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3 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners In 2018

Alright, now, the reason why I Kind of like came up with this idea to shoot this article is because I’ve had a number of friends. Actually, personally, text me reached Out to me – and so I kind of wanted to maybe make this as like a little help for them As they’re going through and growing their business they’re all in different businesses.

So this could work if you know you’re real estate. You know on a marketing agency – Oh my god, Friends got want to start a Golf Channel, Another friend, that’s in network marketing. There’s there’s all these different things and it all is pretty consistent when you’re going through and building up your business on social media right now. Now, I’m just so you guys, if you guys, are brand new to the blog.

My name is Jason Wardrop And I use these exact strategies yesterday, mated twenty thousand dollars in just one day, I’ll, actually I’ll, throw a little Screenshot right here. Something like that. So you guys can actually believe me see that it’s real There’s, no exact strategies that I’ve gone through and used, And the cool thing is. I was just talking with a friend the other day actually, and we were talking about how, Like I started, diving into this stuff less than two years ago.

Okay, so it’s not like it takes you a whole lifetime. Let you go if you’re a doctor you’re going to go and get to spend eight to ten years in school, And then you kind of like hit a cap of what you can really go through and make, whereas with social media. Since you can reach so many people, you there’s not really a cap on your income or learning, And you could do it fairly quickly. Alright, But there’s a few core things that you need to know as we go through and break this down so step number one guys I’ll try to write it fairly big, so you guys can see this and excuse my my terrible handwriting here, but number one is Gain a Skill okay, so let me just hit this really quick guys, So many people – this is bugs me and I know it bugs a lot of people They go.

They try to be the fake expert because, like being an expert, is Big nowadays, because it’s like oh you’re, the expert go launch a course and make all this money. Well, if you don’t have any credibility or authority No-one’s going to go trust you and you’re going to make like Pennies compared to like what you really could make now, if you think about it, If you guys are familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk, which I’m sure so you Guys are, he is a big-time businessman.

He’s got millions of followers on all the different social media platforms, But the interesting thing is: if you guys go, look at the beginning of his career And when he first started out, he started out with a company called Wine Library, or it was called a Wine Library, TV Right, he start out with a YouTube blog and would shoot a article every single day to go through and propel His wine business.

He was selling wine out of his dad’s little shop And he went through it, took him to the Internet And then I think they sold that company for like 60 million dollars right. So You got ta gain a skill and ideally that skill is something that you’re passionate about right like so when my friends, He just texts me yesterday is like hey man. I want to start an Instagram page on our Instagram profile on golf he’s, a big-time golfer He’s super good at golf.

He’s in all these big-time tournaments He’s, like you know, how would I go through and do this, and so that’s the nice thing he’s got a skill, Whereas I’ve got other friends who they want to go through. They want to create the big social media following, But there’s no one, there’s no backstory to them like I’ve got another friend. He is called the bucket list. Family They’ve got, I think, close to million followers.

Now He’s got a cool story, He went started an app and sold a snapchat anyway, We were in the same business school together and we were having a few classes together, But what he did instead of going through and getting like that, necessarily like that skill, He Built a story around his profile right where it’s like: hey He’s taking his family, He sold everything all their belongings And then they’re traveling, all around the world and now they’re getting sponsorships and cool deals and stuff like that.

So he’s got a story behind it, whereas most people you’re going to need to have some type of skill set like You know, Gary Vee he went in and he started just like going through and Evaluating wines right or you need to go through, learn Facebook Ads. If you want to start a marketing agency Or you’ve got to get some, I got an another friend. He sells courses on Amazon, okay Or he sells stuff on Amazon.

He build a course around that and now his personal brands blown up. So We got to gain a skill guys that that’s number one, If not then you’re going to be kind of built on like a deck of cards. Okay, go on deck of cards, alright, So the second thing is going through, and this is this part number two is really what I think you guys here for is building a personal brand Okay, so I started about a year and a half ago marking two real Estate agents right and I’ve kind of become the known as The guy okay he’s the the real estate Legion marketing guy and all that stuff.

So I’ve worked with now a few thousand real estate agents, helping them generate leads Market. The business go and I’ll grow. That and now I’m kind of starting to help other people Create their own marketing agency right. So I’ve gone through and I’ve kind of built that personal brand – and it didn’t happen overnight and like with Gary Vaynerchuk, Didn’t happen overnight. He was for years doing that that daily show and just working – And he wasn’t like necessarily just like in the branding kind of comes with it right.

