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This is a very nice thick variety. We got. We’ve got a little bit of it before and some of the patches we’ve harvested, but this right here gets you a nice thick gel. This will multiply it very well when you guys big, so you guys got to try this out also, if you want to make a very thick smoothie, you just add this in there and you only need a little handful to make some good, ah gel from that.

So this gives you a lot of return right here: okay, again about to spread this knowledge to you ball, because, first of all, grand rising good morning. It’s a boy, Scott Brown here back with another article, and today’s article is going to be very, very special because I’m going to be talking about a lot of knowledge and giving you guys with them to better your overall healthy lifestyle. Alright, so I’m here for you all and I’m just happy to spread this knowledge to you guys on YouTube and you know, share the articles and supporting me on this journey.

Alright, so let’s talk about it, so this is going to be a article about CMOS, and this is not my first article about CMOS. You already know I love CMOS. You know, though, especially coming from the west indies, jamaican big yourself be done. No Irish moss vamanos. Whatever you want to call it, I’m going to say anything else. If you don’t know about seeing more CMOS has over 90 % essential minerals for the human body.

Can this really go for thyroid and health skin health, hair health increase the sexual drive? You know so you can wrap up some things for both men and women, so increase the natural libido of both men and women. Alright. So it’s a lot of healing properties when it comes to CMOS, but I’ve been in some corruption and as far as the CMOS industry goes – and I want to talk about it, because it’s only right that I give you guys quality content and to talk about things.

Like this all right, so you had two types of CMOS: what crafted CMOS, which is crafted from mother nature now tempered by man whatsoever, you know, will let mother nature run its course. What practice emotions is high quality. Then you have farm CMOS which in is part in a pool, a pool where you go swimming and things like that. It’s what I’m going to pull, which is definitely tempered by man, not wobbly, crafted at all.

So this is a very low policy of CMOS and with it becoming low quality, it increases the quantity because it’s a lot of CMOS out there on the market. Alright. So today’s article is all about telling the difference and let you guys know the information between wildcraft, the CMOS and farm CMOS, the riddle versus the fake high quality versus low party. I really feel like it’s very important, to show you this information right because we’re always here to learn and to teach one another.

So without further ado, let’s sit down and let’s have a conversation about it. Let’s go I’m a people. So now we are stealing and let’s have a conversation. So, first of all, as you can see, I have two types of CMOS have two types of CMOS. I have one half the CMOS and then I have farmed CMOS, and the most important thing is that you want to access of these three questions. Where do you get your CMOS from the quality of the CMOS and the characteristics of the CMOS? So this article I’m going to break it down step by step, alright, so the first one we want to tackle this way in your CMOS, because you can see most for dirt cheap on Amazon, from Alibaba from all the types of things.

Alright, all types of different websites – you can get it dirt cheap and for us we’re looking at quality over quantity, you can get CMOS and one of those health food stores. You know, and the most important thing you have. The eyes is where you getting the signal. Strong, if you ask some clerk like hey, you know where’s, the steam was coming from and you can’t answer it or give you a straight answer.

Then most likely it is fun. Alright. So there’s no like direct origin from anything that just must have got it. For my third-party distributor and say alright, let’s tell it, but then you have people who you ask these questions to, especially if you go to like finally, an echo. If you check them out on Instagram, you can actually see them going into the ocean. The fresh piracy laws we’re driving for he just came out.

You know about Iran daddy thing to get mother. They just get with the CMOS, so they’re actually going out there and getting it Wild Wild Kratts, CMOS, there’s not being tampered by men or not being in a pool in this unnatural habitat all right. So, while crafted definitely higher quality, so access stuff – where are you getting your CMOS from? Are you getting it for much on the trusted provider or you get it from somebody that you know that has accountability somebody’s going to tell the truth or just somebody that wants to make a quick buck off for you all right, so we’re all about quality over Quantity episode where you get your CMOS, so the second thing that you need to understand we’re telling the difference between wild crafted and form CMOS is to correct the risks of the sequence.

Now, as you can see here this, this is to Tennessee. What’s on my table right and I have said before, crap one is well crafted and one is fine. Now, while crafted CMOS, it’s dry, it looks like thin, very thin, noodles, very thin, noodles and also not so much salt on it bare minimum. The great ancestor doctor say she also said that Seymour shouldn’t have that much salt on it. Little to no salts. All right now see right here, I’m going to do a close-up, don’t worry, you got ta, see it and then right here I got this.

So this is what it is. I got ta see most fun fighter beginning and then this thing was right here I got from a local store, I’m not going to name a store, but I got from the local store. So with this theme, was it’s highly salted highly highly salted? Now that tells me that this is a farm crack, the CMAs because of the highest salt content, most likely they put on a higher dinosaur to preserve it, and this is definitely not Mother Nature way of doing things.

This is definitely you don’t touch my men and you can just tell by the characteristics of it. So that’s something that you need to arm also access off and also wonder about now. The third thing is the actual buildup of the sea. Bumps. Now I’m going back to how the sea must look, there’s many different species of sea moss itself but, like I said before, were crafted barely any salt on it, and also you could look at it.

It’s very thin. It’s very thin. It doesn’t have that salty sea smell it’s because it’s drying out signals are supposed to be dried out. Alright. Now here, which is the farmed, the farm CMOS it’s very thick if it looks like the CMOS, is very unusually thick, then most likely its form CMOS and also going back to the high salt content. It should not be as salty at all. I know it comes from the sea, but most people they try to provide that salt to preserve it.

So you want to stay away from farm crafty, CMOS quality of a positive you get in more with walk crafted, because this is letting mother nature, but its course. While this one is being speed up this, this one’s being sped up, people will just want to make some quick money. People do not understand the importance of it. Yes, nine percent essential minerals for the human body, but you want the max amount of minerals for a wrestle like I said, before: quality over quantity and yeah guys.

This is the official guide to understanding wild crafted verses from craft the seamless. Alright. It’s all these three questions where you getting the CMOS the characteristics of the CMOS and the properties of the CMOS, because we only want the best and the best for our people. Alright. So, like I said before, if you’re looking for some wild crafted CMOS, please final vegan ENCOM use my cold bernhard 20 did a nice discount.

It’s important stuff brown here great comment like share subscribe and yeah man share this article with somebody who wants to find out the difference between wild crafted versus farm CMOS. Alright, so jump bless pic of yourself.


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