips Working Right Now!

Okay, so how do I know insurance marketing tips that you? I know you want to know? Well, all we do is insurance marketing, so I’m Melana McCarter, the president and founder co-founder of secure agent marketing. All we do is insurance marketing, lead development. Everything we’re one of the you know largest in the country that specialize only in insurance.

So what I want to do is break down five important tips. The reason I picked these five is because, no matter how large or small, how new or old most people that I talk to are missing one of these five tips. Typically, you know you would be surprised. Even large companies don’t have some of these things in order. So the first thing that I want to go through is make sure that you pay attention and build your brand okay.

What do I mean by that? Well, people work with brands and people like you have got to make sure that your identity is passed through your materials, your you know. If you have a presentation, folder your business card, your website, your social media profiles, you have to have that brand developed. There really needs to be a strong brand presence. You need to think through that. What do you want people to feel whenever they, you know, go to your website? What do you want them to think when they go to your website? Do you want to present yourself as buttoned up professional, you know executive or do you want to be casual? You know fun and you know friendly or do you want to be educational or you got to think through that and all those things come through and your brand right so there’s nothing more important when it comes to brand development, then your logo, okay, logos, are not That hard to create you can have your friend do it.

You can do it on your with, with yourself in Photoshop, there’s plenty of free tools that you can use to throw up a logo. You can even go to Fiverr and have somebody throw up a logo for 5. 10. 15. 20 bucks. The main thing that you want to do is make sure that you’ve defined that logo and you put that logo on your business card. Your shirt, your website, everything it needs to be consistent. I can’t tell you how many insurance professionals I see, with 14 different logos between every interaction that I have with them.

They got their logo and there’s email signatures different than the one that’s on their website. That’s different from one of their t-shirt: okay, don’t be sloppy your brand, it really presents you are, and in the insurance business, it’s all about being a professional and driving confidence and then other individual that you’re talking to to potentially work with and having inconsistencies on a Subconscious level it does mess with your buying process.

It’s it’s like having a messy storefront if you were to walk into a storefront another thing that is super important when you’re talking about building your brand is developing. What’s called like a brand board now, a lot of you maybe haven’t heard of a brand board or know what that is what a brand board is in the marketing industry. Creating a brand board is basically one document that is essentially everything that has to do with your brand’s.

So if you have a web developer or a person doing a postcard for you or a person, doing a letterhead for you or a person doing some type of customer appreciation, postcard or email or website or whatever you have one place, that all of your brand key Components are, and so that that designer or marketing professional can then make sure that they’re, not using you, know different logos or different fonts or different colors, you know being off just a little bit, you know is actually a mistake.

So what a brand board is? Is it has your logo and your different variations of your logo? What’s your logo, look like on a white background? What’s it look like on a back background? What does it look like transparent, so you can put on a t-shirt. You got to think through all those things, so the next thing that a brand board has is your font. What is the actual font of your website of your letterhead of everything, a designer needs to know those things also, what’s the color scheme, what are the actual colors that I was to go, look and represent on you know if I was to put one color the Same color on your postcard that you’re just mailing versus your website versus your t-shirts or whatever, that is what’s the actual color number, but that individual needs to know to look it up whenever they’re doing their designing right.

You also going to have textures and images. I’r going to show you an example of our brand board, we’re going through sort of a rebranding process. That’s the curation marketing I’ll show you our branding board right now. If you look it, we have all those L all right so step. Number two: is you want to make sure that you want to implement that brand into your website? Well, if you’ve created a excellent brand board, then it’s really easy to you know if that brand board as a designer, it’s really easy to look at that brand board and then build a website that matches that brand board very easily, because it’s got your logo.

It’s got your color scheme, it’s got your shape. It’s got your images. It’s really easy for a marketing professional to actually build your website. That also is cheaper for you. It shaves off hours of revisions that you’re going to go through because well I don’t necessarily like that, but I didn’t really know why. I don’t like that. I just don’t like it. Well, all that’s solved if you have a brand consistency set and if your web developer comes back with a idea, that’s completely different than your brand.

You could be like no, no, no look. Look at my brand board like what are you talking about? Why would I like purple my color scheme? Is that purple see see here’s my brand right? That’s super important. So your website is what I would say. Like your digital, you know a handshake. So what happens in the insurance? A lot of insurance is done over the phone. A lot of insurance is done. You know there you’re letting people in your home you’re talking you’re, giving your credit card number you’re, giving your you know.

Bank account information, sometimes over the phone to people that are coming to your home. It is super super important that your website is put together. Crisp clean, you know, communicates who you are etc right, it’s really very, very important and moving into 2020, because we, you know the industry is moving towards a digital path where you know we’re not as likely likely to put this way. The trend in insurance marketing is being done more and more over the phone.

So therefore, I’m not having the opportunity to show up in my nice car with my nice suit or whatever you need to have a nice website. That explains who you are that people can trust you right so now, whenever you are talking about your actual website, make sure that you have your main pages built out and you’re really. You know communicating extremely clearly on what you do and who your target audience is cetera.

Okay, so what I mean by that is you want to make sure that all of your pages across your top of your website are broken out so like for an example, you want to have an about us, you know section, you won’t have a page for each Of your main services that you offer so, if you offer, for instance, final expense, insurance, Medicare and Medicare supplement, you want three different. Particular you know pages in your website that talks about those particular verticals and educates to that particular audience, because the person that’s interested in med sup is not the same person, that’s interesting, final expense and the person.

