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We’ve got the big pre lunch on the 12th, which is tomorrow, and then we’ve got the big relaunch on the 27th. So there’s a lot of stuff going on and a lot of stuff that you need to be working on to make sure that you are ready for that launch. So I wanted to just take some time to share with you some marketing techniques to help you out now I’ve always kind of shared everything that I do so today.

I wanted to focus a little bit on some organic methods because it seems like a lot of people come to me and they say you know Shelly, I’m spending a lot of money in different areas and I want to be able to advertise and get the word Out, but I just don’t – have extra money to be able to do that. So what I want to do today is actually show you some ways that you can do some advertising and marketing and not worry about spending a bundle of money, and some of these you can do right now.

The first thing I want to tell you is action: is the key there’s nothing better than taking action? I’ve talked to a couple couple of people in my team and honestly they they are waiting to take action because they’re so convinced that it has to be perfect action and it doesn’t matter. I am far from perfect, as you can see, I’m sitting here in my living room, I’m sitting in my recliner and there’s a reason for that.

I actually have an amputation of my right leg above the knee, so it’s very, very painful to stay in a office chair for a lot of hours, so I sit in my recliner and that way, if my leg gets tired or sore, I can pop up the Little leg rest and rest that leg a little bit and not have it hanging because that prosthetic leg it gets heavy after a while but um. Nobody knows that and nobody’s calling me unprofesional they’re, not saying.

Oh, my gosh look at the Builder all defects she’s, just sitting in a recliner in her living room, no I’m actually doing stuff and putting out value and helping you guys to learn how to do things. So nobody cares if I’m actually in a recliner, giving you this information. It is an imperfect way of getting out there and it still gives value and people still resonate with it and they still sign up with me.

So you can be imperfect and take action. So just do it, that’s the key. If you have two legs and missing an arm, do it if you’re, blinded one, I take action and do it just do something: you’ve got talented somewhere, you are talented somewhere. So just do it take some action and make sure that you are getting out there and finding people that are interested in Bilborough. Now I see a couple people that are messaging me on Facebook.

I see David hello, David and Michael and Michael says: that’s very professional. Your Trouper I’ve actually heard that before so yeah. Thank you very much and remain my favorite French person. I love it when he says my name is the coolest thing. He just sent me a little article a minute ago and I’m listen to it like five times, because it was so full. So thank you guys for hopping on and commenting if you do have a question.

While I’m talking, please post it into the Facebook comments and I’ll do my best to try to answer it, when I kind of look back at the comments, I see Bonnie, hey Bonnie – and hopefully I say this correctly: josif hello, adjust it from the Adriatic Sea. I’r sending you lots of energy because I’m super jealous that I’m not there at the Adriatic Sea. So if you get a good look at it, just kind of tell it that Shelley says hello and one day hopefully I’ll get there and get to see it.

Cristiano is here in hello, Cristiano, and thank you for saying that I look nice and red and, and it looks wonderful against the brown background of my recliner – doesn’t it so David is asking what’s the quickest and easiest builder now, there’s no doubt in my mind that The quickest and the easiest is definitely the pixel perfect, so jump on that one and make sure that you are learning how to use it.

The learning curve is very short and it’s super easy and I love the way you can take pictures and images and different elements. And when you say I want that picture element right there, it stays right there, which is really different than a lot of other web development and website development programs. I’ve used. Sometimes it takes some detailed coding to be able to get something to be exactly where you want it to be, and what the pixel perfect you just drop it on there and then drag it around where you want and it stays right there.

So it is an absolutely wonderful tool and very very easy to use. Another great thing is that when you drop an element onto the pixel perfect, you can drag and drop another element right on top and start layering pictures and layering elements and that’s cool. Then you can start to get some really neat effects, because your lay layering elements in that website and you can like have one picture on top of another picture on top of another picture and create some really neat effects.

