Online Marketing

Email Marketing Basics for Insurance Agents

Okay. The first thing you need to understand is: when you have an email marketing plan, you need to make sure that you have some sort of email system. That’s helping you manage these databases. Mailchimp is free, Constant Contact, there’s some more advanced ones like HubSpot. You know those types of deals right. You always want to leverage your email marketing.

When you have a customer base, that’s ready for more information, that’s already your customer, but you can educate, foster their relationship. Potentially cross-sell some other opportunities get in front of their friends. Referrals, send them articles that you’re producing whatever it is. Really. Your email database is a free way to contact your customers and get them the information that they want to see and that they could potentially use to.

You know work with you on a different type of product. That’s how you best want to use email marketing once again, it’s free, it’s one of the best ways to get things moving with your brand


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