That’s interested in final expense is not the same person. That’s interested in term life, so you want to make sure that you don’t just have one page on your website that talks all about insurance services we offer and then as bullet points or whatever each major service that you have you want to have it have its Own page, all right, you also want to have a testimonials page and then, most importantly, you want to have a blog feed write that blog feeds we’re going to circle back more to later, but that blog feed is super important, because that’s how you create content, you Educate your customers, you actually get a lot of organic website traffic by blogging.

We’re going to get into that here in a little bit step. Number three: okay is going to be set up. Your social media profiles consistent with your brand board and your website. They all the main social media profiles. You know in LinkedIn, Instagram Facebook. They all have an opportunity to design your logo. There’s a header image. You can make that design. Look exactly like your website! You want your website to match your brand and your social media profiles to match your web.

Your website, your social media profiles, are seen as the personality of your digital presence. Your website is like the information. The social media is your personality: okay, whenever you’re doing insurance, business and the insurance industry, we are people, it’s relationships, it’s referrals. Okay, if I believe, or not, like your social media presence, actually matters in insurance. If you you’re in the fear in the insurance industry, you know that there’s a lot of influencers.

In fact, you know Cody Asche is my business partner, built his entire. You know empire on social media, digital marketing, etc. It’s because you took that very serious. When you look at his youtube, header looks exactly like his facebook header looks exactly like his website and it’s all and consistent. That’s not an accident okay, so you know you want to make sure also you’re leveraging those social platforms.

There’s tools that can allow you to schedule posts out. It is important if you’re a producer to have. You know three to four to five potential website posts per week, we’re going to get into how to actually do that here in a little bit. But it’s easy. If you just schedule it, so, if you create some content, just think for 10 minutes on what’s coming up this week, what’s the holiday whatever it is and then schedule out those posts so that you can, then you know not have to do it every day.

Just handle it on Monday morning you got all your post scheduled Poti was scheduled for the month for all that matters right. So that’s a tool that you can actually leverage to not make. It seem overbearing to manage a social media profile. You can schedule. Those point number four for insurance marketing tips. Working right now is you’re going to create some lead development activities. Okay. Now? What do I mean by lead development activities? Well, in the insurance business, you have to actually get people to talk to to be able to make money.

Your lead development is a direct correlation. How much money that you make? Okay, well, digital marketing and social media is extremely powerful to generate leads. You can do it through paid methods on social media. You can do it through organic methods, on social media and content. I’r going to touch on both the first thing you can do is build out. You know marketing campaigns with social media.

We obviously do this for a lot of our customers, so just as an example, if you’re selling, you know statewide, Medicare or statewide, you know final expense. We can be generating leads for five six, seven, eight, nine bucks, apiece per lead of people that are talking to you – can even get down to as small as a zip code to drive those campaigns. Now, if this is all intimidating to you, then you can work with a professional to make sure they’re not blowing through budget, because one thing that will happen is if you’re not super comfortable, is you will waste a lot of money? If you don’t know what you’re doing to try and learn, so we would love to help you with that.

Another thing you can do is organic activity. That constraint leads so that be making social posts. You know that would be creating content on your blog, we’re going to get into that next and just overall creating content and educating users creating articles, doing blogs, just creating sort of content that is built to educate and is built to get the individual to engage with Your content and educate tip number five is produce consistent content.

Now, a good content strategy is really not that hard. You just have to think about it. Okay, so here’s a content strategy that I would recommend this is going to help you with your organic lead, generating activities he’s going to help you with your referrals, it’s going to help you with just becoming an expert in the industry as well. So all you have to do is come up with four blog topics per month.

Okay, that’s not that many release one a week. It needs to be about 400 to 600 words all right once you create that blog topic go and write the actual blog posts. You know for 600 words and then create a vlog, whether it’s on your cell phone or a camera or whatever, and create a YouTube article. That’s talking about the same topic and embed that YouTube article in your blog. Okay, then take that blog content and blog content.

Chop it into five smaller pieces. Maybe it’s just points or highlights of the actual content, whatever it is, and then post those five smaller pieces on your social media platforms throughout the week right then email, the actual blog content to your actual user database as well driving them to more content. To read from your site so that way: you’re covering your social, your blogging, your email, marketing and everything that has to do with content marketing.

It’s not that hard to come up with four blog contents per month and write. You know 1800 words or whatever produce some articles only if do this once a month. You can knock that out in one day and you’d be surprised how many organic referrals you get organic website traffic. You get if it’s all structured the right way and I would just highly highly recommend creating a content strategy, because people work with the people that educate them now.

What I want you to do is make sure that you understand that if you have any problems with implementing any of this, we would love to help you so create your marketing is built to help any of the five. But I will also tell you you also don’t have to pay a professional for any of those five as well. Those are all things that you can do for free. So, if you’re on a budget, do it yourself and get a professional later if you have one to invest in your business, if you feel weak on one of those, five then reach out to us and love to do a consultation with you.

I’r talking about that actual particular project that you’re talking about and help you create your brand board or help create your website or help it create your lead, generating activity. I hope you create your blog content or article content, whatever we do. All of that. As a part of our services, so if you guys found value of these five insurance marketing tips working right now, and we will talk to you, hey guys.

