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How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business — 6 Top Marketing Tips!

Today, I’m going to talk about how you can get more sales in your business using a platform called YouTube. Okay, so I’ve been deep in my coaching business today and I figured that I used some. You know today as teachable moments um. So let me go ahead and share my screen and we’re going to jump right into it.

So I’m going to go ahead and share my screen share this, and let’s get right into this lesson, so you should be able to see my screen. Let’s go ahead and hit present and what we’re talking about today is YouTube for business: how to grow your business. For YouTube and how to get more sales quickly, and I’m really going to go through the process of this so anyways, I’m coach, Kirk, Shinta and I’m the founder of article marketing profits and I show people how to start a cash flow business online.

How to grow automate your business online and really how to leverage, so she me so make sure you like and subscribe if you want to learn any of those things um. So today, here’s what we’re going to cover exactly I’m going to go over the top reasons. Why you need to be doing YouTube marketing right now like right now, right now, I’m going to go over the exact six step process to make articles that creates raving fans and cart ready buyers, because it really is that’s really what it’s about you’re, not doing articles Just because right, I’m going to go over how to translate articles into leads and money in your business.

Because that’s why you do in the articles in the first place and then as a bonus. At the end, I’m going to give you a free resource to help make your article marketing more effective, and I’m also going to give you access to a free tool to make your recording recording your articles are breeds. Okay, so let’s jump right into it. So let’s talk about why YouTube is king and why I people need to be on YouTube.

I’r always talking to especially beginner affiliate marketers about why they needs to be on YouTube, because one of the things that a lot of business people struggle with is they’re, so busy marketing and pitching and marketing, and pitching where you can be on a platform where people Are already searching for you there’s a whole, your whole marketing game changes when you are able to have people attract to you, people who are already looking for your product, your service, your opportunity.

So that’s what YouTube is is an actual search engine where people are typing. In keywords, they’re typically type in a how-to, so, for example, if you were in the weight loss niche, you could do a article and be found alongside a person who typed in how to lose weight. If you weren’t real estate, someone is on YouTube every single day. Millions of people type in a how to buy a house you could be found.

You could be discovered you’re in a Wellness niche. You could be doing a article call. You know how to have a better spiritual life right and someone is out there searching for a solution for that, and you are that solution. You can translate that into dollars. Okay, so that’s why YouTube is king um? Why you need to be leveraging it in your business? So the top reasons why you need to be doing YouTube.

Marketing now is because first of all is not a social platform, social platforms. I myself have found over time. I get kind of burned out by social platforms. I don’t always want to be social, but what YouTube allows you to do is a Content platform, meaning that you can do a article. You put it out there and it’s always out there and you can actually repurpose that article that content in your business, you can use it in your email list.

You can repurpose that article and you can turn it in. You can boost it basically and do YouTube ad. You can turn it into a Facebook. I mean you can repurpose that so so much and if you know, and in terms of business strategy, that’s smart to be able to repurpose your content and not have to do more in your business. You can just leverage more of what you’re already doing. Okay. Another reason why you need to be doing YouTube marketing now is that what you post, the article on YouTube and you’ve, ranked it the right way, which is what I actually show people, how to do, you’re able to be found not only on YouTube but in Google.

Okay, if you don’t know, Google is the largest search engine in the world. Okay and the YouTube is behind it: okay, so you’re able to be found in two of the major search engines in the world. If you understand the simple things that you need to do to be able to be discoverable, okay, so that’s it and discoverability is very different than you going out and um getting in front of people, because the mindset is different.

People are actually seeking out solutions that you have to offer and finding your articles, okay, so very different, all right. So here’s some other top reasons why you need to be doing marketing. Automation, say with me: my parents, automation all right. I know that a lot of people who were especially work, 95 jobs or you have multiple streams or you’re busy, a lot of reasons, your mom just the other.

I I did a article – I don’t know I did that yesterday or today I cannot remember. I did a article talking about just basically creating almost creating balance in your business. Well, article marketing allows you to create automation in your business because here’s the thing you do a article and it’s always out there generating you leads and sales okay, unlike when you do a post on like Facebook and Instagram and snapchat, that post is first of all.

