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Peter Kamore: The Content Marketing Code

So, basically, talking about content marketing, though, though, though, though, not content, marketing as as its out there, because because visa, what happened and so as we we we have to be, the tropics have have to be around websites and WordPress, and so I’ll be talking more about Content marketing in in in terms of a website, because because having a website is one thing and I know having content on it – is another a bit about my background yeah, I started using WordPress, I think, like five years ago, yeah I work at a company called Digital unit, I had lived the team, basically digital marketing agency, that deals with mostly web development, social media and digital PR.

Yeah so feel free to interrupt me at any point with a question that you might have either within or maybe after the topic or maybe later on, yep, then yeah then feel free to go to attend and and and and and post something using this hashtag switch Pair, what company Ruby on another platform that there should be a Twitter of Facebook, a stronger man yeah, those three me Jimmy yeah. I should that’s yeah so yeah, so so, as I said, I’ll be talking about content marketing, and so it’s basically a honey on you’re.

Developing a website, it could be a website, a blog. What are the do’s and don’ts in terms of coming up with content, because I think I think how many are web developers or ever have have come up with her our website, preferably from WordPress. If you know do not press or or hosted with other hosting kind of my show, huh yeah, so so so one thing you will realize is that is that sometimes you you’ll be making will be cutting a website.

Then you come across this. It’s very beautiful theme, then then either you participated or load. It then there’s a place we realized after after in store after normally, then installing it, you realize it does not look as as appealing as as how it was one day. One day, one day, one day on the preview, we don’t need how many have experienced that yeah, I think, and and basically the main difference is – is usually the content, because, because normally what what they will do is that before you buy before.

If I buy the load the same, they will show you a very nice thing with, with with with very good images, very good content, and even when you’re going through the demo, you consider good content, but but then, after downloading and installing it there is just just The frame you don’t have much in terms of corner and so and so you’ll be tempted, you’ll even be tempted to think that the these people, they they lecture to change to you.

They they they sold you what you, what she thought you did would want to buy, maybe to download, and so the main difference between the two is the content and so, and so they expect you to come to come up with with similar creative content as they. Yes, or even much better though, although, although for most of them, they especially for they for the premium for the premium ones, they normally give you the option through the option to to download them of content and upload it on your on the website and not customize.

It which is which is which makes now your work much easier yeah. I I hope I were close to anyone so far. If I have. Finally, let me know yeah, yep and yeah, so we’re looking at content, marketing and – and so this is what we’ll cover its Kelly a web content, what what type, what? What are they different different areas in the website that you need to have content, then you look at a high content or at a high quality content? Well, actually, why should? Why should you have good or good content, and not just having images and text and and and articles on the website? Why is it important to have a good and appealing content to the Internet user? When you look at a and the common mistakes that we have got to make a special event coming up with, with with AB content, then we will do a bit of a bit of tips on uncoated creation.

Then then we finish so first. First of all, most a are talking about content I’ll, be referring to to do this for article content, graphic content, my graphic aids, basically, basically, image content. Sorry I it’s supposed to be yeah ii supposed to be text, content and audio, so soul be looking at at least at these four types of content text text, article audio and graphic in the in the course of the presentation, so they’re different the different areas in Your website that you, that you need content it it could be in product for that for the product description as assuming you have your any may be an an e-commerce website, or maybe any website that, where we deal with the products, you need content for that it Could it could be product images, it could be product description and so and so, and so you need that website, everyone could could be a fa.

Q’s could be a the motors contained the mission and the vision content, and so me Jenny immediately about the FAQ and the mission and vision. It’s me it’s mostly timing. It’s usually text content, but not limited to that you. You could still have image content or even article content, where, if maybe you’re talking about about us it could, it could be probably an image, an image of. Maybe you your workspace, you, your colleagues, you you, maybe you are throw up being what you do.

If it services you’d be some of the services, the yeah, then first product product reviews and testimonials. This will come in handy, especially especially if, if maybe you’ve been you, don’t previous jobs for people, and maybe you need you need for the for, for the connect to be to be a website you can have that could be a text content. It could be. It could be be short short clips of them saying how maybe how awesome your service or product is then then, lastly, other they are sorry.