By doing that. And then, when you throw in things like the hover effects and parallax you, you have the tools to make a really really really cool site, so jump into the pixel, perfect and learn it. That is the shortest learning curve and the best bang for your buck. In the time that you’ll spend learning so definitely jump in there so back to marketing you guys, I want to make sure that you guys are taking action, and I want to give you some tips on how to take action right now.

Now, whenever you join other groups and it’s an affiliate program, the kind of the first thing they tell you is now make a list of all the people that you know and contact those people and offer them your product or service. I’r not going to tell you to do that because I number hearing I wish. I could remember who it was, but somebody said that a lot of you guys are a member of the NFL team, as in no friends left, you’ve been in so many groups, and so many programs, and so many businesses that you don’t have any friends left.

There are no friends left and you don’t have the ability to call them up and say: hey join this group, but there they look at you very skeptical and think yeah another one another one Shelley really. So I don’t. I want you to think about those people that still trust you and still believe you and will still listen to you and definitely share builder all with them. But I want to give you some ways that you can capture more people, that maybe you don’t know so what I’m going to do is I’m going to share my screen and I’m going to show you some of the things that I do every single day to Work on getting people to sign up – and this is what I call relationship marketing.

So it’s a way to meet people that you don’t know and share the Builder all experience with them, and I want you to also remember to never sell. This is not about selling. It’s about sharing, meaning you really like filter all you like the opportunity. You want to be able to offer this opportunity for other people to be able to build and grow and make money and change their lifestyle. Just like you want to build a grow and change.

Your lifestyle, so I always share, never sell that will help you in talking to people, because when you’re in cell mode a lot of times, you’re stressed right, it’s like you got ta sell it got ta sell it got. Ta, sell it. If you’re a builder, all business owner and you’re paying $ 50 a month, sometimes when you’re in cell mode you’re, like I got ta get that 50 got ta get that 50. I got ta get that 50, so I can cover my cost.

I got ta get that 50 and you’re so worried about that that you come off to the person. That’s listening is oh, my gosh. Are you a little stressed or what? But if you share and you’re sharing with the true desire to expose them to this opportunity so that it can change their lifestyle, that is such a different approach, then you’re more relaxed. It’s coming from the heart, they’re more apt to listen and you’re building a relationship with them so that when they join, you guys are really truly team members and you’re working together to actually build both of your businesses, so definitely approach it from a share, not sell And that will loosen things up a little bit now.

What I do is Facebook, organic marketing. This is one of the one of the tools that I use to be able to invite and share build role. So all I do is I join a bunch of different groups that are work from home groups: internet marketing groups, digital marketing groups, digital moms, digital dads, all that kind of stuff, I’m probably a member of over 200 groups and in each of those groups. I try to establish myself as the expert and what am I an expert in well, I’m an expert in technology.

No doubt about it, I can definitely teach you some really cool things that you can do with your computer. So one of the things that I do is create really short articles on how to do some cool stuff inside of your computer, and I have a Windows computer. So I’m going to go with the PC route, but one of the things that I teach is how to do two windows open at once, working in both windows. So a lot of people don’t know how to open both windows and have both windows on the screen.

So you can look at them at the same time and work in them. At the same time, a lot of people work in different windows and they’re on top of each other, so they start to work on one and the other one disappears. Then they flip over and the first one disappears and they get really frustrated. So what I do is a really quick article on how to put those windows side-by-side and work in them together. So I’m going to share my screen and I’m going to show you guys how to do that, so you can make your own article.

So let me go to share my screen. This is so fun. I’r sharing my screen and let’s say that I wanted to work in this window right here: the zoom window and the other internet window. So all I do to do that. This is a really quick article right, so I’m showing you exactly hard to shoot the article. So here I go alright guys if you would like to work with both screens side-by-side. Let me show you exactly how to do that on a PC, so I’ve got two windows open, I’m going to go ahead and minimize each window, so you can see them.

