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6.2 : Accessing data in Google Analytics

They see via Google Analytics Google Analytics is important because what it shows you and tells you is what people have done once they’ve clicked on that pay-per-click link.

It can tell you where people have come from both in terms of a previous site and if it’s from Google itself, the search terms have been using to find you, but also what country and potentially, if you’re lucky in cases of the US and other areas. Potentially can get down to a region. What you should be learning from Google Analytics is about what your buyer persona expects from you when they land at your website.

This means that you can find from Google Analytics how long they’ve looked at your particular page. How many pages they may have traversed to go beyond on your website or whether they just bounce straight back to Google? In other words, they didn’t find what they were. Looking for. All of this tells you a lot about the content that you’re presenting as part of your pay-per-click advertising to your buyer persona.

We use Google Analytics by logging in you know, on a daily basis. We change the goals that are on our website, depending on the strategies and the different marketing activities that were that we undergo, and we can see you know clearly what’s happening – was really interested for us. When we recently launched a new website was high, the time on page changed either binary it differed and we were able to compare em high.

Our new responsive website performed on mobile and on versus desktop and look at the difference and conversion rates and the different blogs and the differences in terms of the traffic across those different areas. And this is all really powerful stuff and we’ve invested more in that responsive website because of the positive information taken from Google Analytics. First of all, we are it’s a work platform.

We are trying to combine and find information for all our online activities. It’s a free tool: how synergies with everything online. But again you cannot find the whole pixels because they have some issues and they cannot measure the whole traffic. So always, you will have some gaps and you will have some missing metrics, but it’s one platform helps you to see what is going on live in your website, a live data and second, you can group information from your whole digital activities.


By Jimmy Dagger

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