It’s most of time is contained in that platform and after, like a day or two, it stops bringing you in leads and sales, okay, um, typically okay, whereas on YouTube. You know I have articles out there that three years later, that article is still generating me leads that article is still generating me sales and when you do your article, you record your article one time and that article is out there bringing you leads or sales.

No matter what you’re doing you can be sleep, you could be at work, you could be promoting another business, you could be on a webinar and it’s working for you, while you’re doing something else. Okay, so automation, it brings you on a mission for years to come. The next reason why you need to be on YouTube right now is here’s. Here’s. The reality is that your competition is not on YouTube, so you get a jump start above your competition who’s, not on YouTube.

Okay, so no matter what kind of business you have, if your competition isn’t doing it, you have, you have Debbie image. Okay. The next thing is article is king um. When I’m talking some like beginner marketers, I’m always tell like there was hello, I don’t nothin converts and I did it solo ads and I did this not do that and nothing converts and that’s because here’s the thing article is king. Article is one of the fastest converters of sales on social media period on all platforms, rather be youtube facebook.

This is why all the major platforms this year, you, if you have some stock’no some of these companies and, if you’re, a stockholder and these companies like facebook, like youtube things like that, you know that their stockholders meetings, one of the things that they brought up, was Um the fact that they were making article especially live-streaming the main thing that they were going to put their money behind in 2020.

So this is why you need to be ahead of the curve and you need to be article marketing, alright. The next thing this goes to conversion factors, and this is why you need to be doing youtube market as well know like and trust. Okay, you hear it all the time and sales. Hopefully you reading some sales books out there. Okay, people buy from people, they know like and trust. Well, you don’t have to necessarily show your face, but people have to be able to connect with your content.

Well, one of the easiest ways to do that is to do articles and that builds know like and trust. What. What do I mean by that people are going to come to know you as an expert in your niche people are going to like you, because you’re helping them solve many problems in your niche and they’re, going to trust that you are the person that you can Be the moses you can be, though, whatever they need you to be to help them get to from point A to point B and in your niche okay.

So, if you’re in weight, loss, right and you’re doing articles and things like that and you’re giving away content and strategy, that’s helping a person who has a specific need. People are going to kind of trust you as an expert and to guide them towards losing weight. That trust built trust factor and when people trust you they will transact dollars with you and that’s point blank period right now.

Another reason why I need to be doing dude super market. Is it’s a hundred percent free, so people say: oh, my god, I don’t have marketing budget have money for solo ads. I don’t have money for this and I’ll have money, for that. Youtube is on 100 % free. You could be Oprah on a budget right. What I mean youTube allows you to essentially create your own TV platform right where you can literally reach people, and you don’t have to put any money behind it.

If you don’t want to. Okay and then you can build, you can move people from YouTube all for YouTube and on set emails and build the email list and mark it to them. Remark it to them over and over and over again, okay. So this is why YouTube is king, all right. So let’s talk about the exact: this is a six step. I thought I changed this bug as I’m changes in this slide. It’s actually 6s, okay, so the exact six step process to make articles that create raving fans and car ready buyers, because here’s a day, you know one of the things that are always showing people.

What I know which is you don’t need a large blog? You don’t want to waste your time just doing articles just because you want to learn how to make articles that creates raving fans and your niche and that that moves people towards buying whatever tool, solution, product opportunity that you have okay. So the first way that you do, that is by creating educational articles. Again, I did a article earlier about this summer.

Facebook is there’s, you know I do tube. Is there right? You want to make articles okay, so one of the one of the main type of articles that you want to make for your blog or you want to create educational vids in your niche and be helpful okay. So what you want to do is think of yourself as a consultant in your niche okay. So, for example, let me give a really good example. If you were in the hit natural haircare niche.

Actually I may use as well growth here, okay, because so let’s say that you were in the hair care in issue where you you own, the salon. Okay, you own the salon. You would want to think of the main problems that you know that people ask you in your chair. You will want to write those down and you would literally want to go and make articles answering those questions, because guess what there’s other people out there who are looking for someone to answer those questions ring they’re going to be seeking you out for your expertise about Hey girl, um, do you sell this? Do you sell that you know um hey, you know.

