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Ubucon Europe 2019 – Stop coding and get people using software! Marketing help for coders.

I don’t know if you all know where that is it’s the southernmost city in California. I came here to share some practical marketing tips with you guys. So one of the main problems that I generally run into with people in the software industry is they have the ability to code, not a bad thing, but the problem to actually get people to use their software or contribute to their software becomes a problem for them To be able to grow any scalable amount, so what that comes down to is going to be that you need to make people informed about what you have what you have to offer.

So we’re going to talk today about what is your software? The customer journey that is spent as the new user comes to discover your open source or whatever product types of marketing options. You can do to get people to become informed of your software and then some practical steps and action items you can take home. So I want you to think of software that you use every day or maybe you are contributing to you here in the open-source community.

You can’t think of anything specifically think of a bunt or maybe your favorite application on a bunt ooh. Now, if somebody asks you, what does your software do answer that in your mind, right now, thank to yourself. So someone says what does the bunt to do? What is your answer generally going to be someone if no one answers, it’s no one raised their hand. I’r going to call on someone just point at you: what is it fun to do partially? So what you want to do when answering the question to any prospective person after you develop software? What does your software do is solving a problem? You need to be able to make sure that when you tell us buddy what your software is doing, that you’re producing is the problem that it solves.

Think of any major tech company in the world and users are using their product not based on exactly what it does, but based on the problems that it solves people take rideshare apps people use Airbnb people take certain opportunities from certain apps people use certain pieces of Software because it enhances their life and solves a problem that they have, and so what you need to do is figure out what that problem is that you are solving with your software measure, who needs to use it contact them and repeat that information.

What you’re going to get with something like this, when you do measure contact repeat, is a term that is called North Star metric if you’re going to take anything from that write that down North Star metric, what that is, is the measurable actionable definable metric? You can use to get more users onto your software so from there there’s multiple methods you can do, which is going to get people using your software um, and so one of the first methods is, you can do low cost advertising um so, and you can run These in a pretty simple low cost way.

I have some companies that I run advertising for on Facebook and Google at about 55 cents per click. You can convert from US dollars in your head and Google Ads at about a dollar and a half per click and with Google advertising. If you are a non-profit or your software community group, what have you is a non-profit in a vast majority of countries? You actually can qualify for free ad credit. I know in the US you get about ten thousand dollars a month in free ad credit, if you’re a non-profit and you fill out a form called a 501c3 to do that.

It’s different in every country. Google has their list of things. I can point that out to you, after the talk, it’s pretty pretty good Facebook has that and you can set up some fairly basic general specifications for that, and you can get much more in depth with who you’re targeting who you’re marketing to and where they come From with Facebook, I can talk to you about that after the presentation, which is something that is worth considering, and that’s something that you want to look into, and additionally, you can look into many other avenues.

You think are worth it, but a lot of the other larger internet companies. You have to have a lot of budget to spend these things. You can spend five dollars a day on all of these websites right here on your own for your own local community. Even you can have it to be where someone searches, Lubuntu, Lisbon and automatically the Loko page is going to audit, be the first thing that comes up. It’s going to be pretty affordable too, because I highly doubt anyone else is bidding on those types of things too.

So that’s worth considering, so what you want to do, additional, I already mentioned nonprofit ads – are basically going to be free. That’s the website! You want to go to change your pictures and your copy regularly, because we all know we’ve been on Twitter, Facebook and whatever, and we see the same advertisement for six months straight and we don’t care at that point and then you’re just wasting your money.

Um edition. The other thing you can do is called content marketing with blogs. So what I mean by that specifically, is you need to write content that is going to again solve a problem. Your article title needs to be something of item. We have that we are marketing. We are selling you solving the problem, so what that can be is anything from how you bun to enhances this part. How listening to music is more enjoyable on it um you can go down and you can start typing some of the more step style blog, which would be four steps.