So this is window number one right here and then here’s the second window right here and I want to work on them both at the same time. But you know if I do one covers the other one and it kind of disappears right. So I want to put them side-by-side, so I can work in them. So all I do to do that is I grab this window right here at the top and I click and drag so. I’ve got it right here with me and I’m going to take it and I’m going to pull it all the way over to the left until my mouse touches the edge and when you touch the edge you’ll, see kind of a little thing pop up.

Well, once it that little thing pops up, let go of it and now that window is assigned to that side of the screen, and then it says: okay, I have one half of the screen filled up. What would you like on the other half of the screen, and it shows me what’s available, so all I have to do – is click the next one and it shows up as the second half of the screen. So now I’ve got both of these screens showing at the same time I can work in both of them, and I can I can do the things that I want to do flipping back and forth and they won’t cover each other.

So that’s how you work in two screens at once. If you want to know more tips and tricks, just private message me and I’ll be glad to share more information about some of the cool stuff that I use in running, building and growing my business. So, that’s literally how I do it guys it’s not any different than that. I make those quick articles you’ve seen exactly how I do it now, so you guys can do it and and what happens when I do those kind of articles is, I usually get people that respond pretty quickly, then within just a couple minutes they’re like oh, my Gosh, I loved your short article on how to put things side-by-side.

Do you have more tips and tricks and I shoot them once they connect with me. I actually shoot them a nut, a article, a personal article. So let’s say out of this group that Elena’s contacted me: she sent me a private message and Elena said: hey Shelly. I saw your article on how to put this screen side-by-side, so I would love to have more information. So what I do is, I send a article, be a messenger to Alina and I tell her hey Alina, I’m so excited that you contacted me and I have lots of tips and tricks that I share, but one of the biggest tip I want to share with You is about a company called builder, all where you can actually have lots and lots of resources for your business in one place, I’m going to put the link down below this article and if you’ll click it it’ll tell you more and you can sign up for A free 7-day trial – I make it that easy right, so I post a article into into these groups that I’m in that gives value and never say anything about builder.

All I just invite them to private message me if they want some more tips and tricks and then once they private message me, I send them a personal article and I call them out by name – and I say: hey, I’ve got lots more tips and tricks that I want to share with you. The first thing I want to share is builder all and you’ll see in the link right below this article and then once they follow the link.

They’ll either decide to sign up for the 7 day free trial or not once they sign up then they’re in my email list, and I start emailing them about builder all and all the things that you can do in builder, all so very, very simple to do It takes just a little bit of time. The only thing that you need to make sure of is once you post your article into the groups. You’ll get messages pretty fast, so you need to be available so that when they message you you can respond right away because speed is the key.

If they message you and you do not respond right away. They’ll they’ll kind of give up on you and they won’t message you again and then, if you do decide to message later, their interest is really gone, you’ll be like if they remember you, so the key is get it all done really fast. When they message you right that second create a personal article message for them and let them hear from you personally, so they can kind of see your eyeballs and get to know you personally right, and that does make a difference.

Actually, when they see your eyeballs and see your body language, and they know that you’re not hard selling, you’re actually just sharing, and that makes a big difference. So that is one of my tips and tricks on how to do organic. Facebook marketing like right away like right now like this very second start, joining those groups so and get those messages out there with little bitty tips and tricks some of the tips and tricks that I’ve given is the side by side articles you shot you so hard Did that I also give a information on how to do ctrl C for copy and ctrl V for paste.

I know that sounds funny, but a lot of people don’t know how to do that. So I just do a really quick article on how to use control-c and control-v as keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste, because everybody uses that I also do a short article on how to change where the taskbar is at. So most of the time. The taskbar. On a PC is down at the bottom, but some people might want it on the right hand, side or the left hand side or at the top.