Can I get? How do I make an appointment with you now they’re curious, because they now know you’re. The expert they’ve been searching for someone anyways on YouTube typing in how to have better edges how to have this, how to how to fix hair, how to solve thinning. Whatever your niche is, and through your educational articles, essentially given a mini tips, answering questions that they have, that you know that they have.

You literally can solve that for them on article now, what I do is I keep my process. Pretty simple: I’m map out my article on index cards. Okay, so don’t over, complicate this and think that you know every time you get ready to do a article. It has to be something extremely extremely complicated. I map out literally on index cards. Okay, so get you some index cards even map out your article there.

So that’s the purpose of doing your articles is just to create some educational articles and be helpful as a consultant in your niche. Alright, so you’re literally going to just be answering questions that type questions that the people in your niche have about how to get a certain result, and you can literally in your article, help them solve that on a article okay, so just little micro tips, you’re, not Giving away the whole bag just micro tips? Okay! The next thing is the you got to think when you’re making articles through the framework or the person.

That’s reading your article realize that the person reading your article may not even know they don’t know what they don’t know. Okay, so like, for example, I’m an affiliate marketing and I’m always breaking down for beginner affiliate marketers what they need to know to be successful because I’m like twelve steps ahead of them and I’m telling them if you want to be successful, here’s the roadmap, here’s what You need to know here’s what you need to do things like that, so you’re always thinking ahead of them.

So what you want to do is to become an expert in your niche in your articles. You want to answer questions before they ask them so again. This is where, as a consultant, if people have been asking you questions right, write them down in a notebook right, you can do some research on the top questions in your niche leg. You know go to the search engine. Let’s talk about this in a second and look up, you know what what are people typing in about buying a home but losing weight about making money online about affiliate marketing about Philly marketing training right, whatever your niche is, you need to do articles answering the questions Or in that article answer questions before they ask them, ok, so your your purpose is to help them understand what they need to know to get faster results.

Ok, so this is where you can also again go back to summon, because I’m always telling people that one of the fastest ways to get results is to get a blueprint right. So I’m helping them not only understand what they need to know, but I’m telling them what they need to do to get faster results. So, for example, you know you’re doing a article and you’re giving your you’re a hairdresser and you pimp people some tips on how to have better hair and how to and how to UM help their there.

What economy edges from thinness right, then you give them a tip, and you say you know, help don’t understand what they have have to do: to get faster results. Ok, and maybe that role map for that for the person reading it is, they want faster results. They need to get your growth oil. You might have a growth oil great so boom, so that’s then create raving fans and it’s going to brand. You experts know cream raving fans because you’re solving the issue for them.

Ok, I hope this makes sense. I kind of below up that make sense. Ok, so see, I’m not changed it on this slide anyway. The next thing is another thing that you want to do to create articles that crease bring fans apart. Ready buyers is research, your keywords, ok, so it you want to find the exact topics that people are searching for in your niche and I’m going to show you the end hug like a tool you can use to do that um.

The next thing is to be you and infuse you into your content: ok, well, you’re, making articles you don’t want to come off as anything, but yourself. Ok, I mean don’t be boring, but be yourself like me, I thought about the top of my head. I’r informal! I’r telling it like it, is you either like it or you don’t, but I’m also educational, because I come from education background. So that’s what I’m known or is being educational, helping people get from point A to point B and telling it like it is whether you like it or not whether I like it or not, right, that’s just the way.

It is right, whereas other people, they’re they’re, quirky, they’re, funny right, be who you are right. You need to infuse that into your articles, which is your constant and you know, you’re, going to have fun with the process like for I’ll be honest for a time and I and Terrence. If he’s reading, this he’s been with me the longest and he made a comment to me, he’s like your articles have changed and I wasn’t being myself so I got back to doing things my way if using myself into my content, you know in my articles and I’r having fun again with making contact so be yourself and you’re going to have much more fun with the process you’re going to stay more consistent with the process all right.

The next thing is to leverage the buyers journey. Okay. So ever in some of your articles, you want some leverage, the buyers journey. What does that mean whatever product service opportunity? Whatever it is that you sell? Rather, you sell wellness coaching. Rather, you are a hairdresser. You sell weight loss. Tea. People need you to help them feel at ease about partnering with you, and you need to do that by leveraging the following articles from time to time.