Five steps to increase your knowledge of Ubuntu five steps to develop this app five steps to write better documentation tip, though, when you see those types of things, if you write or if you put an odd number instead of an even number, you get a higher click Rate means more people going to click on your ad read is interesting. So if you’re trying to write a blog for your loco and you’re putting ten ways you can get involved in the community you’re going to get a lower click rate, I’m not entirely sure.

Why than if you put 11 – and I believe it’s because people think you’re a little more intentional and that number, but you don’t need to tell them you weren’t um SEO is another thing I could talk for hours on which we don’t need to. But basic thing. You need to figure out what keywords people are searching for, and you need to put those in there. You guys know what backlinks are cool. Look that up so backlinks is why you want to be writing a blog in the first place, and what that’s going to do is what that’s going to do is when you write your blog five steps to make a bun to work for you, you put it On your site, companies, people that have websites that are more important than yours are going to read them and link them back on their site on their social media and that’s going to rank you higher in Google search engine optimization algorithm.

This is also a great place for community input, and what I mean by that is your: you have a lot of people that are not technical, probably wanting to help out with your community or a lot of people that um are just general users looking for some Way to share the stuff that they’re doing community input to have them write, a blog is good. You can go through and you can change the keywords you can make a long-form content, tip long form means um longest form that you can possibly say.

It’s like four to five thousand words is an ideal post for a blog. It might have changed in the past couple months, but what you’re going to want to do is probably make a template for your users. I’ve done that before and then you can get as many people as you want writing from your community various ways to get involved. It might be you, you might be the only person doing it and that kind of sucks for the first few months, but you’re going to find people with your blog that you’re writing to help you start building out your community help more people get involved in your Software, so one of the things that this really enhances is your ability to create more social media, a larger senders.

You may hate social media, Facebook, Twitter, all of them in the like. But that’s where people exist on the internet today to get their attention and that’s where you’re going to grow your user base and that’s where you’re going to be able to find people who have the same interest as you. So my recommendation, if you are, if you have any sort of a community you’re running with social media, is to use a social media management platform um.

What that’s going to allow you to do is make 200 posts in the course of an hour about, of course, of a day and schedule them for every single consecutive hour that you want. This is a good place that you can do sort of testing to where you want to figure out what time of day is going to get more of a open rate on the articles you’re putting and all that sort of stuff, um HootSuite s, — a pretty Sweet example: it’s it doesn’t cost anything for the end.

You can schedule 30 posts at a time and I don’t want to say cost, at least in the states. It’s ten dollars a month for a lot more than that which is fairly affordable for a lot of us. A buffer is pretty good check that out there’s dozens of them at the end of the day, but I can talk with you guys later. If any of you guys want some practical help, and we can look at that at a later time, so one of the more interesting things, though, is once you’re growing out your community, your product, your user base, whatever software you have it, this is intentionally somewhat broad.

Is you’re going to get important people that you want to get more information you’re going to want to start emailing um? How many of you guys, like email, lists, cool um? So what I like about email lists is not inherently as an amazing way to get. The word out for your information: you can but half the time. It just goes to people’s spam folders these days, but it gives you emails that then you can run back and filter for your advertisements, so you can take those emails and you put it in your EULA that you’re going to advertise to them and let them know Some of the actions that you’re doing in your software – or you can take that and you can make what’s called a Facebook look-alike audience and then you take Facebook’s ad metrics and then it filters and targets people with similar interests or the people that are signing up To your email list, if you have it at a large enough database and that’s pretty cool if you’re into that, so where then another thing to consider, it’s called influencer marketing, if you guys have never heard of that, it’s pretty basic um find community members that are Important in your community to start working on this, you may have famous people in your community that you don’t need to know using your software that you’re producing, if you’re small-time, probably a knop.

But I guarantee there’s people who are famous outside of a bun too using the bun to that. Don’t talk about it track. Those types of people down that live in your city. Have them shoot out a tweet write, a blog put their name on it and share it. More people are going to read it and they’d probably be willing to do it. Something that’s worth considering. I probably completely forget those types of people um email tip is.