So I do a short article on how to do that. So another thing that a lot of people don’t know how to do is save links to your book. Mark toolbar, a lot of people, don’t know how to do that and if you can show them how to just drag a website on to the toolbar, and that saves it. It were. It’s wonderful. People are really excited about it, because now they can start saving their links instead of trying to find where they’ve been.

And then I even go a step further and show how to put folders on the bookmark toolbar and do folders inside of folders to actually really organize my links and be able to get to things faster, like with builder all I have it on my bookmark toolbar. So I don’t have to type it in every time. I just click the link and it takes me right to the log in so all those things are helpful things they’re valuable things and those are things that go into those groups and on those training, articles they’re.

Never more than about three minutes, and I never say anything about builder all the only thing I do is actually say hey if you want more tips and tricks and more information, just private message be and I’ll be glad to share information with you. It’s that simple yeah, it’s it’s not even it’s not even intrusive. It leaves it to them to find out more information and then once they message me, that gives me kind of permission to send them that private message to invite them to build Rahl.

So that’s one of the things that I use I’m going to go ahead and check out messages you guys and see what you’re saying so randy says: awesome Shelli! I can use my iPad pro with the MacBook and make it a dual screen by using dual app great, you can add, drag and drop across as you create a site thanks for the great marketing tips. Absolutely I’m always glad to share. I got ton more to share and I’m going to be doing lives, hopefully at least once a week to be able to share with you guys so alina says.

Really, i’m not sure what that means. But if you’re asking really do people not know this stuff, it’s really honestly true. So many people don’t know how to put their screen in side by side. They don’t know how to do control-c control-v. They don’t know how to bookmark things. They don’t know how to change the position of their taskbar. All of those are things that you can do so fast in a training article under three minutes and then get they.

You get their attention and they want to know more so seriously. It’s a great way to find leads sean says: can we promote builder all outside of the US? Absolutely in fact there’s a great way to do it? If you go into your back office and you go to where your resource links are, you can choose the language that you want to do it in. So if you want to promote in Brazil you can choose the language as Portuguese and you can get a Portuguese language affiliate page and then you can promote that Portuguese language affiliate page using Facebook ads and only targeting people in Brazil.

So, yes, you absolutely can and I think that we’re basically in just about every corner of the globe, so even if you just want to do it in English and you want to promote in Japan, you can do that. It’s pretty cool Michael says it’s true. Many of us underestimate the basic knowledge that others may not know, such as control-c, Michael you’re. So right I cut myself, sometimes thinking I’m not going to show them that people already know how to do that.

That’s just like this technique of Facebook marketing, in my mind, if everybody does it right, but the reality is that most people don’t do it this way, especially the articles, because people are so scared to be on article and they’re just they think they sound bad. They think they look bad, they think they don’t know enough to be able to make the article the reality is, you do know enough to make the article and, if you jump in there and do it take imperfect action, you’ll soon become perfect at doing it.

So it’s okay start taking action now randy says I show people half my age, some of your tips and they’re amazed by it. Not everyone is proficient on a computer. That’s right! That’s exactly right! So one of the things that I use to shoot. My articles is screencast-o-matic and let me share my screen and we will take a look at screencast-o-matic because it’s a neat program, it’s very, very inexpensive and – and I absolutely love it.

So let me jump in here screen cast O Matic and it allows you to screen capture. It allows you to capture your webcam or you can capture both. You can be capturing your screen and have a little picture of you down at the bottom or anywhere. You want to put it so up at the top or the bottom, but I’m going to log in here and we’ll find out, I’m not sure about pricing, because I think that pricing has changed.

But here it is. I hear a dollar and fifty cents per month and that’s build yearly, so you pay your in advance. I believe there is a advanced like a three-year program. I I don’t know where that’s at. Let me see if I can find it bit of article editing tools. No, I know there’s a three-year plan, though so take a look around and see if you can find it, I do have a affiliate link, so let me see if I can find my affiliate link for you another profile.

