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The Best Email Marketing Software For ClickFunnels (2019) | [ClickFunnels Email Tutorial]

That alert button, I leave any comments down below if you have them, while you’re reading the article and check out my Instagram abberline marketer and check out my blog blog Jelani marketer calm, let’s get into it, alright.

So on your screen, right now you see my click on his account and it’s I want to actually bring this article to you because there’s so many people out there who get start with quick photos, but they don’t know what email software they should be using. Should they be using action etics should they be using MailChimp, which I hate MailChimp do not use MailChimp, and this is why I made the article now the number one email software for click phone.

In my opinion, and it’s something that I use every single day been using it for years, and it has not bailed me once an active campaign now active campaign is an absolute monster when it comes to automations and also it’s just really really easy to use. So, let’s actually go into my active campaign account so right here is my active campaign account. Currently, you can see that the interface is very, very simple, easy on the eyes.

It’s not much color, not many confusing points of it. Okay, I’m going to show you the exact basics of what you need to look out for when it comes to active campaign and also how to set that up and integrate it with your quick funds account. So, let’s actually just give you a rundown of active campaign itself. Like I said it’s a master of automation and I actually have a article showing you about how to use active campaign for automation is that I can actually show you in this article as well.

Just a quick little rundown on how that works, but it really is killer now. The one thing that I would highly recommend is, once you get your setup, that you start setting up some automations okay so and I’m going to show you actually. Let me just show you how to and click funnels how to set it up first and then I can go into the automation part of it alright. So when you get signed up for active campaign, if you don’t have active the campaign account, all you do.

Is click link down below get your access to it, so you can start following following along as I go through this process, but what you want to do is you want to go to your settings? Okay and then, once you are in your settings, you want to look for an area or a on the left hand. Side here just say: developer, okay, so click on developer and all you need to do at this point right now is go back into your click.

Phone, it’s very, very simple and once you’re in your click forms account, you want to go to integrations and then once you are in integrations, this is where you’re going to connect your clicks on your activecampaign account. Now you can see here they already have my activecampaign account connected, but I can show you anyway. All you do is click on, add new integration and then, once you click on add new integration, just search for activecampaign.

It should be the first one, if not just search up here in the search box and then click on active campaign and that’s pretty much it now. What we’re going to do is give it a name, you can just say active campaign testing right and then what you want to do is go back into your active campaign account and now what you want to do is copy over the URL. Okay, so you’re just going to right click copy, the URL come back to clickfunnels and then in the second bot or the third box, where it says API URL.

That is where you’re going to paste it. Okay. So one thing to keep in mind is that it’s reversed right, so an active campaign. It says API, URL, API, key button, click from us. It says API key API URL. So it’s reversed he’s got to keep that in mind that you don’t place these things in the wrong area. Once you put in your URL, you want to copy the key, so just click on copy and then you’re going to go and paste that key there and that’s all you have to do you just click on add integration and boom.

It’s connected! Okay, now, once you have this connected within your account, you’re going to be able to connect it with your funnels now before we get into that, I want to make sure that you create a list first within active campaign. So what you want to do is go into your active campaign account and then um once you’re at the main dashboard make sure you save the settings as well, once you copy and paste just in case and once you’re in your main dashboard just click on list.

Ok and the point of a list is to actually add people to that list once they start opting into our in our funnels right. We want to put those people into a particular place right and that’s going to be an active campaign once they opt-in, give give us their. You know their name, their email address or any other information. We want to put that inside of active campaign. So all you’re going to do is click on add new list and you’re going to put testing, and then you want to put the URL of your website there and then what I like to do is I actually have a a note here that I include every Single time so that when people opt-in, they and they’re reading my emails and they know why they’re on my particular list.

So I always always go back and go back to my notepad and I have a section called active campaign notes. And then I can just copy and paste this little message here that says you’re receiving this, because you know you subscribed – and I could put this in the description for you guys as well. So you guys have this and you can use this for yourself. So just make sure you’re changing out this URL here so put the URL that you are running traffic to and then create lists.

Okay, once you have, that list created we’re pretty much good to go and we can start using active campaign within clickfunnels. So what you want to do is you want to go to your frontal, I’m going to go into my test, funnel that I have set up here um and I’m going to click on edit page. Okay, once we have active campaign, integrated click funnels makes it really really easy for us to connect our list, and I can tell you that I’ve never had one issue when it came to the API integration I use like I said I used to work at click Funnels so I know all of the integrations and what issues are which – and I can honestly say, the active campaign had the least amount of problems and tickets coming in to click funnels when it came to email, automation, MailChimp always had always had issues in future solved.

