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Becoming a Nutrition Entrepreneur: 10 Things to Do Before Starting

Is your system researching and you start realizing? What do I need to do? What does it take to start your own business, and so some of these things I’m going to be saying it are coming from the as a private, practicing dietitian and then some things I say throughout the series are just going to be general to any entrepreneurs or Wanting to be your own thing, so the top 10 things I’ve learned from just researching and listening to just business men and looking at websites on private practicing dieticians.

These are the top 10 things that I need to do or that I have done this week. So the first one that I should have done a long time ago, so I almost shouldn’t I need to do this, but I just did it last week: get professional liability insurance. I’ve always had people sign waivers as I’ve worked with them in the past. When I realized, especially as a private practice and dietitian, I need professional liability insurance, so I just registered for that and got that last week, number two: this is for more dieticians and stuff, but you have to figure out okay.

So where are you going to do it? Are you going to rent a space? Are you going to work in a gym? Are you going to do it strictly online and so for me, I’m kind of doing both the online saying worldwide, but I’m also working with Titus Sports Academy in Tallahassee and going to be doing in person, one-on-one kind of consultations with either their clientele or people that I just want to bring in and they’re just letting me do whatever I want and giving me my space for free, so that’s really cool, so that is, you have to figure out what space you’re going to be number three was a question of.

Do I want to register as an LLC and after some research? I don’t think I want to do that right now, but it will be beneficial in the future. So I’m probably going to keep that in the back of my mind, number four one of the biggest things I’ve seen across the board is having a good website and then having social media and being on social media with your business. And so, thankfully, because of having a blog and being a blogger since 2013, I have all that stuff.

Going already – and I created my new website – stare, grief and calm and if you guys haven’t seen that with all my services and everything and then also social media, I’ve started opening up. My personal Instagram server expand because I’m going to start sharing more of my life journey on there, but I also have of course, a freshman, healthy Instagram and the freshman healthy, blog and freshman healthy everywhere on Pinterest and Twitter, and everything like that.

So I think I’m good in that respect, but that is key and I also have a blog post on how to create your first website or blog so I’ll link that below in case you do need to do that. Okay, so number five was having a financial and budget sheet like spreadsheet. So this is something really bad about in the past and I’m not a Business and Finance major. So I really don’t understand a lot of stuff, but I do know it’s key to keep track of all of it in your keep track of your expenses.

Keep track of your income, keep track of what your net income is, and so I’m starting to do that and put that all together and a spreadsheet excel sheet, and have it all pretty haven’t really done that yet, but it’s in this process. But there are a lot of like templates online, that you can just download and use number six another thing for kind of just private practicing dietitians, but also maybe for you as a dietician and not just a nutritionist or health coach.

I am allowed to take insurance from people, but that opens a whole nother can of worms of just dealing with insurance companies and stuff, and I don’t think I’m ready for that. Yet so after kind of thinking about it, I’m just not taking insurance right now for at least the first year, as I figure it all out and get everything else running and then maybe I’ll open up to that. But I’m not sure I will next is having just like handouts and paperwork ready.

So I have thankfully worked as a nutritionist and sports nutritionist with Titus Sports Academy for the last year. Now so or I get six months, so I was already having to build a lot of handouts and paperwork from scratch, and so I have you know an initial client assessment and questionnaire. I have a three-day food diary journal template, I have you know just like pre and post-workout food handouts.

I have high-fiber foods, high-protein foods high, just all the different kinds of like handouts. You could want for nutrition reasons, and then I have you know some assessments and questionnaires for initial clients and by weekly, check-ins and stuff like that that I’ve already built. But you should definitely have that if you’re doing any kind of consulting and then last thing I realize and that we all need to realize, if we’re wanting to be business, men or women is it all comes down to? Where is your income coming from because at the end of day, you’re not making money? It’s only a hobby, it’s not a business and it’s not going to be your career.

So, throughout my blogging and since 2013, when I started blogging, I have been able to find ways to make money monthly. But it’s always just been a part-time and I’ve never really pursued making money very much because I just really enjoyed it and it was just a fun side thing like decide with college and as being a full-time student intern. But now it’s like! Oh I’m trying to make this my career.

I need to make an income. I need to make enough income so ways I’m already having income and just as a blogger, and not even offering my consulting services. I do work with some clients already, but that’s going to be more of a majority part of my income. They look into the future, but right now a lot of my income is coming from working with brands. You know one time pose one time articles things like that and then also long-term partnerships are key to secure.

If you have any kind of social media following, I only decided to work with two companies long term for 2017 because of you know really wanting to give my time and energy to them and not when you take on too much, as I was still going to Be a full time intern and full-time student for the first six months of it, and it was the best decision of my life in that secured, like 12 to 15 grand right off the back for 2017.

So that was nice to like already have that, set and know that that is going to be part of my 2017 income and then work from there with one-time partnerships and stuff with different companies. Like you saw me take over the date, companies Instagram for the day and stuff like that, little things like that that you monthly, also bringing in another like one to two grand a month. So that’s kind of my turn income and then also affiliate links like that’s something I hadn’t really promoted very much, I’m going to start doing that, but looky in my book, of course.

So looking forward along with that kind of income – that’s already coming and I want to offer more consulting services now that I’ll be a dietitian. I do have hopes for another book in the future, but I also really want to create an online course, for you know, breaking up with dieting and just feeling your mindset from all of that kind of stuff. So there’s a lot of things in my mind to pursue in the future, but right now I think the main sources of my income are going to be coming from consulting working one-on-one with clients and group education sessions at Titus Sports Academy and then also of course, My side work with social media influencing you know, reading and writing for publications and stuff.

Like that, so q last things that are on the agenda do I need to register my business. That’s something I read online from one person’s blog and I need to figure out if I need to do that and number two is just creating a separate business account like financially do I need to create a separate bank account for my business and that’s something I Think I do need to do, but haven’t really figured that part out yet so there are ten things I’m have worked on or will be working on and where my income is coming from.

I have this on a blog post, so I’m linking that down below you want to check that out, and so I don’t know this series is just going to be going with it and see what works. What doesn’t what’s popular? What’s not so I might as we’ve just kind of detailed stuff for my blog post for people that really want the Nitty Gritty stuff and then few YouTube articles on life. Lessons and failures and successes throughout my weeks and you know daily vlogs, like as I can or might do this nitty gritty stuff on here.

I don’t know you guys. Let me know, as this keeps continuing what you want to see and what you don’t want to see like. You won’t hurt my feelings. I just want to know, because I don’t know which part of it I should just keep on article, which I should just keep on blog or if I should just be doing both on both. So with all that being said, thanks for staying tuned to this longer article of mine of my first article of the road entrepreneurship series, so I hope you guys enjoyed it again.

I want feedback in the comments below, and I also want to know what you’re going to be working on this week, if you’re in the whole entrepreneur world and have any of these things that you need to work on too. So until next time. Bye guys, you

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