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how to do marketing on youtube 2020 – The Right way

So in this article we’re going to talk about how to do article marketing on YouTube. If you haven’t been on this blog before this specific blog is all about making money online. Where did I start my youtube journey? Oh going to take you back and, as you can see back nine years ago, as I did, one of my first business orientated youtube article blogs and that blog went on and although the subscriber count is low, what you actually have to realize with business YouTube blogs Is that you won’t get a lot of subscribers, but you do get a lot of views and within the integrated marketing they actually used actually help that business.

Second blog, the business blog started over two years ago, which was specific to the full restorations business, and then my hobby blog, as you can see, has got over 1 million views in the last year. So I do do a better about YouTube, marketer and if you really are interested but find a little more, the click, the link, that’s below this article now take you through to a new online course. I couldn’t be doing all of our YouTube marketing, so you want to find out how to do YouTube marketing in 2020.

You want to find out the best ways to actually use YouTube to actually make money. So what I’m going to I’m going to take you over to I’m going to show you two pieces of software and I’m going to talk you through the software, I’m going to talk you through the benefits and I’m going to talk you through the negative side. Cuz ya, what people do review articles got? A lot of people will tell you yeah, that’s a user software because it does less than this, and I’m going to tell you the truth, but why you should maybe not use some of the software’s are getting promoted.

Just now and why you should create your own original content YouTube as a platform that likes this of context and when you’re not putting original content when you’re doing massive viral articles, when you do mass articles, you used to be a case where you could do one Article and you could put out several platforms, there used to be platforms where you can basically just do one article record at once and then you could just send and it was going to YouTube but two different platforms.

And then you would basically have the same article everywhere now, the algorithm that Google has and YouTube have no they’re, basically making sure that you can do that and they’re actually targeting you and that also targeting other things. If it’s not your own original content. So one of the first software’s I’m going to show you his wife. You know this is a mass article marketing platform. No, it does what it says on attend.

It does make that it was for you and it is good, but I’m going to tell you the benefits, I’m going to tell you why you should. I slinky maybe use this if you not want to be on screen – and you don’t want to make your own articles and you don’t want it to go through all the trouble actually fill in content from the internet and nicely making your own articles. What this platform nicely, does it Ashley? Please marketing automated articles before you know it does start at forty seven dollars a month and it has a 30 day money day, money back guarantee.

If you wanted to go down there, it I’m going to tell you the exact. I’r going to tell the truth right and stop why that’s type of platform. Basically, it doesn’t work now they’re, showing you some fantastic figures here for geek commerce, for affiliate marketing for the corners and I’ve shown you some fantastic numbers, Oh from Amazon, if you do it any type of Amazon, affiliate marketing, you know that Amazon has basically slashed them.

Commotion that unites to getting paid from Amazon for a lot a lot of the rational creators. So if you’re doing this type of mass marketing article – and you put lots of articles there hoping to try and drive traffic jam as an affiliate, you might be absolutely insane. Man, yes, although it’s an awfully, although it’s automated, no all done for you, there’s probably a lot better ways to actually build a long-term business when you’re looking at this type of business model, you also don’t want to create a long term business and that’s the only Way that you’re not going to make it with affiliate marketing and any type of marketing, so five years to YouTube YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and that’s a fact stories written Facebook for search traffic and that’s what you have to remember with Any type of marketing you want to be used in the search traffic, you wouldn’t be targeting sales traffic traffic or where people are actually typing, and that’s where I’ve built those there’s other YouTube blogs.

It’s because people will go to Google, go to youtube and search for a service and their turn in order they’re. Looking for a specific thing, they’re looking to learn, they looking to find out information, they’re looking to buy a service or a product, so the the use search traffic is stole the second biggest search engine in the world. So, that’s why you should be doing YouTube articles in 2020 for your business and you can do them and lots of different ways.

So the way that basic advice does basically pulls the information from the internet from the likes of Amazon and it creates a article for you. That’s a good business model. It was to a few years ago – and you probably got a lot of people – just know that honestly, I’m promoting this as a natural way of making money, and why is it doing that? Because they’re selling, of course, that’s actually telling you how to do this? But what it does do it creates an upload, the articles on autopilot and it creates articles every day of the week for you, it creates articles and any keywords from any URL and also creates Amazon review articles for you now.

This is all good, but if you’re not making the bad Commission’s on Amazon anymore, because Amazon have slashed the photo marketing. Basically, Commission structure, there’s the Ashley water and is it a long term business? Yes, it could probably I’ll give you another safe income. So if you really actually still want to have a look at the software, I will put a link to the software and it’s the description of this article.

You know another piece of software. I want to talk about it’s a con. It’s basically called content. Summary now has changed its name recently, but the way that content, samurai works is pretty much the same way. It makes article so you can ask the put in your own script and then, if you want a article of the artists that has the text or the script or going to do or there’s a lot of youtubers using people down and then make money online space They’re, actually using the content from the articles, so they’re nicely sitting in front of the camera.

So if you want to make a article, that’s actually talking about lifestyle. When thou shalt take the lifestyle, you could have whether you buy a certain product. When you do order and test you out to niche or fear you actually you’re lovin the so-called lifestyle. You can actually use these articles in and you can use the content from those articles and you can actually speak over the top of the article.

So that’s one way that you can actually use this platform and that does have a monthly cost it as well. But you can’t get a free trial and if you click the link in the description, this article you’ve got a free trial of this. Also, one thing I wanted to talk about for YouTube is keywords and, as I also fantastic helps, you get keywords basically from anywhere. No, that’s that’s completely different, any other software device.

Let’s see, and it’s actually fantastic, it pills all live source keywords, keyword, research that you need to find data from all different places. So we won’t prove this. Do you want sleep on content and put live keyword, suggestion ideas from YouTube view, everything that’s also so should you do article market and if I should you do for the market? One of the reason you should actually why you should still be using article marketing and 2020 is you can actually take your article and if you create a ten minute article, you can actually put a article to YouTube.

Obviously, and then you can actually create new content from that one piece of article. So if you learn any type of market on Facebook or Instagram on Tech Talk or any of these other platforms, you can actually take the content from that article and you can shorten it down and you can take key sentences. Oh the actual article – and you can use that as a promotional to actually then take people from the other platforms that I send them to YouTube.

To read the list of the content of the article that one fantastic ways that you as a business owner she knows. Will be used in article content and to incentive you want to secular to this blog if you want to subscribe to this blog, to find it more articles, more content about how to make a business online and how to use article content to actually explode your business. My name is piling stone. This has been Barry, Levinson’s, vegetto, supremacy, lifestyle,

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