If you enjoyed that article, which I know you did go check out, two of other articles, ones, demystifying search, engine, optimization and the other ones managing online reviews, I hope to see you guys over there.


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Personal Facebook Or Business Page To Post Content? [Insurance Agent Tips]

I wanted to take a few minutes to shoot a couple sort of articles, that of topics that I’m getting questions a lot from. So if you guys don’t know, you know we deal with thousands, we I think we have 14,000 final expense Medicare. You know life insurance agents in our in our database, and so we get questions every single day by the multitudes and every time I can kind of notice a theme of questions.

I really try to realize. Okay, there’s an appetite for this, so let’s just go ahead and address it on a article. So today I want to discuss a topic that I think is really interesting, that I want to walk through, and that is: should you as a final expense or insurance life insurance producer? Should you be using social media? Should you be using your personal page or you, should you be using your business page to make your engaging content so, first off, I want to kind of explain they both have their place and let me try and explain what I, in my opinion, what you should Be doing and 2019 and going into 2020 now before I give you this article and content, I want to give you guys a quick disclaimer.

I am NOT a licensed insurance agent. I do not have a book of business on the insurance front, I’m just the marketing guy that works with Cody on all his stuff, and I just work with insurance producers all day long. I think today, you know I’ve got six meetings with individual producers or large. You know insurance, you know IMO’s or whatever it is, and so I just kind of have my ear on the ground on what’s going on in the insurance world.

So this is my opinion, but I’m going to give you my opinion on this. So one of the things that I believe is important for you guys as individuals, is to really activate your personal social media page and use that as a business asset. Now, what I mean is is don’t, don’t always be selling, don’t be sitting there and like pitching your products all the time. Another mistake that I see people do is, I feel like they try to use fear as a tactic, to incite like a call to action with some of their memes, that they post or some of their content, that they post like make sure it’s positive.

So like what I mean by that is is a big mistake is, I think, trying to say something like you know this person’s, you know loved one passed away and they didn’t have life insurance and I met with them a month ago and too bad for them. Obviously, no one would say it in those words, but that’s kind of the heart of what the message was and I don’t think that’s wise. I think you need to be positive and uplifting and communicating stories doing Facebook live articles with people that you’ve helped in a positive way.

Try not to go down that negative path of like of the fear-based sort of you know. Look you need to be protected or else kind of language. That’S probably not ideal, because there’s enough of that negativity on Facebook, I would just rise above that, if you can, you know not just negativity on Facebook, but you know at all social media. So what I try to do is I try to understand that my customers, I I’ve always friend, I basically never unfriend or defriend anybody.

I think I’m almost of 5,000 friends, which is the cap, but until I get to 5,000 I’m pretty much just anybody that wants in you can you can come in I I am immediately turned off if someone pitches me right off the bat or whatever or tries To give me to partner with them or something just like you guys would as well. So you know one of the things that I’d like for you guys to try and work on on your personal sort of Facebook.

Page is, I think you should add your clients to your Facebook feed. I really do because a lot of times these individuals, one of the things that we’re fighting as you know, Medicare or you know final expense or life insurance or whatever we’re fighting that losing you know keeping business on the books and, if you’re, starting to post things About your family and how you’re coaching your son’s basketball team and how you had an exciting family reunion – and it’s like you know if you can bring people along that journey of how you’re a family person it kind of it kind of relates to those individuals.

And I feel like you’re staying top of mind with them without actually having to like potentially email them. You know directly or reach out to them directly, etc. So I don’t have any data to say those that are active on social media tend to keep business on the books, but I believe that is the case, and it is true based on feedback that I’ve been given, and I believe that is something you should pay Attention to so, I try to separate my social media posts into three main categories.

What I try to do is make sure that, no matter what I’m always exuding like fun and exciting things and showing behind the curtain of Who I am as a person an example, if you guys were to go to my Facebook feed last week, I think, or Week before last, I got a jury summons and that initial sort of you know jury summons, like gosh. I got to take a day and I may take me a week to get to this jury, so my initial reaction was how do I get out of this, but as I started to think and reflect on that, I thought it was a good important way to Kind of show really just share some insight on the whole experience and just help.

People understand that maybe haven’t been into a jury, summons situation. How I was looking at the situation and by doing that, I felt like I was able to show a portion of who I was as a person as well, and so I made like a pretty long, lengthy Facebook post about my experience with jury summons and my Perspective on that – and I ended up getting quite the engagement on that actual Facebook post and when you go through and you look through the people that read my story that I posted to went to.

Instagram read my story there and actually engaged in the actual Facebook post that I made. I bet you 40 percent, if not more than that of people that I actually liked and commented on, that actual page was clients or people that I’ve done business with in the past or people that I would consider you know influencers in who I care that you Know I want to be in front of meaning I respect and there’s mutual respect there.

It’S not just Uncle John and cousin Nathan and you know cousin mark and all those guys did engage you know in my stuff, but a good 40 50 percent was clients. So I feel like by me allowing people to come in behind the curtain, of who I am as a person and and walking through I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’m a you know a believer I make you know these these posts. That kind of show me as a person, so that’s one core sort of pillar that my social media stands on.

