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Using Analytics and Google search console

I created and I’ve been developing sh404sef, which is a analytics and SEO extensions for joomla been doing that for since 2006 and since last year, in going on under the name we blur, which is the friend you’re, going to see all throughout this stock. We also do another extension, which is called Rosetta and which is a translation manager for java.

Ok, so that’s the background. I’r not going to talk about my products today. What I’m going to try do today is from a really ananas writer and a user standpoint find metrics, try to find metrics and actionable data through analytics and through google console to try help your SEO. Effort and process sf4 for seth has been providing some analytics features from the start, but very often, basically, our users don’t know what to do with these figures.

You’ve got basically. I will see that right through that very quickly. You got things like that. It’s probably too small to be seen, but you’ve got basic things like beta. Do traffic sources by traffic by sausage, my users midas just come from google. They come from referral, which is another site sending them to me, or they come through a direct call. Somebody typed the address, so, okay, that’s great! You can measure things you can see.

You have more visitors or less visitors. What are you doing that? How do you how to use? How do you get information about what you need to do on your site or elsewhere, to increase the number that’s? What I would like to talk about here is another example for message for corset back end, where you got the pages that are most viewed and with some what starts to be a little bit actually about data, because you know something like average time on page so 4X page, you know how much time user spends on that page.

That might be something you can use to alter your content anyway, and here is another example. This is not using analytics, but we also provide some things like the for Forbes numbers, your site, and then you can click through and see them. You can also see the list of URLs, for instance, the way of never visited. Nobody saw a specific URL on your site. Why? What what’s happening so, but that’s still very basic and though it’s easily accessible, because it’s inside your sight back end, it’s too difficult to use for fine grained.

What I call fine grained SEO something more stuff subtle that you need to have and do today, because we are search. Engines have evolved a lot and the basic things you could do five years ago are not enough today to edge off your competition. Whatever the competition is and whether you sell products or you do other things without any business in mind, you’re, always not in competition with other people on the way.

So why do we – I don’t know you, but why do people have web sites usually to complete, go up on it? What I the way, I see it it’s to complete goals, whether those are yo goes as a web site administrator I to sell products. I want some users to call me, because I want to do something, sell them something to organize something, but also users, visitors. They have goals, they went to Europe to your site because they wanted to find a piece of information or they wanted to buy your products that fulfill their needs.

There are many possible situations. I’ve just outlined a few here, but you and these Raiders and your users, you have you want to achieve goals, so that’s the basic of them again. Now, how can you compete complete those goals achieve those goals? My method I try to use is to break this down in three steps. Visitors must find you. They need to become aware of your existence and the fact that possibly they can fulfill their goals with you can they can achieve their goals at your website? Second, when they became aware of your existence, you have to decide them to go to your sites to come to click on that link wherever they find it and come to your site, and the third step is once they are on your site.

Well, you have to deliver, you have to give them what they wanted, what they expected, what they thought you were provided. So this is the basic methodology. Why? Why do I spit it this way? Because for each each of these steps can be translated into something real to let people find you, your site has to be crawled by search engines efficiently and your content has to be indexed and we have methods to solve this problem.

If you find a problem there, you can work on technical errors, you can the structure of your site. You can do on page SEO, but you have to know there is a problem death or you can include second decide them on after finding your existence. If you want them to come to your site, then you have to rank for queries for a given query. Keywords: keywords set: you have to be amongst the best one and at the same time you have to stand out in the results.

So serve is search engine with your page. So that’s where the result social, so you have to send out. You have to be there near the top, but you have to stand out as well and we have tools. There are things you can do if you have a problem there and then the third step completing those goals on your website. There are also things you can do. Some of them are just related to your products. If your product is bad, eventually you’re not going to sell much if you’re trying to sell if your documentation is bad you’re not going to help much speak many people so, but there’s still things you can do now.

For each of these three step, I’m going to go through those three categories and you’ll see a pattern in each case. In this situation they get to identify an issue or a potential game. Maybe you don’t have an issue, but there’s something you can do to do better. Then we’re going to try to change something, or at least I’m going to sell it. Tell you that you might want to look at that and then, but, as everybody should be doing already, your we’re going to measure the results.