Nope, that’s not it. Let me see here screencast-o-matic, I will try to drop in my affiliate link here, so here yeah, here’s, my three-year plan actually have it and then here’s my affiliate plan. I’ve got four more friends to get to get another renewal. So let me see if I can find my link for you guys so here’s my link, I’m going to copy it and I’m going to drop it into Facebook. So this doesn’t actually get me any money.

What it does is every time someone signs up and they pay for one of the plans. It pushes me closer to getting a free renewal and I think I’ve already got renewal for quite a ways. So it’s just a great way to upgrade my account without having to pay for it. So anyway, just wanted to share screencast-o-matic and another thing about screencast-o-matic is that it is super duper easy to use, and there are article editing features, so you can use the free version, but you can’t edit anything.

If you get the paid version, you can actually do some editing, that’s pretty powerful, for example, when I’m shooting my articles and I’m shooting ahead of time. Like recordings, let’s say I’m going through PayPal and I don’t want them to see my PayPal information. I can blur that information out. I can also cut areas out a lot of times. I say: oh man does in my articles, so I can actually cut those out.

If I miss something, I can actually add a section where I narrate a little bit more information, or I can insert a new article into that article. So there’s a lot of power, the editing tools and for the price of screencast-o-matic. It’s actually really a good product. So that is a definite one that I use also just to give you an idea. This is the mic that I use, which is a pretty good mic. I’ve gone the route of purchasing the Yeti and I’ve got the snowball and I’ve got the boom thing.

That’s attached to my desk, but what I found out was I don’t like sitting at my desk and none of that stuff is mobile. It’s very mobile, so you kind of have to be sitting at your desk and again there being an amputee with a prosthetic leg. That leg gets super duper heavy after you’re sitting at that desk for a few hours. So what I’ve done is moved everything into my living room and I bought a teeny, tiny little lapel mic and what I do is I don’t attach it to myself, actually attach it to the top of my laptop screen and that way, I’m talking directly into it And it captures my voice so when I’m recording it does really well capturing my voice and it has a good nice sound to it.

So it’s not squeaky or harsh, or anything like that. So that again is another kind of tool. I got the little lapel mic from Amazon and give me just a second: if you guys want the link to it, I will get it for you. I do have an affiliate account with Amazon. So what if you do buy it? I do make us a really small amount of money from it, but it’s not much. You know the Amazon affiliate you’re not going to make a bazillion dollars if you’re selling just a few things, but I’m going to see here.

It is right here I’ll get the link to it. Give me just a second it’s thinking about it. There we go and then I’ll jump back in and there’s lapel mic right there, so that kind of gives you an idea of how to get started with shooting your own articles. I use screencast-o-matic. I use the little lapel mic that I attached to my laptop screen and that allows me to shoot really fast articles very easily done, and then I put those articles inside of those groups and just invite them to private message me and then once they private message Me I send them a personalized article and calling them out by name and inviting them to take a look at builder all and give them a link to the seven day free trial.

So that’s exactly how I do it guys every single day and it’s easy very unobtrusive, and hopefully this will help you guys figure out. Maybe one method that you could do it. I’r going to kind of look at the comments to make sure that I’m keeping up with everybody so hang on. Just a second there’s the comments very good, so I’m going to scroll through right, quick and see if there’s anything that I didn’t answer.

So, let’s see Jane, says hi, hi, Jane and Julie says love pixel-perfect. Me too. I actually love the responsive, because it’s it’s actually a challenge. It’s a little more difficult, but as far as ease-of-use pixel-perfect wins by a longshot for sure chip from Bangkok, hello, it is Wednesday here and it is about 10:30 a.M. Gossip, says Croatia, English, Matt or sorry. England, Croatia match is starting in the next three hours.

Yeah go England. I know that all of you guys are a lot of you guys are from England, so I guess I’ll choose the England side. Since you guys are kind of our us parents, Sean says: can we promote Bill Darrell globally? I did answer that earlier. The answer is, yes, let’s see Jessa how to update account dates by way of paying, I’m not sure what that means just up, if you are not sure what that means, I’m not sure how to answer that.