Second, all these at this instructional content, it could be probably if it maybe you selling, if it’s a software equal to have probably a short article, explaining what what the software does. A person like moco does famous for m-pesa m-pesa plugin, and so you can. You can have a short clip explaining what audio service is, especially if it’s a new product in the market has been experi. If, if most people do not know about your product or service, then then could have that it’s called a muscle.

It could be the house tool, then then their last, but not, but but really the list could equal have blog content, especially if, if you’re on a blog or maybe you have a blog section on your website, you can have blog post and so as we look At all these, if it’s product product product content, a about content, effort, reviews instructional articles blog, how? How can we make our corner to be effective? How can we make our corner to be appealing today, a true that to the user? Because, because because most mustering, if you’re visiting our website within the first, like three three four five seconds you, you know whether well it continues in website or maybe to jump o to the next one on they only on the on the google search list and so And so the amount of time a person will stay in your website will be very much dependent on on on on how your content looks in terms in terms of arranging it in terms of, is it appealing in terms of? Is it just? Maybe an image you’ve got on the website, it just dumped a doublet, fair, and so it is very, very, very important tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu to have content on the website that that is appealing to the intended user of the website.

They see. Content is king, whereas some C code, yeah yeah connective king of some say, distribution is queen, and so they would say the type of corner that you have is it’s very key in your website. You’ll, even rather not have the website in the first place then have Arab site online with Miss Smith, which should work with maybe blurry images, maybe text with with with very many grammatical errors and so content really matters.

Then seven, seven percent of people check online content before they could purchase, and so, if it’s, if it’s probably, if I’m going to a place like Jimmy to buy a to buy a phone look for a phone, how the phone looks there on the display would really Matter to me, if, if albeit or not, especially especially if a if maybe it’s a new phone or maybe it’s a father, it that or not may be seen it previously and so the corner that they put there, whether an image of the phone or maybe they, The description of it it will it really, it will really determine whether are patches it or not, and so also for them.

Having surely content whether the text or image, who will all all either increase the sales or maybe or maybe a make people not by not buy the product, all or even the service? And so this we still to to make us realize the importance of having good and quality content on our website yeah. Then why call it we call it content having quality content, helps boost your visibility, having quality content, especially especially, if you have, if you have very good images, if you have maybe very good content, it cool it, it helps to improve your visibility because things like such Engines such engines like like Google, they are, they usually rank, rank high.

They the website with quality content, because because for them they they will much discourage poor content. Maybe maybe, with errors may be copied content literally, very much discouraged and also they they help to to optimize the content for those people who have good content. Who has content that that people will love, especially especially you utilize, if you maybe have a very good blog post, which which has on a certain topic? Maybe it has? It has very many views and maybe a number of a number of comments on it on it.

When a person searches such as some something similar to to to what your topic is for that blog post, your your blog post is is directly to to a fear top because because it’s what most people most people have viewed and it has released to people. But people be commenting on it or maybe like meat, and so it’s a visibility on it on it and on a general blog post will really be creased. Then quality content positions view as an expert.

This goes without saying, if, if, if maybe we sell things like different laptop, I mean we have a blog, a blog fiction on the website, a mood emoticon about a bottle about laptop, so maybe daily, we blog about the newest laptop. Maybe the new feature about a certain a certain laptop. Maybe maybe this happened in the in the in the tech world. Maybe HP HP did this with time. Our readers trust trust that our that we know more about our about laptops, and so, if they need to buy a laptop they would they would likely come to us to by Allah to buy the laptop, because because, based on the corner that you have, that you Mean from other to be putting there on the blog and a blog page, portrays us as an expert and so and so having having content and our just a not not just call it a quality content.

In terms of in terms of its relevance to the trophy that your disco topic that you’re talking about it, it it puts you out there as the expert in that particular field, then content helps you to build relationships, especially who, especially with people who blog about. Maybe about things like Fitness things, we need to do its life with with the personality it. It helps build leadership with with the audience and so and so our daily, especially daily you you you, you grow with your content with the audio such that at some point.

Even if you fail to you fail to to put up a post, maybe put it in put a post every Friday, then then on one particular Friday, you you fail to, and maybe you have you have been a bit code very consistent. Then then, even a person will be worried. Why why? Why hasn’t he or she posted a post today, but could he be okay and then he release with time? You start building a billion ship with people such that? If, if it’s maybe about about fitness – and maybe you have if people have been following you next time, even if you open a gym and call them, they would likely a come because because you have worked with along for some time on fitness and so and so Also, do they would much much likely come and and and and and and get your services the good thing with quality content? Is that if you, if you put your call your your contest to be to be quality and to be consistent, then selling becomes very easy.