So when you’re going through and you’re building your personal brand, It’s key to pick the right platform. Where you know your users are going to be okay, so Bit my bigger, if like, if you guys, are reading this on YouTube, Which you are cuz, I’m shooting it for my youtube blog. You see, I probably have like a thousand subscribers, which is pretty miniscule Right. That’s not not that big on Facebook, I have about 30,000 followers.

Okay, which is you know it’s getting up there. It’s not like a huge falling, But it’s a decent size And the reason why I build it up on on Facebook is because there’s a lot of real estate agents. A lot of mortgage brokers a lot of real estate brokers on Facebook, more so than are on YouTube. Okay, and so I went through – and I built my personal brand on Facebook, But then, like my buddy, he wants to go through and build his.

He wants to build his Instagram account right so, depending on your business, You got to know your target market and know where they hang out, like, for example, And one friend I was telling you about who’s got. He sells on Amazon, well, Amazon, crypto Shopify, all that stuff. That’s super Hot, on YouTube right! So, if you’re going to go through and connect with other people, you got to make sure you’re using the right Platform where you know like snapchat.

It’s going to be a different following Instagram different following, whereas like Facebook, now You used to be all like kind of the younger generation and now none of the younger. I got some of the younger brothers and none of them are ever on Facebook. It’s kind of like: oh, that’s, not cool anymore. That’s for old people right, so you got to pick your right Platform is you’re going through a building and guys Like I could go through and we could hit different strategies on how to build on Instagram YouTube.

Facebook. All these different platforms, But there’s like there’s a million other articles out there on how to do each one of those specifically and there’s guys that, like they Specialize in that one platform, all right, so we’re not going to hit that in today’s article. I just want to cover a few these key concepts so that you can have a kind of core basic Understanding of some things that you should probably put in place When you’re going through and building up your social media following alright, then the third thing is Okay.

This is key to you: got ta have some type of product product to Sell. Okay. Now this obviously the whole idea behind all of this is that you can go through and make money For your business or make money just for life in general right. So You know some people might be starting to be like well Jase, I’m not in for the money. Well, Let’s get real at the end of day. At some point you are going to be right, you’re not going to want to spend all your time.

Game is skill, build a personal brand and then make no money whatsoever, okay, so the Products this could be a number of different things, so it could be a digital online course. Okay, It could be a software, it could be a physical good, Okay like, for example, Logan Paul. He sells like his maverick merges his t-shirts awesome. I don’t know how much she’s going to be selling now that that u2 is basically banning him or doing some crazy stuff there.

But you got to have a product to sell or like, for example, You know my buddy that wants to start the Instagram account for a golf okay. He can maybe have a training on how to go through and improve your putt or your chip shot Or you drive whatever it is. I don’t I don’t golf something all the different terms, or he could do some type of affiliate deals With links to Amazon. Where he’s saying hey, I recommend this driver.

This driver is awesome, It’s great to use, and then he get a little affiliate cut where you don’t have to manage any of the product, the shipping any of that stuff and That super beneficial, where you’re probably not going to make as much money. If it’s you just going to feel They attack the product, if you have your own products, you’re going to make a lot more money, But that’s another way to kind of like have that hands-free business more of the lifestyle type of business right.

So This is he right here guys because, yes, you can go through and make money from YouTube ad revenue. Yes, you can go make money from like brands and sponsorships and all that stuff, But honestly that type of money that you can make is like Pennies compared to. If you have your own product right. So I know people that they’ve got tens of thousands of followers. They’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers and They don’t make a ton of money because they don’t have this core back end product nailed down completely Okay.

So you got to think about Okay, If you have 10,000 followers or 30,000 or 100,000. What? What kind of like that niche right like what? What is that following based on and what would be something that they’d all be interested in? Maybe you could make like you know some t-shirts, like a community type t-shirt like Logan Paul at the Maverick brand like a. I mention a little bit earlier Or you know Gary Vaynerchuk.

He had the wine that he was going through and selling, so He went through gain a skill set. He was really knowledgeable up about wines: Okay, Build a personal brand around wine initially, And then he had the product to sell on the back end. Okay, now one core thing guys! I want you guys. I really want to stress this big-time gaining this skill. Okay, if you do not have a skill right now, No worries, okay, like so that’s kind of where I found myself about two years ago I was, I was doing a startup And I was like can’t.

I know I know some digital marketing stuff and all that stuff. But let’s say my startup completely tanked and everything just went to crap and I had to start over completely from scratch Or, let’s say even worse, like I had actually get a job right like happy for me, That would be like the worst thing on the planet. So what I thought was like man, You know I’m pretty good at like some of the social media mark and stuff, But kind of just been dabbling like I know SEO a little bit.