Another thing that I do quite a bit is, I try to make people laugh from. I just feel like social media sometimes gets a bad rap for being negative. I mean good grief and it’s about to get even more negative with 2020, with these elections coming it’s about to be a cesspool of negativity and everybody. What’S going to end up happening? Is people are going to kind of like get annoyed and start just looking at it less? Because it’s about to be this horrible situation of the Democrats, hating the Republicans, the Republicans saying the Democrats and Trump always debates who won? Who didn’t win? It’S about to be a nightmare.

Okay, and what I mean by nightmare is is there’s some people that like enjoy that dialogue and all that, but good grief like raise your hand if you’ve changed someone’s mind on Facebook arguing. So I try to just stay as far away from that as I can and be short. If someone wants to call me out on anything, you know, then I’m short with trying to defend myself and just kind of say. I guess we just unfriend me or whatever cuz you know, so I tried it like make people laugh.

I do that by like posting memes and just kind of having fun so and then I also talked about business successes and the growth that we’re seeing and the winds that we’re experiencing and just I try to like keep it all positive. You know like, for instance, you know, there’s, there’s business struggles that sometimes I can you know potentially maybe share, but I’m always sharing the upside of that struggle that we went through I’m never just using Facebook as a platform to vent.

Now I made a huge mistake: he was five six years ago where I just used Facebook. As like this platform, I think some people can end up using a soapbox there’s because really, if you were to think about it, there’s no other place for you to reach a thousand people. And then, then, your facebook feed right now, like you, couldn’t just go reach a thousand people if you wanted to okay. So what ends up happening is is subconsciously, whether you realize or not.

If you have a topic that you’re passionate about you’re, usually going to go to Facebook and project that – and I always try to like I’m not saying you got to be friends with everybody and you know even guys like Grant Cardone or whoever will say you know, You need to have such a strong position that you repel after your audience and attract another half further, I’m okay with that. I’M not saying that’s wrong, but I just don’t think it’s wise, because I have people that I love and respect and care about deeply that are staunch on the other side of the aisle from where I was and that’s great like I want to hear their opinions.

I want to hear their ideas. I want to hear who they are as a person, because they’re, not bad people, and just because we disagree doesn’t mean we have to like you know, butt heads, especially on social media, where everyone can see it. You know. So it’s like you know, I believe that you know I try to walk that line of being you know, I don’t want to be politically correct, like in in terms of like who I am as a person in one-on-one conversation is, is one thing but Who I Am on social media? I try not to be very like divisive, because I feel like that, doesn’t help anybody and it only hurts like I’ve.

Had some people say you know I’m doing business with you because I, like you, know your your personal perspective and I was when I was a little bit more armchair politician if you will, but I’m sure I’ve pushed people away as well, and so I just try To be friends with a lot of people and not anti anybody, so that’s how I would recommend using your social media as a individual insurance professional, because the insurance business is a relationship game, more people, you get in front of the more people you can impact, and So, on the flip side, I’m going to shoot a next article on how to use your your professional page as opposed your personal page.

So thanks for listening, I hope this is an OK format, for you guys, a little more casual conversation of just my opinion. You know like and comment if you, if you agree and fulfill free to comment, if you disagree, I would love to have a open dialogue with you. So hope you have a good afternoon have a great day guys

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𝗗𝗲𝗲𝗽 𝗗𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗼 𝗦𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗰𝗵 𝗘𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗢𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗶𝘇𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻! (Insurance Marketing)

I wanted to do a article on search engine optimization. I want to do a little bit deeper of a dive. I’Ve done several SEO articles in the past. I had a good conversation last night with a genius SEO guy that I highly respect in the in the space, and we were kind of talking through some things, just kind of being marketing, guys discussing the ins and outs of what I’ve learned.

What they’ve learned and the one thing that I found was that everybody kind of has their own different flavor, but I will tell you that search engine optimization has changed vastly over the last five or six years. I mean what I want to do is kind of give you an overview to make sure that you kind of know what search engine opposition it optimization is how to actually go after those keywords that you want organically and then really just kind of build towards.

You know getting an organic ranking on Google to try and get that traffic that you don’t the pay for per click or pay for by lean with social etc. So the first thing I want to do is just kind of break down what I would call like. A Content first, what a lot of us say is content first SEO strategy. Now what I mean by that is is I believe that your website content is the chassis at which your search engine optimization is built upon, meaning I don’t care how great you’re out you know your external links are your reviews? Are your conversions that you’re getting through Adwords or whatever you’re getting that does have a factor in your domain Authority? If you don’t have a lot of educational, unique content pages on your website, you’re not going to ever be able to be ahead of someone.

That does and also has those things. So the first thing I want you understand is that content website content is highly important. Now, what is website content well website content would be the individual pages that are on your website, so I’ve done articles on the on the past on this on the past, talking about foundational content versus supplemental etc. But one of the things I want you to understand is that you really need a to be working towards a large website from a Content perspective from a page number perspective.

So one of the first things that we do whenever we go into analysis of a competitor and try and figure out what they’re doing to get you know so many dating quotes a day. I’Ve got a Medicare prospect right now. It’S getting 200 quotes a day from their organic SEO. Now they’ve been doing this for years, but that’s a huge number. I think I think they tell me 2000 policies a years what they’re getting from their organic.

You know website just passively. That’S those numbers are bonkers. Like right, so obviously, if we can understand and crack that code, then it’s a big big part of it. So content is: is the chassis of your SEO now there’s other things that are going to matter, but the main thing with content is that it’s unique in that it’s structured, the correct way with Google search console and that your pages are structured.