And then we just feed that back and go back to the first step and reprocess and you’ll be just doing that. All the time which is tiring, which is which is something that’s required to have any kind of success in SEO to the or and running so now. These three steps I around outlined also find really appropriate tools in the Google Analytics and console that you have available to you it’s available for free and sure you’re.

All aware of that, though, you can pay for it. There’s a so little drawback about the free version of analytics. It’s basically that pretty much any interesting data has only a 90 day, 90 days retention period, so things that are really interesting after 90 days they are wiped out. There are things you can do to save them, but the bulk of it is going to disappear for you. So you have to you know: dont les, not like too much time passes.

It’s good to know that and you don’t want to pay for the real analytics, because it’s a really a bundle. So you don’t want to do that so getting wrong index willing to look at two specific sections of the search console crawling Google index search console to rank 12, your ranking and setup. You got search traffic and search Kyrie’s how your site, or your search results, look into the search result then complete complete goals.

That’s where we’re going to use google analytics so step, getting quote and getting indexed. That’s the major points and people often don’t realize how how important it is for that you’re going to use the search console. I got in the cross section of the search console. I got a article screenshot later the search console and the cross section will tell you every crawl, related errors. Google came to your site, they try to explore your site yet the content, and there was an error.

Somehow they couldn’t get through. So that’s something you absolutely want to fix most of the time. Another thing maybe users are not so aware of. Is that one very limiting factors of your SEO is the crawling rate search engines are not going to come back so often to crawl. Your new pages or the updates you can make to your website they have a crawl budget and that crawl budget, the half, how often they’re going to check your site for content, depends a lot on methods on on the size of the start of your site.

How how well you rank already many things? This is a real life example. Over 90 days. You can see that when stones at most the highest number, they served the search changing both chain and crafts 255 pages on day some days they didn’t come along. They didn’t crawl any page at all and on average 13 pages, which is really low as you can, as you can imagine, and it’s even lower than that, because this was right up to the beginning, so those this average you know if we take this – is from Februari 2016, so if we did, it does yeah this.

The site was launched right here so but later on is going to be more like a few pages a day. So don’t expect immediate results and there’s things you can do to speed things up, but it takes time they don’t come back so water now yeah. So once your site has been crawl. I thought I had it right once your site has been called. It has to be indexed, that is, google stretch, some content from the site.

They are going to work on it index. It find what it’s all about, whether it’s quality, where it’s high quality content, what it is relevant to which queries should match. It left us in Jackson, you got through things you can do there and to tools in the Google index section of the search console. You can use a tool called fetched as Google, which will show you feel it with a URL from your site, and it’s it’s going to show you what Google sees on that pitch, that to things that are really useful with that.

You can check whether your page renders correctly, and they see exactly what you mean and also it’s nice tool. It’s pretty much the only way to speed up things. That is tell them. Oh, I have a new page, that’s ready for crawling and indexing go cut piece. Cleaning the index in replacement ready with a photo for the previous one, the other tools, it’s precise map, so sitemap is a little thing. I dislike many people use sitemaps without knowing what they are for, and it’s for most sign.

Actually a sitemap is absolutely no use. It doesn’t do anything. A sitemap is a list of URLs of pages on your site that Google may they actually may use it to index better your site, so it doesn’t mean really anything it’s it just means they can use it or they can. As I cannot use it, they can do this lee whatever you want. So there are some benefits using scythes maps and i’m going to show you one matrix one way of using it that I thought I can like, but basically the what you have to take out.

That is basically, if you do a sitemap and you just store all or you just list all the pages on your site in the sitemap. It’s no use a site map can be used to provide Google’s with a list of pages that are not easily found on your site, for instance, pages that you still want to rank but are not linked from anywhere on your site. There’s no you’re clean no way to get there. That’s a theoretical situation, because if you want your l2 range, then you have to have links to it.