If you send the product after after giving content it becomes, it becomes very easy. You even reduce you, your your budget or sales or marketing. Sorry, yeah, then quality content gives gives value to your visitors. It helps them add to their knowledge of core that that goes without saying then. After that, then then then quality content gets shared openly. If you, if you come up, if you come across a post that that it’s very good at relates with you, a may be a very good image of maybe or maybe wild animals, or maybe just a quality image owner or maybe a maybe in a blog post.

You will much likely to share it, especially as we may be to a person that you feel would love this content and and so that that world much likely happen. If the content is good because because rarely will a relationship content be the person. That is a really with Malaysia economy. The person that is a whoever content is insured, or maybe the colleagues is its duplicate, or maybe it’s full of errors, or maybe it’s it’s not what I’ll consider to be good and so quality content gets.

Your cord gets get a reaches more people because people is initiate, and so you want to go even to make even two more people. You just posting it on your blog you’ll find it maybe at maybe on some blog some way, or maybe some Facebook page or maybe some social media place, but nothing not even posted yeah, and so that that’s pretty much about quality content this and they are very Many and every many advantages of having good content, or maybe they have very many good things that come that come with having quality content when you’re on your blog page on your blog post on you on your on your website, and even I know not just on A website, and even just just anywhere, if you put up quality, a quality stuff, then people really appreciate.

Then oh look at some of the mistakes that we make when coming up with content, and so some some of the mistakes that that you do as some of them admission is, is called a duplication where maybe you you you you’re coming up with with the website And maybe you you realize that you don’t you, you need to cut it for me before, for about ins, the about Us page on your website, and maybe you are you dealing with use you you, you, your company, that there may be offer services, maybe maybe your Travel agency, when you realize this website a no and they have very good images, then I can just go and maybe take their take their content.

Then they may be bringing to the bill to the air to my site. It may be change a few things here and there, but then you realize and then other than they never came up with you with you with your content as so and so most of the time such engines are able to track that, especially especially Google. It’s it’s able to it’s able to track that and they can and they can’t penalize you the easiest way that reproduce make sure that that you, your visibilities, is it as low as possible or not possible searches such a zero.

The the it will be very hard for them to find a to failure. You your page, unless they tape you, you exact URL, hold up if it’s double double double that blog post, not calm when they have to take that for it to a way to to appear number one on your search results. So and so, and so that’s a call to us to to always strive to come up with with without content, to be very original image, then the second mistake that the sometimes we make is is where is grammatical mistakes? Those though some of them I of course the they are very much an intentional, but then but then it is very important to proofread.

If you come up with a with a blog post, maybe come up with, maybe maybe maybe like two or three blog post in a week. It’s it’s very important to always to always look proofreading for your for your content. If you’re not sure about about a profile about a proofreading, you can give you you can give you can give it to someone else to to help. You prefer aid to help. You a problem – maybe maybe, if I maybe maybe a few grammatical errors or maybe or maybe take that maybe text that is not arranged well or maybe some maybe links Allah capital letters where they’re supposed to be.

Maybe I may be quoting a person or maybe in the wrong way, is supposed maybe to use some certainly of of quoting them, and so it’s very important to two to twelve to avoid such as especially especially for for this like for this little blog post, they Will software that that one can use to check them to explain mistakes? There’s a base? It’s called grammarly yeah. You can use that and another software that better fair, some of them are free.

Some of them are premium yeah. You can make good a good use of them to ensure that you are sure that your text, a content, is, does not have that yeah. Sorry, I forgot on content, duplication and is also the issue of of of images, of something images and articles. Sometimes you you’ll feel maybe maybe have come up with a website upset. Maybe you need maybe sell shoes that maybe you’re not a it. You don’t have images for for your shoes and so just to go somewhere.

You just take an image, save it on your laptop. Then then, a pollutant on the website, time’s weed weed weed, do it without without even thinking whoever, whether maybe that image is copyrighted and so, and so sometimes it’s it’s very important to to check. If it is an image, is an image cooperated and if and if it is, it’s very, it’s always very important to rate your source for the image well image or maybe or maybe you’re cutting a pass one.