The correct way you got all your page titles set up all your meta descriptions set up h1 set up, your keyword, integrations, etc. There’S lots of ways to manage that, but you know just make sure. That’S that’s key, so every page in your website needs to be structured correctly from the meta data perspective and then once you get, you know a content strategy where you’re creating content, there’s other things that that we’re all noticing as SEO is out there that are really Affecting the overall organic listings, absolutely one of those things is just articles.

Okay, one of the things that I am seeing more and more and more and more is that those websites that have highly integrated articles, along with either transcripts below the article or actual, like blog posts, with the article embedded that matters to Google. If you, if you’ve noticed, Google has actually pushed organic listings, sometimes below the recommended articles, why do you think they do that? Well, let’s think about it.

For a second, if you’re googling a keyword on Google – and there is a article that explains that keyword better than a website, would then would Google rather give you the article or someone randoms website? Well, of course, they’re going to try and give you the article, because it’s makes sense for the user, but it also gives Google paid think about it. Every eyeball that goes to YouTube to look at articles on their actual platform is a potential eyeball to advertise to for their impressions.

So what Google is doing is actively moving up different queries, search queries based the note that, based on the nature of the search query, if it’s very informational – and there are articles that are tied to that, there give me those recommended articles above even the organic listings, Which is crazy, like that’s something I didn’t even see coming two years ago, so you know I’ve done millions and millions of dollars of search engine optimization across different industries and now that I’m in one specific industry, which is the insurance industry, I’m seeing that article is Making a big difference, it really is so that’s one of the things I want to talk through.

The next thing that I want to talk through is inbound links. Now this is a interesting conundrum. Okay, because Google has stated that they don’t want you to buy links. I don’t want you to engage in link building services, but there’s two main things that you got to pay attention to when it comes to link building one, the domain Authority and the content of the website. That’S linking to your website matters a ton getting a doggie daycare website to link to your life.

Insurance page is not going to help you in any way getting a Medicare gov link to your website will matter. I mean that’s huge okay, the thing that I don’t love about working link building into into SEO strategies is one. Unless it’s a major SEO strategy, then you want to do that, but for basic SEO strategies linking isn’t controllable or sustainable, meaning. I can’t guarantee myself X amount of Link’s for X amount of budget, so it’s difficult for me to really put resources towards it, because I’ve had clients and projects where we’ve tried to build links and we’ve done like hours and hours and hours and hours and hours Of work – and we only got one or two links done and it’s hard to quantify that as a return on investment, so snippet, it’s typically been something.

I’Ve tried to stay away from, not to say that inbound links aren’t like important, but it’s something. That’S it’s difficult to manage, but if you can get inbound links, of course, they help your domain authority, especially if that inbound link is a relevant website to the content that you’re trying to drive right. That’S that’s the key, so inbound links still work now. I will tell you that six, seven years ago the link wheel and link pyramids and all that stuff.

That was how you did SEO it didn’t really matter about your website as long as other web sites were linking to you as an authority, Google would give you that domain. That’S not the case anymore and just think about it. Would you rather go to a website that has a bunch of links tied to it on the backside or we really go to website it’s educational, informational answers, the questions that you’re looking for for that particular you know viewing session on the internet.

You know the answer to that. So does Google so they’re optimizing the backend smoke and mirrors away from search engine optimization? That’S why I still believe content first strategies are highly important. The second thing that I’m noticing that’s working out for SEO big-time is reviews. I had a client bring this up to me yesterday and reviews believe it or not do provide a somewhat of a link, but but there’s systems out there, where you can actually get reviews and reviews.

Well, let me try and explain this whenever you’re looking at search engine, optimization, you’re, typically doing things that are helping the search engine, robots, crawl, your website and rank where you deserve to be ranked, based on content based on domain Authority based on all the metrics that Are involved on getting on the top of the list, but you also have to tailor to your users your actual people that are looking at your website to get information and potentially opting in in the form of a lead.

So one of the things that reviews does is it really heightens the engagement of the user because it adds social proof to your overall. You know domain Authority, but also the individual. That’S looking through that, if they see that 14 people in the last you know 22 days have given you positive reviews, 5 out of 5 stars, then that’s absolutely going to be a factor for the user to determine if they’re going to opt in or not so.

But what is interesting is is that we’re finding also, and that reviews actually helped on the organic SEO site, as well as the user experience as well. I had always really kind of been under the impression that reviews were mostly user experience and less search. Engine optimization and the algorithm I’m seeing and based on what colleagues are telling me is that they’re actually merging the two you know together so, but what really ends up being the truth of search engine optimization is really just building a resource for people to educate themselves.

On whether it’s review content articles other websites that are linking to it as an authority as well, that is how you win the game in 20. You know 20, 19, almost 20, 20. So with a good search engine, optimization plan, I you shouldn’t like never ever ever. Do those $ 1.99 SEO bullcrap deals? All they’re doing is they’re taking 200 bucks a month for five months. Until you realize it’s not working, then you cut it, but you’ve paid them a thousand dollars and you just cut your losses.

Do not do that to do SEO the right way, and you know these in 2019, you have to have unique custom content written by human beings. You can’t even really spend content. You can’t figure out a way to bring in a bunch of content. That’S already written not going to work, it’s got to be custom and unique. You’Ve got to try and shoot and work towards articles, and you got to try to get to the point where you’re actually soliciting reviews, whether that’s through an email sort of acquisition.