You know before and afters showing people behind the scenes like what does it take you like, for example, you were a hairdresser. You should be doing behind the scenes all the time showing people showing the process of you. Cutting peoples, hair, showing people’s before-and-after hair transformations right, showing testimonials, get some of your customers on client on article and have them share what you love or what they love about.

Working with you right, okay, these are things um case studies in q and A’s right. You know allowing the the people who are on your blog to ask you to type questions. You know you could just say hey guys. I want to hear from you your top questions. What are your top challenges, and then that gives you constant? You can then turn that around and make even more articles, okay, but it also again helps them become more comfortable with buying from you when you do put something in front of them to buy, because you’ve been showing them the whole time that whatever transformation a one.

Your doing it right so from time to time leverage to buyers journey in leverage. These types of articles, in your article content, you know, make some before-and-afters make some behind the scene, no matter what nice you can leverage these testimonials in case studies, okay, um and then the next thing is tell them where to go to get the full solution. This is where a lot of people are afraid to do what I call the call to action right, they’re, afraid to say: hey, listen, you’re reading us.

I hope you got value from these tips. I know you got value from these tips, but if you’re, if you’re ready for the full package, if you’re ready for the full solution, you’re ready to get started today right, I have XYZ to help you get XYZ results check out beneath this article. Okay, so tell them where to go to get the full solution. It could be your website, it could be your Facebook group, it could be your email list, but tell them where to go to get the full solution.

This is the process of moving people from just being looky-loos raving fans and to actually translate into card ready buyers. You know I started like just last week um. I started just telling people about my appointment process and already they’re about four appointments for this week. Um, just by telling people in my articles about a point, the appointment process, so you you got ta, get clear on telling people where to go to get the full solution.

Alright, let’s move on. So, let’s talk about how to translate those articles into leads and money in your business, so you’re not just doing these articles just to be doing these articles. Okay, you want to be able to move people who don’t buy right away off of you to the onto your email, as you want to be building an email list, so you’re going to need a capture page system. If you don’t have one, if you don’t have one reach out to me, I do have access to one that I recommend but anyways.

You want to move people off of youtube and onto your email list. Okay. So if you look at this over here, you probably can’t see this, but when you make a article beneath your article, you can put links okay and in your article you’re, going to tell people you know: hey thanks for reading us or whatever your call-to-action is. You know check out the description box below and you’re going to tell them where to go.

You know to get on your list and to get more information. Okay, so, for example, one thing is what you can do is at the end of your articles. You know if you want to just be more helpful. Okay, you can tell people hey, I just helped you XYZ problem. Here’s we can go to get even more resources to help you with that problem. So, for example, what am I always I’m always talking with people about keeping what they call lead? Mapping.

It’s simple, okay, you can do a simple Google Doc with some additional tips. You can give that away as a lead magnet for them to get on your list. As an incentive – or you could just say, I’d like to keep it simple get in my facebook group, because that’s where I’m going to give more tips more more resources more this and more that right create a Facebook group around your niche okay. So if you’re in a haircare create a Facebook group – and just when you do article say if you want to learn more haircare tips get in my facebook group right.

So when they opt-in to your capture, page they’re, not only getting your list but then the first thing they’re going to see is that link to get in your Facebook group and that’s the easy way without having to create a million lead magnets to be able to Grow an audience and move them off of YouTube somewhere else and while they’re sitting there getting these little nuggets from you, you could be in that group literally selling to them you’d like lists like maybe you sell every Thursday, you do a hard sell.

You say: hey, listen, I’m doing a special on these haircare products. You know I’m booking consultations today who wants it where I got three slides right. So this is how the process of translating your articles from leaves into money into your business. Alright. So, let’s get into some of my favorite tools that I use one YouTube to just help me be better at doing: um, keyword, research, okay, so there’s two tools and they’re, both Chrome extensions, so you’re going to need a laptop in Google Chrome called that IQ and Two buddy, okay out of the two my favorite, is to buddy.

