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How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Side Hustle

I’r super excited to be joined with my co-host Justin Nealey, what’s up Justin, What’s up Seems like everybody, These days has some type of side hustle. This is the Side, hustle economy right, Wait! What’s your side hustle, I just hustle ( laughter, ), Fair same oh, my gosh We’re doing the same thing So, what’s kind of the big challenge that someone reaches they’re like “ Yeah, I wan na turn this Into a side, hustle.

”, What’s one of the first things that halts them from getting there, I think the biggest Thing is figuring out what their side hustle’s going to be about, because we have a lot of Different things we do Some people like to Just eat pizza all day, some people like….. What was Your Twitter handle again @ EmmaWantsPizza. I look Forward to your follow First step is drilling Down “, What do I actually want to be known for what Do I actually wan na do?” When I think of something I’r passionate about I just wan na give it all of my time.

I don’t want it to be a side hustle. I wan na give 110 % so How do you balance that I think the biggest thing Is to start small right, We can’t just go full-force on it. Some of us can’t afford To take that full leap and just become a full-fledged entrepreneur, Good point: That’s why we have that side hustle! It’s that great source of income to basically test the Waters and figure things out before we can make that leap and see if it’s a viable option.

Totally Cause we got bills right. Can you really make money with this? Is that something that People get hung up on, or do you think people get distracted with side hustles that are Just full passion projects in hopes that they’ll make money. One day I mean: where does that come in? I think it’s both You can either spend a lot of money towards your side. Hustle And not take it anywhere or you can make it something lucrative.

So another thing that comes to mind, besides, of course, making Money with a side hustle is time resources. What do You have advice about that. So that’s tough right. The biggest thing is You have to prioritize what’s important and set aside time, so you can actually Work on your side, hustle or not. Let your side hustle Control your entire life Cause. I know that I’ve been there I freelanced for a while in the past It caused me to just burn out which is pretty common.

I imagine yeah In the side hustle world, It challenges your balance every day, 100 %, so the biggest Thing you need to do is prioritize what you need to accomplish and set aside specific times. Of when you’re going to do things cause you still have to have a life. You still have to eat that pizza. So what would you say for Me if I had a side hustle and you were going to give me some advice about time, management and planning ahead.

How would I do that, So you can basically Take your content calendar to real life, so on Tuesdays you’re going to work on social media for three hours And then on Friday. You’re going to do whatever You can really just piece: That out, but start small, You don’t wan na overwhelm yourself and you don’t wan na burn out cause. If you go too full-force into this you’ll end up just not Liking what you love to do, and we don’t want that to happen.

How do you decide which platform to use First and foremost, you Have to have a website, That’s basically the first Place that people are going to go to make sure that you’re legitimate And then two go to social Make sure you’re out there promoting your products? Telling people what you do following people in your niche Having those conversations – And I would still do a little bit of in-person in real life right And have those connections – And go to local meetups or go to networking events and find people that are in your potentially Your area, your niche and build up those connections.

I love that. I call that local love All right Like if you’re the Juice bar in Silverlake follow the yoga studio next door, There’s a lot of overlap and similarities between their target audience Right and then, once you get everyone to whatever platform you end up. Choosing your website social in real Life that local love right, You got ta get paid, There’s a lot of cool platforms out there that make it super easy to get paid Like what We all know Square right, The little thing that just the dongle that gets put in your phone And you swipe the credit card right there.

I am so grateful for Square when I go To the farmer’s market, And then we have PayPal and Stripe for online processing, so Lots of easy integrations like WordPress or just any Type of website builder that we have that you can Easily set up and get paid Or Venmo if it’s a local transaction, — Ugh, I love Venmo. I love Venmo, the random Conversations people have, I see, lots of tacos in –. That’s how I pay my landlord In your feed.

That’s how I keep my friends happy. That’s it! Splittin’ those bills: What do you do when it Comes to protecting yourself and the policies that go along with that Right – and this is Something that you might have to go and get advice from a lawyer with, Because you wan na make Sure that you’re protected You’ll, probably wan na File some sort of LLC or register your business in some way, There’s a couple different variations, But do that first and foremost On your website.

If you have one terms of service, is a must. Same with a privacy policy, especially with some of the GDPR stuff that I won’t go into in this episode And then check out, there’s A lot of generators out there for web design contracts, for example, or just random service Contracts, you can use and protect yourself and your audience Okay, so this probably won’t come as a surprise that I’m going to ask this.

But how will you promote this side hustle, You know I’m a little Biased social media You’ve got your love, Got my love for the social media, but how are you going to promote it? The biggest piece of Advice that I can give is have some sort of lead generator on your website, because Leads turn into customers And that lead generator could be an eBook. It could be a article Series, it could be some of your blog content.

It could be coaching could be whatever you want it to be, Just that free piece of Advice or free content that you can give your audience That then turns into leads, and you continue that Conversation with them, Oh absolutely Right and now with social media. What are your top three Social media platforms, If I was to run a side hustle What do you want me on All right? That’s easy! Instagram for yours, Instagram Twitter and Facebook: That’s going to help you to reach A variety of demographics, which last we spoke That was your side hustle.

It wasn’t specific to an age group Also they work better together, So think about this too, and this is what’s really cool about your side. Hustle. Is you have a variety of angles to go? You could post something That’s educational today, but also besides educational, you could just post things: That are just entertaining Also some great ways to Engage on social media to spread more word-of-mouth To promote your business, Ask questions that your target Audience would wan na answer And so you’re mixing up the Types of posts that you’re doing and as a result, you’re getting That real word-of-mouth And, like you say you don’t wan na, go on there and just sell, sell, sell You wan na go on there.

And tell tell tell Yeah Right, It can’t be all about you and say: “ Hey buy this buy this Buy this buy this!” Cause. No one wants to actually follow that and be a part of that they’re. Just going to scroll past you or unfollow you. How do I know that? What I’m doing the promotions, I’m putting together the time, I’m investing it’s getting me a return on investment. For my side, hustle And that’s tough, What a lot of people get Hung up on are subscribers and like counts, which It’s somewhat important, What’s more important, Are your sales right? Are you making an impact? And are they buying from your service or product that you have for your side hustle? So there’s lots of Different tools out there that could potentially They track a lot of that QuickBooks for your sales.

Or online bookkeeping, Facebook has a lot of Really great tracking software, so you can See your engagement, you can see how many People viewed your post, viewed your article liked it shared it — Clicked on the post Same thing with Instagram. You can see how many people viewed It liked it commented — Engagement rate Right So, wherever whatever Platform you’re using there’s something to track that visibility or with your website itself.

You can use Google Analytics to see how people are coming to your site, Good point, How often they’re coming to your site, how they’re staying on there Are they just bouncing? That’s called a bounce Rate they literally just bounced they’re out, But what about paid promotions? This is the part where A lot of people end up spending a lot more into The personal side hustle than it actually pays them I bet It’s really easy today to start putting $ 5 a day $ 10 a day and At the end of the month, you’re like “, Where did my money go? This is supposed to make me money!”.

So what I would say, To that is start small Start with a couple Dollars here and there and kind of figure out what’s Getting you the traffic what’s actually converting to sales, and once you find something That works expand on that There’s. No one size fits all when it comes to paid advertising. — I believe that, But I can say going back: To what we said earlier is making it about how You help your audience and how you can really help them grow All right, that’s a wrap Justin! Thank you.

So much for being here, Thank you for having me And for all of you listening in, be sure to subscribe to our Blog, if you haven’t already More articles and fun and laugh And learn sessions to come


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