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You can use this method to get a a traffic to your affiliate links. A to a clickbank affiliate link to your cpa, offer to a max bounty cpa. Offer you can you can get this traffic to your blog or your a landing page? Okay. So a before, I will show you a this, a trophy you can see here my analytics. Okay, you can see here over 80,000 visitors.

You can see here over 30,000 visitors. You can see here almost 100, a 40,000 visitors, and today you can see over 110,000 visitors daily. Okay, I will show you how to get this a traffic. I will show you a free website that you can get free traffic and the one website that you can get a traffic paid traffic, okay, so three, a free traffic source and one paid traffic that you can get unlimited traffic to your affiliate link or your a Website, okay, so I will start with free traffic.

We all a like free traffic. It’s okay, free traffic. You can get of course traffic. Your results will be slowly a, but you will get results, that’s very important and they paid day traffic. You will get fast results, but the point from this article is to teach you and show you how to get free traffic because they all of us like free traffic. Okay, so let’s say: stop a traffic source and number one is you can go to trav post this website guys you can get unlimited a traffic a this is a traffic exchange website.

Yeah. All you have to do is go here and add a new website. Is this is a very a symbol? Okay, all you have to do is put your ad here and click validate. Then you have to get traffic so how to get a traffic. You have to make some a point, so all you have to do is go to all websites and the now I have 17 8 points. All you have to do is just click off one this web sites, and you have to wait some seconds.

Let’s wait. Some seconds, okay and you have to click that icon, okay, 8ball, so let’s click it and I get 100 points. Okay – and you can close here so you can see if I get 100 points for free, okay, I think you get that point from this website. I can show you my websites here how many visitors I am getting like you see. This is the visitors that I am getting daily. Okay, let’s go to traffic free traffic source number, two pocket u.

S. Largest safe list. You can check and URL on your browser in this website. You can get unlimited traffic for free. You have to sign up this website using a to email, Gmail, gmail, email, Gmail account sorry, okay, one email to get emails from this website and you have to open it and get point okay. This is the this is also a traffic exchange. Okay, you have to open emails and you will get a point, a let’s login and I will show you okay.

This is how you can send you a email. You can send solo ads, you have to create click, call a credit mailer and they all you have to do is put your title here: okay and you a message and don’t forget your URL, okay, very important to put your URL and right now I have over 6,000, a point credit okay, so all I have to do is put this credit here, like I said some text and your title and click send okay, very nice website and you can get traffic free traffic from this website.

Okay, traffic source number: three: let’s go to free ad ports; calm they all you have to do. You have to sign up. It’s free sign up, so electric member login and log in all you have to do is a photo title here and you are linked. Yeah. Okay, after you doing Greece, all you have to do. Is click here to submit and a your a title will seen here on this website. Okay, you can put two ads daily on this website and you can see every a title here get a lot of a views.

Okay, you can see so you can get free traffic from this website for free. Okay, this is was a three traffic source that you can use to get traffic like this. Now I want to show you a paid traffic, how you can get traffic from using a paid day, traffic, a so let’s say, start go to google and type list.Com. Sorry, okay, traffic, list.Com, okay, this say website the guys will give you unlimited traffic to your website to your affiliate link.

You can get here. Unlimited website visitors, you can get your solo ads, a sign! Ups premium traffic lifetime traffic port traffic: let’s visit unlimited website visitors, okay, you can see a some packages field, so you can get unlimited traffic to your link. Of course, you can use this website to get traffic to your a clickbank affiliate link to your a cpa offers to your blogs or your landing page.

So let’s go to this a package. For example, okay, you can see here you can get unlimited website traffic for 15. There is on this package. You can get thousand visitors real human visitors to you a link every day for 15 days from this website. You can get a other sixty thousand visitors, a only a $ 71 price. You can go, we have to port traffic and you can get here for a $ 40.00. You can get 200,000 visitors to your website or to your landing page or affiliate link.

This is amazing website, my friend. If you want to promote your affiliate links, this is the website that you have to use and get real human traffic to your affiliate links. Okay, so this is that website a guy’s traffic list.Com. You can get here premium traffic. Ok, you can get 1000 to premium traffic. Let’s call this package a and a you can choose the target. Okay, the target target traffic. Like I said this – is the best traffic that you can get to your affiliate links on your website.

A that’s only guys. I hope you liked this article. I hope you subscribe to my blog for more articles. I will upload articles every single day to my blog and they teach you unlimited methods and tricks how to make money online, how to get traffic to your affiliate links and how to succeed with online marketing. Thank you very much. Please subscribe to my blog and thank you very much. Thank you again.


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