After the customer, you know signs up with you hey. How did we do? Would you mind filling out this review platform, whatever you’ve been going into some sort of paid service? That would help your reviews would be something that you could think about to help your overall organic SEO. So those are the three things that I feel like have been supplementing the content first, but I really believe that your website content is the chassis that your SEO was built on.

As long as you can focus on those three things, you don’t have to do all these three also by the way. This is something that you have to do usually internally, it’s difficult to have an external company produce articles articles for you, because it’s usually your content. That needs to be on that article, but typically, this is where the SEO company can thrive. That’S what we focus on a lot is unique custom content and then coach on the reviews, coaching, the inbound links coach on the articles and just kind of provide some insight on what that looks like.

So we obviously do SEO for insurance. Only the interesting part about SEO is if it’s content first, that means you need to know what the heck you’re talking about about Medicare. We spend all day long talking, Medicare final expense, life, insurance, health insurance, long-term care, disability, all these insurance, because all we do so our copywriters only write for insurance, so we kind of know what infographics to produce what content to write etc.

So if anybody hires and unspecialized marketing agency anymore you’re silly because you need to be starting to find just like lawyers are doing, you don’t go, find a general attorney if you’re a criminal case, you go find a criminal lawyer. Well, I’m starting to actually refer other industries to my colleagues and they’re, starting to refer insurance people to me, because digital marketing is becoming such a huge part of people’s marketing budget and I used to own a jack-of-all-trades marketing agency.

And if I was competing with myself. Ten months ago, I today would just I laugh at how I would approach an insurance prospect, because it’s so different than how the general world operates from a digital marketing perspective. Please please please, even if you don’t hire secure agent marketing, if your insurance hire someone that specializes in insurance marketing, because it’s a big difference between how the general you know the general world markets, that’s that’s the truth, so I hope you guys found some value out Of this content, I try to kind of have to have these articles, be very educational, focused my goal.

I’Ve always said this. If you guys follow our content, I want to help you guys understand what is north there’s so much garbage information out there. That is just like people chasing rabbit trails that this don’t even make sense people that aren’t experts in anything trying to give advice, just it’s just bonkers. So what I hope this article can do is give you understanding of how SEO works in 2019.

And you know what guys this is going to change in six months. Also, it’s going to work more differently. Every six months, Google updates, the you know every more than six months. Google is updating how they are. You know, tracking websites etc. So I would HIGHLY encourage you guys to you know: take this model run with it and really don’t listen to any of the bye links and buy this or blah blah blah that just doesn’t really work anymore.

It’S got to be content. First, you need content and in order to even get to that point, you got ta have a website which we also can build as well. So hope you guys found value in this today and we’ll see you again on the next time.

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Online Marketing

𝑫𝑬𝑴𝒀𝑺𝑻𝑰𝑭𝒀𝑰𝑵𝑮 𝗦𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗰𝗵 𝗘𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗢𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗶𝘇𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻!

We appreciate you guys joining us again. I really really am excited about search engine optimization for a couple reasons. I know that there’s a shift coming in the market right now, digital marketing is taking a lot of market share from traditional media in general in the insurance industry.

I know this because we spend a million dollars a month on digital marketing, whether it be Google YouTube. Facebook Instagram: well, you know what landing pages whatever just in the insurance space alone, and so I am seeing a shift go massively towards social media. Well, what’s happening is because this massive shift is going towards social media there’s actually a opportunity, because everybody’s focus of digital marketing is now social which is driving up cost its diluting the lead quality.

There’S some issues going on with that. So, on the flip side, what we try to do is try to kind of go in a different direction as the crowd and we’ve kind of figured. That figure that out a little bit, it’s a little bit of a waltz, not to say that social media is where we’re going, not to say that we’re not doing that like the rest of us, but there’s an opportunity that is other places as well. Besides social media – and that is, in my opinion, search engine optimization what is search engine optimization? Obviously, it’s getting your website found on Google to get an organic ranking to get passive lead flow into your business, so we don’t have to pay per lead, but you’re getting passively flows throughout the month.

Also, what’s happening is: is the industry is shifting to less face-to-face? Less walking into the insurance office and more telephone sales doing the multi-state getting your license in multi states. So what happens is you’re kind of fighting the? What’S you if you’re face to face with somebody, you have an opportunity to impress them. You have an opportunity to show up sharp to, basically, you know, show up in a nice car, whatever that is and then, but with digital and with phone sales.

You kind of have to like really exude that that presence as much as possible and a lot of people what’s happening is they’re googling, the company that you’re with they’re googling the carrier talking about they’re googling, you as a person and if you don’t have that brand Figured out and if they Google, you know John Jacobs, Springfield, Missouri and you’re, not on the list. With a website, it’s going to hurt you you’re, going to get less you’re, not going to really realize it, but less people are going to do business with you, because of that I promise.

So what I want to do today is spend a little bit of time. One I’m going to go through about 10 to 15 things that is search engine optimization. All of these things. You could probably google and find mountains of information just as a quick plug. I’M going to be doing a master class December 4th. There’S a link in the description below for you to be able to check out that master class where I’m going to teach this stuff.