It’s it’s. It’s always very important to to quote them to name your source if it may be a survey if, if it may be a semi, maybe 60 % of people summer, I do this or do that you can indicate where you got that status. That’s at it from you stay at the bottom or maybe somewhere on you on the on the on the page. Then then the third one is look a low quality of visual content yeah. This is where you you you.

You sometimes take just post images where which are not very quality, and so this is a VIN line between between you having your original content and also that content being quality, because of because because because some sometimes there is on the this one, we’ll find ourselves posting Content, especially especially a graphic graphic content from our website. It’s because probably will think I don’t have a good camera to take their photos, and so I just take them from from a certain website and just post it on mine.

But sometimes it’s a matter of sacrifice. You can even get get a password to a photographer to come and do photography for for all your products, but that there may be can run for for like a month or so. If they, it may be a big you do it for, for maybe for social media yeah. So on websites, kindly it’s kind of ensure that you have quality content, whether whether article, whether images, ensure that you that the content is that standard and also, I also ensure that that was it’s.

Not it’s not very high quality standard, very high quality, because it it it will dance alone, um slate, so most most website, especially especially if you’re a if you’re a developer most most times. If you, if you’re plotting an image, they normally give you the fair the recommended size it could be, we could be the length a yeah, maybe could be the size or so yeah. Those are raised. Those ability these these are.

You can adjust that, but also it’s it’s very good to ensure that your content, you, your content, especially article articles and images, the Equality and also they within the the set boundaries, not not very, not low quality, not very high quality, to solid on you. Your website, then then the last one is, is having content content without of flow. Sometimes you you’ll find make. Maybe they maybe they the content on your on your homepage.

It’s very catchy, it’s very it’s very good, but but then, when they come into the other pages you find this is a bit of disconnection, maybe in everything maybe the first page, you you’re very you’re, very enthusiastic about it, you’ll fire about about your new about. Maybe your new startup, maybe in a new business, then coming to other, maybe to other pages, and maybe you maybe I in your low moments and maybe just posted condor that this that is, okay content, but not as as good at the first one.

And so it’s it’s very good to to to meet enough flow, especially given the tone of your website, because, because h, hf site should have a tone, I don’t go different, that but yeah and so try as always as possible, to maintain the tone with Fame. Your website this, maybe it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a happy tone. It’s it’s a or maybe you are having a kids a. Maybe it’s a kids website, maybe maybe it every for for me for kindergarten.

Maybe that’s another tool for kids, maybe a bit of Carla’s in everywhere. Make sure that is that that is a cruise all the all the pages of the of the website yeah, I’m not sure how they’ve left something in the mistakes yeah. These are just some of the mistakes that you make there very many others on a mistake that you make on content, but also it’s a yeah. Just I’m sure you do this and unless they’re different they’re different software’s and programs that you can use to come up with the content, both text content both and even article content image content for image content.

You can you can use things like converse, you can you can you can use things like Photoshop to to to edit some of the some of the especially graphic graphic content yeah to ensure that at least you have you have you have good content on your website? Yeah, then, I will now look at at at connect creation tips. What are some of the some of the tips that you can that you can borrow where, when when, when, when, when coming up with with content for websites, it’s the few of them create content that adds value to your product or anti brand? If it, maybe you have a website here, maybe a you blog about about.

You – have a product, a sorry, an e-commerce website for beauty products. You can. You can have a blog section of of things to do with Beauty. You can you can blog about beauty, about hair, about a general about bit about beauty, and you come up with corner. That adds adds value to your customers and well and and also adds value to your brand, such as such that you blog about beauty and have an apostle.

Will all one day now come to buy products from you because, because who are building you well adding value to your customers? Well well and making them knowledge about beauty? You still you’re still tagging along you, your brand, but also I that said, ensure that you don’t say we’re coming up with blog content, because because episode – Oh we’ll just know, if, if your blog about I was at about a certain topic, then you try to squeeze In some some aspect of or selling your products in in between a possibly still no and I’ll, just know that you are that you are tricking them to reading the blog.

