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Social media marketing lecture from CNM Health Coach

This is the business marketing and promotion module. My name is Maria trend 8 and today I’ll be taking you through lecture 5 social media marketing. Let’s, firstly, look at the definition of social media. The definition of social media is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

So, basically, any tools that you find online through your phone, your tablet or any other device that allows you to post things, whether that be photos, text articles online or on that particular network and allows you to talk to other people of social networking. And there are many different social media platforms and if you haven’t heard of any of these, then it’s a really good idea for you to familiarize yourself with them, especially ones like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

So, let’s have a look at some of these and how you can actually use them to your benefit as a marketing tool. But firstly, it’s important to realize that actually social media is just one tool, so you don’t want to overly rely on social media to promote yourself, which is what a lot of people in the health space are doing these days. So, whilst it is a very important area for you to consider, don’t rely on it, a hundred percent use other tools, because we don’t know what will happen in ten years time.

We don’t know if these tools will actually remain relevant as marketing tools. Let’s, firstly, look at Instagram as a social network, so what is Instagram if you’ve never heard of Instagram? What it is essentially is a social media network where you can create your own profile, including photos of yourself and a little bio about you. You know as a person or if your business, what it is that you do and your photos stay there all the photos that you post will stay on your profile and people can interact with the photos that you post, you know liking them putting comments.

So, basically, a platform for you to upload photos and content about yourself within Instagram. You can also use a function called Instagram stories and Instagram live. Instagram stories is a function which allows you to post something whether that be texts photos a article about a given theme or topic, essentially a story, perhaps on a day what you did that day, which only stays there for 24 hours Instagram live, allows you to broadcast Yourself on article live, and you can save that article afterwards as well.

So Instagram is a great tool for allowing you to visually put out a lot of content to support your business. So photos and articles mainly are what kind of shine well on Instagram and people. Usually use Instagram through their mobile app. You can also use it from your desktop or from your laptop and Instagram is really one of the most popular social media tools. These days and generally, it does attract a younger demographic, so from sort of teenage years people are in their 30s.

So you need to think about whether your target audience will be on Instagram. So you know, is it worthwhile? You spending a lot of time on Instagram. If your target audience isn’t really, you know somebody who uses Instagram and so, as I said it, because it’s very visual as a platform, so photos and article work really well on Instagram. It’s been designed for that kind of content. Food content is something that performs really well so, if you’re a food blogger, if you’re you know particularly focusing more on nutrition within the health space or you’re, let’s say a natural chef, it’s a great platform to use and also generally wellness as an industry, and fitness Are you know, areas that perform very well on Instagram as well? So just remember when you’re, considering whether Instagram is a good tool for you to use.

Is your target audience somebody who goes on Instagram, firstly, and secondly, is the type of service that you offer going to be well marketed on Instagram? Is it something that you know works well on Instagram

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