Okay, what they allow you to do is to be able to see the top keywords in your niche okay. So, for example, you were like a tech guru and you knew that you offer like search engine optimization like coaching or something you can type it literally. You know search engine optimization and it will show you all the related keywords on YouTube. But here’s the thing when you put on autosuggest: it will also show you the top keywords in google so and that’s what you want to also use as well as it could be found in Google as well right so anyways.

So that’s what it allows you to do. It kind of makes your job easier, basically allows you to spy on a competition to be able to steal the top tags and keywords from people. Who’ve already, you know done the work right make sure you have so much easier: silk I’ll do later, tutorials on to buddy and bit IQ. But but that’s those are two Chrome extensions that you want to leverage in your business to help you come up with better titles to help you come up with in our tags and keywords: okay in your niche all right.

The next tool that you want to use is one of my favorite tools. I’ve been using it for years when you’re doing your recording your articles, you screencast-o-matic it’s free and you can literally begin recording a article. You don’t need some some expensive production and software. All this stuff, like that and you just want to keep the process of just simply point shoot and upload right in the beginning.

You know a lot of people they get to. I don’t they overthink it right. So in the beginning, you I go back to some of my articles like two years ago and they were trash okay trash, but you get better over time. So just get better good, get good at point, shoot and upload, and you spent a somatic to record your articles and you can upload them to your YouTube blog. It’s literally that simple! Alright! So if you’re ready to start your own article marketing journey join my facebook group, you can get there by going to boston mentorship con.

It’s free get in there. I’r going to be given a lot more value about the process of article marketing and using it to get leads and sales to your business. So that’s it. If you one you to make sure you hit that subscribe button and that’s it really drop any questions. You got velocity in the next article, bye, guys

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how to do marketing on youtube 2020 – The Right way

So in this article we’re going to talk about how to do article marketing on YouTube. If you haven’t been on this blog before this specific blog is all about making money online. Where did I start my youtube journey? Oh going to take you back and, as you can see back nine years ago, as I did, one of my first business orientated youtube article blogs and that blog went on and although the subscriber count is low, what you actually have to realize with business YouTube blogs Is that you won’t get a lot of subscribers, but you do get a lot of views and within the integrated marketing they actually used actually help that business.

Second blog, the business blog started over two years ago, which was specific to the full restorations business, and then my hobby blog, as you can see, has got over 1 million views in the last year. So I do do a better about YouTube, marketer and if you really are interested but find a little more, the click, the link, that’s below this article now take you through to a new online course. I couldn’t be doing all of our YouTube marketing, so you want to find out how to do YouTube marketing in 2020.

You want to find out the best ways to actually use YouTube to actually make money. So what I’m going to I’m going to take you over to I’m going to show you two pieces of software and I’m going to talk you through the software, I’m going to talk you through the benefits and I’m going to talk you through the negative side. Cuz ya, what people do review articles got? A lot of people will tell you yeah, that’s a user software because it does less than this, and I’m going to tell you the truth, but why you should maybe not use some of the software’s are getting promoted.

Just now and why you should create your own original content YouTube as a platform that likes this of context and when you’re not putting original content when you’re doing massive viral articles, when you do mass articles, you used to be a case where you could do one Article and you could put out several platforms, there used to be platforms where you can basically just do one article record at once and then you could just send and it was going to YouTube but two different platforms.

And then you would basically have the same article everywhere now, the algorithm that Google has and YouTube have no they’re, basically making sure that you can do that and they’re actually targeting you and that also targeting other things. If it’s not your own original content. So one of the first software’s I’m going to show you his wife. You know this is a mass article marketing platform. No, it does what it says on attend.

It does make that it was for you and it is good, but I’m going to tell you the benefits, I’m going to tell you why you should. I slinky maybe use this if you not want to be on screen – and you don’t want to make your own articles and you don’t want it to go through all the trouble actually fill in content from the internet and nicely making your own articles. What this platform nicely, does it Ashley? Please marketing automated articles before you know it does start at forty seven dollars a month and it has a 30 day money day, money back guarantee.

