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NCT4G 15Jul15, Deep Dive into Google Analytics, Part 4 of 8

I did not particularly address that as like a communication preference just because we’re trying to really get into the nuts and bolts of measuring and looking at the data inside analytics. But I’m sure that there are people in this room that could talk to you about that too. All right, so bounce rates over seventy percent just feel nasty right. If you saw bounce rate of seventy percent, you might go.

Oh, my gosh, I’m not doing a very good job, but it’s okay they’re a little bit normal in some cases. Um, okay – and I guess the thing there. It’s really just a statements, not really question right um, but when you’re looking at that, they may have a bounce rate lower than seventy percent lower the 242 okay good, smooth I’ll show you some of the center stuff. It’s usually a little bit lower on certain pages.

Will see it higher other things, we won’t feel see it quite that high I mean you, have it just somewhere mm-hmm it’s going up, though, there’s and there’s an upswing that we’re seeing it overall, and these are true statistics with inside each of the different fields whose, What’s up um, this is from the from a few folks that I’m kind of like a collection of websites that are maintained by a consultant, pretty much yeah, so not something I have to recommend pack on which is good Thank money.

I don’t take right for them, but your action step in this purpose is really to make sure that, if you’re seeing bounce rates that are maybe in that over fifty percent range. Yet you may read week your coffee or your texts that are on those pages and see if that makes it difference. Maybe it’s just a matter of some language that they’re that they don’t find understand or that’s not compelling or you know, drawing them in it could just be your your design overall is terrible or might need to be tweaked right.

It’s not careful, nothing’s, ever terrible and I’ll preface for any souvenirs with Taiwan. What that is there? Any significance to the number was just driving garble uh. No, it’s actually the timeline also yeah one case: all senior services there yeah exactly midnight and that’s true you’ll, see in the live metrics I’ll, show you from this in your site, you’ll see that a day can make a huge difference.

Any of you. Anybody use google analytics on a regular basis and the check it daily or so. Okay, so you know very well, you walk in there one month, compared to the very next month can look like Cooper. What rule is this? It’s not the same one. What do done! I think the other thing that people will see is, if you have a jobs for it or a career section to your site. That’s always going to rent higher so usually tends to be in your top pages, just because people are constantly looking for positions specifically a nonprofit work too, or if you have something that’s an internship, then it could be random people finding that just from google searches.

So you want to make sure, though, that those job visitors that are looking at your site. What do you want to do capture their information right? They might get a little bit interested in nonprofits. Maybe that’s. Why they’re there so have some type of call to action for them to engage and go a little bit further. They might just be interested in your next blog post. All right, more and more people are visiting your website using a mobile device.

Anybody see an uptick in their mobile device usage and several hands anybody Nancy. Do you know what your statistics are? Well, we have our main site and then we have our journal back thing site and then the magazine, the main site, is about twenty-five percent level and seventy-five percent does come, but our other is is getting 50 50 okay. So it’s about half a half. We looked at this a few years ago, as we were trying to think about whether or not many in a responsive design.

What do we need to take that path, etc? Then the time we only had three percent traffic through mobile site, mobile usage or even tablets we’re like okay, we not not only top priority list on to say that that’s changed drastically wrong, so it’s much much higher rent for us. Now that it was was. Do you have any impact here like what yours looks like I don’t know if the top of my head, but I know it’s it’s grown definitely, and especially with people reading article.

So the key takeaway here, like your next action step, is just really to make sure that if it’s not a mobile-friendly site that you’re working towards that, not saying that you have to go fully responsive, that’s not necessarily your next step, but think about the design implementation That you have currently and see what tweaks that you can make to obviously make it just a little bit better user experience for those that are coming from a mobile device and start working on your board and your boss um, so that they understand the true statistics.

Behind this that you know, we talked about the mobile gettin and that kind of thing, and it’s really happening so no better time than now to start planting. Those seeds really understand that I was going to say one of the easiest things you can do to help with making your site easier for mobile users. Is you know how you’ll feel hyper linked text? You know click here make that a button instead of text it’ll be easier for somebody to hit on a mobile screen if it’s a button, instead of just text embedded with it or text, and if you can’t do a button because it doesn’t make sense based on The layout of the design make your hyperlinks larger font text so that easier to clinton as well, that we don’t have to zoom in our pin tuna pitch open and clips.

That makes huge difference for people that are online. The other important thing to mention since we’re talking about Google anyway with this, is that google has changed their algorithms again and those sites that are mobile-friendly are actually returning higher in search results now than in previous years. So it’s taken into account in those SEO searches search engine optimization. So you want to make sure that you’re thinking about that ahead of time as well, so you can actually do a test to see where you rank as mobile, friendly or unfriendly.

I suppose, with inside the google site, to search for that and there’s a little test, you can take me to Center your your website and it will do it for you. So obviously, they’re awesome very impatient how many of you want a patient sitting there and try to figure out what’s going on, so those people that are coming for mobile devices are more likely to leave your side immediately. Is there like it’s funny or those buttons? Aren’t there if they can’t do what they want to do, they’re not going to stick around and so there’s kind of a fickle visitors whatever.

So mainly what you want to do is make sure you’re getting to the point right, be succinct in your copy. That’s on your pages, especially those that are more prone to be visited through mobile usage, and you can look at that in analytics and figure out which pages people are most visiting. Some a device like that. So keep your writing concise and make your call-to-action buttons really really obvious.

So your visitors from search are also likely coming from a mobile device. How many have you sit in a car and are trying to find a restaurant or something right? So I’m not the only one, so it makes this that google is kind of pushing this whole whole thing with the mobile-friendly sites. But what you want to make sure that you’re doing is just pay special attention to the pages that attract your search.

Visitors and you can look well, you can kind of slice and dice any data on your site and we’ll play with that here in just a second, but just make sure it’s really really easy again. This call to actions are important um, but your your visitors are probably going to be coming from from search as well, so make sure there’s pages that they’re visiting the landing pages are going to be designed properly and well.

So speaking of search, your terms are also key to what’s happening, so make sure that the list of search terms people are using as they come to your site. You can look at the terms that they have entered that, get them to your plate to to your site, so make sure you know what those are and that you’re on your kind of it sometimes is your organization’s name. Sometimes it’s even your ed or it might be a particular program or event that you run those search terms will pop up and say: they’re taking me there I’ll see what it is.

That’s drawing them in and then make sure your request to your you’re, designing around those things and make it easy for those people that are going to be using your services to find you. Obviously so in your tagging, your meta tags and stuff that you use on the site make sure they pulling those key terms out, and then the other thing that you can do for mobile design also is make sure that your phone numbers are clickable.


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