I had you drift campaigns. You can look into those which is essentially that’s more advertising, which is kind of spammy. I wouldn’t recommend that entirely a few guys, but use a tool like MailChimp or SendGrid those types of things. What’s your prettiest think someone just bought SendGrid? I think Twilio bought them actually recently, so I don’t know what they’re doing, but I use MailChimp for most of my and that sets up the availability because you didn’t can see the open and the read rate.

Another thing you want to do because no one wants to spam. Someone spamming people is kind of kind of rude. You can filter all of your emails you’re going to send to your users through something called a spam filter, and that’s going to look for words. What you’re going to spam people and not spam people? My recommendation, though, is to go in your open up your email and look in your spam, folder out the words that those companies are using considerably and just black with the blacklist, those out of your vocabulary.

What is going to create an easier time for you after you get about writing emails on a regular basis, obviously running events important so basic things. So one of the things that I like to do. Obviously events is the culmination of a lot of the stuff. You’ve been working on before if you’re following these things, so you can do workshops that are pretty good, which sets up the availability to sort of be it anything.

You want be that if you’re a lot or a bunch of users group, you can have an install fest like I think, Rudy was talking about here this morning you can set up meetups grab a beer with your friends, whatever you want to call it. Um webinars are good. Just hangout on the Internet is something that I have really worked on attracting and getting set up, and that works really well. How many of you guys go to I mean you guys go to meetups.

Obviously it’s that type of thing, but the point being why you want to run all of these things is because then, when you do these types of information, you have that audience which is going to be likely to want to come to your events, because if all You’re doing is starting off making the event. You have no audience to market it to if you don’t have an audience to market it to because you’re not doing so so, media email and blogging, all you’re going to have is dedicated users.

The same ten people that meet up every single week and just become a group of friends and talk about themselves and that’s fine. That’s fine, don’t get me wrong, but I believe the entire point of growing your technology should be attracting new people, maybe not even the technical people that want to come to this conference, maybe even just people that are interested in using the product as an end user And having no knowledge of what programming is coming to your meetup, which is worth considering um, so where were we, but what you need to figure out when it comes to the software you’re working on and growing? It is something called the customer journey.

Have you guys ever heard that before cool, so the customer journey is a is a new term in business technology that sort of describes what I would call touch points your new user sales, whatever you wanted, not not sales and money, but you could don’t get me Wrong but use it works for that too, to buy into the product that you are producing. So you need to remember awareness, interest, evolution, decision and retention and each one of these boxes.

You can change some different words for it, but it’s going to have and what you need to have tech tech stack. Wise is key performance indicators and what that means is when somebody becomes aware of your technical product, you need to figure out technically on your website at the booth you’re running, how you can, how you can get a hold of that and how you can know that They are now in your pipeline.

If you will, so you can imagine that going from awareness, they see the ad, they see the norm, they see the booth you’re running at in a sort of festival. They see the interest, it tags their interest. They took the flyer home, they go to your website, um there they read the blog post, so you got it, you got to think of it like you, excite you educate and then you sell, and so it the evolution comes the trial of the software.

So don’t think just because they’ve downloaded your software, you have a new user. If you have software downloads, if you have a million software downloads with a 90 percent uninstall rate, that’s probably pretty bad, so ask questions as a community. Maybe they go on! Ask some questions and you’re slack blog, you, our C blog decision and what I mean by decision is they’ve run through the trial. They’ve installed it, it works for them.

That’s not even done yet Jessica, someone installs that doesn’t matter! Think of it too, then only when they are retention and they are retained as a software user of your product does that matter. It’s I mean from a monetary standpoint. They can sign the contract, but unless the money is in the bank it doesn’t matter and they’re not going to the money is not in the bank until they’ve gone ways to become probably what you guys would call community members.

