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What’s up everyone welcome back to the blog, my name is DJ. Rick Webb, as always, and in today’s article I polled on Facebook, I went on Facebook and I was asking people I’m like what is the number one and maybe the number two problem you were struggling with in your DJ career, your DJ business period and pretty much Unanimously people were talking about marketing, they were struggling with marketing and in general, most DJ’s were asking for free ways to marketing, because mo DJ’s don’t want to spend a lot of money on marketing I’m kind of a little different.

I spend quite a bit of money on marketing, but I do do a lot of tactics that are free and I’m going to be sharing with you guys all of the tactics, tips, tricks and places that you can do free marketing for your DJ business to help Grow it so, let’s jump on into it all right, so kicking it off we’re going to be talking about probably one of the biggest and the easiest ways to do free marketing, and that is social media and in particular, there’s only like three platforms that I really Focus on there are endless platforms and you could probably, if you want to you, can post everywhere.

You can post on Twitter, snapchat Facebook, Instagram YouTube tik-tok, but that’s probably going to eat up a lot of your time and you’re, probably not going to be effective by posting on everywhere, but it could help you never know. In reality, I’m only focusing on Instagram and YouTube because my Instagram and my Facebook are linked so that whenever I post on Instagram, it automatically posts the same thing on Facebook.

So really I’m just updating our Instagram and our YouTube. And I’m talking about our company pages and all my personal pages and speaking of posting you want to post. Often I try to shoot for about once a week. I have a notification on my phone that goes off once a week to remind me to post something on Instagram. How sad is that I’m really good about posting stories, but I tend to slack on actual posts and speaking of that, what should you be posting and what do I post well, if any of you follow me on Instagram, you guys know that I post a little Bit of like personal life stuff, but I also post a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff of what I’m doing for the company, whether it’s creating a new timeline for my couples, creating an edit for one of my couple’s.

First, dances: that’s coming up or packing gear working on gear. The couples really don’t care to see the gear stuff, but it’s nice. This show that you’re actually doing stuff behind the scenes and you’re actually working hard for their upcoming events and then, obviously, when it comes to actually doing weddings and the events you’re doing you want to post them on Instagram, you want to post high-quality photos for them.

You want to post some article clips, you want to post some Instagram stories and speaking of stories, Instagram stories. In particular, I’m going to link down below my good friend, DJ mojo. He made a complete article on how he does his Instagram stories and let me tell you he is killing it. He goes ham and hardcore on these Instagram stories, like tagging vendors, like text all these geo tags, and he goes into complete detail on how he makes his Instagram stories and how he does them.

I highly recommend the article guys. It is super helpful. I don’t think I’m going to go to that level cuz he just he. I commend to moto. You do a great job on your Instagram stories. I’ve told him that in person before, but he made a whole article on it, go check it out. If you want to know how to do killer, Instagram stories for your events, but anyways post, often post stories post about what you’re doing behind the scenes post about the events, do that sort of stuff on your social media.

Now some other bonus tips for Instagram and Facebook follow your couples, follow the couples that you are going to be DJing for. Follow the companies that you’re going to be DJing for follow them. You want to follow them for a few reasons, one if it’s a couple year to be DJing their wedding in six months, twelve months well following them on Instagram they’re, obviously going to follow you back and when you’re posting this stuff about all these events.

You’re doing it reassures them that you are a great DJ, they get to see you doing other weddings and events and stuff like that, and it builds hype. They get excited for their wedding and they get excited that you’re going to be part of their wedding and too when you’re. At these events, you’re at these weddings you’re at these school dances when you post stuff on social media, you can tag the couple.

You can tag the offenders and when you tag them and they get the notification that you tagged them they’re going to have the ability to then share your post on their platforms, extending your reach, aka your market, now that’s Facebook and Instagram, and the third one I Mentioned is YouTube and obviously, on YouTube. What you want to be posting is articles. You want to post articles of your events, you want to post articles of you DJing, you want to post articles of clients having a great time and well.

It might not be the best source of marketing per se, but it will be a good portfolio for you to send potential leads that you get on Facebook and Instagram to see bigger, Longer articles of you actually DJing in person and actually rocking crowds at events. But I do have one sort of marketing tip tool trick for YouTube, and that is what you put in your title, your description and in your tags and when it comes down to all three of those areas, it comes down to search engine optimization.

So you want to be tagging stuff and putting stuff in your title and description that clients or couples will be searching for. Some examples are venues. So if you’re DJing at a very popular venue in your area, you want to put that venue name in the title of that article, put it in the description and put it in the tags along the lines of that you want to be tagging the city and The state that you’re in so for me DJ North Carolina, wedding, DJ North Carolina, believe it or not I’ve actually booked weddings before, because the couples have gone on YouTube and search for wedding DJ in this city.

Wedding DJ in this state wedding, DJ at this venue in this state, so having articles with tags for cities, states and the venues that you’re at are key for search engines so that you pop up on their search results. The next thing that you can do for free marketing is sign up for wedding wire and believe it or not. You can actually set up a free account on wedding wire, the nut you don’t have to pay for it.