For two hours I’m going to go through the tools, I’m going to get everything where I’m going to teach you how to do this, as opposed just talking about it right now, but there’s a lot of you guys that are interested in kind of hearing. Some of this stuff, and probably a lot of you guys that are doing some of it, but not all of it. So I just I don’t want to walk through those specific points. So the first thing that I want to talk about with search engine optimization, that is an important factor – is what I would call premium hosting or like your hosting environment, your site, speed.

You got to make sure that you’re, you know, Google will ding you for having slow site, speed, slow mobile site speeds and the way that you set up your premium hosting is actually important. If you just go for like the cheapest, you know website that you pay $ 49.99 a month or whatever, and they stand up a website. I guarantee you that hosting package that you’re on is poop and you’re going to. Google is going to basically ding you for not having a good hosting environment overall, so you know: we’ve set up our stuff in WP engine and some other hosting environments that are, you know, top tier.

We don’t do the cheapest hosting environment possible right and that’s something that does matter to Google, because they’re, the ones that are sending traffic to your website and one of the first things they check is who’s is hosted with what are the credentials and that leads into The next thing, which is SSL certification, so there used to be sort of a myth that only SSL certification mattered for e-commerce.

Specifically, so it’s not necessarily true anymore, you need it. What will happen is on the Left bar of the of the search, the where the URL is it’ll say not secure. That’S just like I mean just think about the perception that that brings that if you’re going to the website and says not secure, you know you’re going to have this perception that oh, this is guy. Who is this guy he’s not secure? You know what’s going on and a lot of our clients are older people and if they see not secure it kind of, has a tendency to kind of freak some people out, even though they don’t know what that even means, and they for sure don’t want to Put their credit card in, but if they’re putting their email address and trying to go through our lead forms through gated content or reach out to us directly by calling the number on the deal and they see not secure, that’s going to hurt.

You. Google knows that. So they count that against you as well, so with any good SEO strategy. The next thing that you want to make sure that you do is anybody, can you know, shoot an arrow at the wall, walk up to where the arrow landed and draw a bull’s-eye around it right? That’S not what we’re trying to do a search engine organization, we’re trying to do keyword, research to make sure that we know the target that we’re trying to shoot at.

You may think keywords um, just kind of come to you and what you would Google yourself. You need to really do some keyword, research to figure out where the actual search volume is on Google. So there’s lots of tools out there. I’M going to go through some tools on my master class that we use that are free to do all the keyword research. So you want to make sure that you first understand which keywords you’re going after on a search engine, optimization strategy, because if you don’t know where you’re going, you don’t know what you know create content about.

You don’t know how to structure your website. It’S not! It’S! Not the ideal situation for sure, so you know that’s an important thing. Is that key research? So the next thing you got to make sure you do is you know Google ranks websites, predominantly I wouldn’t say predominantly, but well yeah. I would say predominantly based on the amount of content, so I don’t care how good your SEO is on a five-page website.

A 20-page website on the same topic is that structured correctly with SEO is always going to outrank the five-page website, just think about it. If you’re, a user, Google wants to send their users to good educational websites. If Google identifies this website as having five pages of content on a particular keyword and this website of having twenty pages of content on a particular keyword, which one has more domain Authority, you think obviously the one that has more content.

You need a good content strategy. A lot of people, don’t really understand like how to structure that, though, a lot of people think that that means just building a website and then putting a blog feed and just creating all these blog content. That’S not how you do it either, there’s all kinds of ways to screw this thing up. So that’s that’s! The main thing is to have some sort of a content strategy.

Then you got to make sure that you’re doing something all the work that you’re doing you got to have a way to track it. So you want to have an independent source that tracks leads clicks balance rates, content captures which blog posts are your popular ones. So you can create more content around that different markets. Different areas have different hotspots for different keywords. So if you are able to create a big library of blog posts, you can actually see which of your blog posts are getting more traffic, more attention and driving.

Those leads into your overall website that way, so in order to track that, you have to Google Analytics set up, ok, Google Analytics is free to set up it’s not rocket science. What is a little more difficult, though, is setting up the goal. Conversions in the lead, form captures and all that stuff, but just getting analytics on your site is not that hard and it’s free. You just have to have a login set it up.

It’S not it’s not rocket science. So the next thing, while you’re doing analytics, is a tool called Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools is basically the interface that Google gives us as owners of a website, to look at how Google is seeing our website. That’S where errors come up. That’S where Google gives you your sort of information to say this is what’s wrong. This is what’s right. This is what you’re doing good.

This is what you’re doing bad. Also that’s where you submit your sitemap and you basically are able to with Google Webmaster Tools. That’S the interface that we have to tell Google how to crawl our website. If you don’t use Google Webmaster Tools, you’re just waiting for the search engine, robots to crawl, your site and just kind of do a lot of guesswork, which is not how you want to approach in this digital age.

You want to make sure that you have a good foundation set so that I already touched on the sitemap as well. Now. The next thing you got to do is, if you have your content structure, figured out. You’Ve got to make sure that your on-page SEO is. Is fixed what that means is. Is you got to have your page titles, your main descriptions or h1s your copy? You got to look at your keyword, research. You got to make sure all of your meta data is set up correctly in the existing pages and all these blog posts that you’re creating you got to make sure that you’re adding the right keywords and structuring that correctly with a sitemap that was talked about, etc.