So my recommendation, if it’s an open source product, start giving them jobs to do if it’s not there’s multiples, you go about that, but what you need to figure out as a person, if you have your software product, is what each person what happens along each one Of these journeys for you and how you can figure out a way to track that and make sure that people are going along those steps, Google key performance indicators, it’s actually pretty cool.

However, ideally what you need to have then, so once you track this down it you got to analyze. Determine scale repeat: remember that analyze, so you analyze, you figure out where your user is determine where they came from and where they’re going scale it. You know what scale means and repeat it unless the metric that you can figure out to figure out where your user is coming from is viewable and repeatable and scales, then it’s not worth it.

If it takes you hours to get one user, that’s not going to scale obviously, and so you need to figure out that method for your product that you’re working on so from that action steps for the end of this, we went through multiple methods of things. You can do in email, social media blogging, purchasing advertisements getting free advertisements pick one method. Don’t if anything, I can tell you about marketing any sort of tech infrastructure.

Don’t spin don’t do ten methods poorly, do one method good and invest your infrastructure time into that you’re busy developing the software. You don’t have that much time in the first place, get that set up from there. You need to set up your measurements and you need to repeat this is something that you can in theory, script automate and set up in some sort of a back-end that you can monitor as time goes on, and with that, thank you for coming to the presentation.

I will be around all week for an hour, sorry for our long marketing help I’ll sit down with you and I’ll give you information on what you need: help with grow sales in your community and plan growth for your own application. Thank you yeah. If anyone has any questions, come bug me afterwards I’ll be up here for a few minutes turning down. So this anyone have any questions. Yes, how regarding the social media platforms yeah, what do you think about Facebook specifically for non? I think about Facebook is good for consumer products, but if you target, like developers or open source communities or even business users, yeah that’s different.

Is that a good platform for that kind of audience right at the end of the day, you got to find your audience. So a lot of the software people are producing does have an end user, which is not a technical person, and Facebook is a great place for it. If it’s b2b software I’ve done LinkedIn advertisements before I did for a while, I mean you want to find your audience, but like, like I had a, I was helping with a tech stack that was that turned out.

Mom’s was the target audience. So we put a couple thousand dollars into Pinterest and it worked out, but I mean Facebook is just cheap, is what it boils down to like. I’ve done Yelp before and Yelp cost two and a half dollars per click, but which is more expensive than like the dollar again on Facebook, but what it really boils down to is you have to figure out where they are, and that is a challenge read.

I mean I would probably find 10 different places to put 20 bucks into and see what happens and then narrow it down to there. Yeah Twitter is not a bad option. Um for people it doesn’t not have as good of geo-targeting you can in the state. You can target zip codes on Facebook, which is good, which I like um yeah, which, but if people are, if your audience is not there, then you’re just shouting into the side of the wall and wasting your time, obviously um but yeah.

I like LinkedIn for b2b stuff too and I’ll do that occasionally yeah. So how do I make my software like so that people actually install it because what if they don’t really know who I am and well, I believe my software is useful. But how do I actually advertise that in such a way that I get the audience to install it? I mean your software might not be useful. To be quite frank, it might be that if it’s only useful to you, then it’s that’s great you’re, just making software for yourself um, but my recommendation for that is figure out a low-cost method for UI testing um.

But if you want to attract new users specifically, I mean a couple of the methods that I work, that I mentioned we’re good. If, if you already are a developer, that has an audience yourself, utilize your own social media, to get it going and then funnel that down to whatever social media is taking place for the application in and of itself um running a make a short article. That explains what that is and put it on.

The internet is pretty simple too I’m not. By short, I mean one minute: two minutes tops yeah short doesn’t mean half an hour, I’m going to give up after five minutes, yeah pretty basic stuff, but we can talk for 20 minutes afterwards. Happily, I can show me you’re doing it I’ll, show you what to do. Yeah insults I’ll, take the insults cool. Thank you.


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