So it’s rather theoretical, but that’s that’s one way of doing it and another way of using a sitemap is to list their pages that you saw, Google never came or kings. Kit comes rarely to crawl them see them, but if you want to rank on it you think they are good, but they don’t commonly. You know prank and they don’t come often and don’t crawl them don’t index them. So you might want to list those bad urs.

Those URLs that are not used by the search engines and tell them okay, it’s a hint! Please could you comment see those that’s that’s a an interesting use for the segment. Ok, so the way it’s sort of listed here, but the way I use it. I actually list here in the sitemap be important, which is the the subset of my on the pages on my site, which I want to write for the one that are important. So don’t put your contact contact page here.

That’s not used source wasting budget crawl budget. Okay, here is a screenshot of the fetch, as Google feature that I mentioned, we are in search console fetch as Google is in the cross section, you type it type in a URL. You click on fetch or fetch and render fetch and render is a bit slower, but it’s nice because it will show you a screenshot of your page. You can select whether you want to see the desktop version or the mobile version, and I will show you exactly what they were in there.

There is probably most of you are aware off but years ago, if you were to use this fetch as Google people most people wearing those in the impression that a search engine is only understanding text that they will just grab the text inside your content and indexed At try to see the keywords there, that’s not how it works today and for already a few quite some time search engines. They just render everything so they’ve got a real full screen shots, they will executor scripts.

They will see all the images they will see where the where the content goes, whether it’s under the weather. It’s you have too many ads, for instance typical thingy. You have ads at the top of your page. That’s bad! It’s going to be done for you, so there’ll be rendering everything now expect to hide, and that’s where you can see here fetch and render header these groups when you’ve done that and you’re happy, you click submit to index and they may again they may index again.

This page, it’s generally considered it will be faster to the crawling, and indexing will go faster. Okay, I’ll have to go much faster as well anyway. So the first crawling metrics that I want to propose to you is this: if you go to site maps and remember – I only put in mice at my site map to go to your us, the pages I want you can go to site maps and you’re going To see the web pages, the submitted and actually indexed so we’ve got to university and you go to the search console index status.

I’r going to see the total number of URLs indexed for this sat and with that you can take two numbers. If you take the number of URLs, the good ones in your sitemap and you divide over the number of URLs in oh it’s on index versus sad map, you can see here that ninety six percent of my good URLs are actually index. That’s pretty good results and then, if you look at the good URLs over the total number of URLs, you can see that I have only eight fifteen percent of what I called use less URLs.

So i’m pretty on that side. I’r pretty focused all the good URLs that has one that I think have contents, and I listed in my sad map have number of members here to show that Google I’ve index having legs all of them pretty much all of them, and he has. He has indexed. They have indexed nothing else than that which is pretty good, because it’s all the ranking signals are going to focus on my good URLs.

What happens if you don’t have enough for the good pages you can work. You can check with other blocks on pages with your robots 65. You can check whether you have no index tags in your pages and again, you can check with all those pages. Maybe they are not linked in with so they didn’t consider them a good pages. What happened? He have too much useless pages. You have more, it’s your you’re splitting your ranking signals.

Then you can no index more. You can put decide. That’s on your again, your contact page or some useless pages you’re going to put index. Maybe if you have a store with the category pages and some products pages, you can no index the category page, because the category page is competing with your product pages. So just no index that that’s a lot of general rule. You have to think about it, but it’s a good rule.

If you have a blog, no index, look like just index the actual articles, the rod costs but no index the what was what’s called the blog category page in joomla no index follow. Of course, you want an engines to go through the links, but just rang for the main pages. So here are things you can action based on the numbers we have seen before these are indexing. Limitless now your site is indexed, is well crawl, its index.

How do we range better? What can we do? The first thing I propose is to is to find is to spend time on pages that are worth it. That is pages that are underperforming. If your pages, if you have pages that works well and brings you lots of traffic, maybe it’s not worth spending much time on it. Then you fix them and then you repeat: how do you find underperforming pages? Here’s the method you go to the search, console, search analytics there.