I know a little bit of the YouTube stuff. I know a little bit of all these things. I was like if I really knew how to go, sell on webinars buy really new Facebook Ads buy really new email marketing like I’d. Had these core skill sets that It served not only me, but you know every like a lot of other businesses. Okay, So I went through and I spent probably the next. I don’t know six and nine months going through and hammering that down really learning that skillset guys.

Believe me, It wasn’t easy but, as I mentioned guys, yesterday made twenty thousand dollars in just one day. So if you think about that, that was like less than two years ago that I took a step back was like man. I need a skill set. Okay, So if I can tell you, hey, go get a skill set nail it down and then in two years You could potentially be making five grand a day or ten grand a day or twenty grand a day Or I’ve got some buddies that are doing.

Like fifty to sixty grand a day, Okay, which is insane like I want, I want to get to that level like that’s crazy right, so anyway, guys. These are some kind of basic tips as far as how to get started With social media for beginners. If you really wanted to build a business around it, I highly Recommend gaining some type of skill set right Like get something where you either know a lot about a topic like whether it could be.

You know wine like Gary Vaynerchuk. It could be accounting finance marketing. Whatever it might be like or you know, tan or J Fox Talked a little bit about him on the blog before he knows how to sell on Amazon, right Or other guys to know how to sell on Shopify or, like my skill set was. I knew how to generate leads For real estate agents really well and now you know mortgage brokers and kind of like branch, that off from off that okay, Then I went through and after I kind of got that core base of like okay, these guys, I’m generating These form having great crazy success stories.

This is awesome. I can now go build my personal brand around it, and Now I’ve got a product to sell where we bill out of software. I have trainings, I have coaching’s all that stuff And then there’s easy, even things like little fingers of pieces that I can build off of that where it’s like now. I’ve got my core training teaching Real stages. How to generate leads on our software, and now I got a whole different training Teaching mortgage brokers.

How to generate leads on the software, because they’re so closely related right and now I’ve got a third training of teaching digital marketers right, like maybe you might be a digital, marketer or marketing agency right and teaching them. They go, get real estate, Clients and mortgage clients. Now I’m just I just started that a month ago, because a year year and a half ago, Yes, I was getting clients, But I wasn’t like getting him on a super consider how to go through, and I had to gain that skillset.

First, I had to like make a get a better foundation on that, And so once I built that solve foundation – and you know I think today so yesterday we did twenty thousand, and I think today, We’ve already had like 50 to 60 new signups or something like That on our software, So it’s like, I feel like I’ve – got that skill set got that nailed down where I Feel confident where it’s not like the blind leading the blind.

I know how to lead people to be able to say: hey, you want to generate real estate, leads and And go get real estate, clients and market for them and get paid a monthly commission for your marketing services. On that, Here’s exactly how to do that! Here’s like the légion campaigns, Here’s how to go through get more people organically. So anyway, It’s kind of a proven process. But, as I mentioned it’s taken time, so what I would suggest, if you’re completely starting from scratch Right now, you don’t have a skill set.

Take the next six months, KS January 2018 January 11th, I think, or twelve things, twelve Okay, so January 12 2018. Take it till set it to the goal. Okay, say by June You’re going to Have a solid skill set, whether it’s you know hey, you know how to generate leads or Forfor. Like you know, some type of business owner real stay Insurance whatever or you Know how to like golf or you know how to you’re really knowledgeable about wine or some topic and then once you do that, Go through And you’re helping people right, you’re getting some excuse.

Some testimonials experience, basically that credibility. That authority Then go start building your personal brand around it on the platform that that complements whatever niche You’re going after and then create some type of product to sell to the masses, And that’s the beauty about social media right like instead of back in the day When you could only reach your local real estate Agents like we’ve, got agents all across the United States and Canada And we’ve now, I think they were pretty close to 3,000 agents that have been on our platform and using our Training and all stuff which, which is Crazy right, like I, would have never been able to do that probably 20-30 years ago, But now I can do that because we’ve got social media.

We can connect with so many people right so Anyway, guys leave a comment down below. Let me know your thoughts. Let me know I’m curious to hear about what you’re trying to go through and build your social media brand on And if you guys leave your thoughts down below I’ll be sure to respond to every single one of you guys. If you guys got a question I’ll give you guys some feedback, let you know how I can be helpful And if you guys are brand new to the blog.

My name is Jason Wardrop, as I mentioned earlier, and if, if you’re not Subscribed yet make sure you subscribe because we tried I’ve tried to launch a new article every single day and stuff gets me know, It gets piled up, so it gets hard sometimes. But I try to launch a few articles. Every single week, at least Be able to help you generate more leads, make more money and grow your business right so anyway, guys Thanks so much for reading today and we’ll talk to you all later.


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