But you know, the main thing is: is your page title is if you were able to go up to the tab on Chrome and hover your mouse over the tab, that you’re on a little rectangle will drop down and will give you the key words that you’re Focused on, if you don’t put those into Google specifically, then Google will guess for you. I can’t tell you how many times I go to a website and the page title is home and we’re an insurance agent.

You know why would we want home as our number one keyword that we’re going for on our homepage? That’S silly right! The reason is because no one went in and set it up, so you’re never going to get ranked ever no matter what you do. If you don’t have their correct, correct metadata built out, the next thing that you got to do is go through and make sure that you have all these directory listings sorted out.

So every mention of you or your business on the internet needs to align with the phone number description, address, etc. If there starts to be a bunch of different versions of your address, a bunch of different versions of your name, a bunch of different versions of all these different, you know mentions of your business that are saying it’s here know it’s there and once here’s the phone Number there’s the phone number they do this.

Nobody do that. Google sees that as inconsistent and they actually ding that against you on the flip side, if you have it all set up correctly, not only does that bring you inbound links, it also gives you authority with Google as well, because it’s all consistent and it’s more trusted. Basically so that brings me into a sort of link. Building link building is still a thing with with search engine optimization, it’s not near as important as it once was, link building used to be the actual SEO strategy that we all use, which was called the link wheel.

So he had your you know your main website and had your different websites that you would link to, and Google would look at all the links to a website then give domain authority based on that final site. That was being linked to because well, a lot of people are linking to it. Then that site must be. You know the most authoritative on this particular keyword. Well, Google realized that people started the game that system, and so they they links are still important.

But it’s not as important as it used to be, but you still want to try and get some organic links. If you can, whether it be through PR releases, there’s plenty of press release, you know systems, you can submit a press release with your link and they’ll. Give you a link and there’s social links you can do, but the directory listing also will get you those links as well. The only thing I don’t love about link building is it’s hard to like the Google is getting more and more, they don’t want you to buy links in any way, and so, if you have any system, that’s sort of selling links to you, you can actually get In trouble by buying links big-time, I’ve had to have clients.

You know. Google has like a naughty corner that if they catch you doing things, it’s called blackhat SEO. They’Ll put you in the naughty corner and it’ll. Take you off their search engine altogether. So the last thing I want to kind of go through is some sort of ongoing review system. Google does look at reviews and a star rating of those reviews embedded in your website as a indication of performance.

It’S weird how they do it. It didn’t used to be a thing, but Google realizes that consumers use review star ratings and reviews and amount of reviews as a point of authority as a point of basically a website that has 50 reviews on. It means that it had 50 customers come in and and pay attention enough to leave the review. So Google actually does look at that stuff. You’Ve got to set it up correctly, but it is.

It is important to look at and then you’re really just at the end of day, if it’s it may seem overwhelming, but it’s all a project that you can kind of work on and move towards. So there’s always a next level to get to a search engine. Optimization, there’s always the next level to actually arrive and what you’ll find it with a good social search engine optimization strategy is that over time you will get increased traffic you’ll start to get lead flows.

I can’t tell you how many customer customers I’ve helped where they’ve had paid ads and search engine optimization, so they got your paid ads, driving the leads and then you’ve got your search engine optimization. Finally, they catch up and then cut the paid altogether. That’S happened. I mean more times than I can count done. Millions of dollars of search engine optimization over my seven years of digital marketing and that’s like our biggest win, is when we can basically say you know what we just have to pay 10 bucks, a click just to get.

You know X amount of clicks. It would cost us X amount of dollars now we’re getting that amount of clicks organically. Let’S cut the paid altogether focus on sort of Lee developing over here, but not usually use Google paid tools any any further, but on the flip side, by the way, Google does use AdWords data conversion rates etc. To give you a thought in your website as well, so one way to get a bump on your search engine or optimisation rankings is to have an AdWords campaign with decent conversion rates driving traffic to your site.

Because Google does look at that information as well, because they’ll, say wow, you know here they’re paying $ 10 per click. You know they have a ten percent conversion rate on this particular landing page. They must be an authority on this particular keyword and they do bump up your domain authority by doing that so guys. I would love to kind of teach you more about this with actionable steps of how to execute this yourself.

Um, it’s not rocket science. I can get you you can even do this with your own wicks and Squarespace site. You don’t even need a wordpress site to do some of this stuff. So what I would love to do is invite you guys to our masterclass. That’S going to be happening December. 4Th and you will see the link in the description below and we would love to see you guys there I’m going to teach you all this stuff, it’s going to be two-hour, I’m going to record it if you sign up for it, I’m going to give you The recording and everything is going to be sort of laid out a little bit more simply in steps we’re going to take more time to unpack each of these things and walk through all of them together.

So thank you so much for your time. It’S really not as mystifying as people think it’s really just a matter of work ethic and executing and creating content strategies in a bit, but but most importantly, making sure it’s structured the right way so that you’re building authority towards the keywords that matter. That’S that’s! What SEO is basically so thanks for joining us, I look forward to seeing on the Masterclass.

Also you can reach out with the link below start here. If you want me to a site audit and look at your actual search engine, optimization of your site, if you’re interested in working with an insurance professional to help you with your search engine, optimization think about this guys if content, marketing and content, that means writing custom Content, you want an insurance, professional and insurance only person that is only insurance marketing to be writing the content for your insurance website.

Trust me it’s. It will help so anyways. Thank you guys for joining us. We will talk to you next time.

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