If you wanted to go down there, it I’m going to tell you the exact. I’r going to tell the truth right and stop why that’s type of platform. Basically, it doesn’t work now they’re, showing you some fantastic figures here for geek commerce, for affiliate marketing for the corners and I’ve shown you some fantastic numbers, Oh from Amazon, if you do it any type of Amazon, affiliate marketing, you know that Amazon has basically slashed them.

Commotion that unites to getting paid from Amazon for a lot a lot of the rational creators. So if you’re doing this type of mass marketing article – and you put lots of articles there hoping to try and drive traffic jam as an affiliate, you might be absolutely insane. Man, yes, although it’s an awfully, although it’s automated, no all done for you, there’s probably a lot better ways to actually build a long-term business when you’re looking at this type of business model, you also don’t want to create a long term business and that’s the only Way that you’re not going to make it with affiliate marketing and any type of marketing, so five years to YouTube YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and that’s a fact stories written Facebook for search traffic and that’s what you have to remember with Any type of marketing you want to be used in the search traffic, you wouldn’t be targeting sales traffic traffic or where people are actually typing, and that’s where I’ve built those there’s other YouTube blogs.

It’s because people will go to Google, go to youtube and search for a service and their turn in order they’re. Looking for a specific thing, they’re looking to learn, they looking to find out information, they’re looking to buy a service or a product, so the the use search traffic is stole the second biggest search engine in the world. So, that’s why you should be doing YouTube articles in 2020 for your business and you can do them and lots of different ways.

So the way that basic advice does basically pulls the information from the internet from the likes of Amazon and it creates a article for you. That’s a good business model. It was to a few years ago – and you probably got a lot of people – just know that honestly, I’m promoting this as a natural way of making money, and why is it doing that? Because they’re selling, of course, that’s actually telling you how to do this? But what it does do it creates an upload, the articles on autopilot and it creates articles every day of the week for you, it creates articles and any keywords from any URL and also creates Amazon review articles for you now.

This is all good, but if you’re not making the bad Commission’s on Amazon anymore, because Amazon have slashed the photo marketing. Basically, Commission structure, there’s the Ashley water and is it a long term business? Yes, it could probably I’ll give you another safe income. So if you really actually still want to have a look at the software, I will put a link to the software and it’s the description of this article.

You know another piece of software. I want to talk about it’s a con. It’s basically called content. Summary now has changed its name recently, but the way that content, samurai works is pretty much the same way. It makes article so you can ask the put in your own script and then, if you want a article of the artists that has the text or the script or going to do or there’s a lot of youtubers using people down and then make money online space They’re, actually using the content from the articles, so they’re nicely sitting in front of the camera.

So if you want to make a article, that’s actually talking about lifestyle. When thou shalt take the lifestyle, you could have whether you buy a certain product. When you do order and test you out to niche or fear you actually you’re lovin the so-called lifestyle. You can actually use these articles in and you can use the content from those articles and you can actually speak over the top of the article.

So that’s one way that you can actually use this platform and that does have a monthly cost it as well. But you can’t get a free trial and if you click the link in the description, this article you’ve got a free trial of this. Also, one thing I wanted to talk about for YouTube is keywords and, as I also fantastic helps, you get keywords basically from anywhere. No, that’s that’s completely different, any other software device.

Let’s see, and it’s actually fantastic, it pills all live source keywords, keyword, research that you need to find data from all different places. So we won’t prove this. Do you want sleep on content and put live keyword, suggestion ideas from YouTube view, everything that’s also so should you do article market and if I should you do for the market? One of the reason you should actually why you should still be using article marketing and 2020 is you can actually take your article and if you create a ten minute article, you can actually put a article to YouTube.

Obviously, and then you can actually create new content from that one piece of article. So if you learn any type of market on Facebook or Instagram on Tech Talk or any of these other platforms, you can actually take the content from that article and you can shorten it down and you can take key sentences. Oh the actual article – and you can use that as a promotional to actually then take people from the other platforms that I send them to YouTube.

To read the list of the content of the article that one fantastic ways that you as a business owner she knows. Will be used in article content and to incentive you want to secular to this blog if you want to subscribe to this blog, to find it more articles, more content about how to make a business online and how to use article content to actually explode your business. My name is piling stone. This has been Barry, Levinson’s, vegetto, supremacy, lifestyle,

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