For anyone, that’s never dealt with wedding wire or the knot. Basically, the people that pay money you pay for your placement. So typically, there is like DJ’s at the very very top and there’s only like a few. They limit the amount of spotlight DJ’s that can be on the placement. Those are the top dollar spots you pay for at the very top below that are featured. I don’t believe they have a limit on featured, but that’s normally your second level of payment and then they have like pro, I think, and then they have free accounts and now with the free account.

Obviously, you are not going to be very high up on the placement, maybe like the third page of results, the main point of having a free account on wedding wire and the not is that they are a great place to have reviews and that’s actually a tip For anyone that actually wants to start paying for a wedding, why, on the not don’t start paying off the get-go, get on there for free get yourself ten or so reviews get yourself started with some reviews, then pay for the account and actually get it up on The listing you want to have some reviews on there before you start marketing your reviews.

I hope that makes sense. You don’t want to pay for a listing if you don’t have any reviews to showcase so go, set up a free wedding wire and an on account and get some of your past clients to leave some reviews and get the ball rolling. All right. Social media wedding wire and not great ways to do some free marketing, but in our industry, in the DJ industry, the number one source of events, the number one source of weddings, the number one source of business in general is referrals and it would be a disc Justice for me to make this article on free marketing and not talk about the number one free way that we get events in Leeds in bookings and how you can optimize that so whip referrals and, in particular, with weddings.

Our couples are great sources of future referrals. They’re going to go talk to their other, close friends that are also getting married and maybe refer us to them. It’s a great source of referrals, but how many of those close friends do they actually have to give you a referral? 3. 5. Maybe 10. Now, what other source of possible referrals are at all of the wedding’s that we do? You probably see where I’m going with this vendors other professional wedding vendors vendors can be and should be, your number one priority to try again referrals off of because they are doing a crap-ton of other weddings and have a lot of other couples that they can refer To you – and I kind of already touched on this in the social media section when I talked about following all of the vendors that you’re going to be working with on like Instagram on Facebook, like their pages and tag them in the post, that you make with The events that you’re doing with them, one additional thing that I do with wedding vendors – is eye contact all them before every single wedding and every single event.

I contact them normally the week of, and I send them over a copy of the timeline that I have and I try to see if the timeline works with them nine times out of ten, it does sometimes with photographers. I do it a little bit sooner, maybe like two weeks out, but it’s just starting that little bit of conversation with them to get them to know you better to network and then at the event. Obviously, I make time to go chat with all the other vendors show them the face that they’ve been talking to via text or phone call or email.

That way, they see my face in person give them a business card, take their business cards, etc, and then, after the wedding or the event, I always send either like a quick text or email following up with a vendor. Just basically saying hey had a great time working with you, maybe if it’s the caterer I mentioned hey, the food was amazing. I loved the steak or the photographer hey. If you’ve got some awesome shots, I’d love to share them on social media.

The venue talked about how great the venue was just little conversation pieces, just basically building that networking and lastly, one bonus thing with vendors. If you really like a vendor, if you like work with them – and they were like one of the best photographers, you ever worked with – add them to your referral list for other clients. One of the easiest ways to win over a vendor is to refer business to them, and that’s really something I do.

If, like every single lead, I get. I always ask my lead. Basically, hey are you looking for any other vendors? This is like, after we have our conversation about DJ and all that, but at the end I always ask them like hey. Are you looking for any other vendors I’d love to refer a vendor that you might be looking for that I like to work with as well, such as like a photographer, a articlegrapher, Cakery, florist, etc, and if they are looking for those I’m going to refer those Top people that I really like working with to that couple and I would word it somewhere along the lines of like if they’re looking for a photographer I’d, be like.

Oh you looking for a photographer! Oh, I love working with Sarah here’s, her phone number, here’s her email tell her. I sent you so spend the time building relationships with the vendors in your area. It’ll help you tremendously there you go, build your referral network with your vendors work on your social media post some stuff tag on the vendors tag. Your couples follow your couples on social media post.

Some articles of you out in the wild on YouTube make sure you do your tags right. All that good stuff guys get yourself a free knot and a free wedding wire account, at least so that you can collect some awesome reviews on that site so that when you want to go and do the page version, you’ll have a bunch of awesome reviews on There already slap a like on this article if you like the content and leave down the comment section down below, if you guys want me to redo this article, but make it about paid marketing that I do, because, with Fusion sound and lighting, we’re spending roughly around Eight to ten thousand dollars a year on marketing, I do have a lot of numbers and a lot of figures I can show you guys in terms of the ROI is the return on investment that we’re getting in different marketing areas.

So if you guys want to see how I spend about ten thousand dollars a year on marketing be sure to leave it down in the comment section down below and I’ll be sure to make a article on that in the coming weeks. Oh and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, because if I make that article you’re going to want to be notified when I post that article. Lastly, a shameless plug. If you like this t-shirt that I’ve been wearing in the whole entire article, we still have a lot of this shirt in stock.

This is the eat. Sleep DJ, repeat, shirt. It’s super dope! Honestly. I think it’s the best shirt in the whole entire collection that we got but shop d-day live.Com. We have all kinds of awesome shirts and a few hoodies still in stock, but anyways guys. Like always, my name is DJ. Rick Webb keep them records spitting, and I will see you guys next time with an amazing awesome: article peace,


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