So to that, so the family, in between you can sell to them the product it works. Sometimes, but but but sometimes it it’s, it might not work, and so I so the best thing is if you’re selling, if it’s, if it’s always on the other on the or the product lists, have it there. And but if it’s on the blog section kindly ensure that that it’s strictly a giving knowledge to well for many knowledge to you to you to to to to the readers yeah, then one is update.

Your content regularly. Kindly don’t don’t not have stale content or new on your website. Try as much as possible to to to always update you you’re, not not just the blockage, the blog page you it includes, even even maybe a boaters. I may be a normal or normal pages that you have content it. It could be, it could be. Article content could be text content. I’r sure that sure that, once in a while you, you change you, you you change things, especially especially it.

If, if it’s, if it’s, if it’s probably you had images of you officer, maybe you move to another office, I kind of and should ensure that a sure that you have ever maybe replace the therefore images you know without with with no the new, then the new Images, sometimes you will find a page. You like they at the contact us page, maybe maybe location, had shoulder. Maybe there and then this building, maybe one year, two years down the line, you you move somewhere else, and maybe you forgot to people change me, the location or me or maybe used a certain number.

That was us, but that was that was you. That was the personal number. Then then, later only butter, you you you you, you got another number. That is there’s no the office number. I maybe forget to to indicate that then, with time your users might get lost it may be. They are finding your location. Maybe it maybe don’t contact you, they may not very much reach you, it may be. You never changed basic things like like a phone number yeah and another things this, like blog post.

It goes without saying it’s very important to to keep to keep updating your blog regularly. If, if you post, maybe one so, we got at least tried by a better week. At least you have a post, you have a post, your post up, yeah. I love what the ideal is is initially that that you sent a post at if it’s. If it’s on on Monday at 2:00 p.M. You make sure that every Monday 2 p.M. You, you, you you, you post it post an article and the good thing about something.

Like WordPress is that you can you can even share your content, especially for especially for for blogs yeah, you can you can even come up if it. Maybe you do one article: every week you can come up with with with four articles and then at the beam of the month, then you shed and then show you the particles to pull themselves and maybe every Monday, every first, every Monday, at 2 p.M. You. Can you can easily do that with with with WordPress there now, whether tip is critical it with a confession with a conversational tone because well well, we are, we are not true, both and so, and so sometimes we we we post content a thief or without without Having the readers they just in in consideration, because sometimes you we fail to to to put ourselves in the readers and there it is in the readers from the latest point of view, and so it’s very it’s very it’s very important to when, when when rating, especially A blog, a blog post and sure that that that, at one point you take, you take the role of the leader.

How how will you take the how what could be or take in terms in terms of the the of the blog post we live and respond to it yeah you can even have things like emojis or neat, especially if it’s not a very formal, a very formal. I acted call you could you could have you, you can have those those from all elements that that sure that that you, actually speaking to a person, assume that you are having a conversation with a normal person with a person a maybe over coffee, such that aside, That, when you’re writing a blog post and a assume that maybe you working this person and saying, then we thought they can, they can easily relate – and I know probably be interested to read this.

The next article that you come up with then comply with SEO practices. Yeah – and this is not a must – but it’s very important, especially if you, if you want to improve SEO on your website, of course, they have. The most key was that other tool that that that you’ll want to do to that truly would relate to to your field. If it may be you you you, you sell shoes, a maybe a maybe around casado, then then you could have.

They could have that around around your content. It could be especially on tag this family called tags. They say something like Meta Description. You can you can have you can try to incorporate those, especially on your on your on your on your post or even on your website or name on a on a website, and so that how that helps to increase to increase to make you cite us, do Better, therefore, therefore, therefore justify SEO means search.

Engine optimization it is, it is what it is, what matters it is, what helps you to be visible, a visible, especially a special on such an you see if a person searches such as something around what you do yeah. I think this this this. This brings me today today to the end of my presentation about rapid current marketing, but I am the number of things that that I probably have left out, and so they are the whole thing.

If the whole thing about about corn is, is at least make sure, maybe the very takeaways that that you could let you critically from from from my from my talk – will be be original originality in content. Everything just try try to be original to give quality content. Then three is always be always update. Your content regularly at least try to review your Connie. Well, it’s just um site. Try try to always look at it.

What it say you could you could maybe even find a you. You are an error and error on your page may be a for maybe a finger for error, girlfriend Riera on your website, and so that’s that is pretty much what I had prepared.


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