It’s really useful. You got plenty of data, so much database. Also just so much straight up here is our set up. I just click. I just checked to display the clicks impressions, which is number of time my URL, that have been displayed in the any kind of query we go in the kick flow rate. Then you click on pages and they’re going to see, and I personally I it’s not there, but I usually sort by impressions.

So I’m going to see the pages on my side that have been displayed the most to users. Then you can look at the heat flow rate. This is number of people. Where should we click on the link and went to my site are seeing my results in Google search results? So if you got there’s no bad value actually actually clear, but if you see one that’s rather low compared to the others, then you want to you want to dig into that one.

So you click on that URL and now we are. We are only looking at that particle data is selected, and now you look at the quiz, you click that button here and it will show you the queries that users types search for two to get to your page and and then again, I sort by impressions and What I can see is that I can see there the the queries for which my page was most displayed and and then again click for it.

So you can see here there’s a huge problem for that query. Joomla SEO I’ve got the most impressions for that period of time, more than a thousand, but only points. Oh six percent of visitors actually clicked there. So obviously there is a big game possible. The reason is, there are many reasons, but it’s it’s about it’s about URL. So you might want to look at that same thing here for SEO analytics, though in that case, I’m not surprised because SEO and 36 min means any kind of it’s not related to jummah.

So I don’t stand a chance to rank and that so proteins not worth spending your time with a joomla SEO yeah. I would like to run for that. So from that information, what can I do? I know I have now identified a page which is here, which is my plan page, which is badly performing for joomla SEO, and I want a google think that this page actually deserves to write for july CEO, because it shows it showed it a lot to people Which showed it to in results, but nobody clicks, but google still think that it’s a good page for that quote.

So I want to build all that and what can I do? I need to help with people or to entice people to click on that load. Sit. So you’re going to use, what’s called traditional s, your work you’re going to work in that case, probably on the meta description, because the page is there in the reason with nobody clicks on it. So maybe I can do a better description, somebody that well, maybe I don’t remember if I probably I don’t have even the the world – do not SEO in the description.

So maybe I want to add that maybe I want to learn more on the structure of that page on the copywriting, maybe put more SEO words. Keywords there, a little bit in strategic places. I don’t want to damage the page either, but anyway, for that kind of crime, low-performing page no click food. I’ve got a word for meta description and then go back to fetch as Google make make them fetch the page submit to index and then okay, I didn’t prepare, but this should fix them up and I’m going to wait well, I can look at other pages, but I’r going to wait for this page in a few weeks at least and see if what I did was correct, and you know if, if what I did was useful, i’m going to do exactly the same thing that is go back to this page here and see.

If two weeks from now, this number has increased, if so, probably I did a good job of course, the same time, you probably want to monitor things for another keywords: SEF urls for me, which I’m totally pretty good for, and you don’t want because you don’t want You to break other things, so it’s always that you do something. You measure the results and you the results in you come back to the USA. There we go so now we’re going to the last step, which is we have managed to bring people to our website.

For pitch and we want to help them, we want to be sure, as many as possible of them are going to find that they were looking for. Thus we’re looking for is what they search for. What I expect maybe they’ll look again: maybe they want to buy your product, but maybe they just want some documentation if you’re a non-governmental association, you want to have a very specific piece of information or whatever legal matter.

So it’s not about selling products. We’re going to use google analytics for that same process. You measure you identify issues, you fix any repeat, so how do we use the girl analysis? Other things I I like to do is I miss our ice cream again, but most of you are familiar with that page. That’s the admin page, Google Analytics when you have a given property. I always creates two views. There’s the what I call the roll data view is it’s when you have it’s the default view.

You have no, nothing, not not change any parameters, and here the raw data is exactly as Google fetches it, and then I create a filter view we’re in the settings. For that view, I will click this both filtering and when you do that, google will remove all the known search engines. Boats, though, the list is kind of funny like dated in 10 years, but they will remove such as ebooks and then we’ll remove non boats, non-spam books that will go to come to your site and and at least waste your bed with so anyway.