So just message me, the see, randy says good and mike says: oh mike says stopping in on his lunch break. Yeah might don’t forget to eat, so you don’t pass out. We don’t want you to pass out and then michael says. Are you doing all your tips? Pin in personal account, then bring into the group. I I brought this one directly if you’re talking about this particular Facebook alive, it’s being done right in the bill draw English group, so I think the next ones I’ll do will be just right into the Builder.

All English, not from my profile or from any of my groups, I’ll just bring it straight into here, for you guys, if that’s okay, I may actually invest in live leap, instant decay to several different groups, so it helps everybody. Varys says hi Shelly. Where can I find this these articles Vera, I don’t have any of the articles like on YouTube or anything like that. They’re actually just really short articles that I’ve made that are on my computer and I’ve got a brand new computer.

So all my articles are on my other computer, the failed harddrive. That’s why I had to get the new one, so I have to pull them off of that old, hard drive and pull them back onto my new computer. But you can shoot these articles they’re not hard, and – and I would rather you shoot the articles so that they hear you and they hear your voice and they resonate with you. That’ll get you more clients for sure and more people that will sign up, because they will be personally connected to you.

Instead of hearing my voice and and my training remember, you want to be their leader so make those articles and lead them. Cass says that was awesome. Thank you. You’re welcome, Cass, as always and Derek says, good stuff. As always. Thank You Derek. I greatly appreciate it. Hopefully, I’ve answered all the questions they’re not quite showing up exactly like they should in Facebook. Sometimes they do that when you do alive, but I’m going to try to be here every week at the same bat-time same bat-blog and give you some marketing tips of techniques I do use YouTube.

A lot saw do a little bit of training on YouTube. I use some. What do I do? Traffic exchanges so I’ll share some information on traffic exchanges and there’s other things like creating an email list and lots of other things, lots of stuff that I can talk to you guys about. So my goal is that each time I do this, I spent about 30 minutes with you guys giving you some type, it’s a tip or trick that you can use to help promote builder.

All don’t forget that on the 12th we have that pre-launch so make sure you’re looking at ways to promote for that and then once we do the pre-launch. The next big thing is the 27th, which is the relaunch and that’s really important, because there is a mercedes-benz up for grabs, and I will tell you that I am working hard to make sure that I’m in the running for that one. But it doesn’t matter guys, even if you don’t think you’re going to win, don’t back off of it.

Do not go backwards, keep pushing forwards and keep working towards it, because when I first started build a roll, I didn’t have a list. I didn’t have a bunch of friends I could call. I didn’t have all these things that I tapped into. I tapped into basically nothing and started from scratch, and you can there’s nothing more special about me than it’s special about you. We’re both special in our own ways, so the the key to it all is taking action.

So if anything I say that I said today resonates with you as in you think. Oh my gosh, that’s so simple! I can do that then get you a screencast software software like screencast-o-matic and start practicing, making those short articles and don’t practice too long. Remember imperfect action. Imperfect action is good enough. All you need is what Pat Flynn says: Minimum Viable Product, meaning it doesn’t have to be perfect.

It just has to be good enough to put it out there and then once it’s out there and you see what the imperfections are you can start perfecting it. So take imperfect action with a Minimum Viable Product and get it out there. So if you resonated what with what I showed you today, get you something like a screencast-o-matic, get you a small little lapel mic for 20 bucks and get out there and start getting it done and promoting for those webinars that we’ve got coming up anyway.

You guys have a great day. Thank you so much for listening and I will talk to you again soon promote, promote, promote and take action. Bye, guys hey, if you like my article, don’t forget to like comment and subscribe and if you’re interested in joining builder, all just go to WWF top diva, calm and I’ll. See you on the inside


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