Only me get me started with that drip convert. Can’t all those programs always had some type of issue, but active campaign is the one program that had the least amount of issues when it came to tickets and people using it and personally for me using it I’ve. Never had an issue where, like people are not going and being added to my list, if that were the case, it would just user error right. It was my fault.

Maybe I didn’t connect the list to click funnels right. So this is how you do it all. You need to do is go into your settings, area go to integrations right and then all you do is click on the integration right. Click on active campaigns, click on the action that you want to give I recommend doing add to list. I wouldn’t recommend add to list with tag just because that gives more fall. I’r not going to show you in a second.

Why? I wouldn’t do that, and you know the workaround that I do so that you guys can add tags to people who get added to the list. I just click on add to list, and then you select the list from the drop down. If you don’t see your list from here, just click refresh list from API, and then your list should appear here. Okay, so almost going to select a random list here and boom, it says connected make sure it’s green there’s a green box.

It says connected otherwise they’re going to have major major issues. Ok and then you just click on save you save your page and boom you’re done right, that’s it and then once people opt-in to your page, they don’t get added to that specific list. And then you can start sending them automation now, you’re, probably thinking how do I add tax to people an active campaign if you’re not going to add the tags and click funnels I’ll show you that really really quickly.

What I like to do is I like to add tags within my automations okay. So, for example, what I do is set up essentially two different automations one when the tag gets added and then a second automation. When that person gets added the tab, then they receive the emails okay. So let me just give you an example of this sequence. Okay, so you see here says be AJ beta tag added and then this is says, be AJ beta, purchase, email, automation right.

So this is the tag where the automation is actually adding the tap okay. So let me click on this. You guys can see what I meet. So I set up an automation that says: contacts subscribed to list right, and this is the list out there. You know and click kernels the list that we we added they’re going to subscribe to that list. Okay, so this is what triggers the automation as soon as they get added to this specific list.

That is when would be AB attack. Okay, so all you have to do to do this, it’s just click on the new, the plus icon and then all you do is go to contacts and then click on subscribe. Okay, so you subscribe to the list and then you click on save and then you add another plus and then it’s going to add a tag right. So you click on that and then click add tag. And then you give the name. That’s really it! It’s a two-step process boom.

That’s it right! So once they get that tag added, what happens is we actually send out the automation in another automation, okay, and that is the purchase this one, the the VHA beta, purchased, email, automation, ok, for example. So how this starts is when that tag is added right. So we add the tag in the previous automation. So now this new automation, we’re triggering it based on when that tag has been act, so the tag is added and then we are able to send the email so boom.

The tag is added, and then we we we said Nemo, that’s it! That’s all we do in terms of our automations and then we can do wait one day and then send another email wait another day send another email very easy. Just do the condition of workflows. Click on wait, wait for a specific period of time. Wait for one day, click on save and then add another one. That says, after that, one day’s waited send an email right and that’s it.

That’s all. We have to do very, very simple, and this process guys has saved me so much time. So many issues averted because activecampaign a is an automation, monster and clickfunnels. It just makes it really really easy to connect the list and then an active campaign were able to once that person subscribes to the list. Add the tag and then add the automations that go along with that tag. Ok guys, so I hope this made sense if it didn’t.

I have a more in-depth article talking about this whole entire process, so go check that article out, but this is why I love active campaign for clickfunnels, because again it will save you so much headaches so much time once you set it up and it’s very very Simple, I did this within like about 5 minutes and you could do this in five minutes as well. It’s very very easy and you don’t have to worry about any issues happening, because active campaign is really really reliable and it’s probably the best.

I will never leave active campaign because I just know it really well and it’s super super easy and I just like how the functionality goes along with the click funnels. Okay, so I recommend it click the link down below. If you want to get access to academic and pain, you start using it for your funnels and if you have any questions or comments leave those down below. I can answer them because, more than likely, if you have a question – and someone else has that same question, so ask those questions in the comment section down below.

Thank you guys so much for reading subscribe, if you haven’t, subscribed, give me a big thumbs up. If you like this, article check me out check me out on instagram at telling the marketer to check out my blog blog dr. Learning, marketer calm. Thank you guys so much for reading and i’ll see in the next one.


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