This will do things like that on that particular test site, the filtered view for a given period, the raw data. If you don’t look at things without removing the bones, you got 2,300 blisters and actual visitors. That’s 1,400! So we’re not half, but it’s really there’s really a huge difference. So all the work I’m going to do later on I’m going to do it on the filtered view, because there are better chances that we are seeing data about real people, not not not both.

Yes, sorry, what is the point in showing it? Why don’t they just feels that all day I seen you’d have to ask them my I really like, but they don’t hide them systematically, because first they do mistakes lead to a lot of mistakes. We should look at and the list like, I said, list of search engines, the official list, at least they are sites but like there’s one in France, rollout got a fire which is not even search engines anymore.

It used to be many years back. So I just don’t trust them. That’s why I actually keep both. So you can always go back to the real list and sometimes compare things are good to see if there are really huge difference, and so I just not trusted just because they set out, don’t trust them, but I think it’s a good basis. It makes sense, but the Royal data is actually what you want to have somewhere to refer to so yeah that case almost 40 % of the visits where considered boats.

It’s not always spam, actually phone sense. If you know Mars com, they have crawlers or if you go majestic SEO or the SEO companies like that they have crawlers, they crawl your site, but they are largely on visitors. They just get there to do some other work and it’s fine, but they are not spiders. You don’t want to reload them. You want to be aware of them, so make sense question if you’re not a screen, why do you think your batch mates Connor? The bounce rate is the worst thing or the hardest thing to enterprise, so that’s that case.

For instance, I know again, I don’t know what they consider islamabad. This particular test site is not a real site. It’s a it’s a test site. I have and I have a small screen somewhere which just go and fishes pages at redland, so I have actually data in analytics account, so I can work on it and it’s actually next also. So it’s it’s a mixed with artificial data. I will soon hear that by removing some spambots, some spam bots are actually just bouncing off that there are more votes bouncing off than the average users which I like in theory and my site.

I like people to say so, however, both can maybe just bounce off. Consider about be bouncing more often than actual leaders. Bounce bounce rate is just terrible to to analyze analyze its really other side by side faces many times. It’s actually really good to have high bounce rate. So again, this is how we’re going to do it first things you might want to look at. It’s probably not going to change very often, but you suddenly want to look at it.

This one’s, it’s, your mobile users ratio. Sometimes it’s totally not what you expect. These are real. This is real data from my from wheeler calm and it’s pretty steady. So on our juna total joomla oriented websites, we have my three persons, mobile user. Everybody is coming to our sights on the desktop. If you think about it makes sense, because it’s people like you, I hope, go a lot outside who who are not going to who are working so you’re not going to do, search or whatever on your mobile phone.

So it makes sense. But you want to know that number to sort of balance, your effort and how you’re going to organize your sights the amount of effort you put on responsive web designs or other tweaks. So how do we use analytics? The way I really want to use analytics is by setting goals. That’s really how you’re going to see what people do on your website goals help us measure whether users actually completed what I wanted to do.

We talked about dominate your file or creating an account or making a purchase, or maybe commenting or registering for a newsletter. That’s that are either your goals of the goals of your users, and we can measure that this prologue and there’s another category of goals that we can actually measure it’s the behavior. They are how much time they spend on my site. How much time does explain a given page? We can measure all that and set them as goals.

This is an example. You do that in the view you got ta goals menu. It’s really simple. You give them any k URL. So every time that’s the simple station. Every time somebody is going to reach the creating accounts layout equals compete page on website count, one that’s going to be a goal. It means somebody created an account, and this is one of the goals that I have I wanted to to to work on. You say that another example is duration.

You can set up the duration. I have noticed in my stats the global stats that users usually stand say: 3 point 33 and a half 30 minutes, usually on my side, the procession. So I’ve set up a goal of four minutes and I’m going to work on that. I want to work on my side to change pages content so that more people stay focus, and this is what you get on the overview page. When you report you’re going to see the goals on that girl having 62 people reach, that page means meaning they actually created an account almost 2 percent.

