Online Marketing

KKR Digital Marketing Case Study

The IPL team that has engaged the most with its fans and followers be it on Facebook, with 10.5 million plus likes KKR. Is the highest of all the IPL teams or on Twitter, where KKR is the most engaging IPL team? Quite after Instagram, where KKR became the most followed IPL team with more than 21,000 followers, it was also the IPL team to have its presence felt on platforms like Pinterest and Google+.

Kick your result, so the only IPL team to have an exclusive YouTube article blog in sidekick yard, so that fans could get to know more about their favorite team. The team also had a website blog, an official mobile app that kept fans updated with the latest news about the team. Here are some ideas that went into developing the content. A mascot turtle da was created to match the sensibilities of a typical Bengali KKR supporter special creatives are prepared on the fly for every event, along with live tweeting and updates contests quizzes match analytics, and the latest pictures to keep the fans engaged.

Keiki are also got its players. Individual social media accounts verified. Besides these, the digital team at KKR also organized a live streamed. Facebook chat at Facebook HQ in Hyderabad. Moreover, certain players even had Q & A sessions on Twitter with their fans and elaborate campaign Chea for KKR, which run on all social media platforms. A special google widget was also created for this, which is a first for any sports team in the world.

The fans were also given a chance to receive a customized personalized acknowledgement article in return, this activity reached 10 million cricket followers to conclude, having made an impact both on and off the field, the Kolkata Knight Riders are gearing up for a bigger and better season.


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