That’s so it’s not good or bad in itself. It’s it’s something you can work on and then you can measure, which is the whole point. When you do that, when you start building goes into the Google analogies, then you got those nice data phone for my goal here, creating accounts. I can see the source, so I can see, for instance, that most of the people creating an account of my sites are coming from this.

I remember what it was, but I think it was the jet. So I can see that’s where I can see, for instance, that some sources are better than others to reach my goal. I can either work more on this or maybe work on these other ones. I think the next slide is interesting for that. You can also see whether people used social network, whether they came from facebook or twitter and then later created an account.

So you don’t you’ll just see, but they came from Twitter on your side. You see they came from Twitter and they created an account. This is what you’re looking for. I obviously have to work on facebook compared to the rest of other the other areas again, like I said before from this information: it’s it’s less clear-cut, but you can work on that on those failures or potential potential game and then measure again and see how those Numbers people’s – it can be a bit more sophisticated.

For instance, we have, we have signed up, we have different way to create accounts and we can compare those different ways so, for the we can talk, we can hear see that we want to measure how many people gets to that signup page but from which page Are they coming what’s the path, how they come, how they end up? How do they ended up on that sign up page and finally created an account so again, and you got plenty of information that comes along with it, especially this intermediary page, where which I want to evaluate, I what you know if it’s a my design of that Page is good without they are it’s really easy to create a account for that big.

Then I know Google Analytics going to tell me: where are people going after the pitch know, half of them just let the site? So we have very big crowd here and some came back to the front page. So maybe there is not enough not enough information on the purchase page and people feel the need to go back to the product page. Thirteen percent article. I need more to add more information on the on the on the purchase page.

That’s the kind of thing you can. You can find here. It’s extremely easy, I’m not sure. What’s the feeling that you go for that is, it is really extremely easy to set a goal. It’s two clicks. You have to track them over time. It start something that definitely not something that you do once and it’s a process like we heard before some projects. The process you have to you have to do that kind of talk and ask you a quick question.

I noticed when you’re setting up the goals, yes you’re, setting up in the road eight of you yeah, that’s it! It is the build yeah. Well, there’s one people really chunk here: yeah, absolutely, that’s a total mystery hiding the notes out. Sorry I didn’t say, but I set it up in the fifth in a row view instead of the fifth employees. Are you setting up in the building? Yeah? Absolutely? Oh! Ok! That’s pretty much it here is just the basic summary where you want to go for each type of action, so you have any question not sure we got time.

Yep requests. So you said: okay muscle itself, like a mage X, you can adjust requested protection plus bro or something to see how to combat be honest, I don’t okay, so the question she got the question. The question was whether, if the final URL or the final thing you want, if the articles Thank You page, basically is actually a pop-up, that’s triggered by ajax. So it’s not a real page with a real URL, whether you can actually measure that as well or set it up as go to be honest from the basic interface.

I’r not sure, I’m not enough into that. So I don’t think so. The way I what I the programmer, so is it from the way I would do it would be to add some javascript in your extension or whatever code is doing that, but just send an event to to google and that even then, you can track in and Put in your process, so it’s always possible because it’s really easy to send data to our analytics with simple JavaScript.

Yes, I just at the equal access that very easily he’s taken her JavaScript. Then, as you add the on click, then Yahoo that yeah, that’s what I’m saying I mean there are. There are so many so much there’s so much so much information you can you can track on that? I didn’t when I didn’t go into the details of the all the options on the tracking code, for example, but you got things like enhanced link, analysis or link analytics, no matter where, where where they can track each link on the page for you, it can be Really detailed and you can really draw drown into this number.

What I try to do here is more well. If you just count the page views on your site, you don’t have enough information to do anything with aside from understand that 02. Since yesterday we lost half of our traffic, so there’s something being happening, and then you can go into that some details, which is really you know it three detailed. So what I’ve tried to do here is provide some sort of in-between something that you can easily set.

You don’t have to spend the whole day working on that, but you can easily find some information that will give you insight about on how how to change what you want to change and we’re too. So it’s really structured so that pretty much it can be put in a software issue which I plan on England, something okay yeah. Well, thank you! You, you


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